Decoding The National Alliance (TNA) of Uhuru Kenyatta

I believe that one day, a government which can confiscate the massive land grabbed by the Kenyatta family will come to power to right the wrongs of the past…

Despite the pomp and fanfare witnessed at the launch of Uhuru Kenyatta’s new Party – “The National Alliance (TNA)” – the lavish event exposed three stark realities in Kenyan politics: the growing political emptiness of opportunist parties vying for power; the deepening political confusion in the run up to the next general elections and the inability of the Kenyan bourgeoisie to put forward a credible political alternative that could address the economic and social crisis in Kenya.  

Most importantly, the launch confirmed the need for continued pursuit of a revolutionary outfit that could pose a serious challenge to the rotten capitalist system of government to pave the way for the reconstruction of the devastated Kenyan society where millions of poor people continue to suffer untold human suffering at the hands of the wealth-grabbing political elite represented by Uhuru Kenyatta and Company.

For millions of deprived Kenyans who are unable to put food on the table, the lavish launch of TNA was a hopeless exercise, if not, a sordid public display of how millions of stolen tax payers money can be wasted by the wealth grabbers on hopeless political pursuits to maintain the status quo.

After show-casing a bunch of well-fed, well-groomed and well-dressed youths “at the helm” of TNA’s leadership, and after these youths were bamboozled into choreographed expressions of personal political ambitions vis-à-vis the political and social crisis in Kenya, it was very depressing when the 28-year old TNA’s Chairman, Mr. Johnstone Sakaja, announced, in his inaugural speech, that the youthful Party apparatchiks who had just been paraded would not vie for Parliamentary seats under the banner of the new Party. This was the first serious signal that all was not well.

The dilemma that propels Uhuru Kenyatta’s presidential bid
What this means is that these young marionettes, who were all profiled as key agents of a “generational change” in Kenyan politics, will remain perpetual spectators in TNA. This is because their political roles will be usurped by Uhuru Kenyatta’s clowns who have been competing among themselves to sell the unsellable ethnic ideals of the moribund “GEMA monster” whose phony leaders, led by the late John “Kimendeero” Michuki, unilaterally anointed Uhuru the “King” of the Kikuyu.

It was after this coronation that Uhuru announced at a GEMA meeting in Limuru (early this year), that he would soon make public his new political bandwagon that would promote the GEMA agenda of Kikuyu hegemony in Kenyan politics. This is the brief formative history of TNA. Since his anointment as leader of the Kikuyu, Uhuru has been sailing against the anti-Kikuyu wave in Kenya as he faces stiff opposition from a cross section of prominent Kikuyu personalities opposed to the perpetuation of tribalism by the waning GEMA establishment.

Progressive Kikuyus like: Reverend Timothy Njoya; former Attorney General Charles Njonjo; Spokesperson of “Kikuyus for Change” Ngunjiri Wambugu; MPs Gitobu Imanyara, Mithika Lunturi, and Alex Mburi; former MPs Wanyiri Kihoro and Paul Muite; former Mungiki leader Maina Njenga; billionaire Kikuyu businessman, Stanley Githunguri; musician Eric Wainaina; former Chairman of the Kenya Human Rights Commission Maina Kiai; Chairman of the Kenya Red Alliance (KRA), Martin Ngatia, Coordinator of the Sweden-based “Making a Difference” Joseph Munene together with Kikuyu Academics, Civil Society leaders, Church groups  and a growing list of forward-thinking Kikuyus have all seen through the GEMA smokescreen and came out openly to oppose Kikuyu ruling class agenda of political domination of other ethnic groups in Kenya.

These progressives have consistently sent strong warning signals to their confused kindred against embracing a tribally chauvinistic, antagonistic and atavistic GEMA-conjured concept that only a Kikuyu is entitled to the seat of President of the Republic of Kenya.

Unfortunately, Uhuru Kenyatta, his family and cronies alike, have grabbed enormous wealth in Kenya such that in their narrow world-view, the preservation of this stolen wealth can only be guaranteed by a Kikuyu president. This dilemma is the sole propeller of Uhuru’s Presidential bid. The TNA scheme is simple. In this anti-democratic mission, the filthiness of the tactics and the absurdity of the strategy is of no significance.

Can the “new generation” be led by a suspected war criminal?
Uhuru Kenyatta is seeking to camouflage the GEMA agenda under the cloak of a more fashionable “politics of generational change” as a spring-board to State House and, in this strategy, the hastily constituted TNA ramshackle is the perfect construction for this catastrophic journey that has just began. In his typical naiveté, born out of spoon-feeding since childhood, Uhuru believes that with the politically attenuated leadership of the new party, TNA is the magic wand which will help mesmerize the Kenyan youth “en masse” to deliver him the Presidency.

In fact, if Uhuru does manage to gather a formidable following outside the known bracket of the lumpen Kikuyu youths who were mobilized to form a crowd for the Media outside KICC, it will be safe to conclude that Kenyan youths have become politically bastardized and depraved, if not, perverted and confused. This is because with his land grabbing family background, history of mega corruption scandals in government and alleged blood on his hands following the 2007 Post Election Violence, Uhuru Kenyatta is the last Presidential candidate any sane youth can vote for. His station is in the ICC, not State House. What is more?

TNA’s hastily assembled leadership is packed with “political babies” who have been “silenced in advance” through guaranteed pampering using the billions of Kenyan shillings Uhuru has been stealing from the Treasury as Finance minister since he abandoned his role as Leader of Official Opposition to enter into a dirty pre-election pact with octogenarian Mwai Kibaki who stole elections in 2007 before rewarding Uhuru with the DPM’s post and a Cabinet position to boot.

Unless the crisis of capitalism in Kenya has wiped out all intelligence of “progressive Kenyan youths” seeking a real “generational change” in Kenya’s political leadership, it is impossible to understand how a new breed of youthful leaders could construct a brand new political Party to vie for power, register it officially then hand it over on a platter to a suspected war criminal who has officially been indicted by the ICC to face charges of crimes against humanity at The Hague, a serious case built on evidence of a macabre massacre of more than 1,500 Kenyans in the name of installing a Kikuyu as Kenya’s president in 2007.

The situation is even more flabbergasting when the leader of the new Party has been confirmed as an intolerant, corrupt, and arrogant ethnic chauvinist who happens to be the son of a former iron-fisted dictator known to have been a top land grabber who frustrated, tracked down, arrested, silenced, imprisoned, detained, crippled, maimed and routinely assassinated his opponents in the process of converting Kenya into an autocratic one-Party State, all in the name of confining political power in Kenya within “The House of Mumbi”. Surely, is there any sane Kenyan who can still be hood-winked by Uhuru Kenyatta’s out-dated antiques into voting for him in any election, presidential, senatorial, gubernatorial, parliamentary or otherwise?

TNA launched without a Political program
In any political Party, the most valuable asset is not memories of a pompous launch using stolen money but a well pampered political Program. Although satellite connected information systems with huge screens at strategic counties were mounted to create the impression of a “massive national Party”; and despite its profile as a “high-tech” outfit using “state of the art” technology for communication, TNA has no website where its ideas could be scrutinized. The web address that was made available during the launch is not even worth visiting for any information about the Party because there is nothing.

This is after the Party spent an estimated Ksh 150-200 million on the launch. For a glimpse of the Party’s politics, one has to glean whatever is available from the speeches of marionette Johnstone Sakaja, the Party’s Chairperson, marionette Onyango Oloo, the Secretary General and the ICC suspect himself, Uhuru Kenyatta. Even then, one still draws a blank because the speeches were loaded with slogans about “generational change”, “forgetting the past”, “upholding justice for all” “creating an enabling environment”, “empowering the youth” etc. None of the key issues at the hearts of millions of Kenyans were touched. A few examples will suffice.

Dodging the big political questions
Specifically, no speaker addressed the thorny issue of landlessness in Kenya. This was not strange because Uhuru Kenyatta’s family is the biggest land grabber in the Republic. According to the Ndungu Report, the Kenyatta family collectively owns land the size of Nyanza province, home to almost 8 million people. Consequently, Uhuru Kenyatta is not in a position to fight land grabbing in Kenya or to address the issue of landlessness across the country.

Secondly, TNA did not articulate to Kenyans how it would confront tribalism because Uhuru Kenyatta is one of the top tribalists in the Republic. He has publicly associated with GEMA, an open tribal outfit whose key tenet is that Kenya belongs to the Kikuyu ethnic group. When he was Minister for Finance, Uhuru packed members of his Kikuyu ethnic group in every key financial institution to facilitate smooth looting of the economy. In fact, key government institutions are packed with Kikuyus “from top to bottom”, and in certain instances, Kikuyu language is the official language of communication! For TNA, the question of tribalism will continue to remain a no go area because the boss is, himself, the main criminal.

Thirdly, TNA went totally quiet on how the Party will tackle the issue of corruption because according to documentary evidence in the public domain, Uhuru Kenyatta remains one of the most corrupt politicians currently with access to state power. In advanced capitalist democracies such as Sweden, Uhuru can never be allowed to run for high office because no one would vote for him.

In one corruption case, the son of Jomo carted away Ksh 7 billion from the Treasury and got away with it by claiming that the entry of the missing funds was actually the result of a computer error. In a recent case that has been well documented by Mwalimu Mati of the Mass Group, over Ksh 400 billion could not be accounted for in the Treasury between 2009 and 2010, time when Uhuru was the Finance Minister. No one has questioned the son of Jomo because as a top Kikuyu in government, he is protected. Further, when the Kenyan shilling began to depreciate last year as a result of wanton looting of the economy, Uhuru simply refused to surface in Parliament when summoned to explain the crisis and he got away with it because Kibaki, a Kikuyu, was protecting him. The failure of TNA to come up with a Program that could explain how the Party would fight corruption was therefore not accidental.

To cut a long story short, TNA was totally quiet about the Party’s commitment to implementing the new Kenyan Constitution. Why? Because Uhuru Kenyatta, its leader, is probably the record holder when it comes to violating the new Constitution followed by William Ruto. Despite being an ICC indictee, Uhuru has refused to relinquish his post as DPM in total violation of the Constitution. Even as he launched TNA, he had not resigned from KANU and this was in utter violation of Political Parties Act in the new Constitution.

Under the guise of “Prayer meetings” following confirmation of charges at the ICC, Uhuru has been moving from county to county, spreading hate speeches as a way of inciting a new civil war in Kenya before he is locked at The Hague to face charges of crimes against humanity. Committing TNA into implementing the new constitution means that the Party will have to make a commitment that it will surrender its leader to face trial at ICC, a prospect that is fundamentally “mission impossible”.

Instead of circulating its Program, Kenyans were treated to spontaneous chants of “I believe”, an empty and meaningless slogan which could have more relevance within the religious community when it is chanted repeatedly in a mesmeric moment of prayer as the faithful fathom about the eventual trip to heaven where they would enjoy life after death.

Can the real “I believe” prayer be chanted please?
If Kenyans must chant the “I believe” solgan, it ought to be during those moments when they assert their belief that when the right time comes justice will eventually prevail in Kenya. The narrative would go as follows:

I believe that one day, Uhuru Kenyatta will be carted away to The Hague to face charges of crimes against humanity so that the souls of hundreds of Kenyans who lost their lives can eventually rest in peace; I believe that once Uhuru is carted away, and, on the basis of strong evidence available at the ICC, Uhuru will be found guilty of the alleged crimes and locked behind bars for 80 years, yes I believe…

I believe that one day, a government which can confiscate the massive land grabbed by the Kenyatta family will come to power to write the wrongs of the past; I believe that in the history of Kenya, thousands of landless Kenyans who have been evicted from their homes by the Kenyatta family will one day be settled on confiscated Kenyatta family land; I believe that the beneficiaries will include Kikuyu IDPs who have been languishing in filthy camps following the Uhuru-instigated PEV in 2007 yes I am a believer…

I believe that the huge business empire set up by the Uhuru family using stolen wealth from poor Kenyans will one day be recovered by the State to be used for building hospitals, dispensaries and schools across Kenya; I believe that workers living on starvation wages as they are exploited by the Kenyatta family will one day be compensated using resources confiscated from the Kenyatta family; I believe that the billions of Kenyan shillings stolen from the tax payer since the Presidency of Jomo Kenyatta will, one day, be tracked down and confiscated to bring to an end the Kenyatta family wealth-grabbing menace, yes I believe…

Okoth Osewe



  • Ngolia Kimanzu

    A great piece Osewe!

  • Kali sana!

  • Irate youths from Kisumu almost torched the residence of TNA’s Sec General Onyango Oloo after it emerged that the organizers of the “rent-a-crowd” that witnessed the beaming live of UK’s party launch shortchanged the hired youths. Sources indicate that the youths had been promised 1000k each to fill-up the OFAFA MEMORIAL HALL which was the chosen venue for the Kisumu County UK’s TNA live beaming launch. The youths complained that after spending the whole day in the Hall, the organizers were only willing to pay Ksh 200. This marked the beginning of ugly scenes at Ofafa Hall resulting in angry youths moving to Obwolo Village in Ksm Town East Constituency to burn-down Onyango Oloo’s residential home. However police got the wind and rushed to the venue and lobbed tear canisters and shot in the air to disperse the agitated youth. Police have been camping at the homestead since Sunday with the youth vowing to “teach” Onyango Oloo a lesson or two.

    Monday, 21 May 2012 23:46 BY MOSOKU GEOFFREY

    Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta is likely to pick Justice and Constitutional Affairs minister Eugene Wamalwa as his running mate. Indications are that Uhuru, who according to sources was also considering Foreign Affairs minister Sam Ongeri, has finally settled on the Saboti MP.

