Huge Dilema as Nude Photos of Women’s Rep, Shebesh, Surface on Social Media

On the censored photo, the Women's Rep was allegedly doing a French on an Unidentified Fa$kin' Object (UFO) in a hotel room in town

On the censored photo, the Women’s Rep was allegedly doing a French on an Unidentified Fa$kin’ Object (UFO) in a hotel room in town


  • Tukwalushane Matako Nipe ni Kupe .

    Show me one single woman in Kenya who is not a Prostitute! This is the only country where there is no somebodys wife. all women in kenya prostitute them after work.The worst are the so called carreer women who at leat has jobs, After 4.30 goes to meet their mating mates in lodgings/bars/private homes /makutis name them just to have sex – Upper-class and middle-class women are the worst sex maniacs.
    Just read Magazines in Kenya >women Mps do have sex with their mp colleges especially in meetings resorts like Mombasa/Naivasha/Limuru etc.

  • ICC should stop wasting time with habitual criminals !its time to issue arrest warranta for both Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto

  • Othaya Farmers Cooperative Society Ltd.

    Huge dilema as Nude Photos of women’srep,shebesh and here comes one of the filthiest country in the world where Sex and Money (GOD) is highly worshipped by Homos /Lesbians/Bi-sexuals/Neclophilians/Animalsexual-lovers>This is Kenya Of Uhuru & Ruto>..Tuesday, October 8, 2013 – 00:00 — BY WAMBUGU KANYI

    Ihuririo tea farmers in Othaya take tea to the local tea collection centre yesterday. Photo/Wambugu KanyiCOMMERCIAL sex workers and con men are flocking Othaya town ahead annual tea bonus payments which are due in two weeks.

    The prostitutes are said to have come from Mombasa, Eldoret, Nakuru and have rented rooms in the town ahead of the windfall from the Kenya Tea Development Agency.

    Most of the bar and lodgings attendants said there are indeed ‘new tourists’ in town with a skimpy dress code.

    Confidence tricksters are also eyeing a share of the tea bonus.

    Many farmers, especially old men and women lose their money to the prostitutes and con men.

    Othaya sub county is a tea growing zone with three tea factories – Gitugi, Iria-ini and Chinga.

    Some farmers from Mahiga ward deliver their tea at Gathuthi factory which is at the neigbouring Tetu sub county.

    According to the rates released by KTDA last month Gitugi will pay Sh38 per kg, Iria-ini Sh33, Chinga Sh34 and Gathuthi Sh42.

    The money will be in the farmers’ accounts from 25 October.

    Local leaders have urged farmers not to squander their money.

    Last month, Othaya Coffee Farmers Cooperative Society paid local Sh80 million to farmers for last season’s sales.

    The farmers are affiliated to 19 coffee factories in Othaya.

    Countrywide, tea farmers will receive over Sh 60 billion.

  • Shut the fuck up. You base, mentally challenged porn sloth. If your statement is true(and it’s not), you’re aptly a BASTARD.

  • Either or……. Sonko, the eves dropper peeping tom ! Photoshop !

  • Nairobi women’s representative blowing a man’s phallus. That is a real crisis for Jubilee amidst all the ICC ndrama and findio their Hague chained leaders Uhuruto are experiencing. Shebesh is definitely an adulterous woman no wonder those night meetings with Sonko at posh hotel rooms in Nairobi. And Kikuyu men thought Kidero was the devil lol!

  • shebesh men lovers

    Here is an online list of men who have allegedly banged Women’s Rep Rachael Shebesh:

    1. Hon. Hassim. Kamukunji County Rep who is also the Jubilee minority leader in the County of Nairobi.

    2. Reuben Ndolo. Former Makadara MP, who is also said to be Sebesh’s elder sister’s side dish.

    3. Hon. John Kiragu Chege. Limuru MP, whom is claimed she had slept with during a TNA-URP meeting.

    4. Mike Sonko, Nairobi Senator. The two were having sex at a Nairobi hotel when Sonko slapped her.

    5. Hon. Mark Ndung’u. A youthful Nairobi County Rep and a close associate of Mike Sonko.

    6.The late Hon. Mussa Idriss Ndele. Former speaker, African Union’s Pan-African Parliament.

    7. A watchman called Kaszungu who was guarding Shebesh’s resident at Riverside. They were busted by neighbours having sex in a car.

    8. Musician Kenzo. The two were busted by a paparazzi having a good time at a popular Nairobi hotel. The photos also went viral.

    The Kenyan Daily Post

  • Mmmmmm….naona pia pia ako na maingrediences za kuadmire

  • Mama yuko right,,,,angeenda na umbwa ndio mfurahie ama?,

  • shebesha blow job mama

    EXPOSED: The SHOCKING intrigues in RACHAEL SHEBESH’s lovelife, the PHOTOs, MIKE SONKO and a young love

    Tuesday October 8, 2013 – The controversy surrounding the personal life of Nairobi Women’s Representative, Rachael Shebesh, took a different twist on Monday after multiple sources revealed that she had an affair with 23 year -old young man from Graffins College in Westlands.

    According to our moles, the young lover who was only identified as Mutua comes from Makueni County.

    Since he came from a poor background, Shebesh hired him as his watchman cum caretaker in her residence in Nairobi. Mutua was a very dedicated servant and he performed his duties exemplarily well. Shebesh even went ahead and paid his colleges fees at Graffins College.

    During weekends when he was free from college, Mutua would help Shebesh to wash her cars and do other manual jobs for her

    However, one day when Mutua was washing Shebesh’s Mercedes, dressed in a beach short, Shebesh noticed he was heavily ‘loaded’. She summoned him to her servant’s quarters and gave him an instant BJ.

    Shebesh was mesmerized by the huge load this Kamba guy had. From that day Shebesh took Mutua as her “s*x toy” and he has been banging her to date.

    This was revealed by Mutua after Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko who was aware of her escapades, got in contact with the Mutua and offered him Sh 200,000 and a Samsung galaxy so that he can take some damaging photos of Shebesh. Mutua has also recorded a video having s*x with Shebesh.

    More revelations to follow…. Only on Kenya DAILY POST

  • when jubilee took over govt people complained that the entire top leadership were involved in extravagant merry making,luxuries and lavish parties,travel and wanton care free spending of public cash including ruto jet trip with lords of women.
    now you know whats happening in all the behind scenes—-lots of sex,sex………… luckily jubilee has all the sex goddesses ,the likes of shebesh,,,,,,,,,,,but what can we do .look at the mps and women trooping to hague every week and gossip that they are either sleeping around or soliciting for sex ……YOU SEE THE WORLD OF JUBILEE IN WHICH WE LIVE TODAY…RELIGIOUS LEADERS ARE DAMN QUITE………
    we ACCEPT AND MOVE ON…………LET SHEBESH SHARE HER BOUNTIFUL BEAUTY WITH all randy jubilees of kenya.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pata fimbo sheb……….e…………sheeeeeeeeee.

  • oookaay

  • Tukwalushane Matako Nipe ni Kup,you have said it all.Shebesh and Sonko are not the only two guilty of this.In Kenya,sex is free and women are valueless.Have anyone ever checked the number of single mothers in Kenya.It is alarming.

  • there is no need discussing fictions, if they did what is being said then it is not against the said constitution si waendelee tu, hii ni soap moja kali sana

  • regional corruption

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