Shocking Westegate Shooting Photos Part 3







A wounded woman is helped to safety after gunmen opened fire in a shopping centre in Nairobi, Kenya


Armed police search through a shopping centre for a gunman in Nairobi

Armed police search customers inside a bathroom while combing through a shopping centre for gunmen in Nairobi

An injured policeman holds on to his wound as his compatriot searches through a shopping centre for gunmen in Nairobi

Armed police search through a shopping centre for gunmen in Nairobi

Rescuers attempt to evacuate a man injured in a shootout between armed men and the police at the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi

A customer cries as she is evacuated following a shootout between unidentified armed men and the police at the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi


  • Please let our army fight for this nation let god be with them

  • NSIS (infiltrated By Somali (Moneyed Elites)

    Your Army cannot fight Somalis young men(terrorists) >Look its the IDF (Israel Defence Forces )Flown all the Way from Tel-Aviv (Haifa)1000nds of miles to come and rescue Nigroes while Kenya defence forces were shitting under their Pants!Shame ,Shame to General Karangi’s Alkoholics sleeping in Barracks and Corrupt Gichangi guys!
    Long Live IDF!British Special Forces in Nyani-land & USA Men & women in Uniform

  • So terrifying! Together in spirit.

  • MINI RAILA OGINGA NI MTU WA KUTUMIWA NA WA-KIKUYU>by Doctor Masinde » Sun Sep 22, 2013 12:08 pm

    The message coming out of Kenya, in relations to the terrorist attacks, should come from the President of Kenya. These messages should be thoroughly vetted by Kenya’s security intelligence to make sure that the information being relayed to the public does not give terrorists “unfair” advantage in handling this standoff. We also need to withheld certain information that we can use later to nail those who helped those bastard terrorists..

    This is why I am calling on Raila Odinga and other leaders to stop giving international press conferences because terrorist masterminds are also listening. Raila et al may say something innocently but which may be harmful to the mission of rescuing those who are kidnapped by the terrorists.

    Raila et al do not get security briefings and have no direct working relations with our security agencies therefore it is best if they retreat to the background and let the Commander-in-Chief of Kenya’s Armed Forces, Muigai Kenyatta, do his job.

    God bless Kenya.

    Respectfully,Dr. Fred Shamalla Masinde, MB; ChB, DDS, Philosophiae Doctor.
    Brooklyn, NY
    Rombo to en mana rombo ma kata miye telo to podi en mana rombo!
    Doctor Masinde
    His Worship The Chief Executive Officer- Council of gods

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    Joined: Thu Oct 07, 2010 11:14 am
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  • wy r u toking lyk u av not gone to skul in a dis a tym hakuna mambo na whu is who coz wat is going on is shocking so n body ca av the chance to adress only hiyo story ya ku open secrecy ndo c poa so cul down mr officer

  • Bakaki Abdu Nasser

    its really very bad. i send my sincere condolences to all relatives of all those who lost their lives may their soul rest in peace

  • Sakariye shiikh fadil

    Wastgate did not attacked alshabaab but was attack people in kenya

  • Israelis at Westgate

    Israel Acknowledges Involvment in Kenyan Attack
    Duty to God—Principle of Scouting

    As these lines are being written on September 22, 2013, a standoff between attackers allegedly belonging to al-Shabab and the Kenyan Government is taking place in the Westgate Mall in Nairobi. The complex is owned by Israelis and Israeli media reports that Israeli officials are already in place attempting to manipulate the event. At least two Kenyans claim to have been evacuated from the mall by Israeli security forces.
    In this case, al-Shabab is a misleading name referring to Harakat al-Shabaab al-Mujahideen, which is claimed by the West to be a Somali cell of al-Qaeda. Since Israel is involved and al-Shabab is not exactly what the West likes to claim, allow me a short introduction about a related event that took place in the days of the First Intifada. Since I want to keep the identity of my source safe, I won’t provide a more exact date or location.

