Fidel Odinga is Dead

Unconfirmed reports indicate Fidel Odinga, elder son to CORD leader Raila Odinga is dead. Fidel died at Nairobi Hospital where he was rushed by his wife last night. It is not yet known what killed hill.

Fidel had lunch with his dad on Sunday at Raila’s his Karen home. Raila told The Star this morning he was fine. He then went out in the evening with some friends and came home at around 1am, he is said to have had breathing problems and was rushed in an ambulance to Nairobi Hospital where he died. Raila confirmed the death of his son, he is at the scene.



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  • Mourning Fidel Odinga
  • Mourning Fidel Odinga
  • Mourning Fidel Odinga
  • Mourning Fidel Odinga
  • Mourning Fidel Odinga
  • Mourning Fidel Odinga
  • Abducted ICC witness found murdered, tongue and ears chopped off
    Monday, January 5, 2015 – 07:00 — BY BARRY SALIL AND JOHN BETT
    ICC headquarters in the Hague. Photo/ICC
    ICC headquarters in the Hague. Photo/ICC

    THE ICC witness kidnapped last week has been found murdered and his eyes gouged out, tounge cut off, genitals chopped off and shot in the head.

    The bizarre ritual style killing has left his Turbo village in shock and mourning.

    The body of Meshack Yebei, 34, bore other marks of barbaric torture – his ears were chopped off and his head had deep knife or machete wounds.

    Yebei’s mutiliated and burnt body was retrieved on Saturday from the River Yala bridge by police in Nandi county.

    The bridge is about 15km Southwest of Kapsabet town.

    On Wednesday last week, the Star exclusively reported how Yebei was dramatically abducted by people who later pretended to be ICC investigators in SMS messages to his mother and a friend.

    The family says he was kidnapped near his home in Uasin Gishu county on Sunday December 28th and driven away by unidentified people who had two black cars.

    Witnesses said he was abducted at Turbo Market, about 35km North of Eldoret along the Eldoret-Webuye road and bundled into a car as soon as he left a shop.

    The man had reportedly expressed fears for his life after what he called “differing with some people” over the ICC cases.

    “He had even informed the police after some strange people went to his home looking for him,” said a brother who declined to disclose his identity.

    Sources said that the man was initially a prosecution witness.

    However, Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi said the man was about to testify for the defence.

    “He was our witness and we want police to investigate what happened. We want to know the truth,” said Sudi.

    Yesterday, Nandi North Criminal Investigations Officer Samson Thoya confirmed the decomposing body had multiple deep cuts.

    The CID boss added that police at the neighbouring Chepsonoi police station were informed of the remains by people who were fetching water and that the body had been trapped in-between two rocks.

    “As far as we are concerned, we are investigating a case of homicide, and we are trying to piece together if there could have been anyone who witnessed either the killing or those who may have tossed the body into the river,” Thoya said.

    The body was taken to the Kapsabet Referral Hospital mortuary, pending investigation and possible identification as the fingers were said to have been interfered with, police said.

    A team of detectives visited the mortuary in Kapsabet town to start investigations.

    Family members who visited the morgue confirmed that the body was that of their relative.

    “We have little to say now, but will issue a comprehensive report,” said Joseph Mutai, a relative.

    His wife Lilian said they were shocked by the death.

    Villagers at Yebei’s home expressed anger over the killing and demanded an explanation from the government.

    “He had expressed fears for his wife and even recorded a statement at the Eldoret police station,” a devastated Lilian said.

    Five relatives recorded statements with the police after the man went missing.

    On the day of his abduction, Yebei had gone to buy water for his sick child at the market centre.

    “He had taken his child to hospital at Turbo together with his wife, but, while at the hospital, the child began vomiting, and he decided to go buy water at the market at about midday, but he never returned,” said his elder brother.

    After the abduction, a text message from an unfamiliar number was sent to the witness’s mother and a friend, giving the impression that he was in Uganda with a team from the ICC.

    The message was written in Kalenjin: abwati ale ichamegei, kwawe uganda urgently. kimi ak ngamotik cheb bensouda nekile patrick ak lugusa. ami komie, mosich wasiwasi. meshack ako namba nenyu ni (I hope you are okay, I went to Uganda urgently. I am with Bensouda’s people Patrick and Lugusa. This is Meshack, I am alright don’t worry and this is my number’.