    The Star learnt that the DPM has been motivated to settle on Wamalwa due to the minister’s youthfulness, and the fact that Uhuru’s new party, The National Alliance, which was launched on Sunday, is seeking to shift leadership from the older generation to youths. “Did you not see Obama and Biden at KICC on Sunday?” said one of Uhuru’s close confidants in reference to the DPM and Eugene. Both men wore white shirts with black trousers and rolled up their sleeves later as they addressed young people.

    During the launch, Wamalwa was the only leader from the G7 alliance out of more than 70 MPs present picked to give a keynote address, a clear indication that Uhuru is considering him for a key position in the DPM’s political calculations. Not even Eldoret North MP William Ruto, who is a key ally of Uhuru and who was present at the launch, was accorded an opportunity to address the thousands of supporters who attended the event.

    The Star has learned that Uhuru’s choice of Wamalwa has also been motivated by the G7 alliance plot to lock out Prime Minister Raila Odinga from Western Kenya. Wamalwa’s spokesman Tony Gachoka yesterday would not confirm or deny that his client may sacrifice his presidential ambitions and support Uhuru for president. “The generation agenda is the first step,” Gachoka said. “We will deduce things in installments. First is selling to the public the issue of generation change in leadership and the handling the issue of who will be the leader later. What is clear is that it will be a team in the end.”

    He added: “It doesn’t matter who that leader will be but it will come from a process that will be decided democratically when the time comes.” Yesterday University of Nairobi Sociology lecturer Ken Ouko said the selection of Wamalwa to give a speech was tactical in many ways and agreed Uhuru may have been displaying his lineup. “There was power-play and intrigues played out during the launch but at the same time, they may have picked him due to his eloquence in the queen’s language,” Ouko said.

    He said Wamalwa is more sell-able than Ruto since both Uhuru and the Eldoret North MP have the yoke of the International Criminal Court burden and it could have turned counterproductive to pick him. “Uhuru was also scoring a mark by having a government minister in his launch and communicating to the Luhya population that one of you is in line,” Ouko said.

    Wamalwa, who has declared he will be vying for presidency on a New Ford-Kenya ticket hails from Western, as does another presidential aspirant DPM Musalia Mudavadi, who has settled on the United Democratic Forum as his political vehicle. Wamalwa’s ambitions could however be cut shot by New Ford-Kenya leaders Soita Shitanda and Bonny Khwalwale who have both declared their support for Mudavadi.

    During the launch of Uhuru’s party, Wamalwa was said the time was up for the older generation. He endorsed Uhuru for the top seat even as he insisted he was still in New Ford Kenya. “I see another young man (Uhuru) just like myself who is capable of being the next president of the Republic of Kenya and I ask why not?” he told a cheering crowd.

    Wamalwa was optimistic that Uhuru will win the polls. Paraphrasing Martin Luther King Jr, Wamalwa said he believes the time has come when one should be judged not by the colour of one’s skin but content of one’s character. “I know as my brother Uhuru launches his bid today there are those who will want us all to look at him through tribal blinkers and see just another Kikuyu. I also know that there are those that will look at him and will just see him as the son of another famous father,” said Wamalwa. “Despite all the doomsayers I know we shall look at him and see the real Uhuru; as a non corrupt, non-tribalistic and a patriotic son of Kenya who puts country before self and who because of his love for God and country in 2002 became the first presidential candidate in multi-party Kenya to concede defeat,” Wamalwa said.

    After the speeches, Uhuru and Wamalwa emerged from the tent to address the crowd gathered at the KICC courtyard. Meanwhile, TNA has begun searching for an office in Nairobi to be used as the party’s headquarters. Currently TNA is operating from Jogoo Road but secretary general Oloo Onyango said they will move soon. “The Jogoo Road offices will be used for operations and we are looking for a new office which will be launched soon,” Oloo said. He said TNA will then open offices in all the 47 counties before embarking in a recruitment drive. The party is planning to hold a retreat in August to draft and agree on nomination rules and procedures which will then be deposited with the Registrar of Political Parties.

  • Anybody whose father stole so much wealth from poor Kenyans could emerge as wealthy too and vie for the presidency. Uhuru inherited stolen wealth and was used by Kibaki to slaughter non-Kikuyus (meaning Luos) during the post-election violence, to retain Kibaki’s rotten leadership, resulting in the ICC case which remains his waterloo. Let him spend some of his vast wealth conning Kenyans about a non-existence ‘generational change’ through TNA.

    The truth is that Uhuru is a worse dictator than his father, Jomo. We know how he used his influence as the Finance minister to further accumulate his family’s wealth by not declaring conflict of interest when and where it mattered, in order to protect his family’s vast business empire. How then, can he be a fair President?

  • Ngatia Martin

    UHURU Kenyatta’s party is rubbish! It is composed of thugs, extortionists and traitors; economic criminals, murderers of the Kenyan people and enemy number one of Wakenya!

    The people of Kenya must rise up against the Kenyatta family and demand that Uhuru return all lands (mashamba) his father grabbed from the poor. This grabbing is what made majority of the Kenyan people landless especially in Central province.

    Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto must be reminded that they will never lead Kenya.
    The people of Kenya deserve better, untainted leaders, not Hague customers facing crimes against humanity.

    Chama cha TNA ni Mavi!Chama cha Uhuru Kenyatta ni Mavi!

    Kiama Kia Uhuru Kenyatta Gia TNA ni Kiama Kia Mai na Ruharo!

  • Uhuru is useless. With all that money and the support of Kikuyus, why can’t he resign from Kanu and seek re-election as MP for Gatundu south constituency? He is also retaining with arrogance, the DPM position. If he is Njamba enough, let him resign from the public positions he still holds and then re-contest them as a leader in his newly formed TNA. But he cannot, since he lacks the confidence to win.

    When Raila moved out of Ford-Kenya to NDP, he resigned and re-contested his Langata parliamentary seat and won by a landslide. That showed how powerful, confident and influential he was.

    Musalia Mudavadi is another coward talking against ODM which he remains a member of, yet is criss-crossing the country promoting UDF, which is a Kikuyu-led party by Nick Wanjohi (Kibaki’s strategist and advisor), and Mary Wamboi (kibaki’s wife). Musalia is a sorry-ass of a loser bought cheaply to break ODM and he is going nowhere with his presidential bid.

  • Well-stated Osewe. Uhuru does not understand poverty or hunger and has never participated in the struggles to liberate Kenyans from their socio-political woes. He has no record to show such and will therefore remain a status quo leader if he ever dodges The Hague, which will ultimately be his home for many years. Kenyans need a clean break from the elitist leadership that has plagued them under Kibaki’s presidency. TNA is an elitist Party which will not turn around the decade of socio-economic ills created by Kibaki’s leadership.

    Uhuru’s ill-gotten wealth is being used to confuse Kenyans that he is not corrupt, yet his family members sit on the board of key Kenyan companies acquired by his father Jomo Kenyatta, through manipulation. While he was Finance minister, Uhuru promoted private financial interests by tactfully using his position to bend various rules. His family owns the Commercial Bank of Africa so obiously had to cook figures not to lose profits. The paragraphs below are cited from a leading Kenyan blog:

    “The current Minister of Finance (who generates Tax, Finance & Micro-Finance policies) is a bank owner himself. The CBK Governor (who generates monetary policy) is himself a shareholder in at least three banks (2 being indigenous). This Kibaki-era spurt in growth of indigenous banks (such as Equity) has largely been driven by government business, and expansion of access to government-guaranteed micro-finance loans. Being well-connected through ownership, these neo-indigenous banks have been the banks-of-choice for domestic government borrowing – enjoying preferrential treatment and favours. That’s why they’ve grown very fast.

    Uhuru Kenyatta’s Commercial Bank of Africa (CBA) for instance, draws most of its profits from interests on large corporate and government loans – the latter necessitated by the HUGE budget deficits he deliberately creates (partly to keep his business afloat). Each time Uhuru writes the budget with a deficit of Kshs 100 billion, it’s payday for his bank! He writes budgets with big expenditures that he knows tax revenues and donor funds can’t completely fund; then forces the government to borrow the deficit from domestic banks such as his. With hefty interest rates, these folks are raking in billions of shillings.

    His bank is now ranked Kenya’s 8th largest in terms of both assets and annual profits. This open favouritism has altered the playing field in competition. Competitors in turn target customers (directly or indirectly) for alternative pilferage. Competitor banks are cutting costs drastically, starting by firing employees. Banks nowadays boast several empty teller windows even as customers queues get very long. Front desk staff don’t serve customers but actually do back office assignments. Many of them don’t bother answering your queries; they’ll be busy gossiping in vernacular (Kikuyu).”

    “8. Commercial Bank of Africa (8) with September asset of Kshs. 75.7 billion and profits of 2.04 billion. Uhuru Kenyatta’s jewel dominating corporate and government accounts. Tends to be elitist with new branches in new malls in Nairobi like Junction, Galleria. Planning a rights issue to raise capital…what else might happen to ownership? I don’t know whether this is related to Ocampo’s ICC matters.”

    We know of the fleet of Passat vehicles bought for ministers, yet Uhuru’s family members are shareholders in the company that sold them. We are aware of the dodgy Ksh9 billion computer error, yet the Ministry of Finance has competent and highly qualified officers who should have scrutinized the budget figures before he read them in Parliament.

    What was Jomo’s salary in his 15 years as president? How much collateral did he have to support bank loans to purchase 500,000 acres of land? There’s no way he could have made that wealth legitimately.

  • What is even shocking is Onyango Oloo. Isn’t he the fellow that was in “exile” in Canada, and even met with Kenyans in Stockholm being presented by Osewe? Isn’t he supposed to be a political activist that supports the common Kenyan? This shows that many so called “exiles” are just opportunists waiting and wanting their turn to eat. SHAME! These kind of people help to keep the rot in place. Kenyans have to earnestly repent and seek GOD for him to send them a deliverer from the hordes of satan ruling them. They have no other alternative.

    KSB: This is not Comrade Oloo you are talking about. Comrade Oloo is still a member of SDP. He realesed a Statement a few days ago to explain that the Uhuru-linked Oloo is his name-sake.

  • Corridors can put to rest the confusion that has been growing as to which Onyango Oloo is the secretary-General of The National Alliance. The Onyango Oloo who is the TNA secretary general is known as George. He shares similar names with political commentator and SDP member David Onyango Oloo. Both men dropped their ‘English’ names which has caused some confusion in the public.

  • This article is weird.! I mean..the tone and harsh words make the story more of a personal attack against uhuru. please adress issues as they are not biased attacks..why are u breeding hate against mr.kenyatta.?.n by the way is this a personal opinion column or factual information? Am disgusted..

    KSB: Nderitu, you need to give a list of what you perceive as “personal attacks” before we can debate. Which other issues do you want to be addressed because I have touched on core issues like landlessness, corruption, tribalism, political programs, violation of the Constitution and GEMA politics among others. Be specific.

  • Free Kenya pple

    Whatelse do you expect from Kikuyus brainwashed by uhuru the so called uhuru lackeys?
    People like John Nderitu needs rehabilatation hence very sick young Kenyans (youth) who has lost their heads( brain )

    I think any std 7 years Swedish boy /girl has more brain)IQS than John Nderitu and many other Kenyan youth who are purely lost in this world.

    Kikuyu youth has lost their thinking capacity as human beings .They has two choices in their Central Kenya ,either join Pseudo Mungiki gangs or join Uhuru Kenyatta marrionets and Lackeys who cant think .hence their Ape-Aping Mentality.

    Kenyan youth and especially Kikuyus should seek advice from the Somali youth fighting the Occupation of their Greater Somalia. or they can lean something from the MRC(Mombasa Republican Council.Whose aims and goals is to free their oppressed Coast People.

  • Turkana Siyo Kenya

    xxxxOcampo 4 to face trial as appeal rejected

    Written By:Wangari Kanyongo, Posted: Thu, May 24, 2012

    Mr Ruto and Mr Sang are expected to appear before the ICC on June 11 and a day later it will be the turn of Mr Kenyatta and Mr Muthaura
    The four Kenyans facing crimes against humanity at the International Criminal Court appear headed for full trial after the court rejected their appeal challenging its jurisdiction.

    The Appeals Chamber Thursday unanimously rejected the appeal raised by Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta, former head of the civil service Francis Muthaura, Eldoret North MP William Ruto and radio presenter Joshua Arap Sang.

    Defence teams had challenged the court’s jurisdiction before the Pre-Trial Chamber on 30th January this year alleging legal, factual and procedural errors stemming from the Pre-Trial Chamber’s interpretation of the term ‘organizational policy’ as a component of crimes against humanity under article 7 (2) (a) of the Rome Statute, which the Pre-Trial Chamber had adopted, by majority, in its decision authorising the opening of an investigation into the situation in Kenya, dated 31 March 2010.

    They requested the Appeals Chamber to declare that the Court does not have subject-matter jurisdiction and to reverse the Pre-Trial Chamber’s confirmation of charges against the accused.

    In its ruling, the Appeals Chamber indicated that the interpretation and existence of an ‘organizational policy’ relate to the substantive merits of the case as opposed to the issue of whether the Court has subject-matter jurisdiction to consider such questions.

    These issues relate to whether the Pre-Trial Chamber erred when it confirmed the charges in respect of the accused. As the Prosecutor has expressly alleged crimes against humanity, including the existence of an ‘organizational policy’, the Appeals Chamber found that the ICC has subject-matter jurisdiction over the alleged crimes.

    The Appeals Chamber noted that whether the Prosecutor can establish, in law and on the evidence, the existence of such a policy is not a question of jurisdiction, but rather a question to be determined on the merits. The Appeals Chamber concluded that the issues raised on appeal are therefore not properly before the Appeals Chamber. The Appeals Chamber decisions relate only to the issues raised by the accused and are with no prejudice to the merits of the cases.