    First Intifada and al-Shabab

    I was speaking with somebody closely related to the secret police, the Shin Beth. He had an external reference on me and thus trusted me, especially because I looked so uninterested on the topics that fascinated him.

    The headlines at the time dealt with a minor event of violence and the al-Shabab were being blamed.

    “This is funny,” he said and added, “Do you know what al-Shabab is?”
    Knowing his identity, I ventured “Aren’t they terrorists?”
    Laughing at my ignorance, he explained “al-Shabab is Arabic for ‘The Youth,’ It is like when we say ‘hevre’ in Hebrew.” For my English readers, let me expand that into “the guys,” “the friends,” “the boy scouts.” Seeing that he was making little sense, he added “in every Arab village you will find al-Shabab. Young, unmarried man, passing the time innocently together until they settle down.” I kept drinking my coffee silently; back then, I was too innocent to understand the point being made by the secret police.
    “How can you drink so much coffee? Don’t you see? Blame al-Shabab and you stain all Arabs at once. It was us,” he said causing me to burn my throat with the suddenly swallowed coffee. Trusting me, he had just disclosed an Israeli entrapment operation in the West Bank.

    “Great coffee,” I said apparently ignoring the burning bombshell.
    Considering this, can Western reports on the identity of al-Shabab be trusted? Is it the Ku Klux Klan branch of the Scouting Movement?

    Nairobi, Little Tel Aviv
    The attack started yesterday, Saturday, at 11AM, when between 10 and 15 attackers entered the exclusive, Israeli-owned mall, and started the event by blowing two explosives near the ArtCaffe coffee shop. The establishment is owned by Israelis and is favored by Western expats. Fred Ngoga Gateretse is an official with the African Union who was drinking coffee there. He claims that eight gunmen with scarves on their faces started immediately after the initial explosion to shoot at shoppers in a highly-trained fashion.

    Among the dozens of dead and hundreds of wounded, there are Canadian, British and French citizens.

    Despite the massive presence of Israelis on the spot, Ilana Stein, a spokeswoman for Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that one Israeli had been lightly injured, that three others had escaped unharmed and that Israelis had not been specifically targeted. While reading this odd detail, I couldn’t but remember the secret police spook words said to me an eon earlier.

    Dropping the international media, I concentrated on the Hebrew reports, which were unsurprisingly insightful.

    Israel and Kenya have close relations. Even when they did not have formal relations after the 1973 War, Israeli tourists favored Kenya during the 1980s. Since the relations were renewed, it became a major center for Israeli tourists and expats, to the extent that the Israeli shopping mall in Nairobi is one of the most exclusive commercial centers in the country.

    Forget Judaism Islam and al-Shabab. “Dollar” is the rather lean language spoken by both people in the best of the Rothschild’s heritage. In God they don’t trust.
    Hebrew reports claim that Israel delivered a negotiation team, despite the fact that all Israelis are out of the area. The team is said to be working with the Kenyan Government and not directly with the attackers. Paul Hircheson, another spokesman of Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said “We don’t give details in real time on bilateral security operations that may be taking place.” Very revealing, unluckily I still couldn’t understand which was the side that Israel was cooperating with. The fact that it seems to be negotiating with the Kenyan Government is odd.

    The Kenyan Guardian reported that two denizens claimed to have been rescued by Israeli security forces which were inside the mall. Israel did not acknowledge having sent any warriors there. However, Israeli negotiation teams are invariably backed by such persons. In Bullets they trust.

    The strangest reaction came from the Israeli Embassy in Nairobi. Unfortunately, the Ambassador was not in the country during the event. Deputy Ambassador Jacob Lopes gave an interview to the Hebrew media, saying that the event was not aimed at Israel or Israelis despite the ownership of the shops. “The first instinct is to think in such a way,” he said and added “but I do not think that is the case. It does not look at this stage, according to my feelings and the data that we are receiving that they were after Israeli targets.”

    “Dogs don’t bite the hand feeding them,” my spooky acquaintance had told me an eon before.

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