    The number was 256-773125351.
    – See more at:

  • Seriously? What kind of news is this? It states everywhere that Fidel died in his house after a night out with his friends on saturday. So where is the information about his wife taking him to the hospital coming from? :@

  • Bensouda witness murdered

    Murdered man was Bensouda witness

    Tuesday, January 6, 2015 – 07:00 — BY Star Team

    A human rights activist has dismissed claims that an ICC witness who was found murdered in a bizarre ritual style was lined up to testify in favour of Deputy President William Ruto. Ken Wafula, the executive director of the Centre for Human Rights and Democracy, maintained that the late Meshack Yebei, 34, was a known Prosecution witness against the DP and radio broadcaster Joshua arap Sang’. Wafula insisted Yebei was among 10 other witnesses who had presented their bank statements to the ICC to prove they had received bribes to recant their testimonies. “The deceased was eliminated by a hit squad out to wipe out all the witnesses in the current case,” Wafula sensationally claimed yesterday in his Eldoret office. Wafula, a former NGO Council chairman, has been consistently named by the Ruto and Sang’ defence lawyers as being among people who coached witnesses to allegedly fix the two.

    On Sunday, Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi told the Star that the dead man had been about to testify for the defence. “He was our witness and we want police to investigate what happened. We want to know the truth,” said Sudi. But Wafula accused Sudi of spreading a falsehood and suggested that the lawmaker should be investigated. “We want proper investigations into the killing. Those who are making statements they know to be wrong should be investigated,” Wafula remarked. Yebei, whose charred body was retrieved from the River Yala, had his eyes gouged out, tounge cut off, genitals chopped off and was shot in the head. Wafula termed the killing “politically explosive”, insisting that the man had named a number of people who were after his life to the police. According to Wafula, the abductors had left a trail of evidence and accused the police of poor investigations after the witness was abducted.

    “They were reluctant to act quickly when the family complained about the abduction,” he said. A postmortem was yesterday carried out on the body after the family moved it from Kapsabet in Nandi county to the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital mortuary in Eldoret. The deceased is a great grandson of the legendary Nandi leader Orgoiyot Koitalel arap Samoei and the Talai family. Clan elders Christopher Koiyogi and George Samoei said they would be in no hurry to bury Yebei’s body until certain traditional rituals were first performed. “Our son underwent a very painful death, as a clan we have to conduct a proper ritual so that those behind the killing receive the equivalent,” Koiyogi said. Nandi CID boss Samson Thoya said they had started a probe into Yebei’s death. “The investigations are still going on,” he said. Eldoret West police boss Smollets Munyanzi said they were working jointly to investigate the death. – See more at:




    The Coalition for Reforms and Democracy Parliamentary Group and Governors meeting at Wiper House on this 6th day of January 2015 hereby resolves as follows.

    That the Coalition expresses its deepest and heartfelt sympathy to the family of its Principal Right Hon Raila Odinga following the untimely demise of his son Fidel Castro Odinga. The Coalition reiterates its solidarity and commitment in ensuring that thorough investigations are conducted to determine the cause of Fidel’s death.

    That the coalition expresses its satisfaction with the court ruling rendered on 2nd January 2015 staying eight clauses of the draconian Security Laws amendment Act. We remain confident that the ill fated security amendment Act will be annulled upon full hearing.

    That the Coalition reassures all Kenyans of goodwill that it will continue to pursue all constitutional avenues to repeal the oppressive security amendment Act and other colonial statues such as archaic provisions of the penal code that were introduced on the verge of the state of emergency in 1952 and which jubilee has now conveniently invoked to jail blogger Allan Wadi ,intimidate Kenyans and silence popular dissent. Accordingly the coalition has today instructed its legal team to take up the Allan Wadi case and explore possible legal avenues to secure his liberty. We equally demand that the DPP immediately commences investigations following the gruesome murder of an alleged ICC witness in Kapsabet.

    That the Energy Regulatory Commission should stop duping Kenyans by failing to substantially reduce the fuel prices and ease the cost of living . It is ridiculous that while the International Oil prices have hit an all time low with a barrel of oil now trading at less than $50, the ERC continues to collude with oil traders to defraud Kenyans by offering cosmetic price reductions that are out of sync with the international oil prices.

