Peculiar Kenyan Behaviour: Moving Closer to Danger Zone Against All Odds


  • Abdul Haji hero at Westgate
  • Every body should pity this country Called Kenya>First millions of Kenyans are born Zombies, the other groups are schizophrenic.the next group has brain -problems not smart but sick brain ! The Govt should invite researchers, scientists , brain ,specialists in neuro-logy etc One in a country like Kenya where every foreigner can visit kenya and register as a doctor through bribbing can get job in kenyan refferral Hospitals and start his/her research missions/ Volunteers from Kenya enemies run Hospitals ,work in many kenyan

    Hospitals . .Mercury in Soil Cynide , and other poiso in the soil may contribute to Kenyans sick brain that affects their animal behaviour. Take an example of Kenyan Mps who followed Ruto to Hague how primitive they behaved, to an extent of being clubbled by security officials manning the Court.Their behaviour was totally Schizophrenic. The needs a govt that should carry out a massive project to study the behaviour of wakenya in general hence this behaviour is not a

  • At least 90% of all Kenyan security forces smoke Marijuana: majority are drug addicts ,look at officers behaviour and their faces at closest (near) their faces speaks folumes, try to interview these black-chacoal faces you will accept that there is something wrong with the people of Kenya!
    The bad sick behaviour of wakenya starts at the Countries Air/ports where every officer /Official serving there cannot hide their collective corruption asking bribes ,checking any black person but avoiding checking foreigners with European Arab/Asian faces for their collective slave/master ideology taught and indoctrinated /Programmed in their minds to fear and obey white-people /Authority and any person with brown face These brain/programmed minds is visible in every part of kenya. illitracy , Jobless /idleness /myths/witchcraft, Miracles Religion Myths sex-orgies, Rapings ,drugs , war-mongers, worrior-lion killings /the Use of Dog blood Rituals /Largeasebling of idlers watching free-movie eg: FGM (female genital Mutilations where mob Justice is hailed with ululations when these Kenyan tribes are mutilating young women critoris!Etc etc There must be real changes in Kenya Peoples behaviour >Conmen Money-lovers Wine-bibers,thugs fornicators ,corruption Leaders , worshipping and Praising /Tribalism ,Nepotism, clan feuds/jerousy , Raping people’s wives . backstabbings name it all evils in todays Kenya . Devil-worshipping/ULLuminat followers deceiving and directing youth7Gay ideology /having sex with you Mothers/fathers/sisters/neighbours wives, Police Killing Rituals/Disapearings of govt critics/Poisoning /threats /organized Road accidents/human trafficking/selling cartels of Body organs/selling of expired medis/Quacks treating mad-men/women just to name a few>In this Country of Kenyattas/Mois/ Kibakis and Now Led by Kenyatta-Jnr William Ruto ICC Suspects >Note Uhuru Kenyatta Might Not appear in Hague.

  • Is There Any Patriotic here!

    Who will believe a man a Somali himself a Muslim/becoming a hero of Westgate being terrorized by nothing but Somalis who share same names/religion /culture/traditions aggresiveness/ coldbod murderers ! Somalis must prove to Kenyans that they do not hide/support /sit with vital and viable information In Mosques/in their organizations /in their Dens especially in Eastleigh/Their women with Niqabs that hides their faces huge batocks, funny Kimonos ,from neck to toes smuggling Guns/pistols/ Note Somalis Own Huge Trucks that ferries all kinds (sorts of transport> Petroleum /Goods/etc that are used to smuggle light and heavy weapons from Somali-war-torn lawless Nation_-Corrupt Police force ready to allow any truck comming from SomaliEthiopia&Sudan! Who would believe that Somalis can be a hero!! Note>Not all Somalis who are terrorists BUT?there is a big Querry!It is up to Somalis to prove otherwise Innocent Kenyans &others continue suffering for our kind behavuours of accepting un-thankful refugees whose aim is to destroy Kenya and make it a haven for terrorists!

  • Let us not sit idle and accept rubbish from tamed mass-media of Uhuru&Ruto.

    Thbis is a crystal clear messange to Both Kikuyu King-Uhuru Kenyatta and His deputy (Murderers )William Ruto >LEIDSCHENDAM, Sept 26 – A UN-backed appeals court on Thursday confirmed Liberian ex-president Charles Taylor’s 50-year sentence for arming rebels during Sierra Leone’s brutal 1990s civil war.

    “The appeals chamber… affirms the sentence of 50 years in prison and orders that the sentence be imposed immediately,” judge George King told the Special Court for Sierra Leone (SCSL).

  • God Must Be Hearing the Cry of those kids!.

