Watch William Ruto at ICC Live

Watch William Ruto at ICC Live

Watch William Ruto at ICC Live


  • Watch this Video>Money was squeezed in my ass!

  • Zecuise Zachauis short fellow

    I pity these African Gnu’s or Mongoos playing as silly witnesses!Look how they looks like >Foolish ,silly and idiots .Their faces shows lack of common sense, they all looks opportunists going bersek for free money!The whole wide-world will wonder and awe for these funny kenya tribes smelling easily aquired Money.

  • Kwani Uhuru Kenyatta Ako Na Makende Gapi!

    UHURU KENYATTA and WILLIAM RUTO should dis-sapear from Kenya’s leadership now than later hence the country has gone to the dogs !The Opposition (CORD) Must be prepared to take Over Kenya Government >Uhuru cannot lead not even Monkeys in both forest and in Zoo. The Country is in dire need of an acceptable leader but not a President from Only two (2) tribes of kenya namely Kikuyus and Kalenjins!Look at VAT (Valued added Tax)a very oppresive and un-productive tax-System to force the Kenya tax-payer pay back Chinese Loan Uhuru Kenyatta went to solicite without asking the people of Kenya>
    NOTE>Money from China is being Used to by Rayalty from Kenya tribes in order to support Kikuyu/Kalenjin government . This should be opposed and resisted now or never!(Cord leadership must wake-up and take Power)

  • Elizabeth Nyoroka

    Welcome to Uhuruto-Land of Schizophrenics>Why can’t Kenya goverment do something drastic to stop and End Road carnage in Kenya>Or Why can’t Uhuruto Schizophrenic Goverment hire (Whites) (Arabs) Asians) The way Uhuruto has hired foreigners to think for them?(Foreigners can think for a nigger failed State)

  • History Proffessor (East Africa)

    Shame on You William Ruto >Yes Self -made when you have been killing and evicting Kikuyus from Rift Valley since your days in YK 92 serving Dictator Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi aka Murderer of Kenyan People>We have not forgotten that, You used to kill ,burn robe maim kikuyus in Rift valey in every election year>Do you remember Jirongo your brother both serving Moi under YK 92 flagship? Nyang’au Wewe You should be locked in Hague Detention Camp and join other mass-murderers who has committed crimes against humanity..MPs pile pressure on Rotich over delayed office cash
    Updated at 12:00am Wednesday 11th September 2013
    Where’s our money? That is the question MPs put to National Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich when he came to tell them about public spending and their oversight role over the Executive.

    Read More » Deputy President’s rise to political helm

    Updated at 12:00am Tuesday 10th September 2013
    Deputy President William Kipchirchir Samoei Ruto describes himself as a self-made politician who has risen to the apex of Kenya’s political system. Ruto, 47, has fought many battles on his way to the top, but the ICC trial presents his greatest challenge yet.

  • MP dumps body at provincial headquarters
    By OJWANG JOE | September 11, 2013
    The body of the cattle rustling victim was literally dumped at the regional headquarters/CFM
    KISUMU, Kenya, Sep 11 – Nyakach MP Aduma Owuor on Tuesday evening dumped the body of an 80 year old man, with two arrows sticking through his chest, at the door step of the Nyanza Regional Commissioner’s office.MP dumps body at provincial headquarters
    By OJWANG JOE | September 11, 2013
    The body of the cattle rustling victim was literally dumped at the regional headquarters/CFM
    KISUMU, Kenya, Sep 11 – Nyakach MP Aduma Owuor on Tuesday evening dumped the body of an 80 year old man, with two arrows sticking through his chest, at the door step of the Nyanza Regional Commissioner’s office.

    The man is believed to have been shot dead by cattle rustlers

    The man is believed to have been shot dead by cattle rustlers
    In deed this is the way forward But next time is to change the Venue> The best strategy is to damp killed (murdered) Kenyans infront of President Office .so that the Failed StateOf Uhuru/Ruto ( President can get a very crystall-clear Message!The way he (Uhuru Kenyatta) tells the ICC.
    Keep -up Hon. Mps for Nyackach!
    Let the Provincial Commissioner eat the dead body of that old man if he likes!

