Miguna Miguna’s Life in Danger

Issued at Nairobi, Kenya – Saturday, November 19th, 2011

Miguna Miguna

At 7 a.m. this morning, I received a telephone call from my father-in-law who resides in Migori town, in Migori County, in Nyanza Province, informing me that yesterday, four men who identified themselves as ODM politicians from Kisumu visited him at his home and demanded that he communicates to me the following:

(a) That I have been saying and writing bad things about Raila Odinga; and
(b) That if I don’t stop immediately, they will kill me.

After issuing this threat, the men left.

Sometime last week, another person visited my elder brother in Magina village in Kisumu County, Nyanza Province and issued a similar threat.

My father-in-law is an elderly retired education officer. My brother is a retired public officer. They are both innocent and law abiding citizens of this country.

They were deeply troubled, worried, traumatized and concerned about the threat. I am similarly concerned.

Last Thursday November 10th, 2011, I received written communication from the Chief Executive Officer of the Star newspaper, Mr. William Pike, advising that the Prime Minister, Raila Odinga, was very upset about an article I had published in the Star on Tuesday November 8th, 2011, titled: “We Must Never Tolerate Theft of Public Resources”. That article was about corruption in government; not about Raila Odinga.

William requested that I should “go slow on the Prime Minister” in my column until the “dust settles.” The Star subsequently caved in to political pressure from the Prime Minister and refused to publish an article I submitted for my column of Tuesday November 15th on political violence and hooliganism. That article appears in today’s issue of the People newspaper (and is attached herewith).

I take all threats to my life very seriously. I intend to file a formal complaint with the Criminal Investigations Department shortly after this press conference. I expect and demand that these threats be thoroughly investigated and the culprits dealt with to the full extent of the law.

My freedom of thought, conscience, expression and association are entrenched, enshrined and guaranteed by the Constitution. I shall never waive them nor allow anybody – no matter how powerful – to violate them without a good fight.

Finally, I hope and expect that my security that was arbitrarily and maliciously withdrawn on August 4th, 2011 will be reinstated with immediate effect.

My life is more sacred and more important that someone’s delusional belief that he has a God-given right to the presidency of the Republic of Kenya!

Finally, I hope and expect that my security that was arbitrarily and maliciously withdrawn on August 4th, 2011 will be reinstated with immediate effect.

I shall continue to exercise all my rights without fear or favour.

Moguna Miguna


  • Jicho Pevu(reporter)

    Will Miguna Miguna be sacrificed in the same way Hon: Tom Mboya,J M Kariuki , Hon:Robert Ouko ,Hon:; Bishop Muge and others before Miguna Miguna?
    These are very serious allegations. Why should Miguna be silenced in this age ?
    Miguna Miguna should go forward and fight for his rights and freedoms no matter what.
    The star news paper is a moneymaking machine and has no intrests with Kenya peoples freedom struggles, Hence its aims is to sing govt praises otherwise it will be closed and its owners deported.thanks to the Peoples news paper and bloggs that has Puplished Migunas article. Kenyans in Diaspora would like the Owner of the People newspaper to go Online like other Kenyan newspaper.

  • kenyans should be careful.am seeing a dictator in the making.raila is a dictator

  • Kenyans should b very seriuos when voting bcoz this man is totalilly a DICTATOR n eve he comes frm my village i cant vote to him coz his like IDI AMIN so be carefull Kenyans.

  • He is not kenyan,let him go to Canada.He`s making noise out of nothing we get threats everyday and mr.you are not special, lamba pilipili.

  • I hope ‘Moguna’ is a corruption of Miguna.

    The Star should clarify whether the PM has expressed his displeasure with any article it published, authored by Miguna Miguna.

    It’s not clear from his complaint here whether he is in Canada or in Kenya. As a resident in Canada he is entitled to security by the police there, and if in Kenya he can make a complaint to the police so that they can give him whatever assistance they can to make him feel protected.

    Miguna’s article that advocated for firm action on corruption in Kenya was fine, but the insinuations he made therein to the effect that his former bosshas a hand in the misuse of the funds is not.

    Let Miguna wait for a thorough audit of the fund to determine whether the epi-centre of the alleged corruption is the OPM or money was misappropriated in the line ministries.

  • Sala Mwikali (Matuu)

    On Comment Ö5 by Mohan Mathew (mr mathew )just think abit high>Do you still have Cinfindent with the Kenya Police ?even after watching the Video (Untouchables)?Why do you advice Hon: Miguna to ask protection from the same Police Force that is being used by the Govt to assasinate unwanted persons.
    When will you guys in Kenya and in the diaspora oppen up your eyes and come-out of your Amnesia . Civilized communities by now wont trust Kenya govt anymore .They would be waiting for the next election and vote-out such un evil gov t that bulldozed Wakenyas Houses and leaving Wahindi/Wasungu untouched on Mombasa road!

