Uganda’s Maid From Hell Speaks from Luzira Prison


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  • Court told Moi forged title in Sh1.6bn case
    Saturday, November 29, 2014 – 00:00 — BY ALPHONCE MUNG'AHU
    IN TROUBLE: Retired President Moi unveils his 90th birthday pillar at Kabarak University on September 02.Photo/Ben Ndonga
    IN TROUBLE: Retired President Moi unveils his 90th birthday pillar at Kabarak University on September 02.Photo/Ben Ndonga

    A forensic document examiner yesterday told a Nairobi Court that retired President Daniel Moi and a top businessman should be prosecuted over the forgery of title deeds in a Sh1.6 billion land fraud case.

    Chief Inspector Jacob Oduor told chief magistrate Teresia Murigi that Moi and a director of Tulip Properties Limited, Jaswan Singh Rai, should be charged with forgery of a title in respect of illegal acquisition of 6.5 hectares in Embakasi, Nairobi county.

    Oduor, who examined specimen signatures of Moi and Rai said he established they were forgeries and formed the opinion that the two should have been charged instead of four traders who are accused of forging the title to the parcel of land in Embakasi.

    Answering questions from two defense lawyers William Arusei and Kamau Karori, the policeman told Muirigi:” The accused persons in this case should be Mr Moi and Mr Rai”.

    The witness said those he expected to be charged are Moi and Rai on behalf of Tulip Properties Ltd. It is the two against whom a complaint was made against by Mr Mohamed Koriow Nur..

    ” The two (moi and rai) should be prosecuted of obtaining registration by false pretences,” the forensic examiner told a hushed court.

    Nur and three others Simon Kiprono Laboso, Mr Macdonald Lijoodi Makaka and Mr Mohammed Hassan are accused of forging a title deed for the property measuring 6.5 hectares in Embkasi Nairobi County.

    They have denied forging the title document and maintain that they were allocated the parcel of land upon application by the former commissioner of lands Wilson Gachanja in 1988.

    Mr Nur lodged the complaint with the CID over the forgery of the title in June 18 2013 and released the report about the signatures on June 19, 2013.

    “According to the examination you conducted who is supposed to be in the dock,? Arusei asked Oduor.

    “It is Moi and the director of Tulip, Rai who should be in the dock,” Insp Oduor responded.

    “Did you get any specimen signatures of the four suspects who are currently being tried over the forgery of the said land?” Mr Arusei asked further

    “I did not get any specimen signature of the four. They are being tried irregularly,” the expert answered adding , ” I have nothing against the four.”

    On being grilled further by Karori, the witness said he subjected the signatures ” to numerous digital examination and the one of Mr Moi was not visible because it was a photocopy.But the one of Gachanja was clear.”

    “Do you have evidence that the four forged any document ,” Mr Karori asked Mr Oduor.

    “No he responded,” the investigator replied.

    The witness who was led in his evidence in chief by a state prosecutor Mr Patrick Gumo said the memo he received did not contain any report about the four suspects.

    The Director of Public Prosecutions Keriako Tobiko has admitted in court that he does not have the original title deed of the 6.5 hectares.

    When Mrs Murigi asked him to produce it before her the DPP failed but was allowed to use a photocopy of the title deed. Tulip alleges that it bought the land from Mr Moi in 1996 at a cost of Sh25million. which the court heard was presented to Tulip

    At the same time Ms Murigi was informed that a deputy chief land registrar Geoffrey Sanya Birudu has disclosed that a title deed being held Tulip Properties Limited which alleges it bought the land from Moi is illegal as “ it was issued through manipulation and has been called for cancellation.”

    Gumo owned up that the Investigating officer of the case told the DPP that he has never been shown the original title of the land by Tulip Properties Limited which alleges that the title deed in the possession of the traders is forged.

    The company alleges it bought the land from Mr Moi in 1996 at a consideration of Sh25million.

    A lawyer, Virinder Nath Goswami told Murigi that he was given a copy of the title in question from a Mohammed Noor Ali, who had been sent by Rai.

    Goswami who also testified before Murigi said a complaint about the forged title was made to the CID by Laboso, one of the four suspects.

    The hearing continues.


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  • There is now an existential crisis in our world between the United States-European Union-Russia-China (and all their respective allies) over the future of the global economy…specifically what is going to be the reserve currency of the 21st Century for the purchase of oil and gas.

    Currently the global reserve currency is the US Dollar, which allows the American Federal Reserve to literally print money to support not only their economy, but that of the European Union too…so much so that just during one week alone in 2011, the Federal Reserve kept 523 EU banks from collapsing by giving them €489 billion ($638 billion).

    Russia and China have a BIG problem with the US and EU making money out of nothing and then using that monetary “power” to bully everyone else they disagree with…so this past May they signed an historic €315 billion ($400 billion) deal that prices gas in their currencies instead of the US Dollar.

    Both the US and EU are now terrified that Russia is going to begin demanding payment for both oil in gas in either Russian Rubles or Chinese Yuan…and that is exactly what Russia did last month when for the first time it started selling oil for Rubles instead of US Dollars.

    And when (not if) Russia tells the 28 Member States of the European Union, and their 505 million citizens, to start paying for gas and oil in anything other than US Dollars? Well, the answer is simple…the US will stand exposed for the hypocritical nation it has become.

    And what is the ONLY thing the US can do to stop this? Simple…they have to completely take over Syria!

    If the US is successful in taking over Syria then they can build the pipelines they need from both Qatar and Saudi Arabia…connect them to new pipelines in Turkey…extend them into the EU, and then the Europeans and Americans can keep the US Dollar as the reserve currency of the 21st Century and keep the printing presses running.

    Russia, in case you haven’t noticed, isn’t taking this threat lying down either as it continues to extend its pipeline network with the South Stream Pipeline that bypasses Ukraine and will ensure the EU has gas supplies well into this century.

    In order to protect the US Dollar, the Americans have sided with the most brutal branch of Islam called the Sunnis…Russia on the other hand, in order to protect its economy, has sided with the more moderate Islamic branch called the Shiites.

    The US protected Sunnis (Arab) run governments that are composed of Kings, Emirs and military dictators who do not allow their citizens to vote or their women to have absolutely no rights. (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordon, etc.)

    The Russia protected Shiite (Persian) governments are composed as theocracies like Israel but do allow their citizens to vote and their women to have limited rights. (Iran, Syria, Lebanon and now Iraq)

    The US protected Sunnis comprised nearly 70% of Islamic terrorists world-wide. The Russian protected Shiites, on the other hand, rarely ever attack Western interests using their capacities, instead, against Sunni terror groups.

    Now with the Obama regime having failed to start their Syrian war last year after their lies were exposed for the whole world to see…they then came back in 2014 with a much more devious plan…the number one component being to keep Russia sidelined.

    Towards that end, in February, they toppled the democratically elected government of Ukraine and installed a right-wing neo-Nazi government…to which Russia promptly responded.

    At the same time, along with Qatar and Saudi Arabia, the Obama regime created, trained and funded the terror group known as the Islamic State (ISIS or ISIL), allowed them to rampage throughout both Syria and Iraq, then labeled them an existential threat, and is currently waging war against them along with their EU allies and Sunni monarchy lapdogs.

    And what is the most astounding thing about this whole mess? You are not allowed by either your government or you press to know even the most basic truth about what is going on.

    Pipelines…Reserve Currencies…Petrodollars…Sunnis…Shiites…none of these are you allowed to know about…even though your future depends on the outcome.

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