Shocking Video of GSU Brutalizing a Young Kenyan Youth

Another proof that Kenya is a failed State managed by political gangsters



  • Kenya failed state
  • Jackton Omondi.

    See how a Kenyan (Nigger(Kaffirs) mass Media describes a Moi Deciple in crimes against the People of Kenya!read yourselves and see the real shit-pit written by the so called elites!>Read how they are praising a hyena who served Dictator with Gusto> how stupid these Kenyan Sub-humans?Former Kanu strongman James Njiru takes final bow after struggle with cancer

    The death of former minister in the Kanu regime James Njiru ends the illustrious life of a controversial politician. Although he was inactive in politics at the time of his death, Njiru of the “ Kanu Moto” fame will go down history books as one of the controversial figures of the former President Moi’s government. The Kanu supremo crossed swords with many politicians and was involved in comical and daredevil scenarios that went ahead to claim his political life. The old man who died yesterday at the Nairobi Hospital following a battle with cancer was a force to reckon with in the 1980s. Yesterday, his son Dr Stephen Njiru said the old man had been in and out of hospital. During his life, however, he was loved and loathed by his fellow politicians in equal measure. For a man who was powerful during a period when political dissent was not tolerated and Kanu had a powerful disciplinary committee, stepping on people’s toes was inevitable.


    A story is told how the former powerful minister for National Guidance and Political Affairs once rode in Moi’s limousine to illustrate his “power”. Sometime in the 1990s, Moi had toured Meru and drove to Nyeri through Nanyuki where he boarded a helicopter to Nairobi. And perhaps to show people in his home district of Kirinyaga and the country how powerful he was and his closeness to Moi, Njiru even waved at people from the limousine’s sunroof. He bragged that he was the only minister housed at Kenyatta International Conference Centre then the tallest building in Nairobi, to oversee the political activities and tame errant politicians. “From the top floor of this magnificent building, I can see those who are not loyal to President Moi and Kanu so that we can deal with them,” Njiru once boasted. The man, whose word appeared to be law those days, had an aide de camp a Mr Kimbo, who despite being a civilian was decorated with insignia and Kanu uniform and was always behind him But his flamboyance and love for power was later to become the rope that hanged him politically. His wayward acts were even a subject of parliamentary debate where MPs accused him of behaving like a mini-president. A protest chorus from inside and outside the House forced Moi to demote him to less glamorous ministry of Culture and Social Services. – The Standard

  • Both Mathew Iteere and Kimaiyo thinks with their Anuses no brain at all! Its a good Picture that proves Nigger Police are equal to devils!If such beatings were committed by whites you would hear how niggers comments!These brital GSU Niggers are still seving in Uhuru/ruto dirty goverment !See how these murderers are intoxicated by drugs Viagras and Vallium..See how they lack common-sense.The young Victin belongs to the most brutalized and neglected community in Kenya.The thieving evil government has taken over -Turkanas-Land since the oil-discovery and gas!

  • Uhuru/Ruto Job-creation is encouraging Children to go and sell their smal bodies to both willinmg buyer/Seller and foreign tourists This is Uhuru/ruto KenyaThe Duo’ Vision of a new Kenya led by the two Fugitives (wanted by the ICC in Hague

  • Barasa Hamisi>Govt lies If these guys are trained why are they not hitting back militarily?do they arm themselves with toys that cant harm the GSU etc?they must wake-up these muslims and smell the hot-coffee!

  • ndya muthyuty

    Uhuru Army

  • Chinedo mkenyaNigeria

    Chinedu akiwafila (vila) Uhuru/Ruto Kitako>

  • Chinedo mkenyaNigeria

    Chinedu akiwafila (vila) Uhuru/Ruto Kitako> is Uhuru &Ruto grabbing Nigerian wealth and both are multi-millionaires?Thieves are thieves wanting to get rich quickly without sweating!

  • Kenya’s Deputy President to pay $59,000 for trespassBy AFRICAREVIEW.COM | Friday, June 28 2013 at 17:23

    Kenya’s Deputy President William Ruto has lost a court battle over ownership of 100-acre land in Eldoret, west of Nairobi.

    Consequently, the court has ordered Mr Ruto to vacate the land pay the complainant, Mr Adrian Muteshi $59,000 (Sh5m) compensation.

    Lady Justice Rose Ougo ruled Friday that the land belonged to Mr Muteshi but he was deprived of it.

    The judgement ends a dispute that started in when Mr Muteshi sued Mr Ruto and others.

    Mr Muteshi, who said he fled the land in 2008 during the post-election violence, had accused Mr Ruto of grabbing his farm.

    In final submissions presented in court in May, Mr Muteshi accused Mr Ruto of failing to present himself for questioning and three witnesses who could have helped the court with important evidence.

  • Koshi Fujiyama

    American Society is the Most Oppressed &brainwashed society in world>
    “V For Vendetta”, a film that portrays evil in a futuristic England as a proxy for the evil that exists today in America, ends with the defeat of evil. But this is a movie in which the hero has super powers. If you have not seen this film, you should watch it. It might wake you up and give you courage. The excerpts below show that, at least among some filmmakers, the desire for liberty still exists.

