Kenyan Hip-Hop Sensation, Vikki Ocean, Returns on Stage with “Hey Girl, After a Short Hiatus

Also known by his former name, Raudy, Vikki Ocean is the Kenyan Hip-Hop sensation millions of Kenyans are yet to discover. After taking a short break from music, Vikki has made an outstanding come back with a seductive and stylish combination vibe that has been warmly received by fans and music lovers alike.

“Hey Girl”, the hit song, is a welcome break after a long time of waiting for something from Vikki. With a quality HD video of “Hey Girl” also steaming from the mixing studio, Vikki’s nascent fan-base can only hope that this is the beginning of the good times after being away from visible creativity for what sounded like eternity.

For starters, Vikki is the dude who produced the hit song “Size 8”, a classic which was borne out of Vikki’s collaboration with Linet who later became known within the Kenyan Social Media as “Size 8”. As he begun to spread his tentacles within Kenya’s music industry, Vikki found reasons to collaborate with both Oby Kanobyz and Laety Laetita to materialize the song, “Siwezi Mind” with his brother Eugine Ducer firmly behind the production line. Just like “Size 8”, “Siwezi Mind” was also well received by the “Vikki fraternity” and the wider community of music Lovers who literally elevated the song to a “National anthem”. But that was not the end of the game.

Vikki soon returned to the studio as his passion for music pushed him even further, deep down the pit of creativity. He teamed up with the famous Calif Records production line to surface with “Beat Ikigonga” and as the new song hit the air waves, Vikki meticulously rewired his connections which saw him link up with Maida in yet another collaboration which crystalized into the song “Siwezi Kuwa Na Wewe”. Then suddenly, and out of the blue, the situation changed.

The now 27 year old Vikki went on Sabbatical leave. Fans missed him as others questioned what had happened to this young talent. It is against this background that Vikki’s return ought to be sweet news to all those who recognize his capacity.

On the whole, “Hey Girl” is a number that will, no doubt, underline Vikki’s authority, not just as an Artist but also as a personality with a clear mission in his music career. With the release of “Hey Girl” (available on all leading online stores including Apple and Amazon), fans should be prepared for the return of the real Vikki, deadlier and smarter after mastering his artwork. His Sabbatical appears to have been well calculated because the result is here and fans can now all enjoy “Hey Girl” as they study Vikki’s next move. Well done Vikki and congratulations!

Okoth Osewe

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