  • Listen to this Fat -assed half-baked (African semi-intellectual )A witchcraft power broker (Matsanga)enjoying Freedom in all African Failed states>The African Way>Enjoy theVideo Dramma>

  • Tusiwe Wachenzi(Ma-chizi)

    Here Comes A Kenyan aka Rejected Former MP for Ganze a very stupid &easygoing Pseudo Lawyer being challaged by a Smart educated Ndolo who really is in touch with International Laws>Watch the Video and Judge for Yourselves How Silly Jubilee Lackeys are deceiving Uhuru Kenyatta and Ruto concerning the Ongoing cases at the Hague>Note>The ICC has the Power of issuing Warrant Of Arrest for Both Uhuru&Ruto!

  • Wafanyi Kazi Tuungane Tutashinda!!

    To change Kenya forever this is the Waytogo(the right way forward) First dealing with any (all) traitors then Down the tools and Maintain the highest Discipline: Solidarity and action .Good negotiators (Leaders) and not traitors>Wtch this Video>Workers Keep it Up !!

  • Jubilee Lackeys and Jikas

    These Baboons in Mating Mood were chaced by Hollands New Nazis for shouting like Monkeys in Hague>All of them were behaving like Primitive Village barbarianswith their protruding Battocks and bellies!Which kind od Parasite and virus are they carrying from Africa?

  • The President of Tanzania should be indicted by the ICC for Committing Mass Murder in Zanzibar against Innocent and Peaceful Muslim Community who has be suffocated by Tanganyika Main-land Supremacy!The enslavement of Zanzibaris by TZ must stop and grant the Island full independence>THE Tanzania government wants to be allowed to make submissions in the appeal challenging a decision to allow Deputy President William Ruto to skip part of his ICC trial.

    Tanzania’s Attorney General Fredrick Mwita wrote to the ICC on Monday.

    He said allowing Ruto to skip some portions of the trial would help enhance co-operation between the court and state parties.

    “The brief will observe that, in certain circumstances, the rights of the accused, the rights of the victims and the rights of other interested constituencies such as voters in democratic states can all be accommodated in an effective and meaningful fashion within the court’s framework and without any negative impact on the court’s aims,” the letter read.

    Mwita said that as a friend of the court, Tanzania can help the ICC adopt a broad and flexible interpretation of the Article 63 of the Rome Statutes on the presence of an accused person in court.

    “An interpretation which encourages state cooperation in the widest possible set of circumstances and without jeopardising the constitutional responsibilities of leaders,” he said.

    Mwita said that the Tanzania government’s brief will consider the balance to be struck between those subject to the court’s jurisdiction but who also occupy high office.

    Ruto, whose trial started at the Hague yesterday, has been allowed to skip some of the sessions of his trial to help him balance his duties as Kenya’s Deputy President.

    The judges’ decision has however been suspended by the court until an appeal brought against it by Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda is determined.

  • Read about Kiambuu GOD > Akikuyu Governor with Two Penises> KABOGO King OF Kiambu Specialist in Killing Kalenjin Girls after Exploiting them in Drug Business>

  • Uhuru Kenyatta Concubine (Ms Kandie) is Schizophrenic!watch the Picture and Midomo imeabukiswa na Kisonono!

  • Rogue Kenya Police Force!

    William Ruto at ICC in Hague But Kenya has become a very dangerous place for European foreigners working as Volunteers>Ap Police in Uniform Killed a Norwegian Investor>

  • A Rogue State In Coma

    Meet Jesus Raising the dead (This Devil-worshipper hyponotizing& manipulating illitrate poor Women>watch the Video>

  • Kale/Kikuyu Elders

    William Ruto >Ebu tafuta Bibi ako na Matako (mwili) Siyo Bibi ako kama Playing Mantis>
    Deputy President William Ruto his daughter June and wife Rachel leave the ICC yesterday after his case in Hague (rogue )Magaidi hutaka Bibi Maridadi!Uhuru Kenyatta naye anatakiwa amtafute bibi mrefu kiasi cha Kuheshimika! Sio bibi fupi kama torso ya asubuhi !