    The cases The Prosecutor v. William Samoei Ruto and Joshua Arap Sang and The Prosecutor v. Francis Kirimi Muthaura and Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta are currently before Trial Chamber V. Status Conferences are scheduled, respectively, on 11 and 12 June 2012.

    More News Headlines


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  • John Nderitu is a useless supporter of Uhuru Kenyatta who does not sympathize with common Kikuyus. Nderitu should be Uhuru’s ass-wiper at The Hague. How can one support a murderer whose appeal has been thrown out by the ICC? Kwenda zako wewe. Uhuru will never be the president of Kenya. ITINA chini.

  • Okoth what do u mean by all it that u are campaigning for someone else by dissing Mr Uhuru or not…. Remember none is clean in that government..u better look from all side and accept the way it is because even other elite people are giving their children a lavish living style to an extent that even their children’s wedding budget is worth of feeding million ware of what u talking about

    KSB: Tracy, be specific about your grumbles and I will engage you in a healthy debate. I am very very specific in what I say, be it the Ksh 7 billion “computer error” corruption scandal or Uhuru’s hate speeches. The big problem with commentators like yourself is that you always waste opportunities of engaging me on what I write because you always come empty handed even after I have filled you up to capacity. Isn’t Uhuru not violating the Constitution by failing to resign from the DPM position? I could quote the Katiba in case you haven’t mastered it yet.

  • ebu, tell us about 900m? nasikia ni scandal kubwa kushinda computer error. then ODM sec`, kwa nini niwatu from the same tribe?

  • Excellent article Mr.Osewe tell it like it is.Many people voted for the new constitution without bothering to read it in detail what is the point of having governors and counties?Who will foot the bill?They have now been allocated 800m for housing the poor taxpayer will have to sweat blood just to keep his head above water.
    Back to history if only Jaramogi did not campaign tirelessly for Kenyatta’s release from prison and instead supported the brilliant Tom Mboya Kenya would be so far advanced today if only i could turn back the hands of time sigh….

  • Nderitu and Tracey are the types that cannot objectively write about the content of Osewe’s article. They instead resort to attacking his personality or bringing in the Raila factor to draw comparisons. This is about Uhuru and if you want to write about Raila, then you have so much space; courtesy of Okoth Osewe.

    I am yet to read something good on Uhuru Kenyatta from his supporters here at KSB. Can a Kikuyu tell readers about an achievement of Uhuru Kenyatta? Please, supporting him means writing his good sides. It would marvel readers to know what he has achieved so far as a politician.

    Osewe has all the space for Uhuru’s supporters, yet they have no clue what to parise him for. Leave Osewe alone if you have no facts to fight him back with.

    KSB: Thanks for defending me. KSB is open to everybody interested in constructive debate. At a time when Kenya is facing a General election, it is important that all candidates be vetted. We hope that Uhuru’s supporters will heed yr advice and write something about him soon.

  • This is very interesting check out the videos on youtube:
    The Obama deception:The mask comes off
    Illuminati 2012 end of the world conspiracy predictions
    Zeitgeist the movie:Federal reserve 1-5

  • Charles Andrianasoavina

    Kenya ni nchi ya wa-kikuyu>Who would be stupid enough to question if meetings went ahead “aterere” style?

    Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces- Mwai Kibaki

    Chief Of Defence Forces- Major General Julius Karangi.

    Head of NSIS- Major Gichangi.

    Internal Security Minister- George Kinuthia Muthengi Saitoti…. who replaced John Njoroge Michuki.

    Director of CID- Ndegwa Muhoro.

    The Anti-Stock Theft Unit commander- Remmy Ngugi.

    The Permanent Secretary internal security- Francis Kimemia.

    The Police Commissioner- Mathew Iteere.

    Administration Police Commandant- Kinuthia Mbugua.

    The Anti-Terrorist police chief is/was Nicholas Kamwende.

    Head of the VIP protection unit, Recce Company- Joseph Wanjohi.

    The Presidential Escort Commander- Benson Kibue.

    Director of Operations Director at Vigilance House- Julius Ndegwa.

    Police Spokesman- Eric Kiraithe.

    MTA DO?

  • on whose account do you propagande uhuru as a corrupt and land grabber?back to history please and find how after indepedence the land was was just tht so of the educated other personel were not learned to acquire an activist please and talk wat is sense

    KSB: Can you point out where I said that Uhuru is a land-grabber? I clearly referred to the Kenyatta family which, according to the Ndungu Report, owns land the size of Nyanza province. This is the information contained in the article. Back to you.

  • Osewe, funkee is challenged in understanding simple issues. That is why Hanabi #19 mentioned that those who oppose you would rather work on bleeding a stone for blood, yet do not investigate their claims before they hit KSB.

    Funkee, Jomo Kenyatta was a land grabber and for heavens sake, Kenya had other educated people yet Jomo Kenyatta simply used his presidential authority to steal land from Kikuyus. The likes of Kibaki, Duncan Ndegwa, JM Kariuki, Obama Senior, and scores of others were in Government and quite aware that Jomo was grabbing. Mbiyu Koinange was highly educated with a Master’s degree, so what do you mean there were no educated people at kenya’s independence? Jaramogi Odinga was already a Mathematics teacher at the the famous Maseno School. The cabal of Kiambu politicians surrounding him were there for personal gain, and amassed wealth him. What more proof do you want? Why can’t this act be accepted by funkee? Jaramogi Odinga called him a land grabber and was punished politically for it, among others. Pio Gama Pinto was murdered for opposing Kenyatta’s land grabbing. What else does funkee want?

    In 2009, a kenyan-run blog Kumekucha, wrote that Pio gama Pinto (who was an appointed politician in the house of representatives in 1964), discovered that “kenyatta had allocated himself a total of 50 farms in central province and rift valley. Some of the farms had poor kikuyu squatters who were to be evicted. Others were farms that had been owned by whites and sold back to the kenyan government. Pinto was incensed by this and despite making overtures to kenyatta not to go ahead with the evil he was doing, kenyatta adamantly stuck to his guns. Pinto decided to move a vote of no confidence in kenyatta. Kenyatta confronted him within the precincts of parliament and challenged him over the no confidence vote.

    When pinto refused to back down kenyatta called him a bastard to which pinto immediately responded by telling kenyatta in front of witnesses and other cabinet ministers that he (kenyatta) was also a bastard. A stunned friend pulled pinto aside and asked him how he could call kenyatta a bastard to which pinto retorted, ‘he called me one first’. It was shortly after this incident that the decision was made to kill pinto.” in june 2000, journalist john kamau published an article named “kenyatta in trouble 22 years after his death”. He cited people who questioned how he had acquired so much wealth in only 15 years as president, while others called him murderer, tribalist and land grabber. “kenyatta’s family must account for its wealth,” retorts wanyiri kihoro, the opposition mp from the democratic party of kenya. He hails from the same populous kikuyu tribe as kenyatta.

    But he is unfazed by tribal loyalties. “we all know that kenyatta was a land-grabber”, kihoro adds somewhat irreverently. Luke obok, the chairman of the kenya pipeline company: “kenyatta’s regime was worse [than moi’s]. Nobody was allowed to question the ills of his government. It is sad that under him, many luos [from the other big tribe in the country] who were in top positions were frustrated and those in the army and police were summarily dismissed”.

    KSB:I wish I could come into contact with critics who can logically challenge my writing especially on the subject of political analysis. I might not be right on everything but unfortunately, many of my detractors usually fail to address the issues. Unable to confront the facts, they usually resort to attacking my person as a counter-strategy, sometimes, hitting below the belt. Sadly, their vitriol usually ends up in the bin at KSB where they belong.

  • wats wrong wit u guys. anzani chama yenu pesa ya wenyewe inawauma nini
    prove that the mony ws actually stolen. go to court uitishe pesa yako. western influence is in u.

  • Osewe you are just a raila worshipper. Raila will never live in state house of kenya. If uhuru wont take it mudavadi will,but we young people are behind uhuru,mpende msipende.Take this to the bank.

    KSB: Just make your point if you notice how it is done.

  • Uhuru should learn from Taylor. It will be teeth-gnashing and permanent isolation.A High security prison awaits Uhuru.

  • Very few Kikuyus have the moral guts to challenge the evil of their super-rich oligarchs.Only Maina Kiai, Martin Ngatia and John Githongo have stood firmly against the evils of the Kikuyu elite. Makes me sad to read of a die-hard defender of the Kenyatta family’s land grabbing and the amassing of wealth at the expense of thousands of their fellow Kikuyus.

    KSB: It’s even more tantalizing when the dude defending the Kenyatta family’s stolen wealth is living in Mathare valley, the land of flying toilets!

  • Raila boost as Muite joins ODM

    Thursday May 31, 2012 – Prime Minister Raila Odinga got a huge boost on his presidential ambitions, after Safina Party leader Paul Muite accepted to join Orange Democratic Movement (ODM).

    A senior official of the party was overheard saying that Muite wants to revive the friendship between him and son of late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga.

    Muite served as the first Vice Chairman of Ford Kenya in 1992, which was at the time led Raila’s father Jaramogi Oginga Odinga.

    The ODM official also claimed that that a number of parties have approached former Kikuyu MP with a view of forming a coalition but it seems Agwambo has presented the best deal.

    Muite is the second senior politician to join ODM vehicle, after rumour spread last weekend that, Eldoret North MP William Ruto is also warming up to join the Kenya’s most popular party.

    Stephen Njoroge, (The Kenyan DAILY POST)

  • you guys commenting here are quite sure of what you are saying but surely you guys don’t think that Raila Amollo Odinga can rule kenya. he is so power hungry and can do anything to consolidate a win. anyway Uhuru should be defined by the man he is now not by his fathers deeds. and also the issues of land, the goverment has not shown any committment to retain land grabbed, who in his right mind will give up land without a fight. plus is he the only land grabber in kenya. according to me we are all making it difficult for the Kenyan Government to retain grabbed land by making it an issue of one family. what about in the Rift Valley people have been sent away from their farms, ( pia hiyo ni uhuru), in Eldoret. there have been historical land injustices since time immemorial. and also even if the kenyatta family gives up the land who will it be shared to and by who and also will others give up their land. the bottom line is stop attacking only one family without looking at others. also by constantly calling him an ICC suspect, we all know the Waki list was long. God only knows what the others were involved in apart from themselves

  • Antony Kimani

    It’s disgusting to learn how low we have sunk in in terms of intellectual discourse. We may have different reasons for supporting our leaders but i would rather we judge them by the content of their character and not on the basis of their tribe, family history or otherwise. We should not lose focus of the fact that what is at stake is the present and the future and not the past which we cannot change. What are our expectations for the future? What Leader fits this bill? Some of us have only been good activists but does that necessarily mean they can make good stewards of the economy? Would the ‘activism’ traslate into the much needed jobs for the youth? Will it provide the the momentum for the realization of vision 2030? I think we need to be isssue driven and choose leaders on the basis of their commitment and capacity to fulfil these objectives. Yesterday’s pursuits may not necessarily be today’s or tomorrow’s quest’s. We leave in a dynamic world. To those who fought for indipendence and the second liberation we say thankyou. But that does not naturally mean you can make good presidents for Kenya today. Perhaps you don’t. The British told Winston Churchill after leading them to victory during the second world war by stopping Adolf Hitler and hence saving the world that he was only good for ‘war times’ and after the war picked someone else as Prime Minister to drive reconstruction. Lets look for good managers to multiply our kenyan cake so that everybody can get an adequate share. Activists thankyou, buy you are only good for the opposition to keep the government in check!

    KSB: And how does the situation get better when suspected war criminals begin to assert that they will vie for Presidency of the Republic?

  • In as much as one thinks Raila Odinga will not rule Kenya, Uhuru will equally not do it. He will instead be in jail at The Hague while Odinga will be free to retire with the respect of a man who contributed to Kenya’s second liberation.

    Uhuru inherited stolen wealth – fact
    Uhuru is an ICC suspect who will answer terrible crimes against humanity – fact
    Uhuru has never fought for the poor – fact
    Uhuru has never fought for any form of freedom for Kenyans – fact

    Can Uhuru supporters write an achievement he has for Kenyans or Kikuyus – NONE

    Tuesday, 29 May 2012 23:44 BY NZAU MUSAU

    WILLIAM Ruto and Uhuru Kenyatta may have to spend up to four years at the Hague if Chief Prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo gets his way. On Monday the outgoing prosecutor advised the court that he will need “approximately 12 months” to present his case against Eldoret North MP William Ruto and radio presenter Joshua Sang in the first case. He said he will also need twelve months to present his case against Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta and former Civil Service chief Francis Muthaura in the second case.

    Under the Rome Statute, persons on trial must be physically present in the court at the Hague. The Ocampo Four are charged with crimes against humanity during the election violence surrounding the botched December 2007 election. Ocampo’s application for one year to present his evidence in each case assumes that the chamber will sit daily and that he will not be interrupted often. “At this stage, any indication on the anticipated length of presentation of evidence at trial can only be tentative,” Ocampo said in his application made on Monday.

    The defence teams will also challenge Ocampo’s evidence and this could take years as well. It would therefore appear that each trial will last at least two years. On Monday Ruto’s lawyers asked the court to clarify whether the trials will run consecutively or concurrently. If they run concurrently, Uhuru and Ruto might both have to spend four years in the Hague. If they run consecutively, they might each spend two years in the Hague, but one after the other.

