Family of Late Caroline Says “Thank You Very Much”

Caroline: Laid to rest

Caroline: Laid to rest

The family of the late Caroline Ndangire Balaggade has thanked everybody who attended the requiem mass and burial of their departed daughter which was held on Wednesday, 21st August 2013. During the mass, City Kyrka was packed to capacity with friends, relatives, sympathizers and well-wishers who congregated to mourn with the bereaved family.

Speaking to KSB, James Anthony Owuya, a close friend of the family, said that the family “expressed gratitude to KSB for having publicized the funeral service and burial”. Owuya said that many people who knew Caroline learnt about the funeral arrangements through KSB. Caroline was later laid to rest at Karolinska cemetery in Stockholm after which the mourners moved to Skarpnäck for a funeral gathering to remember her. Caroline will greatly be missed by all those who knew her.

Okoth Osewe

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