  • A comment from a Patriotic Kenya with common-sense !MohanMathew
    • 19 hours ago• 2 △0 ▽− +
    ⚑The IG is bereft of any new ideas ! He was carried-forward from the Moi-Kibaki era. This shoot-to-kill strategy has been a failure in stopping big crime throughout the history of Kenya Police under various bosses.
    What we need is,. first of all, a thorough retraining of police officers, top to bottom – that includes Kimaiyo too -. This should be done by a team of selected senior officers from CW countries where rule of law is supreme.
    Our officers desperately need basic lessons in PR, civility, cleanliness, personal communication, etiquette, and manners. They should be able to command respect, not necessarily fear.
    Shoot to kill is barbarian, and the IG’s diktat shows his disregard for human life, even if it is of a dangerous criminal. Instead, he should advise his officers to ‘shoot to incapacitate’.(disable) a criminal when he threatens the life of officers in the line of duty.
    Train your mboys to aim straight and shoot below knee to render the criminal disabled. That’s a civilized way to deal with violent criminals

  • Kwani Hague Ni Kwaninya

    Uhuru Kenyatta Conquerer Of The British Empire in Africa? Threatening The ICC!

  • Abolish Chemical Weapons in Zanzibar!
  • Ruto /Uhuru Strategy Kill all ICC witnesses Buy them Threaten their families/Bribe them And Kill them who cannot cooperate !And expect Stupid ICC & international Community and the western Democracy & civilization to set You (UHURU&RUTO Free? Wait a Minute !Your Evil Wisdom will be defeated at the end! all your evil works will be brought to desolate!The witnesses who recant their testimonies are allegedly rewarded with between Sh2 and Sh3 million each, while those who resist are coerced through relatives, friends and family until they give up.

    Both the prosecution and defence have disputed claims of either coaching or bribing witnesses to strengthen or weaken the cases.

    Our sources also said that the gang of witness busters is tracking down about 10 individuals to make them stand down.

    Apart from top lawyers and businessmen, the network also includes community elders who use the extended family to intimidate witnesses into surrendering. One of the individuals we interviewed showed us telephone numbers (withheld) they claimed were used by former ICC witnesses to convince witnesses in Poland and Tanzania to stop working with ICC.

    Some of them are back in Kenya and are living extravagantly having bought parcels of land and cars.

    For instance, a man from Nandi County, who renounced his testimony in February, has since bought a seven-seater vehicle, land and a plot in a move that has left villagers wondering his sudden source of funding.

    Another claimed he quit the ICC train after he was told that his elderly mother was ailing and might die in his absence.

    The man from Uasin Gishu County returned to Kenya late last month. He was poor when he left the village but now he’s the talk of the village owing to his changed financial status.

    A man at the centre of the bribery claims is said to have bought land and several motor bikes for taxi business.

  • Justice To Kiambaa Children Massacre

    Watch and study the Faces of Guilty Men having murdered innocent children in a Church!
    Sang the Pigmy becomes Huge (Goliath ) when armed with a microphone>He vomits Venomous Poison worse than black African Mamba!
    The Chief Murderer William Ruto is a master of organising Kikuyu killings .eviction Rapings,maimings burning etc ever since Moi days when Ruto wasserving Dictator D.T Arap Moi in YK92 !

  • Impunity of the Highest Order ICC witnesses threatened by Power Of Money impunity and Oppression >Here the shaken family appealing to their son to withdraw from witnessing against Uhuru Kenytta >Note Uhuru Kenyatta has killed many of ICC witnesses> Watch the Video of a threatened poor Kikuyu peasants(They are fearing for their lives)>

  • Political Observer (international)

    Does the ICC know Taliban (Khan) Lawyer is Anti-American !Hence USA is not a M;ember of the ICC! Katwa kigen has tried to prove to ICC judges that Moreno Ocampo was a rogue Latin American Native who could not speak English and who never investigated but hyponotized Kenyans with his Mustach!(mashurubu) I think the ICC must show their teeth otherwise Third world Mad Dictators will win with their Impunity and their hate for the White-man Justice!Europe /EU and USA (west) must protect Democracy and Civilization >NOTE> Kenya arrogant Fake -Un-democratic dictators cannot be allowed to go on their killing spree of Witnesses to escape justice through intimidating witnesses and the ICC by withdrawing!Majority of Kenyan people wants to remain within world Communitiesand the ICC!The Kenya opposition CORD is not Party to withdrawing Kenya From the ICC! The ICC Judges should stop buying Mr Ruto’s fake hogwash! Mr Ruto and Mr Kenyatta is anti-ICC and its establishment!Listen to what is ongoing in Kenya right now !about sentiments and hate of the ICC! USA/UK and France!