    The prosecutor has to disclose his evidence before the trial begins but he has not yet indicated when he will do so. Ocampo said he has already disclosed a substantial portion of his evidence comprising 67 items of 1076 pages and four audio/video items of exculpatory evidence. Another 326 items of 2270 pages and five audio/video items of incriminating evidence have been revealed to the defence. “Since the confirmation hearing, the prosecution has collected additional materials and is in the process of reviewing them for the purpose of disclosure. This material and additional material resulting from ongoing investigations will be disclosed in a timely manner,” Ocampo said.

    In his Monday filing, Ocampo said the security situation in Kenya continues to make it difficult to protect victims and witnesses. This might make it difficult for the court to accept Uhuru’s request on Monday that the cases be heard in Kenya rather than the Hague. Ocampo also advised the court that Ugandan national David Matsanga had allegedly revealed the identities of protected witnesses online. He warned the court that he will seek a ruling on how far witnesses can be prepared. He said he will call expert witnesses that the defence can also use.

    On Monday, Ruto surprisingly indicated that he will not produce an alibi to show that he was not at the scene of the crime. He said Ocampo had charged him under a broad liability so it was not possible to provide an alibi. According to the court rules, if the defence intends to argue an alibi, it must warn the prosecution before the trial begins.

    Ruto also asked for information about the intermediaries used by the prosecution as part of their disclosures before the trial. Together with Sang, Ruto wants the trial chamber to define the term “organisation” at an early stage of the trial. They want to know if the definition adopted by the pretrial chamber is binding or whether a new one will be employed. “The defence requests that the trial chamber order a briefing schedule for the parties to submit written submissions on their interpretation of the law on this critical definition. Fairness dictates that the accused know with clarity the precise contours of the charges against him,” Sang submitted through his lawyer Katwa Kigen.

    Both Muthaura and Uhuru attacked the integrity of Ocampo’s witnesses. Muthaura said that the case against him “appears perhaps unprecedented in the extent that certain witnesses appear to be willing to fabricate evidence.” The two said they need “sufficient and adequate time” to fully investigate the reputations, associations and history of Ocampo’s witnesses.

  • Political Trouble

    The International Criminal Court has charged four Kenyan leaders with crimes against humanity in wake of 2007 elections.

    Uhuru Kenyatta. Current deputy prime minister and former finance minister, member of the Kikuyu community, son of Kenya’s founding president. Charged with organizing murder, forcible transfer of people and rape to keep President Mwai Kibaki in the presidency by force.

    William Ruto. Former higher education minister, member of the Kalenjin ethnic group. He is charged with organizing murder and forcible transfer of people against Kikuyu supporters and in support of Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

    Francis Muthaura. Head of civil service. Member of the Meru community. He is charged with organizing murder, forcible transfer of people and rape to keep President Kibaki in the presidency.

    Joshua Arap Sang. Radio producer of Kass FM, a Kalenjin-language station. He is charged with inciting murder and the forcible transfer of people.

  • The Hague charges are here to stay and Uhuru Kenyatta’s supporters must accept them. It does not matter how much money Uhuru will spend on expensive lawyers to defend himself. Part of it is the poor taxpayer’s money he allegedly assigned to himself when he was the finance minister. The fact is the new ICC Chief Prosecutor, Gambian born Mrs. Fatou Bensouda, will just be as tough as her former boss, Luis Moreno-Ocampo. She will follow to the letter, the Rome Statute that guides the ICC. Uhuru realized recently that he only needs regular court advocates instead of the expensive British QC’s he has hired thinking they will make his case disappear. It is laughable that they have not succeeded in getting Uhuru off the hook in any of his appeals at the ICC. Money alone will not make Uhuru get acquitted.

    Thanks to Ruto and his Kalenjin MPs who voted against Raila’s and Kibaki’s cabinet decision and appeals to keep the cases in Kenya through a local tribunal. This was also the thinking of Kofi Annan who gave them so much time to establish a local court. Because of Ruto’s internal ODM wrangles with Raila, and his sworn hatred for him, he ridiculed the ICC claiming it would take 99 years to be whisked there. He then marshaled his Kalenjin stooges to vote NO against a local tribunal, which they could easily manipulate through a Kibaki-appointed Attorney General and lately, their own appointed Justice Minister, Eugene Wamalwa. Kenyans who want justice should be grateful for Ruto’s blunder.

  • Who Is Likely To Become The Next President Of Kenya?

    Election year is with us once again after the disputed Kenyan presidential election of December 2007 which resulted in the formation of the current grand coalition government which brings together the president’s party of national unity (PNU) and the prime minister’s orange democratic movement (ODM).

    In the disputed presidential election of 2007 the battle to be Kenya’s president was a two horse race between President Mwai Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Amollo Odinga. Opinion polls have continuously suggested a tight margin between the two while Kalonzo Musyoka was far behind with the polls predicting him getting less than 8% of the votes.

    Since the last election of 2007 many things have changed, many alliances have been formed and many are still be negotiated and formed as Kenyan politicians do all their best to be part of the next government which is first under the new constitution promulgated in august of 2010. As fate would have it the new constitution is a blessing for the ordinary citizens and not so good for a typical Kenyan politician. For example the president can no longer reward his political allies with plum ministerial posts because the constitution makes it very clearly that, cabinet ministers should be appointed outside of the political class and given to more competent deserving professionals in the country.

    In this article I will analyze the question, who is likely to become the next president of Kenya? All Kenyans know that the current president of the republic (Mwai Kibaki) is retiring and is ineligible to contest for a third term in office and this presents an opportunity for others to claim this prestigious job of being the president of Kenya. But are the frontrunners or the likely candidate to succeed president Kibaki?

    Here below are the chances of the top contenders of the seat. The chances of Raila Odinga, Uhuru Kenyatta, William Ruto and Kalonzo Musyoka are put into perspective here.

    Raila Odinga.

    Raila Odinga is the most experienced of all the presidential candidates seeking to succeed President Mwai Kibaki. Opinion polls have all the times put him as the frontrunner to be the 4th president of Kenya but I don’t know how far that is true. All the same a fact known to all Kenyans is that the man is as popular as Christmas is to Christians. Raila run for the country’s top seat in 1997 and in 2007 and this will be his third attempt provided that he wins the orange party’s nomination (90% likely) which is under siege from Musalia Mudavadi (his deputy) who is also seeking the party’s nomination but what are Raila’s chances this time round? Would he be lucky or the bad luck will continue.

    Why Raila may win the presidency

    He is seen as a reformer who has continuously propagated for democracy and good governance. He dared Moi when no one could open his mouth and Raila was once accused of contemplating to overthrow the Moi government which resulted in him being sent to jail for years. Many observers also believe that Raila was instrumental in bringing to an end the KANU government which Kenyans have suffered under for decades. Raila was the major force behind the election of kibaki and NARC government into power in 2002 when he declared the famous kibaki tosha slogan. Raila was also instrumental in the passing of the new constitution which promises many good things for the ordinary Kenyans. Therefore being seen as a reformer may do justice to Raila’s chances of becoming president.

    His party has more national outlook as compared to other political parties. Opinion polls have many times indicated the orange party to be the most popular political party in Kenya and this is a massive boast for Raila’s presidential bid.

    Win sympathy for his “stolen” victory in 2007, many Kenyans and particularly Mr. Odinga’s supporters widely believe that he was robbed of victory in 2007. Having won the most votes in 6 out of the 8 provinces in Kenya, mr. Odinga and his supporters were of the view that he had won squarely and fairly and that the government had colluded with the Samuel Kivuitu led defunct electoral commission of Kenya (ECK) to manipulate and rig the elections in favour of the incumbent; Mwai Kibaki. A commission of enquiry led by South African judge Philip Ransley has seen revealed that “it is difficult to know who won the election”. Mr. Odinga may therefore get sympathy votes this time round to make up for what his supporters claim a “stolen victory”.

    Why Raila may not become president.

    The Hague factor, four Kenyans among them two presidential aspirants (Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto) are now facing crimes against humanity charges at The Hague based international criminal court (ICC) in the Netherlands. They are accused of committing the crimes during the violence that followed the disputed presidential election of 2007. But how does this work to Raila’s disadvantage? Well Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto claim that Raila has engineered their prosecution and tribulations facing them. they are of the view that Raila wants to sail smoothly into the presidency by eliminating them from the race to state house. I don’t know if this is true but it surely will have an effect into Raila’s chances of becoming president.

    Ruto and Uhuru have since formed an alliance dubbed G7 bringing together many politicians opposed to Raila and this hurt Raila’s aspiration to be the next president of Kenya. If the G7 stick together and make their anti-Raila alliance work, then there is a high likelihood that a rerun will be held and the possibility of Raila losing out to their candidate.

    There is also the Kalenjin votes factor. In 2007 the Kalenjin community voted in mass for ODM and Raila but this time round it looks unlikely given the fact that the de-facto leader of the community, William Ruto has fallen out with Raila. Ruto is accusing the prime minister of double standards and not doing justice to the community while at the same time “having a hand” in the tribulations facing him at the Hague. A case in point is the eviction of Kalenjin squatters from the Mau forest water complex which was done for environmental conservation.

    Uhuru Kenyatta

    Son of kenya’s founding father and first president, Uhuru Kenyatta is without doubt one of the front runners to succeed president Kibaki. Uhuru mostly enjoys a massive support from his central province backyard and his Kikuyu ethnic group. Uhuru’s first short at the presidency was in 2002 when he run against Mwai Kibaki of national rainbow coalition (NARC). He came second with over 1.5 million votes separating him and the opposition candidate, Mwai Kibaki. By that time Uhuru was seen as a Moi project and many Kenyans were afraid he would be used by Moi to advance his agenda.

    Ten years down the line Uhuru is intending to run for the presidency but will he succeed this time round? Only time will tell but for now here are reasons why he would and wouldn’t.

    Why Uhuru may win the presidency

    Kalenjin and Kikuyu voting bloc, it’s no longer a secret that the Kalenjin have shifted their support from Raila Odinga and Uhuru may be the beneficiary here. An Uhuru- Ruto alliance where the former is the president and the later his running mate will see Uhuru win the presidency at the expense of Raila.

    The Kikuyus don’t vote for anyone other than their own. This may also boast Uhuru’s chances of being president. Over the years a trend that has been observed is that whenever elections are held, Kikuyus only vote for their own and not a candidate from another community and this may be a blessing for Uhuru who may become the third kikuyu president after his father and Mwai Kibaki.

    Why Uhuru may not become president

    The Hague factor, will he run or will he not run? This is the question on the minds of many Kenyans including himself. Uhuru is currently facing crimes against humanity at the Hague based international criminal court (ICC) and his trial is set to begin any time soon and this may logistically make it impossible for him to run for the presidency. Will he attend trials at The Hague or campaign for his presidential bid? This is definitely a question that needs an answer before he decides to run for the country’s top seat.

    The Martha Karua and Peter Keneth factor, both Martha Karua and Peter Keneth (both of whom are kikuyu) are also in the race to be kenya’s president and this may mean dividing the Kikuyu votes into three parts which means all of them losing ground on the race to be the country’s president.

    The Kalenjins are unlikely to vote for him, the Kalenjins and Kikuyus have never been strange bedfellows. In the last election when the post election violence broke out they took machetes and pangas against one another while each killed and evicted the other from their backyard and for this reason it is very unlikely for the Kalenjin voters to support Uhuru Kenyatta and same is true for the Kikuyus supporting William Ruto. The Kalenjin voters may say; better the devil you know (Raila) than the angel you don’t know (Uhuru).

    William Ruto.

    Since his acrimonious fallout with Raila, Ruto has made it clear that come Election Day his name will be in the ballot paper and seek the mandate to be the president of Kenya but what his chances of becoming the president of Kenya?

    Why Ruto may win the presidency

    The G7 alliance may pick him as their preferred candidate to run against Raila and that happens there is high possibility that he will be the president of Kenya. His chance of landing the G7 ticket is boasted by the fact that his main challenger Uhuru is a kikuyu and the possibility that Kenyans may not vote for another Kikuyu president.

    Why Ruto may not become president.

    He has no experiences. While both Uhuru, Raila and Kalonzo have before run for the presidency, he has yet to do and if history is anything to go by he is unlikely to be elected president.

    The charges he is facing at the Hague may make it impossible for him to contest the presidency leave alone thinking of winning it.

    He only enjoys support from his rift valley backyard and particularly his native Kalenjin community and their votes may not be enough to make him president if he decides to run.

    He campaigned against the adoption of the proposed constitution while many Kenyans saw it as a document that will spearhead reforms and better their lives. Therefore being seen as an anti-reformer may work to his disadvantage when he seeks the mandate to be the country’s president.

    Kalonzo Musyoka.

    What are the chances of Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka becoming the president of Kenya come election day? The vice president and member of parliament from Mwingi north is undoubtedly one of the most senior politicians in Kenya and a likely candidate to succeed president kibaki.

    Why Kalonzo may win the presidency.

    He may be a compromise candidate, if Uhuru and Ruto don’t run as a result of their case at the Hague then Kalonzo stands a chance of becoming their compromise candidate to run against Raila Odinga. This will mean him getting the votes of the G7 alliance.

    Why Kalonzo may not become president

    He is seen as opportunist and traitor which means Uhuru and Ruto may not endorse him as their compromise candidate.

    Many Kenyans see him as someone who has no stand and may not trust him with the running of the country. The famous watermelon tag he acquired during the constitutional referendum is a good example. Kalonzo was pretending to be supporting the adoption of draft constitution while many clearly saw him as sympathetic to the no side which opposed the draft constitution.

  • Uhuru’s handlers have Eugene Wamalwa as his possible running mate; a good strategy given that he has almost no known political baggage. Ruto has a political baggage in the name of the PEV plus historically, the Kikuyus and Kalenjins are not political buddies. Uhuru may not pick Musalia Mudavadi either because he has past alleged corruption scandals.

