Swedish Man Accuses Kenyan Woman of Telling Lies About Their Relationship

Göran and Maggie: The good old days

Göran and Maggie: The good old days

Göran Skåg, a Swedish man, has claimed that a Kenyan woman who accused him of persecuting her lied to readers. Asserting that the woman was not telling the true story, Göran said that the Kenyan woman had tried to kill his baby, prompting the Social Service authorities to get involved in the case.

The Kenyan woman told Kenya’s Television network, KTN, that she got married to the Swedish man in Kenya in 2012 before moving to Sweden in July the same year. Upon arrival in Sweden, the woman claimed that her life turned upside down because her new husband “would beat me to death”. According to Skåg, who volunteered information to KSB, the woman is a thief who had stolen Ksh 250,000 from him, stole his computer before destroying his apartment totally. Skåg said that the woman smashed his TV set, all China plates, all kitchen items, tore his clothes, ripped his shoes before destroying the carpet and pouring paint in the toilet.

Further, Skåg said that since the woman arrived in Sweden, he has been terrified because she had never met a woman who could beat a man thoroughly. “Since she arrived in Sweden in July 2012, she has been beating me thoroughly while she sleeps with other men”, Skåg told KSB. The Swede claimed that the information he was releasing to KSB was “only the tip of an iceberg”. He said that the woman lifted his daughter, Peggy, in the air and threatened to kill her. The guy admitted that he met the woman on 28th December 2011 in the streets of Mombasa as she was selling her goods to tourists. He then got horny and hooked her for the night.

After consuming the goods, he was excited because the service was good then he made one big mistake. He airlifted her to Sweden so that he could have the goodies permanently in his house and dip into the honey-comb happily ever after without thinking about going back to Kenya. Things started well but after a few days, the woman turned into a real devil.

Göran said that he has a lot of stories to tell about the woman and that what he had disclosed was just one percent of the story. He said that throughout his life, he had never met such a nasty liar like the Kenyan woman.

In her story to KTN, the woman claimed that after Skåg beat her, she was admitted in hospital while she feared that as a result of what Skåg had told the Swedish authorities, her baby could be taken away. She said that she was receiving threats from Skåg on a daily basis after her estranged hubby hooked up with a Tanzanian woman called Diana. Skåg promised to spill the beans in another future expose.

Okoth Osewe


  • swedish connection
  • this devil woman is definitely from Nyeri where they beat men.ask mzee Kibaki who has been a punching bag for mama Lucyyyy for many years.

  • What did Göran expect picking a prostitute in MOmbasa.

  • they are still married so he must be enjoying the battering.

  • lucy kibaki man beater
  • What a fool is this sleeping Scandinavian hopeless man/men who doesn’t know how Kenyan women cheats, cons ?Kenyan women marry you hoping/Expecting you to be a multi-millionair you are a millionair who will raise their poor family in Kenya from their extreme poverty where girls are sold cheap to feed their poor families. why are swedish/Scandinavian men so cheap .foolish to love kenyan hiv aids carriers women? let that dump swede blamehimself.

  • göran what did u want from a cheap nyeri woman selling her cargo in Mombasa? How you found her – by being horny and possibly paying to chew her juicy goodies, is the same way you should expect other men to treat her. this is her language and way of survival.

  • Soren mattssson

    A great advice to nincompous Swedes when just visit Kenya and you happen to meet a woman in bars,caffes,Cinemas etc do not rush to marry her and to bring her in Sweden or Nordic these are Nairobi/Mombasa international prostitutes looking for their easy prey to nap. Once you bring then to your country .These proffessioners goes to sell out their pussies one you are at work. and every end of the month these money hungry hores will make sure you send money home in your name to their poor families in Kenya. There are many swedes being milked by these opportunity seekers .Note .these women might be somebodys wives prostituting in Europe <Most of them has children hence in kenya women get children at an early age roughly 10-12 at age 14 some has children. Visit swedish embassies for advice before these prostitute exploits you untill your balls burst.

  • Sammy mcharo!! Stop being an ass-hole,stupid comments will not solve your problems you have in your life. Get a life

  • A Germany stupid goon has his funny story here comes the story btween Him & his fake degree doctor from Kenya >Note>want a degree of any kind please Visit Luthuli Avenue in Nairobi City But You must be ready to pay with US Dollars…….I’m Wolfgang, a German economist and professor married to a Kenyan doctor. We both live in Germany, in a tiny small town with our two little angels. Our marriage hasn’t been easy, not the usual issues you have as a couple but issues inflicted by strangers who’ve decided to make our life hell.
    We have received two threat letters so far, warning us that we would be killed for “dirtying” the German blood. This scares me a lot. We reported the issue to the police, but no measures were taken with the police citing that first, such letters usually are sent by maniacs and we shouldn’t worry much about them, secondly, that we are not prominent enough to warrant police coming to protect our home. That not withstanding, they requested that I keep the story as quiet as possible and only share it with close relatives to avoid a media frenzy. They did advice though that I should always make sure that I was home by dark and always keep an eye on my rear view mirror, to spot anything weird.

    I’ve read of stories of some Nazi groups killing foreigners and this truly scares me. The intolerance in some places is just unbelievable.

    At the Kindergarten for example, all the parents there and the teachers are always very friendly to us; but recently my daughter was told in class by one of the children that she was black and dirty and she should return to where she came from. Where does a small child get such an idea?