    Whether the desire for liberty exists in America remains to be seen. If Americans can overcome their gullibility, their lifelong brainwashing, their propensity to believe every lie that “their” government tells them, and if Americans can escape the Matrix in which they live, they can reestablish the morality, justice, peace, freedom, and liberty that “their” government has taken from them. It is not impossible for Americans to again stand with uplifted heads. They only have to recognize that “their” government is the enemy of truth, justice, human rights and life itself.

    Can mere ordinary Americans triumph over the evil that is “their” government without the aid of a superhero? If ideas are strong enough and Americans can comprehend them, good can prevail over the evil that is concentrated in Washington. What stands between the American people and their comprehension of evil is their gullibility.

    If good fails in its battle with Washington’s evil, our future is a boot stamping on the human face forever.

    If you, an American, living in superpower America lack the courage to stand up to the evil that is “your” government, perhaps the courage of Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning, Julian Assange, and tiny Ecuador will give you heart.

    A US senator from New Jersey, Robert Menendez, the Democratic chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, told the Ecuadoran government that he would block the import of vegetables and flowers from Ecuador if Ecuador gives asylum to Edward Snowden. The cost to Ecuador would be one billion dollars in lost revenues.

    Menendez’s statement – “Our government will not reward countries for bad behavior” – is ironic. It equates bad behavior with protecting a truth-teller and good behavior with betraying a truth-teller. Menendez’s statement is also a lie. The US government only rewards bad behavior. The US government consistently rewards those who conspire against the elected governments of their own countries, setting them up as dictators when Washington overthrows the elected governments.

    Menendez’s threat did not work, but the senator did succeed in delivering yet another humiliating blow to Washington’s prestige. The Ecuadoran President, Rafael Correa, beat Menendez to the punch and cancelled the trade pact with the US on the grounds that the pact was a threat to the sovereignty of Ecuador and to moral principles and was being used by Washington to blackmail Ecuador. “Ecuador doesn’t accept pressure or threats from anyone”, added Communications Secretary Fernando Alvarado who then offered Washington foreign aid to provide human rights training to combat torture, illegal executions and attacks on peoples’ privacy.

    Washington, exposed with its hand in the cookie jar devouring the privacy of the entire world and prevented by its hubris from acknowledging its illegal behavior and apologizing, has so mishandled the Snowden affair that Washington has done far more damage to itself than occurred from Snowden’s revelations. Washington has proven conclusively that it has no respect for anyone’s human rights, that it has no respect for any country’s sovereignty, that it has no respect for any moral principles, especially those it most often mouths, and that it relies on coercion and violence alone. The rest of the world now knows who its enemy is.

    Washington’s presstitutes, by helping Washington demonize Snowden, Glenn Greenwald, Manning, Assange, and Ecuador, have demonstrated to the world that the US media is devoid of integrity and that nothing it reports can be believed. The US print and TV media and NPR comprise a ministry of propaganda for Washington’s immoral agendas.

    On June 24, the Stasi State’s favorite whore, the Washington Post, denounced three times democratically-elected Rafael Correa as “the autocratic leader of tiny, impoverished Ecuador”, without realizing that the editorial not only demonstrated the Washington Post’s lack of any ethics whatsoever but also showed the entire world that if “tiny, impoverished Ecuador” can stand up to Washington’s threats, so can the rest of the world.

    President Correa replied that the Washington Post “managed to focus attention on Snowden and on the ‘wicked’ countries that support him, making us forget the terrible things against the US people and the whole world that he denounced.” Correa added that Washington’s “world order isn’t only unjust, it’s immoral”.

    The reason Washington hates Correa has nothing to do with Snowden. That Ecuador is considering asylum for Snowden is just an excuse. Correa is hated, because in the second year of his first term he repudiated the $3 billion dollar foreign debt that corrupt and despotic prior regimes had been paid to contract with international finance. Correa’s default threat forced the international financial gangsters to write down the debt by 60 percent.

    Washington also hates Correa because he has been successful in reducing the high rates of poverty in Ecuador, thus building public support that makes it difficult for Washington to overthrow him from within.

    Yet another reason Washington hates Correa is because he took steps against the multinational oil companies’ exploitation of Ecuador’s oil resources and limited the amount of offshore deposits in the country’s banks in order to block Washington’s ability to destabilize Ecuador’s financial system.

    Washington also hates Correa for refusing to renew Washington’s lease of the air base in Manta.

    Essentially, Correa has fought to take control of Ecuador’s government, media and national resources out of Washington’s hands and the hands of the small rich elite allied with Washington. It is a David vs. Goliath story.

    In other words, Correa, like Venezuela’s Chevez, is the rare foreign leader who represents the interests of his own country instead of Washington’s interest.

    Washington uses the various corrupt NGOs and the puppet government in Colombia as weapons against Correa and the Ecuadoran government. Many believe that it is only a matter of time before Washington succeeds in assassinating Correa.