    However, Uhuru has nothing to offer Kenyans because the energy and money he has used since his trip to The Hague last year, have been focused on Raila Odinga, instead of articulating his presidential vision. He has never campaigned in Luo Nyanza and has made it clear that he does not like Raila. How then, will he endear himself to the Luos?

    Uhuru’s anger last year against Raila was a true mark of his dictatorial character. He banged the table during a press conference asking why the country cannot run without this man Raila. That was when Kibaki had unilaterally appointed the Chief Justice, Attorney General and other people in the Justice Ministry without consulting Raila.

    Uhuru’s background, glued to his father’s insatiable greed for acquiring land illegally, is something he cannot run away from. Documents show Jomo Kenyatta grabbed massive tracts of land and it is a fact that cannot change. It is also a fact that Uhuru Kenyatta faces serious charges at The Hague for sponsoring retaliatory attacks on the Luos specifically, and on other non-Kikuyus, in order to get Kibaki back in power. Nothing will change this.

    Mama Ngina (Uhuru’s mom) and Margaret Kenyatta (Uhuru’s elder step sister) are on record as having been involved in ivory smuggling in the 1970s, to enrich the Kenyatta family. It is a fact that will never change. Beth Mugo (Uhuru’s cousin) used her uncle Jomo’s influence, to kick out two Americans who had discovered a gemstone mine at the Coast and privatized it, yet Kenyatta declared it a national treasure. Dancun Ndegwa (former Central Bank boss) has documented in his book (Kenyatta Struggles), how Jomo Kenyatta acquired parcels of land without following the legal channels, at the ministry of land. These are realities which have shaped up the Kenyattas’ wealth and cannot be wished away.

    Many have suggested that the Kenyattas should donate tracts of land to fellow Kikuyu IDPs as a gesture of humanity, but nothing has happened. The family is so greedy they have no connection with their own poor Kikuyus. But Jomo killed fellow Kikuyus who opposed him, so is this news? Kungu Karumba disappeared mysteriously and the flamboyant JM Kariuki was murdered when he questioned Kenyatta’s style of leadership.

    JM Kariuki was a true Kikuyu who linked with members of other tribes and took a personal stand on issues that the likes of Kibaki and other Kiambu Mafia never handled. One of his famous speeches:

    “A small but powerful group of greedy, self-seeking elite in the form of politicians, civil servants, and businessmen has steadily but very surely monopolized the fruits of independence to the exclusion of the majority of the people – we do not want a Kenya of 10 millionaires and 10,000,000 beggars.

    I believe firmly that substituting Kamau for Smith, Odongo for Jones and Kiplangat for Keith does not solve what the gallant fighters of our uhuru considered an imposed and undesirable social injustice.

    This is a deplorable state of things. Nepotism and tribalism have set in …. These are evil and must be condemned in no uncertain terms. We must all join hands to eliminate them and restore credibility to our public life. We must strive to ensure that the next generation will not blame us for having failed to correct the strains of public life.”

    JM Kariuki Quotes:

    “Kenya has become a nation of 10 millionaires and 10 million beggars.”

    “Every Kenyan man, woman and child is entitled to a decent and just living. That is a birthright. It is not a privilege. He is entitled as far as is humanly possible to equal educational, job and health opportunities irrespective of his parentage, race or creed or his area of origin in this land. If that is so, deliberate efforts should be made to eliminate all obstacles that today stand in the way of this just goal. That is the primary task of the machinery called Government: our Government.”

    “We fought for independence with sweat, blood and our lives. Many of us suffered for inordinate days – directly and indirectly. Many of us are orphans, widows and children as a result of the struggle. We must ask: What did we suffer for, and were we justified in that suffering?”

  • Word on the Street is that Uhuru Kenyatta is courting Miguna for presidential running mate. His advisors have zeroed in on Miguna because such a ticket does several things in one bundle:

    a) Uhuru gets a highly skilled trial lawyer on his side in case ICC becomes an issue. Besides, Miguna has studied the tactics and weaknesses of the ICC team courtesy to his sojourn at the Hague in the preliminary sessions.

    b) Uhuru gets a large chunk of Raila’s Luo votes. This is because many Luos are looking to decamp Odinga Bus Service.

    c) The Kalenjins will see Miguna as the person who destroyed Raila. Therefore, since Raila is a persona non grata in RVP, his arch enemy Miguna becomes acceptable with a huge appeal. Uhuru’s handlers see many votes coming his way from RVP.

    d) Uhuru gets a tough negotiator on coalition strategy in case he has to form a coalition government with a Ruto ticket.

    e) Miguna is seen as less of an ambitious person than both Ruto and Eugene. Many in the know can vouch for Miguna not having ambitions other than being close to the center of power.

    f) An Uhuru-Miguna ticket can sell as a reform package, since Miguna has a no nonsense view on corruption. Further, he neither drinks nor smokes, and has a clean record in so far as issues of corruption are concerned.

  • Governors allocated sh 800m for houses:
    A parliamentary committee has asked the treasury to allocate sh 800m for houses of senators and governors in all 47 counties.
    The money will be used to pay rent for the first six months after the leaders are sworn in.They all want to have houses in nairobi……
    Anyone who has watched jicho pevu paruwanja la mihadarati part 1-4 knows that Kenya is a failed state,with bomb blasts occuring in nairobi and mombasa every month only God knows what will happen next…

  • Guys!! You need to show some to respect to your,and the 4th president of kenya hon uhuru muigai kenyatta. Remember by wishing him evil,you don’t hurt his campaign platform at all,in fact,you may be pulling more crowds to him.Remember any coverage,bad or good,is a coverage. Also as the waswahili saying goes ‘dua la kuku halimpati mwewe.

    So,its imporant that you concentrate on your prefered candidates and let us vijanaas take care of uhuru’s candidature,yeye ni wetu and nothing is gonna change our stand on this one.

    My prediction is that uhuru will be no.1 followed by musalia and raila no.3.The runnoff will be between uhuru and musalia.Please take this to the nearest KCB bank.

    Uhuru’s problem may only arise in the runoff against musalia,but we will cross the bridge when we get there,furthermore hata musalia si mzee,ni kijanaa pia.

    What we dont want is these tuzee kama raila,whose only agenda is vitendawilli and hekaya za abunwas,surely those he can do with his grandchildren once we retire him come march 2013. Isn’t retiring age in kenya 65 years?

  • Uhuru Kenyatta is charged with MURDER, RAPE AND FORCEFUL EVICTIONS and will soon be in one of the ICC jails for at least FOUR years before being jailed for a minimum of 40 years. The prosecutor will ask for a maximum sentence of 80 years, like the one of Taylor that came to 50 years.

    Those dreaming that Uhuru will be next president should face the reality that he will instead pay back his father’s murderous leadership. He will be a gone case after June 12th appearance at the Hague.

  • In prayer meetings in Kenya thousands will flock to hear Uhuru. If you go to any gathering of Kenyans abroad who follow Kenya politics the name Uhuru Kenyatta is bound to be mentioned. For Uhuru to become the 4th President of Kenya he has an uphill battle. The first thing toward becoming President is getting in the presidential ballot about 45 days before elections. “Uhuru will not qualify because of the ICC case!“ Kenya based human rights lawyer Njonjo Njue told us during his visit to Boston. However if he were to qualify to win the Presidency one would have to win 50% plus one or the highest 2 percentages to be in the run-off. In the run-off one would have to win 50% plus one. Looking at the requirements it is indeed true, Uhuru Kenyatta, can become President but he may have to find a way to overcome the following 5 reasons that may limit him from becoming the Presidenct of Kenya 2012/3.

    1. International Crime Court -ICC case

    When the case of Uhuru was confirmed by a 2 to 1 ruling by the ICC judges it meant he had an international criminal case filed against him. If Uhuru were on the ballot and he won the Presidency, Constitution Article 143. “(1) Criminal proceedings shall not be instituted or continued in any court against the President or a person performing the functions of that office, during their tenure of office,” would automatically suspend the ICC case. Kenyans can indeed decide to suspend the case with their vote. However, his words even though well chosen when he resigned as finance minister “The Ministry of Finance deals with very sensitive issues that affect the lives of millions of Kenyans and therefore requires maximum attention. I am not one to juggle the affairs of such an important portfolio with the baseless mob lynch mentality that is being orchestrated in some quarters.“ Unless he finds a way to get this case closed or found Not Guilty, the case could beat him and put him from getting on the ballot.

    2. 500,000 Acres

    The 500,000 acres recorded as wealth by Forbes Magazine and which have led to the statement of “Uhuru has land equivalent to the size of Nyanza when IDPs are living in camps.” With those determined to use this wealth against Uhuru, he may have an uphill battle if the Internal Displaced Persons IDPs are conviced that Uhuru does not care for them. Once the tone of campaign is upped these wealth that he inherited could indeed defeat him especially if it is used to sub-divide the Kikuyu’s between the Mau Mau descendants who did not benefit with land and those who benefitted with land.

    3. $500 million or Kshs 40 billion Wealth

    When Forbes recorded Uhuru Kenyatta as worth $500 million which is today interpreted as Kshs 40 billion he was posted as the person with money. This will also work against him as the campaign continues as he will be expected to pay every bill. Having assets valued at Kshs 40 billion and having the assets generating income for one are two different things. Uhuru assets may not necessary be generating millions every day. Without a constant supply of cash or a well thought out strategy he could find himself without ready cash and this would mean a sudden deep in popularity if he is unable to pay for campaign expenditure.

    4. Kikuyu factor

    Uhuru Kenyatta starts at a disadvantage this time around since there is a feeling in the country right now that the Kikuyu have occupied the top seat for 25 years and the Kalenjins for 24 years and it is time to have other tribes. A challenge of GEMA by the youth and other leaders shows that to keep the Kikuyu block vote will also be a challenge. With strong candidates like Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka a Kamba, Musalia Mudavadi a Luyha, Raila Odinga a Lou, this time around all 5 major tribes in Kenya Kikuyu, Luyha, Kalenjin, Lou and Kamba intend to have their candidate on the presidential ballot. For Uhuru to win his strategy would be to win the 1st or 2nd position which if all presidential candidates stay and he gets the Kikuyu, Embu and Meru vote as a block would mean he is in the run-off. The question becomes who would win in: a Uhuru verses Mudavadi run-off?; a Uhuru verses Odinga run-off?; or a Uhuru verses Kalonzo run-off?

    5. Develment Record & Leadership Acumen

    Uhuru Kenyatta is now a political leader for 10 years. His record will be asked for and his Gatundu background paraded for all to see. He also is serving as Deputy Prime Minister and has served as Minister of Finance. During his time as Minister of Finance the shilling depreciated to its worst possible rate in Kenya history to exchange at a record high of Kshs 107. Many will note that took the ministry when the shilling was exchanging to the dollar at the kshs 70’s when he became minister and left when it was in the Kshs 80’s. Supporters will note that during this tenure as Minister of Finance he oversaw the creation of Infrastructure bonds that raised funds for infrastructure development. As he moves forward and looks for the support of the business sector, his leadership style in the past especially when he was in Finance ministry will also be in the campaign trail. His chances of capturing the state house will be improved and diminished by the last 10 years of his leadership.

    Nehemy Kihara

  • Uhuru Kenyatta’s wealth emanates from murder, brutality, robbing of other Kenyans and foreigners, smuggling of national heritage and scores of other evils his father Jomo was involved with. How then will he value our national treasures if he becomes President? Thank God for Ruto’s request – Don’t be Vague, Go to Hague.

    Muthamaki Uhuru has an assured cell at The Hague for the next 50 years, just like his evil buddy Taylor of Liberia. If Uhuru were to be judged in Kenya for his crimes against humanity, he would use his illegal wealth to buy all the judges to quash his case. Thanks to Ruto and his Kalenjin rebel MPs for guaranteeing Uhuru’s place at The Hague. Amen!

    “Elephant hunting was made illegal in Kenya in 1973 and all animal hunting without a permit in 1977. In the 1970s, Uhuru’s mother, Ngina Kenyatta (Mama Ngina), wife of then-President Jomo Kenyatta, and other high-level government officials were allegedly involved in an ivory-muggling ring that transported tusks out of the country in the state private aerolane. New Scientist claimed that there was now documentary proof that att one member of Kenya’s royal family had shipped over six tons of ivory to China. By the late 970s, the elephant population was estimated around 275,000, dropping to 20,000 in 1989.”

  • Party-Hopping and Other Kenyan Election Fever Tales
    It has been a while since I wrote about Kenyan politics and this is an omnibus of my thoughts as I see it.

    Last Sunday saw Uhuru launch TNA’s I believe experience campaign (I am told that this was not the party’s launch and he did not launch his presidential bid) amidst pomp and colour. TNA appeared to set a new standard of political activities in the country but also unveiled Uhuru as the latest “party-hopper”.

    There has been so much hype in Kenyan over the changing of parties by politicians ahead of the elections. Some term the “new” phenomenon as “political immorality” and keep throwing blame at IEBC and the Registrar of Political Parties.

    Party hopping ahead of elections in Kenya is not a new thing but this does not make it right. However, as long as political parties are election vehicles, no law will ever kill this party hopping ahead of elections. I squarely blame the political parties which have failed to “deem” their members as have resigned and therefore use the Political Parties Act to kick them out of the party an eventually from Parliament.

    Back to Uhuru and TNA. It is now more than clear that the DPM and Ruto have every intention to be on the ballot regardless of the ICC. I do not think that Uhuru can use so much money and even invite his family to a political function where he is the key speaker, without the intention of going all the way.

    Some of the people behind TNA are my friends and while I congratulated them for a well execute show, I reminded them that most of us Kenyans are like gold fish – we forget so fast that it hurts. TNA’s success in delivering its promise of a transformative leadership will be anchored not on the launch that was Sunday but what kind of roll out the party embarks on.