    Once we were at the supermarket, and one of the cashiers on seeing my wife, shook her head and simply said “poor Germany”. My wife saw one of our neighbours do a Hitler salute once. When we reported it, the police said we were being too sensitive. They included that maybe my wife had misunderstood the gestures made. Another time a man who almost ran over my wife and daughter, stopped when I came between the car and my wife only to call us monkey asses as he sped off. When we reported it, the police said the charges we had made were too grave for such a petty offence and that there was no social duty to get such a person off the streets.

    The prejudices are too much. Like anyone who notices my wife is black, they assume she was a prostitute when we met when in reality we met at the University on my way to class. I wanted my wife and kids to live in Germany, I love Germany as my homeland and it does offer better medical care and job opportunities. Of course, I wasn’t naive and I did make it clear to my wife that she might be insulted for her skin colour but I never imagined it would escalate to a point of receiving threat letters.

    This is not to say that everyone we meet is against us, but those are the majority. We did meet a lady once at the supermarket who bought my children a stuffed animal each and she simply said it was a sign to show that we are welcome. But such gestures are rare and when that happened, I almost cried.

    I hope this is all a nightmare and I’ll eventually wake up from it, but for now. My fear is what drives me.Go and live in Kenya!

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  • Kenyan women r worse than staying or giving birth with a Dog. I got experience here in scandnavia.ask me for advice u men with these kenya Malayas. If u greet a kenyan woman in the streets in Stockholm,they ask u for money first.Kenyan men, there are plenty and beautiful women non kenyan.

  • Stop sham marriages in Europe!

    Silly Kenyans of which are very mTake United Kingdom (Britain) it has taken Uk govt many years before the government wakes from its Amnesia when millions of sham marriages are organized at a very alarming rate Where Nigerians marry white cheap british women for money! Pakistanis /Iranians/Arabs/Indians/Tamils/Mongolians/Russians/Etc gabgs and cartels oranize fake /sham marriages to get work/living permits! The Uk govermen has woken up from comatoze other Eu countries to follow!How can Nigroes be allowed to marry white-blond swedes?or vise/versa? let marriages be recognized only white to whites /black to blacks !mlato children do really suffer in Europe !see misteseed.com about sham marriages in Uk!

  • Mzungu Mjinga Mjinga mno

    Here Comes a story of a stupid Penis thinking Whiteman>Kenyan girl dumps white man in a mall after inability to settle bill

    An off the wall incident happened at a Nakumatt supermarket in Nairobi recently, when a white man who had brought his Kenyan girlfriend for shopping could not afford her bill prompting her to dump him on the spot. The young woman had been having a lot of fun and a tingling glow of satisfaction after her wishful thoughts of dating a white man came to pass. The woman in question had allegedly been flaunting pictures of her new catch to her friends on twitter. The girl on first sight smote Sebastian, a 21-year-old Canadian. Barely two days in the relationship, he had given her endearing pet names to delight her. He had even offered to take her for lunch in one of the high class hotels on Mombasa Road. However, they settled to meet along Lang’ata Road near the girl’s work station. Gladly, he suggested to her a shopping spree considering time was far much spent. Nakumatt was the most convenient place. Her unsurpassed joy as they enthused about the shopping places around could not be hidden. Since they had not come for foodstuff, Sebastian suggested they try clothes and other related garments. Every female would undoubtedly drool on the idea of shopping at luxurious shopping malls without spending their dime. The girl’s duty was to pick items and drop them on her trolley while Sebastian’s role — being a gentleman, was to push the trolley and pay.


    He suggested expensive lingerie with marching pants, thongs, elegant brassieres and some hot pair of stockings. The bill swelled to approximately tens of thousands. As they took up the line to pay, eyes were on them as Sebastian would not stop tickling his girlfriend who in return smiled shyly. Dressed in white linen pair of pants and a blue sweater top making him look gaily and clean, made him get a lot of glances. However, this moment was spoiled when the cashier’s sum after her arithmetic totalled up to a couple of thousand shillings. Sebastian easily dished out his wallet only to shout that he was ‘messed up’. “Sh*t! Oh men! I left home my loaded wallet,” he yelled in English laced with a heavy Mexican accent.


    As he rummaged his hand from one pocket to another, leaving them dangling inside out. His ‘girlfriend’ slithered out leaving Sebastian with egg on his face. Sebastian continued the search for non-existent money in his pockets as a long queue became stagnant with all eyes on him. Noticing that his girl had vanished, a worried Sebastian resorted to shouting her name to the bewilderment of the onlookers. “These Nairobi girls are gold diggers, look at what she could have gotten away with from this white man”, lamented an elderly man. “No, these white men want to lure our daughters with presents only to sleep with them. He might be a poor lad pretending to be rich”, countered another with a scathing look towards distraught Sebastian who had been let off the hook by the supermarket management. – The Standard.

  • Kenyans as usual always bashing their own. so every kenyan woman married to a whiteman now is a slut. Shame on you for generalising. He chose her as his love not the other way around. no sympathy for this lady who is defenseless.

    grow up people

    • BS, this woman is no more defenseless than a hungry male tiger. Not sorry, although the man was a dumb ass to think that he can change a hoe into a housewife. I also don’t pity violent, sluts. It is what it is…

  • Why am I not surprised, considering the fact that Kenyan women are notoriously known for being slut bitches of the motherland…He should have 45 her are. It would of been self defense anyway…I bet he won’t try to turn a hoe into a housewife ever again…

  • Why am I not surprised, considering the fact that Kenyan women are notoriously known for being the slut bitches of the motherland…He should have 45 her. It would of been self defense anyway…I bet he won’t try to turn a hoe into a housewife ever again…

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