Ambassador Joseph Sang Questioned Over 2014 Missing Jamhuri Bash in Stockholm

Where is 2014 Jamhuri cash?

Where is 2014 Jamhuri cash?

Jamhuri Day, the Kiswahili term for Independence Day, is one of the most important national holidays in Kenya, marking the country’s membership into the Commonwealth of Nations as a Republic, in 1964. Kenya gained her independence from the British colonialists on December 12, 1963.

From time immemorial, Kenyans in Stockholm have celebrated Jamhuri day on December 12th, hosted by the Ambassador of the day. However, in 2014, this was not the case under the current leadership of Ambassador Dr. Joseph Sang. Speaking separately, veteran Kenya-Stockholmers Messrs. Sospeter Otieno Opee and Gerry Midenyo expressed their profound disappointment, when the annual celebration did not take place. It is an occasion that symbolizes the end of the year and unites Kenyans from all walks of life. It is claimed that the Jamhuri event is normally allocated around SEK 400,000 taken from the poor taxpayers in Kenya. In Stockholm, it is usually marked by a two-hour session of binging and imbibing, at a location of choice by the Embassy.

Ambassdaor Sang seemed quite likeable when he came to Stockholm in 2013, but from observations, he has chosen to follow the path of his predecessor, former Ambassador Purity Wakiuru Muhindi, by selectively hosting or attending Kenyan events. From the Embassy’s official website, there is nothing mentioning in advance that last year’s Jamhuri Day would not take place.

Purity must be credited for not ever having cut out Jamhuri Day for the larger Kenyan community, as Sang did last year. Many are asking: “What happened to the money allocated for the event?” Sang’s premier Jamhuri Day in 2013 was met with anger when he hosted it in Husby, a suburban area of Stockholm City, yet past events had always been held within the central business district. As they await to see how Sang is planning to deal with future events, Kenyans need answers as to why Jamhuri 2014 went missing from the menu.

Jared Odero


  • Kweli Kenya imeharibika>

  • Mr sang is here to make money,he doesn’t give a damn whether kenyans in Stockholm gets their jamhuri day get together or not ,hence Wakenya are not so important. What is important on jamhuri day is to invite (Mzungus) white diplomats , and , some African diplomats ,hence they are the only people who can complain if they miss-their yearly jamhuri day celebration, there might be danger of being reported to Kenya.
    But who cares bloody black kenya natives who work and lives outside kenya shit kenya african poor natives and let me loot and pocket the mari-ya- umma. i am here to make money not to entertain lazy free seekers of kenyans.

  • Jethro Kipchirchir

    Is there any difference between African primitive brutality btw countries>this id Tanzanians Soldiers maiming a youth>

  • Jethro Kipchirchir
  • Jethro Kipchirchir
  • Sang is a joker

    Sang is a joker who should never be taken seriously. He is a Jubilee worker not interested in those who come from the wrong political parties in Kenya.

  • sang for his kalenjins

    serving a few kalenjins is hwat the abasada is doing here.

  • A new General sherrif in City >

  • Sang akule kabisa

    it is true Sang came to eat so please do not bother him. He has to make maximum money from Wakenya maskini huko nyumbani. He has only four years to eat so let him eat in peace.

  • tunakula na sang

    sang ni wetu wewe achana naye ni sisi wakale tunakula sasa na wakikuyu.

  • Very good observation Jared Odero: As Kenyans Jamhuri day has always been one of those occassions suitable for Kenyans to mingle. We demand an answer Mr. Ambassador as this is not a point to be overlooked. This concerns all Kenyans. Before some of us leave for our yearly holidays to be with our loved ones back home, we have always used this day as a moment to meet before xmas,and taking time to wish each other Happy New Year.

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