    It has to be careful and not head the UDF way. UDF appeared well choreographed until politicians including Mudavadi finally took over the show. UDF now has to carry the burden of the politicians associated with it from now on since they have let it. With Mudavadi as its “big man”, UDF will now have to contend with being ODM’s number one enemy taking over from Ruto’s URP.

    Sticking with Mudavadi, he has so far tried to be his own man but I see him breaking sooner than later. Reason being, as argued in a previous post, he was doing G7’s dirty work of weakening ODM and leaving Raila with minimal chances. Therefore, G7 has no room for him just in the same way it has no room for each other and will only move together as long as Raila is a common enemy.

    G7 has only two people who are totally interested in the presidency – Uhuru and Kalonzo. Eugene may be interested in being deputy president but also wants, like Ruto, to be a kingmaker and stay close to the next government as close as possible.

    For Kalonzo, Uhuru, Eugene, Ruto, Duale, Mwakwere and Magara, the key question is how they can keep the President, Deputy President, Leader of Majority, Speaker of the Senate and Speaker of the National Assembly within the camp. Any agreement they make must capture this and of course, how the Cabinet will be shared.

    Back to UDF. Even with the greatest intention, UDF has also to contend with the fact that the MRC issue at the Coast has been politicized and despite the party’s ideals of equality, politicians will use the matter to their own “advantage”.

    MRC is not a small issue that Kenya can seek to wish away. The government has to be firm on the group even before promising to sit and discuss the issues affecting its members – which are not unique to the coast. The issues of marginalization affect a large number of Kenyans with the growing youthful population being the most marginalize group in modern Kenya.

    If given the proper chance, devolution as envisaged in the Constitution can help Kenyans deal with not only marginalization but the ghosts of historical injustices. That is why I find it worrying that the issue of County Commissioners has been politicized. In our hypocrisy, we pretend not to know that the provincial administration has been a “department” under the office of the President.

    The argument that the County Commissioners will conflict with County Governors is neither here nor there. Looking back at the previous Provincial Administration structure, when did the role of District Commissioners clash with that of MPs. If the drafters of the Constitution did not envisage the County Commissioners, then they would not have said that the P.A be restructured and would not have put in place the fourth schedule that specifies the roles of various levels of government.

    Finally, turning to election preparation, I don’t know why Kenyans have to be pessimistic and assume that IEBC has a grand plan of stealing from the public coffers when they ask for a large budget. I think we should be more focused on what ideal budget can deliver a free, fair and transparent election. There is infrastructure that IEBC would wish to put in place today that will be used for subsequent elections and I do not see why they should not be allowed.

    Even when comparing the IEBC budget with other countries, it is important for use to reflect on the last election and the loopholes that existed and not give the Commission reason to blame lack of funds on any failure that may arise at the next one.

    Oliver Mathenge

  • Kiraitu and allies dismiss calls to join TNA
    Posted by LORDRICK MAYABI on June 7, 2012

    NAIROBI, Kenya, Jun 7 – Three party leaders from Central Kenya insist that they will not dissolve their parties to join The National Alliance formed by Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta.

    The leaders of the Alliance Party of Kenya (APK), The Grand National Union (GNU) and the Democratic Party (DP) say that they are in negotiations to work together for the next general election.

    Energy Minister Kiraitu Murungi of APK asserted that they are independent parties and that they will engage with TNA from a point of respect and as equals and will not heed to calls for dissolution.

    “TNA is a party just like the our parties; we have no problem discussing with TNA if they are willing to discus with us, but the discussion must be on the basis of equality, of mutual respect and on ideology. We do not agree with those who say that we should dissolve but we are ready to cooperate with TNA and other parties as independent parties,” said Murungi.

    He said that they aim to form the next government at the next elections by working with other like minded parties with the possibility of a single candidate.

    “We have not yet identified a common candidate yet but its one of the things that we are going to consult on because it will be critical for all parties to support the candidate if he is to win the election,” further said Murungi.

    Laikipia East MP Mwangi Kiunjuri insisted that they will only listen to officials of TNA and not pronouncements made by individual members of the party.

    “We have been mandated to speak on behalf of our parties, we would like to hear the actual position of TNA which we expect to come form TNA officials,” emphasised.

    Remarks by Kikuyu MP Lewis Nguyai that the region “would better vote for dogs rather than leaders who belonged to small parties” did not go well with leaders who insisted that the Political Parties Act did not provide for small parties but parties with national outlook.

    “All parties fully registered are equal before the law; one of the requirements of the act is that parties must have a national character, we must disabuse the notion of parties from Central Kenya or small parties or parties from a corner,“ said former Kieni MP Chris Murungaru.

    During the opening of the TNA headquarters in Nairobi on Tuesday Kenyatta affirmed that TNA will work closely with like minded parties towards the next general election.

    Kenyatta said that he will support the candidate who emerges top in the TNA presidential nominations.

    The leaders spoke after a meeting at the Panafric Hotel attended by GNU’s Kiunjuri, and Joseph Munyao of DP.

    Others who attended the lunchtime meeting were MPs Ephraim Maina, Lenny Kivuti, Silas Rutere and former MPs Nderitu Gachagua and Murungaru.

  • The Strategic Kinship of Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto
    April 24, 2012 By Sean Jacobs

    Guest post by Kweli

    We survived Kenyatta / We survived Moi
 / We might survive Kibaki
 / Will we survive ourselves? (Anonymous)

    The Kenyan politicians Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto have never been closer. Although they are facing charges at the International Criminal Court (ICC), the two have been busy convening prayer-cum-political rallies across the country in their campaign for the presidency. At almost every rally Uhuru and Ruto have knelt on the dais, been anointed with oil and prayed for, and they’ve delivered campaign speeches that double as sermons about their persecution and martyrdom at the hands of the ICC.At these rallies they have bandied the slogan “tuko pamoja”, Swahili for “we’re united”. For Uhuru and Ruto, who are from different ethnic communities, “tuko pamoja” registers a political legacy based on fictive but nonetheless strategic kinship. Presidential candidates in Kenya are not hard pressed to run for office on the basis of their policies. Sweeping slogans often take the place of policy (in 2002 it was “Kibaki Tosha” — “Kibaki is more than enough”). Creating voting blocs through ethnic alliances during election years is still the order of the day, so slogans like “tuko pamoja” labor to suture inter-community relations damaged when we killed each other during the post-election violence in 2007-2008 — in time for the next election.

    The singularity of the post-election violence of 2007/8 in Kenya is disturbing. There was, after all, inter-community violence prior to and after the 1992 and 1997 elections. This violence is not specific to election years. In fact, recent reports of ongoing ethnic clashes around the country suggest that conflicts occur even when not mobilized by politicians. High unemployment, land injustice, drought and food insecurity, and resource depletion — the main causes of conflicts — are not particular to election years.

    In truth, the ICC process has delivered little catharsis for Kenyans. While it has been argued that this is the first time senior Kenyan politicians are facing the consequences of being held responsible for wrongdoing, the ICC process has obscured the complicity of ordinary Kenyans in the post-election violence and instead placed full accountability on the four indicted. To make matters worse, Uhuru and Ruto have declared publicly that whatever happens at the Hague will not deter their presidential aspirations. Powerful ethnic lobby groups supporting both politicians have indicated that they’re going to petition the ICC to hold off its trials until after the presidential election in 2013. Although only signatory states can petition the ICC, this move signals that there are interests within the Kenya body politic for whom winning State House is more important than justice and reconciliation with regard to post-election violence 2007/8.

    While the ICC process and the Uhuru-Ruto presidential campaign have pervaded the media, coverage of the government’s failure to properly relocate and compensate Internally Displaced Kenyans (IDKs) has dwindled. Five years after post-election violence of 2007/8, there are still about 250,000 IDKs in camps across the country. The government claims most of these Kenyans are opportunists attempting to get free land and compensation. Internally Displaced Kenyans are now viewed as criminals by their own government.

    Like IDKs from the 1992 and 1997 elections, those from the post-election violence risk getting forgotten. It is easy to forget. After all, Kenyans displaced by violence in 1992 and 1997 and the years in between and after were forgotten in the sort of Kenyan exceptionalism that portrayed us as peaceful, as never having hacked each other to death or forced people off their land. Before 2007 the Western media referred to Kenya as the “poster child” for peace in East Africa, and far too many of us believed this without irony.

    Political campaigns for the next presidential election in 2013 have already hit the ground running. Election season is by far the most cynical time in Kenyan politics. It is easy to be cynical: we’ve heard there’s an arms race in readiness for violence during the next election year; we’ve been told the new constitution, the very document meant to redress some of the longstanding
    inequalities that led to the post-election violence of 2007 and 2008, is purely “aspirational” — that it is too expensive to implement and it’ll be years before it takes effect.

    Now, more than ever, it is important to shun the easy safety of cynicism. Cynicism is part of what got us into post-election violence then—it is the collapse of belief that paved way for the machete to become the arbiter of our national relations. As a nation, our task is now to imagine the impossible. Kenya depends on it.

    * Kweli blogs at Bring me the African Guy.

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  • THE JACKAL NEWS: We own News and Gossip
    Kenyatta’s TNA Party (anti-)PR Team Says Sorry, Then Patronizes Again

    JACKAL NEWS – Uhuru Kenyatta’s party PR staff are grappling with a silly goof that backfired on their face after seemingly ”attempting to bribe” journalists with food at The National Alliance party launch, possibly dousing upbeat coverage of the inaugural event for the party.

    While they had an option of simply inviting journalists to cover The National Alliance (TNA) launch on May 20, Kenyatta/party PR staff chose to make a huge drama about it, putting a series of conditions for media crews covering it. What stood out was that all reporters planning to cover the function must register so that they can be given free lunch, and some other excuses.

    Editors and the Kenya Union of Journalists (KUJ) boss criticized the way the issue was handed by TNA/Kenyatta PR people.

    Kenya Editors’ Guild Chairman Macharia Gaitho flatly rejected Kenyatta’s PR demand that crews — reporters, photographers, camera and technical crew — to present their names before the event where he is expected to unveil the National Alliance as his vehicle to seek the presidency.

    ”I feel that the accreditation requirement for the launch of Uhuru’s party are restrictive and an attempt at control,” Gaitho lamented.

    KUJ Secretary-General Jared Obuya said it was condescending. ”Kenyatta is starting his campaign on a wrong footing. The lunch offer, while it could have been done in good faith, implies that he is out to influence the coverage of his event.”

    But in a one page explanation issued late Thursday by Machel Waikenda David Musau for TNA, they apologized for mentioning lunch in the earlier statement, but insisted that accreditation was still mandatory.

    They also added another line suggesting that the two maybe novices in dealing with the media. ”We agree that it [the lunch] can be interpreted as demeaning, the intention was to appreciate that the newsroom crews in the different media zones may not have time to move around and also to play an active role in a healthy media partnership.”

    And in another potentially disgusting line in the statement, they wrote: ”Those who cover the event can be assured of a different and engaging journalism experience and will have access to a fully equipped Media Centre.”

    ”What experience? This is patronizing. This is just an ordinary party launch, not White House inauguration. Kenyatta should hire other PR people to handle this mess,” a newspaper editor screamed.


    After lenghty overnight talks’ the TNA has changed its meaning to ‘Tuko Na Agwambo’. This is after it became clear to Uhuru that Raila will protect the new constitution’ save the Mau, fearlessly build on the road networks which he started when he was still minister or roads, and foster national unity. All in the meeting agreed to change the meaning and pledged their support. The memo was then sent to newsrooms while we were having breakfast.

  • Mzee Joggy kebi

    GEMA /UHURU /Mafia Axis of Evil should take Hon;Kimunya to USA hospital abroad lest he dies skinny pig!

  • MP Kioni in deep trouble…

    Monday July 9, 2012-Ndaragwa MP Jeremiah Kioni is wondering whether he made a right decision in deciding to back Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi.

    Last weekend, the MP called Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta to complain that Uhuru’s party The National Alliance (TNA), had gone flat out to fight him on the ground.

    “I thought by supporting Musalia Mudavadi, I was helping Uhuru Kenyatta and other G7 alliance leaders to fight the common enemy. Now in my constituency am being portrayed as an enemy myself. Did I make a mistake?” Kioni posed.

    The outspoken MP was overheard saying that his political enemies in his constituency have now capitalised on this issue, telling residents that he is supporting Musalia Mudavadi who is less popular in the region.

    He said that he is still supporting Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta, and expressed confidence that he will clinch the top seat after President Kibaki’s exit.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

  • Kikuyus not under threat; Uhuru is
    8 Jun 2012 Standard Digital

    It is a clip that has elicited mixed reactions from Kenyans, especially those who understand Kikuyu language, in the social media throughout the week.

    Though some are in support of the sentiments contained in the clip, most have expressed disappointment and rage.

    When I watched the clip, I felt sad, irritated, disbelief and angry. The rant by Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Uhuru Kenyatta was ridiculous.

    The location is a public rally in Murang’a where Uhuru is accompanied by a host of politicians from central Kenya, and other parts of the country.

    In short, Uhuru blames Kikuyu leaders for being selfish and divided politically, which among other things led to the Kikuyus suffering from post-election violence. He accuses a number of them of criticising the Government, and not supporting the President in Parliament.

    Uhuru urges the Kikuyu community to unite, speak with one voice and be in a position to defend themselves. He warns leaders who fail to toe the line that they’ll be exposed as betrayers. The clip ends with Uhuru being crowned ‘king’ and leader of the Kikuyu.

    mother tongue

    It was calculated that he chose to address the gathering on this particular matter in mother-tongue. In communication, this is meant to make the message sink deep in the hearts and minds of the audience. And if this address achieved its purpose, then we are in trouble.

