SDP Demo Against Registrar of Political Parties

DEMONSTRATION OF MEMBERS OF THE SDP of Wednesday, February 15, 2012
TO REGISTRAR OF POLITICAL PARTIES, Ms Lucy Ndung’u: Wednesday 15th February 2012


Ndugu Mwandawiro Mghanga, SDP Chairman

Ndugu Mwandawiro Mghanga

We the members of the SDP have concluded that there is a conspiracy involving the Registrar of Political Parties, Ms Lucy Ndung’u, to either rob us of our Party or destroy it. We are demonstrating today to resist this illegality and heinous act and to demand justice to be done and seen to be done:

(1) You, the Registrar of Political Parties, has consistently decided to ignore the list of NEC members filed properly by the National Chairperson of the SDP, Ndugu Mwandawiro Mghanga, and instead recognised and registered the illegitimate list filed by the robbers and destructors of our Party.

(2) You, as the registrar of political parties who is also informed about the politics of the country – and who besides had additional information from the Chairpersons Report of 14th June 2010 given to you – has reasons to suspect that the robbers of SDP that you have registered as leaders of SDP have ulterior motives that are geared towards taking over the SDP and destroying it from within for purely narrow, parochial and selfish reasons.

(3) You have registered the robbers of our Party who are immediate former members of other political parties to be leaders of the SDP despite the advice of the National Chairperson and NEC of SDP. Yet you are aware that some of these people whom you are imposing to take over our Party and destroy it are currently working in government parastatals and other appointments because of having been members of parties close to high officials of the parties of the government. Still you continue to ignore the fears and concerns members of the SDP.

(4) You, the Registrar of Political Parties, are aware that the robbers of our Party that you have registered as leaders of the SDP while ignoring the persistent objections of the National Chairperson and members of the SDP are overtly and covertly opposed to the ideology of the SDP. In fact, you were informed (please refer to the Chairperson’s Report of 14th June 2010) that some of them forged the Code of Conduct of SDP registered in your office in order to enter our party without accepting its policies, contrary to the constitution and code of conduct of the SDP and also the Political Parties’ Act of 2011 and the Constitution of Kenya. One of them, Hon. Mutahi Kagwe, even promised before you and the meeting of October 12th 2011 at your office that they will destroy the ideology and policies of the SDP. Despite this, you still insist that they should be part of the NEC of the SDP.

(5) You Registrar of Political Parties know that the robbers of our Party that you have registered as leaders of the SDP despite our objections are opportunists. They belonged to other political parties. They have never participated in the building of the SDP or identified with its policies anytime and anywhere in the hour of need. In other words, they have never been associated with the ideology of the SDP that is expressed in the SDP documents of 2007 registered at your office. Yet they use all means possible – including immoral methods such as compromising some of the members of our party – practices that are illegal and contrary to SDP’s code of conduct – to join the SDP and take it over at all costs. For example, even if we suppose they were recruited to be members of the SDP – something which we in fact rejected (see Chairperson’s Report of 14th June 2010) – how could they take over key positions of the leadership of the party as soon as they entered the party!? Couldn’t this alone provide you with enough reasons to suspect sinister motives from the individuals?

(6) By rejecting the list of NEC members properly handed over to you by the National Chairperson and Spokesperson of the SDP and accepting the one he objected to with reasons (see Chairperson’s Report of 14th June 2010) you have encouraged anarchy in our party. In fact, your action in this regard not only undermines the authority of the Chairperson of the SDP but also the attempts of uniting our Party and providing leadership (again refer to Chairperson’s Report of 14th June 2010) conferred upon the National Chairperson by the constitution of the SDP. By registering people who do not accept the ideology of our party and who besides are geared towards its destruction, you have interfered with the process of the development of the SDP. You are aware that the illegal entrance of the robbers of our Party to the leadership is calculated to divide it, cause confusion and despondence and thus impede its growth in accordance with its ideology.

(7) In spite of the ruling of 19th December of the Political Parties Tribunal in favour of members of the SDP and against the robbers you still insist on imposing them as the leaders of our Party. In other words, you are prepared to be in contempt of court in your desire to impose the robbers to be leaders of our Party.

Summary and conclusion

(a) By registering the robbers of our Party connected to other parties through appointments to government jobs, and who besides are opposed to socialism which is our ideology; you are participating in the war against the SDP.

(b) We have been working vehemently throughout our political lives to build a Party based on ideology. We have made many sacrifices in this regard. We shall therefore resist all attempts of imposing leadership to the SDP. We shall go to great lengths to defend our party from intruders and destructors. We know the truth and justice is on our side.

(c) We demand that your office stops assisting the robbers of our SDP to rob us of our Party in order to destroy it and use it to cheat Kenyans to elect them to power. We demand that you to do the right thing: do away with the illegitimate list of the NEC that contains the robbers. Instead, register the true and legitimate NEC that is properly filed at your office by the National Chairperson of the SDP.

(d) Since you have accepted your office to be used against truth and justice, you cannot be trusted to perform the work of Registrar of Political Parties effectively and as required. Members of the SDP therefore demands that you Ms Lucy Ndung’u resigns from the position of Registrar of Political Parties with immediate effect.

Signed by:
Mwandawiro Mghanga (National Chairperson of SDP)
Benedict Wachira (Secretary General of SDP)
On behalf of members of SDP


(1) Independent Boundaries and Electoral Commission
(2) Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs
(3) Chief Justice


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