  • Kenya Kangaroo Courts!

    If This Murderer Shows his Ugly Half Arab Nigger Face >He will be arrested ,Detained by USA authority and handed to ICC in Hague> Bashir The Mass- Murderer and Rapist Of the People of Dafur>Thanks USA for taming mad African Dictators>

  • For the ICC to prove Serious and Competent >The Court Must issue arrest Warrant to both Uhuru Kenyatta and His Deputy William Ruto Otherwise ICC Judges and the OTP will be humiliated and bull-shitted by Niggers South of Sahara of a Rogue failed State!Why is ICC allowing herself to be intimidated and humiliated as if the Court lacks credibility? Why 100 times!

  • No longer At Ease

    The Kenya A general Mr Githu Muigai(Uhuru’s Cousin) is in fact threatening the ICC (court in Hague) Kenya Mps from Jubilee (Uhuru&Ruto) political party alone Are anti-ICC and has passed a motion for Kenya to withdraw and incite Other 54 African countries from the ICC! The ICC and the World Community should not allow a group of Criminal murderers against the ICC by threat intimidation and impunity (Tame the Nigger) why allow SlaVES TO RAPE AND HANG (MASTERS WIFE/DAUGHTER AND HIS DOG?


  • Impunity Of The Highest Order!

    Hear it comming from the Horse mouth>By VINCENT BARTOO)Even a bullet Won’t Remove Uhuru >The King Of The Kikuyu’s From Power!

    Eldoret,KENYA: President Uhuru Kenyatta renewed the onslaught against his presidency’s detractors, saying they should not think of dethroning him and his deputy William Ruto soon.

    In what would appear as a clue to their future plans, Uhuru on Thursday said those opposing his government should consider waiting for the next 20-years before they exit the stage.

    The President said Ruto and himself would be in power for two, 10-year terms each.

    “Those who think we are leaving soon should wait for me to clear my two terms and they should know that Ruto has his 10-years also,” he said.

    Speaking when he made a stopover in Eldoret town from Moi University where he had gone to preside over its 29th graduation, Uhuru maintained that the time had come for the youth to lead the country.

    “They (old guard) had their time and this is ours, but they should not be worried because we will take good care of them,” he said.

    Uhuru further lashed out at former Prime Minister Raila Odinga whom he described as a man who has not yet come to terms with defeat.

    “Now he is going round inciting people to go for a referendum. He is just seeking relevance. He should join us or leave us alone to build this country,” he added.

    Raila and his CORD alliance have said they will sponsor a referendum to switch the election of the country’s presidency from presidential to parliamentary system.

  • Kenya Mps Behaving Silly In Hague.

    Mps (Gibbons)(Kenya mps) were humiliated by Hague -Guards) for miss-behaving and shouting like Primitive Monkeys from Villages in Kenya .They messed up in toilets ,hence many of them has never seen a flashing toilets >Kenya Mps are used to Pit-latrin.>

  • By Koigi wa Wamwere cc Uhuru Kenyatta William Samoei Ruto

    Reasons Why Kenya Must Conduct A National Debate On ICC

    While Kenyans have a democratic right to elect whoever they want, other people have a democratic right to feel uncomfortable with them.

    While it is Kenyans’ democratic right to elect a dictator into power, it is not right to do so and people should be allowed to object to such majority choices. Morally wrong majority choices should not be imposed on people by force. While the Hutu majority in Rwanda may have considered it their democratic right to embark on a course of genocide, that decision was disastrous and suicidal. Democratic choices are not always right.

    Nearly two weeks ago, President Uhuru Kenyatta went to the UK and Prime Minister David Cameron refused to have a picture taken with him. This shunning of our president embarrassed some Kenyans, but others defended it.

    After Cameron, tomorrow President Barack Obama of USA will embark on a trip to Africa but will not visit Kenya. Many Kenyans are sneering at this but it might have consequences on Kenya.

    That Kenyans are numb to danger is very worrying. While the world is shunning our leaders accused of crimes against humanity, we are busy electing same persons as our President and Deputy President.