    I do not believe the Kikuyu community is under threat. This is a creation of Uhuru. He is the one under threat. He is accused of bearing responsibility for atrocities that occurred during PEV and has been summoned to the International Criminal Court.

    His political career is on the line. His interests — political and economic — are on the line. But he doesn’t want to go down alone, or as they say, carry his own cross; instead, he wants to go down with his community.

    The irony of it is that Uhuru has repeated severally that his only problem is one man — Prime Minister Raila Odinga. Why, then, does he make it look like it is all Kikuyus who have issues with Raila?


    Uhuru tries to make every independent-minded Kikuyu feel guilty of not playing the tribal card. He threatens the community’s leaders who will not toe the line, saying that they will be followed to their homes and exposed as betrayers. This amounts to incitement.

    Uhuru has no authority to speak on behalf of the Kikuyu community. We are not in a monarchy. He was appointed ‘king’ by his cronies, and sadly for him, he is only king over them.

    There are many peace-loving Kikuyus who would not approve Uhuru’s behaviour of late; individuals who are willing to stand by and support any politician from any tribe who is progressive and has the nation’s interests at heart.

    Kenyans, it is high time we shunned leaders dividing us ethnically. When there is ethnic conflict, the politicians’ families are not affected. Their sisters, mothers and daughters are not raped; their houses are not torched, nor their businesses looted.

    Unfortunately, this happens to the people who attend their rallies, a lesson they would do well to remember.

    {Robertson Kabucho, via e-mail}

  • I cannot believe this kind of comments can come from the so called “educated elite” can be so tribal. The recent launch of Peeling off the mask by Miguna Miguna brings into perspective the real Kenya as we know it. That there are only two tribes in Kenya, The Haves and the Have Nots. I believe people making contributions in this blog are the HAVES and should not incite other Kenyans from their comfort zones or glass houses. Be real and be Kenyan. We all know the real truth behind problems in Kenya and pretending to be ignorance will not change the truth and the truth doesnt decay! Well said. I’m a true Kenyan

  • Jean Carol, stick to your opinion, just like those aired by your so-called “educated elite”. When critiquing somebody, it is smart to pick specific items to support your claims. A blanket condemnation doesn’t wash in this case.

  • Kenyans majority youthful now & wise will not experiment with the author of their oppression. Never again!!!

  • Uhuru may be sworn in at Hague .
    Saturday, 06 October 2012 00:06 BY CAROLE MAINA

    DEPUTY Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta could be sworn in as Kenya’s fourth president at the Hague. Three voters yesterday filed a petition at the High Court seeking an order to allow the swearing in of the next president outside the country.

    Presently Article 141 of the constitution provides that the president elect will be sworn in between 10am and 2pm in public in the capital city.

    “If our preferred candidate becomes the president-elect, and due to some peculiar circumstances he or she is not in the capital city, for the swearing in there is likely to be a constitutional crisis,” read the court papers filed by Charles Munyui, Kamotho Njenga and Paul Mwangi.

    Uhuru and Eldoret North MP William Ruto want to run for president for TNA and URP but are due to stand trial in the Hague starting on April 10 and 11 respectively. The likely second round run-off for the presidential election will be on April 11.

    The petition, to be heard on November 2, has been filed against the Attorney General Githu Muigai and Justice minister Eugene Wamalwa so that they are directed to amend the Assumption of the Office of the President Act, 2012.

    The three, who filed their case through Ashiruma and Company Advocates, argue that Parliament was not alive to such peculiar circumstances where the president elect could not travel to the capital city when it was passing the legislation.

    They argue that Parliament should have provided that the swearing in ceremony can be conducted at any other public place in Kenya or at a Kenyan embassy abroad.

    “It shall be disastrous and the country shall be thrown into a constitutional crisis if the president elect is not able to be sworn in or attend the swearing in ceremony at the capital city due to peculiar circumstances beyond his or her control or that of the Assumption of the Office of the President committee”.

    They want the court to declare the sections as inconsistent with the constitution of Kenya and therefore null and void. Uhuru and Ruto are facing multiple charges of crimes against humanity arising out of the post-election violence of 2007/8.

  • Uhuru Kenyatta was indicted on 8 March 2011 with five counts of crimes against humanity with regard to the situation in the Republic of Kenya. Kenyatta, as a supporter of President Mwai Kibaki, is alleged to have planned, financed, and coordinated the violence perpetrated against the perceived supporters of the President’s rival during post-election violence from 27 December 2007 to 29 February 2008.[31] Kenyatta is alleged to have “had control over the Mungiki organization” and directed it to attack civilians who were perceived to be loyal to the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM), the political party of the President’s rival. Kenyatta first voluntarily appeared before the Court on 8 April 2011 and through the confirmation of charges hearing, which was held in conjunction with the cases against Mohammed Ali and Francis Muthaura.[46] All the charges against Kenyatta were confirmed by Pre-Trial Chamber II on 23 January 2012.

  • UHURU Kenyatta can NOT order us what to do …… May support RAILA

    Tuesday October 16, 2012 – Saba Asili, the Party associated with veteran politician Kenneth Matiba, has rubbished calls by Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta’s party, The National Alliance (TNA), to have smaller parties in the Central region dissolved.

    Saba Saba Asili Secretary General Joe Mwangi dismissed TNA’s strategy on Tuesday terming it unfair and vowed to oppose it.

    Mwangi said the issue on whom to support for Presidency is yet to be decided by party’s National Executive Council.

    “We need parties that are ready to work with others,” Mwangi said.

    The move comes as TNA camp in Central Kenya maintained that parties supporting Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta should come under one umbrella.

    Saba Saba party leader Kenneth Matiba is a close ally of Prime Minister Raila Odinga and word has it that the Matiba will make a major announcement soon to support PM’s bid for the Presidency.

    The Kenyan DAILY POST

  • No immunity for Uhuruto
  • Unconfirmed reports indicate that Mama Ngina Kenyatta, Uhuru’s mother, offered Ruto Ksh500 million for him to drop his ambitions for Presidency and support her son for the top seat.

  • Baraza was ready to fight until the meeting with Uhuru and then she immediately changed her mind and joined Uhuru’s legal team. There are figures being thrown out there but I know it was a good offer that Baraza did not have to go home and think about it. Uhuru is not going to pay that kind of money if he has no plan to replace her with somebody friendly like he did when he moved Kilonzo to education and replaced him with his briefcase boy, Wamalwa. The only person Uhuru cannot buy now is Raila and Ruto is giving him a hard time because of the Kaleos in the mashinani who are very suspicious of him. If Uhuru can buy the kalenjin people then he will be the biggest man in Kenya even if he is not president. Right now Uhuru is running kibaki’s government. That is how big he is. He even has his own foreign policy team which he debuted in Arusha. He is already acting as if he is president.

  • Meja Jairo Mwaki

    Kenya Today

    News in pictures

    Uhuru Kenyatta’s Hypocrisy, Ethical and Moral issues to chock his Presidential bid
    Home » Opinion » Uhuru Kenyatta’s Hypocrisy, Ethical and Moral issues to chock his Presidential bid
    Uhuru Kenyatta’s Hypocrisy, Ethical and Moral issues to chock his Presidential bid
    Uhuru Kenyatta’s Hypocrisy, Ethical and Moral issues to chock his Presidential bid
    October 24, 2012|Posted in: Opinion

    This is part II of a III part series examining TNA presidential candidate’s bid for a place in Kenya’s political High Table

    BY: Rashid Wanjala

    After carefully examining Mr. Kenyatta’s tenure at the treasury, together with the massive bad inheritance, I can conclude that he is a heartless and merciless man!

    This is so sad for a leader whose subjects are landless paupers, struggling with high inflation among other harsh economic conditions a product of incompetency as Minister for Finance.

    As Finance Minister, he is alleged (widely reported) to have frustrated the ODM plans to obtain treasury funds to purchase land which was intended to resettle Mau Forest IDPs in Rift Valley, therefore dis-enfranchising thousands of ODM and URP supporters, who remain homeless and in the cold due to Uhuru’s evil designs.

    The selective resettlement of IDPs is reported to be one of red flags raised by the Kalenjin elders while examining the much publicized Uhuru Ruto alliance; this together with the unresolved historical land related injustices are key impediments to a successful alliance.

    After carefully analyzing his ministerial decisions, I have come to conclude that UK is where ZERO ethics business, ruthlessness and politics converge.

    As Finance Minister he punished regions perceived to support his competitors by starving projects in such areas of funds, especially the Mau Forest Restoration IDPs and instead, diverted such funds elsewhere for example the ultra modern Thika Road instead of the high impact Mombasa- Nairobi-Malaba highway.

    The thinking was that land value would skyrocket along Thika Road (Superhighway) and around Brookside Dairies to an all time high, and would be disposed at a killer price! Smart business move right there. But is it ethical when it is done at the expense of the hustler and the poor IDPs even without considering the cost savings by businesses if priority could have been given to Mombasa-Nairobi-Malaba border highway.

    I know the Chinese funded the Superhighway, but to pay for it and balance the books, the Mau IDP land funds and funds meant for the numerous road projects in perceived ODM strongholds were diverted to other projects and debt repayment program.

    This will go down as the classic case of redistributive injustices meted out on the Kenyan people for a man who claims to be a champion of the youth. Not when he is responsible for the continued stay of families in the cold!

    Those funds are believed by public policy analysts to have been diverted to the Thika Road Super Highway project which passes not just though his political stronghold of Thika, but through part of his land, which is in both sides of Thika Road.

    Before the Kenyatta family sold part of it, it transversed on both sides of Thika road from Mang’u High School, keep driving, Brookside, keep driving past Kahawa Barracks and KU, keep driving, at All Sopps, veer to the left at the All Sopps roundabout, keep driving , head towards Kangundo.

    Even though Thika Road Superhighway was a nobel project, it is a testament to how far the defacto leader of the PNU wing of government can go to advance his business and evil political designs.

    Todate, even after stepping down as Finance Minister, Mr. Kenyatta wilds immense power over treasury, its rumoured that Njeru Githae, the Finance Minister is ”user friendly” and that Mr Kenyatta still takes all decisions at the ministry. The “Rats for Dinner” enthusiast is a robo-signer of documents

    Is Mr Kenyatta anti Western powers? – hell no!

    Mr Kenyatta has invested heavily in Europe; he continues to mislead Kenyans into thinking that China is the next god, while actually theirs is actually an evil alliance intent on collaboration to burden our children with irresponsible debts while his land value benefits from such projects that have been packaged as well intentioned.

    He continues to use American products like iPhone instead of low quality Chinese products, use Teleprompters US style, like we saw during the TNA launch, not a single thing he does which is Chinese, including where his kids go to school.

    Infact his TNA launch was an attempt to copy cat American DNC and RNC conventions- (the very people he demonizes), which never came close to it.

    Intellectual dishonesty

    He read a speech which was massively plagiarized from various Obama speeches, including the Thomas Jefferson authored Unilateral Declaration of Independence, but without citing his sources. This is sheer intellectual dishonesty, or just lazy to cross check a pre written speech, a standard that is expected of a leader of Mr. Kenyatta stature.

    For those who care, come 2013, you have a choice either a plagiarist president or an intellectually honest president. Miguna Miguna in his book Peeling Back The Mask (even though not a credible source) describes as situation where Prime Minsiter Raila Odinga declined to read a copy and paste speech written by Adams Oloo’s student because it was heavily plagiarized from Thambo Mbeki’s speech on Pan Africanism, and instead Miguna claims, he was requested to write a speech within a very short notice. A testimony that Mr Kenyatta’s erstwhile competitor Dr. Odinga would never read a plagiarized speech!

    2013 therefore presents us with a choice between, Plagiarist in Chief versus Intellectual in Chief.

    Teleprompters require you to be a good reader, and from the TNA launch presentation it was obvious that the presenters were struggling to read, and so their intention to make it look like an Obamaisque presentation boomeranged miserably- intellectually, and in style of presentation.

    Uhuru therefore appears to copy everything American, British and European, from suits, shoes but wants the few on whose backs he wants to ride on, to use fake, copycatted and short lasting poor quality goods from China.

    Even schools like Peponi School which is associated with his family does not advance Chinese systems of education but the Western style of Education. He is therefore part of a business which is preparing the next generation of Western Educated graduates from elite families, who can speak the Queen’s English without an accent, while misleading the poor masses about how evil US, Germany, Britain are. It’s the highest form of sheer hypocrisy. He calls them imperial, anyone tell me what is more imperial than owning land the size of Maine, Vermont and the British Island of England combined.

    His lawyers in the ICC are British, and recently, to confront and neutralize free speech he enlisted the services of a UK policy insider. It has been reported that “Mr Kenyatta has appointed Ed Straite, a former adviser to Britain’s Chancellor of the Exchequer (Finance minister) George Osbourne to boost his public image in the wake of concerns that he should not be running for Kenya’s highest office”. You can read more of this from this link!/2012/10/marketing-in-politics-uhuru-kenyatta.html

    UK seems determined to con his way into the house on the hill by riding on the backs of the very paupers, for who he hasn’t had the decency to show remorse, and share a piece of his massive land which comprises a large proportion of what his celebration in the Forbes Magazine.

    At $500m it is the value of these 500,000 acres of land that makes him 2 times richer than Mitt Romney whose net worth is $250 m. take that land away and other Kenyans would be competitive.

    I didn’t make this up; actually The Forbes magazine describes Uhuru as “heir to some of the largest land holdings in Kenya. He owns at least 500,000 acres of prime land spread across the country. The land was acquired by his father in the 1960s and 1970s when the British colonial government and the World Bank funded a settlement transfer fund scheme” meant to resettle everybody including the Mau Mau veterans and other common Kenyans.