    American patriots, who feel that they should be on “their” government’s side regardless of the facts, would do well to remember what true patriotism is. For Americans, patriotism has always meant allegiance to the Constitution, not to the government. The oath is to defend the Constitution against enemies domestic and foreign. The Bush and Obama regimes have proven themselves to be the Constitution’s worst enemies. It is not possible for a true patriot to support a government that destroys the Constitution. The United States is the Constitution. Our country is not the Obama regime, the Bush regime, or some other administration. Our country is the Constitution. The Constitution is our country.

    Beyond obligations to one’s own country, all humans have a responsibility to human life itself. Washington’s puppet states, such as the NATO countries, Japan, and Colombia, by providing cover and support for Washington’s aggression are enabling Washington to drive the world into World War III.

    The temptation of Washington’s money easily overwhelms weak characters such as Tony Blair and David Cameron. But the governments of NATO countries and other accommodating states are not only selling out their own peoples by supporting Washington’s wars of aggression, they are selling out humanity. Washington’s hubris and arrogance grow as Washington bumps off country after country. Sooner or later Russia and China, will realize that they themselves are targets and will draw firmer lines. Arrogance will prevent Washington from acknowledging the lines, and the final war will be launched.

    Washington’s hegemonic impulse is driving the world to destruction. The peoples of the world should realize this and force their governments to stop enabling Washington’s aggression.

  • God is great That Ugandan Soldiers beat Kenyas GSU and tortured them_Kenyans are very happy when their oppressors are being punished by Museveni boys Oh my Good God !What a salvation: Ugandan police attack Kenyan Administration Police officers at Migingo IslandUpdated Sunday, June 30th 2013 at 21:47 GMT +3
    By Jeckonia Otieno

    Kenya: Three Kenyan Administration Police (AP) officers sustained serious injuries when a group of Ugandan police descended on them in Migingo Island on Sunday.

    The three got into a tiff with their Ugandan counterparts, according to a source from the disputed island, after which the armed Ugandan officers unleashed terror on the Kenyan officers beating them severely.

    The source claimed that the Ugandan officers who were heavily armed took on the hapless AP officers who could not defend themselves since they were outnumbered.

    Working on orders from the head of operations of Ugandan Police in the island, the ugly incident is said to have occurred in full glare of residents of the island.

    The official report is that the Ugandan police had allegedly left to go to Nyandiwa and they were stopped by the APs who insisted that if they were go to venture into Kenyan waters, then they had to leave their weapons in Migingo. This angered the Ugandans who allegedly dared the APs to set foot in Migingo.

    “When the officers stationed at Ugingo came to buy food at Migingo, the Ugandan Police descended on them causing a ruckus that attracted the locals’ attention causing a huge gathering of onlookers who witnessed the whole scenario,” said the source.

    By the time Kenyan police arrived at the scene, the APs had already been injured.

    The officers were rushed to a local dispensary for treatment.

    Confirming the incident, Nyatike deputy County Commissioner, Moses Ivuto, noted that it was an unfortunate incident which is being sorted out. He noted that most likely the new head of Ugandan police in the island was not aware that when his officers cross over into Kenya, they should not be armed and should be given escort.

    “I must say that the matter is being investigated and must not be used to strain relationship between these two friendly countries bearing in mind that the issue of the island has been contentious,” said the deputy county commissioner.

    Ivuto further noted that one Kenyan officer slid and fell on the rocks that mark the island. He said that an amicable solution will be found to the incident.

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  • Uhuru Kenyatta & Ruto are rapists so is his people >Watch the Video of Rape Baby Raping Babies this is Kenya>

  • Partisans who hanged Mussolini

    In Europe too (Italy)Almost a third world Country) We have a President Who thinks with his Penise>Belusconei >There is corruption Sex-Maniacsin these Boo-thinking President!Where they allow their Sinning organs btw their legs to lead them and control their brains>

  • Patriotic Kenyan Youth

    Here is a Wake-Up Call to both Uhuru Kanyatta & Ka-William Karuto that Kenyans are ready to follow Egyptian People By calling Civil dis-obedient in Kenya & Overthrow Kanyatta & Ka-Ruto>

  • Uk Govt being tamed by Kenya gov t >The fear of white UK fearing to be denied access to kenya their colony>compromissed uk citizens killed in Kenya>

  • man who was making love to Mr Tuju’s wife who served as a minister in Kibakis government was found murdered inside tujus House !?Mr Tuju himsekf had arranged a quick Visit to South Africa when his wifes lover was murdered!Did Tuju hired hit-men ?This is murder and cheaply planned ! planners are silly and idiots! Tuju you can’t escape this one !Jamaa alikutombea bibi! Na Bibi yako akaipenda boro ya GSU on Viagra!

  • Kimuskari cha kudu

    A GSU gay was stabbedwith a knife after his asshole was ruptured by men who refused to pay him for selling them Anal-sex >

  • Deputy President Ruto encouranging the attacks of Gays>

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