Kenyan Facing Deportation After Betrayal By Girlfriend

As Kenya-Stockholmers begin the real match into 2014, a once optimistic 28 year-old Kenyan dude has just discovered that the New Year tidings are not sweeping his fortunes in the right direction as per expected New Year blessings. This is because as this storo gets online, the young lad is chilling in police custody, waiting to be deported to Kenya after being betrayed by her girlfriend. Things happened so fast but here is the summery.

Basoli (as he calls himself) is paperless, attracted a cute and seemingly responsible Kenyan lassie who accepted to help him out with his mapepe problems. That was early last year. At the time the woman discovered that the boy is the “Mr. Right” she has been seeking desperately for years, she was living in her own apartment in Kärtorp, Stockholm. The woman worked at Scandic Hotel where she was permanently employed while the boy worked as a distributor of advertisement papers (aka reklam), having been employed by a Nigerian businessman in Stockholm.

According to the boy who spoke to KSB in custody, their economies were combined and at first, everything was working like clockwork. The future looked bright although the woman was more in control of the couple’s life. She has been around for thirteen years while the guy was just in the process of demolishing his third January in Stockholm without mapeps. Suddenly, the Nigerian’s business went bankrupt and the guy automatically lost his job. The new situation began to bring new stress into the relationship.

The woman was making mapepe for the guy but in the process of capitalizing on the couple’s improved economic situation since both of them were working, the woman took out a bank loan of SEK 120,000. This was beside three credit cards she was running and a series of house-hold items bought on credit. Almost every major electronic gadget in the house was bought on credit – plasma TV, two lap-tops, a system camera, home movie system, two iPhones, video camera, blow drier and an assortment of other items.

When the woman met Basoli at a Kenyan party and discovered that he was working, and after a brief boy-girl grid-lock, Basoli’s youthfulness, athletic body, physical attractiveness, ambition in life and high performance in bed combined with his economic status as a worker to make him the “Mr. Right” who had surfaced so easily and so unexpectedly at a Kenyan Party in Stockholm.

Another quality was that Basoli was basically a social animal brought up in an urbanite Nairobi environment and as such, the woman did not have to coach him on how he could carry himself “in an urbanite fashion” in Stockholm because he already had the basics from Nairobi. Besides, he was kind, polite and very focused, the exact stuff the woman has been seeking in a man for decades. When Basoli lost his job, things began to fall apart within the couple’s economic life.

The first big problem was that the bills couldn’t be sorted because Basoli’s income filled a very huge gap in the couple’s economy. In order to make ends meet, the couple decided to move out of their apartment to settle down with another single Kenyan who offered his sitting room for just SEK 500 in a bid to help the couple recover. In the meantime, the couple rented their flat as they moved into the sitting room and things kind of improved. Then, a new development began to emerge at the couple’s new sitting room camp.

Basoli’s woman began to fall in love with the Kenyan dude who was putting them up. According to Basoli, his woman was attracted to this guy because not only did he have a house but also a permanent job, qualities which the woman thought, would help her get out of crisis if she could work her way into the guy’s life. It is at this point that Basoli began to see his romantic life slowly disintegrate. He did not mind because mapepe was still in the works despite the frustrations.

It all started with Basoli’s woman having free access to the guy’s bedroom. At first, the relationship was not open and everybody in the house carried themselves as though  things were normal. As days became weeks and weeks became months, Basoli began to notice certain signals that suggested that the guy was hanyaring his wife. One day, matters almost got open when the woman told Basoli that she did not think that their relationship was getting better. She admitted that Basoli’s poor economic situation was affecting her psychologically because she was no longer seeing the kind of future she had envisioned. The couple became less and less active on bed with the woman showing signs that she was not interested in being laid.

On the side-lines, it looked like the single landlord was doing a good job between the woman’s thighs although the relationship was still not open. The woman was increasingly talking positively about their landlord and she left little doubt in Basoli’s mind that she was admiring him.

One day, Basoli came back into the apartment abruptly and found his wife being done by their landlord boy. The bedroom door was slightly open and one simply needed to pull the door slowly in order to get a peep. When he got into the house, he was attracted by some unusual noise emanating from the room and when he took a peep, he came face to face with his wife being rocked as she literally wept for more thrust. That was the end of the game.

Basoli did not disturb the couple. He walked out without them noticing that he had been back abruptly. Later that evening, he raised the issue with his wife and the woman went berserk. She accused Basoli of spying on her and from that day onwards, she became hostile. At first, Basoli thought it was a joke and that the couple would talk things over. Instead, the woman started sleeping in the guy’s bedroom “because she was stressed”. After two weeks, police knocked at the door and took Basoli away.

He had been betrayed by his woman who had already divorced him without telling him. Basoli was already a wanted man by police because his asylum application had been dismissed. He got married before his application was dismissed and his only hope was that the relationship would work out and his mapepe problem would be sorted out.

To add salt to injury, the woman even told police to tell Basoli that it’s her who is responsible for his deportation because she was not happy with him. “She wants me to feel the pinch”, Basoli told KSB in his police cell.

As he spoke to KSB, he cursed the woman, the man and life in Kenya-Stockholm. The sad part is that he will be deported without his belongings because the woman and his new man have both refused to cooperate with police on the question of delivering his belongings to the police station where he is being held. Life in Kenya-Stockholm can be tough! As he awaits for deportation, Basoli is a bitter man.

Okoth Osewe


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