Over 13.000kr Raised at the Millie Nyambok Harambee; Millie Left for Kenya Yesterday

The Millie Nyambok Funeral Committee would like to announce that the Millie Harambee that was organized last Friday at the Nyambok residence realized a total of 13.080kr out of which 12.080 was in cash and 1000kr was in pledges.

Consequently, Millie left for Kenya yesterday at 19.00 hrs to attend her sister’s funeral which will be held on Saturday, 7th June 2014. She left via Arlanda International Airport.

The Committee, that was chaired by Mr. Mark Gaya, thanked all Kenyans who turned up to show solidarity with the bereaved family. Gaya appealed to all those who made pledges to get in touch with the Treasurer, Charles Otieno, so that they can settle their pledges on time to be wired to Millie whom, he said, needs every penny during this difficult moment marked with grief and sorrow.

Speaking to KSB just before she left for Kenya, Millie said thanked all friends who have been with her since death struck her family without notice. She asked for further prayers as she left for Kenya to pay her last respects to her departed sister. The Millie Committee will be dissolved when she returns from Kenya.

Okoth Osewe

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