    Things has started getting hot to (The Guy who gassed Kikuyu toddlers in a Church in Eldoret) YouMust Show your Ugly Face Or else>

  • This Somali guy aka Westgate attack who has become rescue Hero must be investigated? He is a son of former Defence Minister in Kibaki’s govt a very questionable Somali carachter: If you listen to how his son westgate Story !You may think the youngman Haji was the Commandant of recce squad/or GSU company commander (or) KDF commanding officer: Who gave him authority to carry a gun? please just investigate him thoroughlyand and his funny story he might be one of those who helped and facilitated terrorists to acchieve their evil aims and games>

  • The Primitive behaviour of Officials representing a failed Banana Republic just read commets from wakenya>Listen to this Malaya Msomali being a toilet tissue of Uhuru&Ruto!

  • wakenya hee haaa

    Monday, September 30, 2013

    The curious case of bystanders

    By Clay Muganda
    More by this Author

    When the television news presenter shouted that there were unconfirmed reports of gunshots at Westgate Mall the other Saturday, I sent a text message to a friend who frequents the place to tell her to be careful.

    Before she could respond, the news presenter shouted — yes, Kenya’s news presenters, unlike anchors, are always excited — that it was an explosion, so I sent another text to my friend, who responded that she was not at Westgate.

    As the shouting continued, and as it started emerging that it was much more than just gun-totting, trigger-happy robbers, I embarked on calling friends and relatives who visit the mall or reside around there.

    I wanted to find out if they were safe, and also tell them not to go to Westgate in order “to find out” or “see” what was going on, like Kenyans always do.

    They were safer staying at home and getting shouted at by excited television presenters than going to Westgate to stare, an activity which must have been started by the Founding Fathers.

    For Kenyans, staring is more than a pastime. It is an occupation, a full-time job, and it speaks volumes about the country’s rate of underemployment, its economy, gross domestic product, rate of both economic and population growth and the work ethic of its citizens.

    Kenyans stare blankly at everything, everywhere, all the time. Scholars need to find out why Kenyans love staring. Alternatively, some poll needs to be conducted by the local psephologists whose field staff stare at Kenyans then come up with statistics about how many men prefer airheads over women in skirts with low — and behold — hemlines.

    There is great need to find out why a people who are celebrating 50 years of independence would go to an accident scene where others are trying to save lives, and just stare, and in the process endanger more lives.


    Some can argue that those who stare the most are the underemployed, but in Kenya, staring exists at all levels of the economy and governance. Intelligence personnel and other individuals tasked with security matters receive warnings of attacks but stare at them instead of acting on them.

    When things explode in the faces of Kenyans like it has happened many times before and last week, their departmental heads call press conferences and stare blankly at television cameras, as local media and the nation stare back.

    Oh, the local media! Instead of asking questions, we stare blankly at government representatives and at the foreign journalists who ask questions and then we take to the new media where we continue to prove that our brains have taken a break and we nowadays only think with our fingers.

    At those press conferences, public servants stand next to each other as if they are participating in some Last Fool Standing competition, and stare blankly at the reader of a poorly-worded statement.

    Staring seems to be the hallmark of the much-heralded technocrats in the current government, so much so that they all don designer sunglasses so as to hide their blank stares.

    If staring was an income-generating activity, Kenya would be the world’s biggest economy, considering that it is done by all and sundry, including the elected personalities.

    Instead of looking in to development activities that can improve the welfare of voters, they spend their time staring at their payslips.

    Afterwards, they shout at one another in Parliament and in public rallies, and when they are done, they fly to Europe to stare at roads, buildings, people and make fools of themselves by singing badly in public, arguing with police officers incoherently and running after birds.

    At 50, Kenya is old enough to know that this State-sanctioned staring is no doubt retrogressive. Unless it ends, more so at governance and leadership levels, more Westgate-like, and even worse, attacks will happen, and all these rosy figures of economic growth being bandied about will just remain on paper — to be blankly stared at some more.



    The least liked person in Kenya today is the Cabinet secretary in charge of insecurity Joseph Ole Lenku, who has been called all sorts of names.

    The general feeling has been that Ole Lenku is being economical even with lies yet the truth is out there and the whole world can see it, whether he likes it or not.

    But people could be blaming the wrong person. Ole Lenku is just a cog in a bigger wheel and should only be held responsible for his choice of words.

    He once said that the there were “little” hostages remaining inside Westgate and later added that the there was an “insignificant” number of bodies in what remained of the building.

    Yeah, right.


    Some weeks ago, and even before then, some loudmouths were invoking patriotism and of course sovereignty while castigating neo-colonialist tendencies being perpetuated by Western countries which “Kenya can do without.”

    Some commentators were even of the opinion that the West was in a decline, their economies were in shambles and they needed Kenya more than Kenya needed them.

    To me and, I want to believe, many others, the commentators sounded more like people with fake political hair on their chests and not economists, and they can be excused, more so at this time when the Kenyan officialdom is flailing its arms and throwing tantrums because the West that Kenya can do without is telling its citizens to be extra careful when visiting Kenya.

    But why the anger? Aren’t these Western countries also sovereign countries with constitutional rights to protect their citizens wherever they are?

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