    That the coalition is appalled by the insensitivity of the Jubilee administration to the plight of our teachers. We demand that the jubilee regime immediately and with utmost goodwill engages teachers unions in constructive talks and immediately resolve the biting teachers strike that has grounded learning across the country. The right of children to education should not in any way be compromised by an incompetent regime that continues to misapply public funds to white elephant projects including dry geothermal wells that cannot produce power, poorly thought out laptop project and institutionalized grand corruption.

    That the coalition expresses its strong dissatisfaction with insensitivity to the Kilemi Education Report capping school fees at Kshs39000 by the jubilee regime. We demand that the fee standards set out in the Kilemi Education report be implemented forthwith.
    That the coalition takes serious exception with the manner in which IEBC continues to mismanage electoral matters in the country. It defeats the purpose of reasoning that IEBC gave only 12 days for nominations for the Homabay by-elections but it has now allowed one month for the Kajiado central by-elections. This is evidence that IEBC is a body that pays no regard to the principle of fair play in electoral contests. Its high affinity for chicken has with no doubt clouded its capacity to adhere to electoral precedence in functioning democracies across the world.

    The DPP must seize the occasion and exploit the evidence in the UK court that saw directors of Smith and Ouzman convicted for bribing Kenyan electoral officials and have them prosecuted accordingly.

    That the Coalition will field a single candidate for the Homabay senatorial seat and the Kajiado central parliamentary seat. Further the coalition will mount a well coordinated campaign that will herald the mother of all battles and ensure both seats are retained by the coalition.

    Hon Eseli Simiyu
    Ford-Kenya Secretary General

    Sen Mutula Kilonzo Jnr
    Ag. WDM Secretary General

    Hon Ababu Namwamba
    ODM Secretary General

  • Fidel even though he was a son to cord principal, was a true Kenyan. Didn’t know tribal or party boundaries in life. RIP true Kenyan. And I hope many learn by you, including Okoth.

  • Robert ALAI ‏@RobertAlai 4h4 hours ago
    BTW they have established what killed Fidel. They just don’t want to reveal it because it might mar the funeral arrangements #RIPFidelOdinga

  • Paul Kobia alleges killing Fidel Odinga
  • Paul Kobia's Convoy Full With Police Sirens
  • Raila Odinga Jr Euologizes Fidel
  • Raila Odinga Euologizes Fidel
  • Idah Odinga Euologizes Fidel
  • Sonko's security brandishing firearms
  • Fidel's wife eulogizes
  • Winnie Odinga eulogizes Fidel
  • Racist Uhuruto corrupt government wants to ban Star newspaper>Home » Media Council threatens to close the Star
    Media Council threatens to close the Star
    Thursday, January 15, 2015 – 00:00 — BY STAR EDITOR
    A copy of the Star newspaper. Photo/Elkana Jacob
    A copy of the Star newspaper. Photo/Elkana Jacob

    THE Media Council of Kenya is threatening to close down the Star newspaper.

    Today it issued a press release saying that it was contemplating “withdrawal of accreditation of its journalists and excommunication of the paper from media enterprises regulated under Media Council of Kenya.”

    Only accredited media outlets and journalists are allowed to work in Kenya under the Media Act of December 2013. Withdrawal of accreditation would be equivalent to closure.

    The press release signed by Grace Munjuri, Chairperson of the Ethics and Public Information Committee, complained about “persistent publishing of offensive stories and pictures by the Star.” It did not specify which stories or pictures had been deemed offensive.

    The press release stated that the Media Council had “summoned the management of Radio Africa Group on Thursday, 22 January 2015 to explain the unprofessional conduct of its journalists before an appropriate action is taken.”

    Today the Star Managing Director, William Pike, wrote to the Media Council requesting a formal communication to appear on January 22 as neither the Star nor the Radio Africa Group has received any such request from the Council.

    He also requested the Media Council to specify which articles had caused offence as the Star was at risk of being found guilty without the chance to prove its innocence.

    He said that the Star had always respected requests to appear before the Media Council Complaints Commission where several cases are presently under adjudication.

    The Commission had found the Star at fault in only one case and the paper duly published an apology as directed
    – See more at:

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