Here is Senator Sonko and Women’s Rep Shebesh in Bed, Cossy and Relaxed

sonko shebbesh

Shebesh appears to “have been done” and enjoying her “after glow”.


  • malaya wawili wamekutana.

  • Otieno Were kemby

    Duale Duale Why do you put uhuru kenyatta in shit?where will you hide when the Mzungu comes for you?I was told Sadaam Husein of Irzaqi was found hiding in a ,mole -holeWhere are you going to hide ? perhaps in Curvert like gadaffi of libya!

  • Sonko Kisonko aka Mkisonko(Usituletee)

    Sonko why did you order these devilish pharaphenalia from china ?You and the president you must be crazy >these gadgets are meant for Americanizing (USANIZING)the Gentiles to warship their devils>Halloween!(these devilish pharaphenalians should be prohibited in Kenya!or be taxed 100%the price to make sure importers does not make any intersts and abandon that devilish business in Kenya!>

  • Sonko denies Shebesh photos

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