Raila Odinga’s Speech Following Supreme Court Verdict

Cord Supporters React to Court Verdict


  • Hotentot Hotezburg

    Mr Kenyatta and his running mate, William Ruto, are expected to be sworn in as president and vice-president on 9 April.

    But they are facing trial on charges of crimes against humanity at the International Criminal Court (ICC) for allegedly fuelling unrest after that election. They deny the charges.

    ‘Wounds opened’

    In a BBC interview, Mr Odinga said he wanted to avoid the kind of bloodshed that had occurred five years ago.

    “I am going to tell my people to look at peaceful ways of resolving this issue,” he said. “The Supreme Court is just one step, there are many other avenues.

    Second African president to be indicted by ICC, after Sudan’s Omar al-Bashir
    Profile: Uhuru Kenyatta
    “Wounds have not been healed, in fact they’ve been opened up by what’s happened.”

    He hinted that if nothing was done there could be a return to violence.

    “I fear that five years from now, there will be voter apathy. This will lead people to explore other means to resolve this issue,” he said.

    Some of Mr Odinga’s supporters were less diplomatic.

    “We cannot trust the court, democracy is dead in Kenya,” one man protesting outside the courthouse told the BBC.

    Earlier the court, in a unanimous decision, declared the elections free and fair and said Mr Kenyatta had been “validly elected”.

    Supporters of Mr Kenyatta took to the streets of central Nairobi after the verdict, tooting their horns, blowing on vuvuzelas and chanting.

    The president-elect made a televised victory speech hours after the announcement, vowing to work with and serve all Kenyans “without any discrimination whatsoever”.

    Mr Odinga responded to the verdict with a speech expressing “dismay” at the conduct of the election but saying he fully respected the court’s decision.

    Petitions had been filed to the court by the prime minister and by civil society groups, who claimed irregularities had affected the election result and called for fresh elections. However, much of their evidence was dismissed by the court.

  • Oppen Society Democracy

    How Comes the Person (Ruto ) The Butcher who gassed ,Grilled Kikuyu children in a church in Eldoret is being Recognized Congratulated by the Most Powerful world leaders from the most civilized and democratic western world like USA/UK/France? And leaders fro China?
    Something is damned wrong!
    thousands killed, in very ugly ways

    * tens of thousands injured, mutilated for life, raped, etc,

    * hundreds of thousands made homeless.

    Supreme Court Packed with Yesmen and Woman(Court Bandia)A toothless kangaroo court led by Royalist tribal Lackeys (kasuku)from every big tribe and answerable to lords of impunity!

    Struggle goes on!
    Aluta Continue !

  • well congratulation kwa uhuru na ruto, next jamhuri day tuta celebrate sote hapo hague. Na watu wa pwani muchunge mashamba yenu, Happy easter

  • supreme court judgement is rape against Kenya and Kenyan people.by excluding,ignoring evidence and failing to give reasons in open court why they made such awkward ruling we can as well assume they were bribed,intimidated,cajoled and romped in by political interests of incumbent president to betray Kenyans and democracy in Kenya. the judgment in two weeks time can only be jubilees or ngatias ruling not that of the supreme court.no body can buy such judgement.this is the second time supreme court has betrayed Kenyans.the first is when they allowed Hague suspects facing crimes against humanity to stand as president and deputy president in our republic of ken ya.
    Kenya joined the league of nations ruled by rogue,criminal thieving leaders in the name of democracy and pluralism which they vehemently opposed its advent in Kenya. all pretensions of open democratic gains in the last ten years are now erased completely.
    is this the end of republic Kenya?
    Internationale community must protect Kenyans from this rogue thieving leaders.if you engage them,you will encourage them to abuse Kenyans.this people are no different from likes of bashir,Mugabe,Saddam Hussein…….why should supreme court rape democracy in Kenya… to hell with justice system in Kenya and so called supreme court judges …?

  • Those “six people”had no otherwise but to do exactly what their masters wanted them to do.I would do the same in order to save myself and my family.This is a big syndicate and a very powerfull sect,you cant beat them through justice no no way,but one day,a court of justice will come,a court they will nevet threaten,intermidate or corrupt

  • I totally understand the anger n frustrations as portrayed in the above video but i wish to call upon all the Raila supporters to embrace the changes in Kenya n lets move on.I urge Osewe to guide this blog towards empowering the young people of Kenya into the politics of nation building,i know he can deliver top notch contributions in keeping the jubilee government at check in delivering on their promises,thats where the focus should be now,lets all move away from the politics of isolating kenyans from each other n give the new government the chance to work.

    KSB: I bet you have two legs and you should have just “moved on” and allowed others to decide if they want to embrace the pacifist philosophy of “moving on” in the face of fraud or whether they want to “soldier on”. The issue at hand is not about Osewe, Raila, Kenyatta and KSB. It is about Kenya, the future and democracy. You should go to Kondele in Kisumu and tell those crying to “move on”. You might never be able to return to your keyboard to talk about “moving on”.

  • it does not make any one happy to see Raila frustrated like this simply He is A luo President

    Wait They shall see what Luos Are also capable of. We shall never dump Raila where he has brought us no one could have done that with Him alive we as Luos are Stronger than Ever.

    Let Kikuyu s celebrated for Robbing us the third time in history, the same same darkness will befall them soon for the Kallenjins they are cows in a slaughter waiting for the Knife time.

  • Mogele charles

    Ati Kikuyu Ritual circrificing their Leader to be biten by a rattle snake! Kwani Nyoka Kamuingia Matako?

  • Congratulating Uhuru Kenyatta for Introducing (Raha) Project in Kenya !This is a good Start for a country that does not teach Sexual Education in the Kenya !please sir More and more untill Kenya catches up with the world>

  • Am pleased with Pm Odinga Reaction over the court rule he has prove to the entire world that he is areal soldier in political battle for democracy.He has let us kenyans To know our rights and freedom.GOD BLESS THE PM AND LET HIM SERVE THE COUNTRY THROUGH DEMOCRATIC WAY AS we look forward to develop our nation .

  • One time in Kenya’s history, in 1975, an inquest into the murder of J.M. Kariuki one of Kenya’s political voices that defended the rights of the Kenyan poor chaired by the late Elijah Mwangale came out with its findings that were touching on the then Kenyan heavy weights connected to statehouse. The report backfired by seeing the likes of Masinde Muliro and Peter Kibisu lose their ministerial positions for voting with the opposition. The closing remarks in the report were “Namunyu kabolela libale bali ‘wakhasila waulile’ translated thus ” HYENA TOLD A STONE THAT EVEN IF IT HAD IGNORED AND KEPT QUIET IT HAD UNDERSTOOD THE FACTS.” Remember this is the same Kenya. The players are the same althogh they have just changed their outfit. The referee has not been changed either.

  • There,s limit time for everything.40 days days wil soon come for such hypochrites.

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