    However, instead of redistributing that World Bank funded resettlement scheme for the benefit of all landless Kenyans, it was diverted. That is how UK’s land inheritance was acquired. And that is why he ought to ACT NOW, if at all he doesn’t want the next election to be about the Squatter’s Landlord versus X

  • Tarcisio mwangi

    Someone is using Maina Njenga. If he is atrue friend,why is he joining u during the time we have the Icc boss?

  • New Parliamentary Committee Report recommends Independent Forensic Audit into Kenya’s Revenue Accounts

    Nov 1st, 2012 by Mars Group Kenya

    A new Parliamentary Committee Report has recommended the institution of an independent forensic audit into Kenya’s revenue accounts.

    The report arises from the failure in Parliament, last May, of the Finance Minister to explain massive discrepancies in the revenue accounts for the election year 2007. The Speaker of Parliament ordered the establishment of a Joint 3 Committee Investigation into the Status of the Revenue Accounts of the Government of Kenya. The Committee, led by the Budget Committee, tabled its report on 19th September 2012; and MPs are due to debate its findings during the next Parliamentary session later this month.

    The Finance Ministry was unable to explain to the satisfaction of the Joint Committee why discrepancies amounting to over Ksh 480 billion were found in the Revenue Accounts for the election year 2007-8. Further the Ministry admitted that only 3 revenue accounts out of 16 received certificates from the Auditor General. The other 13 were qualified and refused Certification by the Auditor General. The report vindicates Mars Group’s original study which identified the discrepancies as long ago as June 2011. Read what we said here:

    The Joint Committee Report can be read below. It has been broken into chapters for ease of reading. Click on the hyperlinks to read online or to download (PDF). No dissenting opinion was recorded.

  • UHURU Kenyatta dividing Kenya into TRIBAL zones (Extract from the STAR that brought TROUBLE)

    This is one among many articles that Uhuru Kenyatta did not take lying low. He has engaged with the media council on this and others especially where an editorial referred to him as ADOLF HITLER …… Read it for yourself on how Uhuru has zone-marked Kenya

    By the STAR TEAM

    DEPUTY Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta’s TNA party has zoned Kenya as part of its campaign strategy to break into strongholds of other presidential aspirants.

    The zoning plan titled ‘2007 Results Viewed In 2012 Lenses’, , is based on how Kenyans voted in the last elections. It was prepared by Uhuru’s strategy team to try and project voting patterns for the election on March 4, 2012.

    The plan has divided Kenya into 47 county clusters based on their 2007 voting patterns. It has identified those considered likely to be ‘TNA strongholds’; ‘alliance votes’ where TNA can count on a favourable reception due to alliances with parties in those counties; ‘unfriendly’ where the party is unlikely to receive substantial votes; and ‘swing votes’ where the electorate is undecided and can be persuaded to vote TNA.

    TNA considers the counties of Central Kenya, which voted for President Kibaki in 2007, as its stronghold and where Uhuru expects to get most support.

    The ten core counties are Kiambu, Muranga, Nyeri, Nyandarua, Meru, Kirinyaga, Embu, Laikipia, Tharaka Nithi and Nakuru. During the 2007 elections, 92 per cent of the 3,106,799 actual voters went for Kibaki while Raila received 7 per cent, and Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka one per cent.

    Rift Valley counties, where Eldoret North MP William Ruto’s URP is popular but which voted heavily for Raila in 2007, are now considered as “alliance counties.” Ruto’s strongholds of Uasin Gishu, Elgeyo Marakwet, Nandi, Baringo, Bomet and Kericho are clustered as alliance votes.

    Uhuru and Ruto have reportedly reached a deal to run on a joint ticket for president and deputy president.

    Other ‘alliance’ counties are Bungoma and Trans Nzoia, the stronghold of Justice minister Eugene Wamalwa who still insists his name will be on the presdidential ballot paper.

    The document indicates how the TNA intends to allocate resources in its campaign for the swing and battleground counties.

    The document believes that among the swing countries, Nairobi, Lamu, Isiolo, Kajiado, Kisii and Nyamira counties are likely to vote with TNA due to their cosmopolitan make up and past voting history of supporting Kikuyu candidates.

    These counties had a combined 2,292,575 registered voters of whom 1,315,864 voted in 2007. Kibaki received 50 per cent; Raila 44 per cent ; and Kalonzo 5 per cent.

    Tana River, Taita Taveta, Garissa, Wajir, Mandera, Marsabit, Turkana, Samburu and Narok are considered ‘swing’ counties that could decide the outcome of the poll. A total of 1,078,448 registered voters are not thought to be committed to any political party or aspirant.

    In 2007, 54 per cent of them voted in favor of Raila while Kibaki got 43 per cent and Kalonzo 3 per cent.

    The document accepts that Kalonzo and Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi may not support Uhuru, or join an alliance with Raila. The TNA strategists have identified their strongholds and will concentrate their efforts in the counties where they have a chance of swinging the vote in TNA’s favour.

    “Mudavadi believes the only way he can survive is to run, otherwise he will be cooked like in 2002, while we are not sure about Kalonzo,” said an official of the Team Uhuru.

    The Raila strongholds are identified as Kisumu, Siaya, Migori and Homa Bay. Kakamega, Busia and Vihiga are considered Mudavadi strongholds while Kitui, Makueni and Machakos belong to Kalonzo.

    During the 2007 elections, Raila got 75 per cent of the 1,149,343 votes cast in Kakamega, Busia and Vihiga, Kibaki 24 per cent of the vote and Kalonzo got one per cent.

    Raila also got 97 per cent of the 1,052,515 votes in Kisumu, Siaya, Homa Bay and Migori while Kibaki got three per cent and Kalonzo 1,143 votes.

    According to the TNA strategists, the possibility of Mudavadi remaining in the race will further remove votes from Raila.

    The document make allowances for Kalonzo remaining in the race and splitting the regional vote with Water minister Charity Ngilu who wants to run for president under Narc but is also in ‘negotiations’ with Uhuru’s TNA.

    In 2007, Kalonzo received 88 per cent of the 798,708 votes in Kitui, Makueni and Machakos; Kibaki got 10 per cent; and Raila got 2 per cent.

    The TNA considers Mombasa, Kwale,Kilifi and West Pokot to be the counties where there will be fiercest competition as no party is likely to have an upper hand.

    During the 2007 elections, Raila got 67 per cent of the 522,586 votes cast; Kibaki 26 per cent; and Kalonzo got seven per cent.

    By the STAR team

  • Your msg is God sent, timely, an eye opener & perfect! I believe.

  • let uhuru lead Kenya he’s God fearing humble that why we love him

  • Gibon Mwangombe Mwakichi

    Together in TNA we shall succeed.Chairman Taita Taveta county.

  • Elect UHURU/RUTO Axis of Evil and Kenya will become a Pariah State!Uhuru is Buying himself with looted Kenyas Tax Money > Yaani Uhuru is Buying Cheap fools of Kenya with stolen Money that should be used on depelopment of A country where Majority of Tribes are Primitive who lives in Slums and in Poorly neglected Villages without Clean Water; Electricity Roads ,Clinics ,where Primitive and neglected tribes Wail and gnash their teeth!UHURU/RUTO represents the Only Highly Privilaged class Upper Class/Middle class Rich but not the Warahoi-Poloi Dark skinny Masses of Kenya!
    If Uhuru /Ruto gets Sick they fly to Western Europe for treatment/Agha Khan/Nairobi Hospital etc! When Wanjiku gets sick they are forced to sell their Farms/Land/ Cows and donkeys Hence a Kenya of Two groups(Classes) of The Filthy Rich and The Wretched Poor!

    It would be a grave crime for Maskini Primitive Wakenya to Join or to elect Ruto/Uhuru axis of Evil!
    You Must be a Monkey and Rotten Idiot if you really Vote Ruto/Uhuru Wasaliti Wabepari WaiZi Ma-Umbwa suffering with Rabies!

  • remember 2007 election all tribes in Kenya were against one tribe, But God of Abraham Isac and Jacob stood for that tribe He is the same yesterday today and for ever more, your problem is one wivu!!, wivu!!, Wivu!!! mulibomoa na mukapora mali ya wezenu ati si wa kabila lenu. mulidanganywa by the same politicians, people killed each other like hens the same God will do something to our country we love this country. Let us ask God to give us a leader Please Do not Abuse Ruto, Uhuru or Raila They are our leaders but instead if you are wise pray for them. My brother my sister you are here for a very short time 70 years on earth, the energy you use to abuse why cant you use it to populate heaven. God bless you God bless Kenya

  • This song is calling on the ICC prosecutor, Moreno Ocampo to move with speed and prosecute all the perpetuators of the 2007/08 political violence that left more than 1100 people killed and over half a million others displaced in KENYA. [ featuring Njuguna Kiratu ].

  • Suspected war criminals
  • joseph muriithi

    Uhuru is the best of all reformer in kenya history.he is not of kitendawili categories.also that son of jommo is not a criminal but law abinding citizen.their is court of law to decide whether he is guilty or not guilty.lets wait for icc to decide their fate .those kangaroo court are of no use.infact uhuru is saint,

  • Joseph Murithi joo nikukule mtaKO NIKULALE KAMA BIBI !

  • Uhuru Kenyatta Has No Moral Authority To Solve Kenya’s Land Problems

    By Ngunjiri Wambugu

    Some time late last year I met an intense young man called Elijah Mburu. Elijah comes from Kiambu county and he and some other colleagues of his ‘rika’ (age group) had just launched a lobby group called the Kenya National Land Accord Movement (KNLAM).

    They had come up with a petition to Uhuru Kenyatta and they were out to collect one million signatures to petition Uhuru to allocate land to squatters and IDPs, especially in Kiambu, Taveta and parts of Rift Valley.

    Today KNLAM has collected 215,000 signatures from Kiambu in addition to signatures from other parts of the country. On January 13, Elijah and his group accused Uhuru in the press of neglecting Kiambu residents.

    They said he is a custodian of chunks of land formerly owned by these residents. They also mobilised Kiambu residents living in colonial villages to petition the Prime Minister Raila Odinga and Lands minister James Orengo to address their resettlement plans before they leave office.

    Raila has taken up Elijah’s cause and is now challenging any Kenyan with large tracts of land to give up some of it for the sake of poor Kenyans who are squatters and IDPs. Uhuru is livid.

    His family is reputed to own land the size of a province in a country where the average Kenyan can barely afford a plot of land to bury his dead.

    On October 1, 2004 the Standard’s lead story was on how the Kenyatta family is reputed to own 24,000 acres in Taveta, 50,000 acres in Taita, 29,000 acres in Kahawa Sukari, 10,000 acres in Gatundu, 5,000 acres in Thika, 9,000 acres in Kasarani, and 10,000 acres in Naivasha.

    The newspaper also quoted another 52,000 acres in Nakuru, 20,000 acres in Bahati, 10,000 acres in Rumuruti, and 40,000 acres in Endebbes.

    There was also mention of 100 acres in Karen and 1,000 acres in Dagorreti. The paper explained that this land was acquired during the 15-year reign of Uhuru’s father, Jomo Kenyatta.

    Ironically, Uhuru claims his greatest political support from Kiambu, a county with at least eight colonial-era villages — Kamuguga, Karecheni, Kiambaa, Kihara, Karura, Ichaweri and Kirathimo — that were established by the colonial government as concentration camps for Mau Mau sympathisers.

    However, the thousands of young men who inhabit these villages are the ones behind the Kenya National Land Accord, and they insist Uhuru must restore their grandfathers’ lands back to them before they can vote him into any position.

    Elijah insists Uhuru must redeem himself of these historical injustices before running for President. Uhuru knows it is not illegal to own even the reputed 500,000 acres of land.

    He also knows that unlike in western countries, it is not illegal to own every sea-front at the Coast and keep it away from poor members of the public who might want to enjoy God’s gift of beaches.

    This is why he challenges Raila to produce evidence of illegality in their family property. Uhuru cannot be accused of land grabbing. As he himself admitted recently whatever happened under his parents is no concern of his.

    However, the fact is that Uhuru is who he is today because of historical land injustices. These are the basis of the economic wealth he enjoys; and this economic wealth is the foundation of his political power today.

    Uhuru must not assume that the millions of Kenyans who were disenfranchised in the process of his family acquiring their wealth have forgotten what happened.

    As he challenges Raila to produce evidence showing that the land the Kenyattas own was acquired illegally, he needs to realise that millions of Kenyans do not need such evidence.

    We know how the land was acquired, whatever the legal documents might say. He also must accept that Kenyans understand that there is no way powerful individuals with such a history, and who still own large tracts of un-utilised land, can be trusted to solve Kenya’s perennial land problems.

    As Wetang’ula said, one really cannot expect a monkey to officiate over the eradication of forests! Raila has a point. Thousands of the Kenyan middle-class are struggling to pay bank loans so as to own a plot of land.

    Millions of Kenyans continue to live as squatters across the country, purely because the land ownership system has been compromised.

    Every internal conflict since independence, including the Baragoi masscare, Tana killings and the 2007-08 post-election violence, are related to land disputes.

    How then can Kenyans who have suffered land alienation, whether they are from Central Kenya, Rift Valley, the Coast or Nairobi not agree with Raila when he says that a product of Kenya’s historical land injustices cannot be expected to solve such injustices?

    In fact is it not morally repugnant for someone associated with such history to purport to have the solution to the inequalities in land ownership?

    Ngunjiri Wambugu is the director of political affairs at the Raila Odinga presidential campaign secretariat.

  • one day the so called the ruling kikuyu mafiers wil be held responsible when time comes.

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