    The collective soul of Kenyans is dead. Many people voted for Uhuru and Ruto to save them from The Hague because it is embarrassing for a country’s top leadership to be paraded at the ICC. But when election of Uhuru and Ruto did not lead to the termination of their cases, and Ruto appeared at ICC as the Deputy President of Kenya, neither Ruto nor Kenyans seem embarrassed by the spectacle. Some Kenyans even smiled at Ruto in The Hague as if that is the most normal thing that could happen to a self-respecting country’s leadership.

    While it is Uhuru and Ruto that are on trial individually, the fact is as long as they are President and deputy president of Kenya, they will go into the ICC dock with the image of Kenya and Kenyans who shall share in the shame associated with crimes against humanity.

    But rather than have a sober debate on ICC, when President Obama shuns us, we say we don’t care, same thing Moi and his supporters said when the world accused him of perpetrating one-party dictatorship and violation of human rights.

    But who is championing our dismissal of ICC and defending our shunning by others? As the uninformed village tribalists shouted loudest in support of Presidents Moi and Kenyatta, it is the same ignorant supporters who are shouting loudest “our tribesman right or wrong,” “our tribal leader right or wrong.”

    But if uninformed village tribalists will take the ICC debate no where, where are our informed patriots and nationalists to champion it? They are silent, cowed by concerns of futility, expedience, timidity and even comfort.

    Notwithstanding, there are many reasons why Kenyans must now publicly, fearlessly and objectively debate the ICC trials of Uhuru, Ruto and Sang.

    First, Kenyans must psychologically prepare for ICC trials rather than encourage ourselves that the trials will collapse or be terminated. While hoping for best, we must prepare for the worst.

    Second, while championing justice for the accused, we must remember justice for victims of PEV, though many no longer think of their interests.

    Three, we must expect the world will not embrace Kenya while her President and Deputy President are in the dock at the ICC for crimes against humanity.

    Fourth, should the western world decide to subject Kenya to economic sanctions, the nation must not think China will save her from hard times ahead.

    Fifth, instead of encouraging, the state and media might inhibit debate on ICC unless people demand it.

    Sixth, if ICC cases take off, Uhuru and Ruto will not attend to trials and simultaneously give Kenya effective leadership. If you target two preys, one will escape.

    Seventh, when Uhuru and Ruto are forced to choose between their defense in The Hague and solving Kenya’s endless problems, they will prioritize their defense at the expense of Kenya.

    Eighth, if The Hague cases go on, Uhuru and Ruto will naturally spend the next five years defending themselves, not developing Kenya.

    Ninth, if Uhuru and Ruto decide to defy ICC and not attend trials, Kenyans must prepare for that defiance and not caught unawares.

    Tenth, even if Kenya, government of Kenya, any community, President or his deputy are not on trial at ICC, but Uhuru and Ruto in their private capacities, the state might take over these cases and pay for them without authority of tax-payers.

    Eleventh, the trials of Kenya’s President and his Deputy at The Hague will completely destroy Kenya’s reputation and image internationally and Kenyans must prepare for how bad they will look out there.

    Twelfth, should Kenyans choose to stand with their President and deputy when they stand trial at The Hague, they will kill their soul not to smell the stench of crimes against humanity.

    Thirteenth, by arguing against the trial of President Uhuru and Deputy President Ruto on the ground that they won elections, we are killing the rule of law in Kenya, too high a price for their defense.

    Fourteenth, when Uhuru and Ruto defend themselves at The Hague as President and Deputy President, they will be killing the principle of public officers stepping aside from office while they undergo trial to clear their names.

    Fifteenth, fear of rejection by Western powers might weaken and force President and Deputy President to concede too much to them or even China, whose support now is crucial, in economic negotiations. Kenya will lose more when Uhuru and Ruto defend themselves as President and deputy President of Kenya.

    Sixteenth, given that Uhuru and Ruto voluntarily opted to be tried by ICC rather than a local court, Kenya voluntarily signed the Rome Statute setting up ICC against dictatorship and impunity, without forgetting that Kenyans voluntarily incorporated the Rome Statute in the constitution, it does not make sense for the government to deny the court cooperation or seek its sabotage when we might need the same court tomorrow.

    President Uhuru might call ICC a personal challenge but it is not because, parading of any Kenyan at The Hague is a national humiliation with ramifications for all of us. ICC is a national challenge to which we must get a national solution guided by the ultimate truth that no interests of two, three or five individuals can override interests of the whole nation.

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