  • Mwangi wa Njambi


    Joined: Wed Aug 10, 2011 6:16 am
    Posts: 77
    Keys to the 47 Counties Belong to the People!–Miguna Miguna
    · ODM-KPU and its leader, Raila, are very interesting; they will preach water but partake of the best wine; they will preach media freedom but bribe media houses to spike or “kill” unfriendly commentaries; this is exactly what they are doing with Comrade Miguna Miguna’s Tuesday commentary, in The Star; Miguna’s piece was blocked (on 15th November, 2011), because it talked about things Raila did not want to hear; but we learn from history that we learn nothing from history!

    · A concerned Kenyan, Moses Kuria, wrote, on 24th March, 2011, that “history, as they say, is a wonderful lesson to learn but a terrible bed to sleep in. The KPU wing of ODM not only sleeps in the bed of history but they also wet it!” The ODM-KPU and its leader (now) want to make a destitute out of Comrade Miguna Miguna; a strategy that Moi maliciously used against his real or perceived foes; they want him to go without food, school fees, rent, et cetera. That is why they are casually wetting Miguna’s nest at The Star!

    · Well, we have managed to trace Miguna’s article, that was to appear in The Star on Tuesday, in The People of today (Saturday, 19th November, 2011). Inter alia, it went as follows: “Violence – especially political violence – of any nature is abhorrent. It demonstrates a failure to reason. The only violence which is morally and legally justified is one exercised in self-defence or in defence of children and innocent civilians. Gratuitous and barbaric violence like the one that was witnessed in Kisumu against Raphael Tuju cannot be justified or excused. It must be condemned unreservedly. Nobody has the keys or exclusive rights to any part of the country – Kisumu included…

    · Political leaders have a duty to ensure that they encourage, and participate in, peaceful democratic exercises. Criticism is part and parcel of a democratic culture. Robust debates and peaceful challenges amongst political competitors or between their respective supporters constitute the DNA that makes up modern democratic politics. We must encourage our leaders to vigorously debate and disagree over their respective visions, policies, ideologies and programmes. This will enable the people to critically assess their candidatures and determine who amongst them is best suited to be our next president…

    · That determination cannot occur through hooliganism, comedy, funeral dirges, riddles or theatrics. All presidential candidates must have unfettered access to the people in all corners of the republic. Physical confrontations due to political differences cause instability and negate the principles of good governance enunciated in the Constitution. Violence is also inimical to development. Disagreement is healthy. It is the engine of modern human civilization. But these must be conducted peacefully…

  • Miguna should go easy because he has the court case to determine his fate.

  • Miguna Miguna is an interesting individual. He carries himself with a lot of arrogance packaged in knowledge of law and all that goes with it.

    I have in most occasions supported his thoughts regarding his commentaries on issues of national importance. When he was unprocedurally fired I felt for him.He was not given fair hearing and that his rights were never respected. He is a good man whose life is threatened coz of his position on graft especially at the PM’s office.

    I read the much talked about article carefully and learnt one thing. Almost every paragraph started and ended with Raila Odinga. He must have stepped on the Premier’s toes.

    I have also watched him speak on TV and wondered what he has in mind. I find it like other Kenyans strange that he has a lot to say about the person Of Raila Odinga and his handlers within a short time. He stood firm with the son Jaramogi in 2007 through, watering and fanning his dictatorial tendency. It is strange that the man is now convinced the PM can never win an election. What has changed Miguna Miguna?

    To be tough and forthright attract enemies. In Miguna Miguna case I am persuaded to think he is his own enemy.

  • I hate it that Miguna was suspended without half his salary as required.

  • He dug his own grave let him fry in his own fat

  • Police shooting Luo Women (Migunas tribe)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLFIuZdtLZY&feature=player_embedded#!

  • Legally Miguna may be correct but court issues are not journalistic issues to be deliberated in public forums or radio interviews, or capital press interviews before the normal prudence of Law in court.Let the Kenyan court solve the Miguna case amiccably and at the same time Miguna should be quiet and on the issue.until it is settled diplomatically.Socrates once said that” Ignorance is my Best Enemy or Problematic Obstruction to Life”. This is because under the White Supremacy by definition a person in Europe or America is considered NORMAL whilst in Africa under the Black Supremacy by definition the same person is considered ABNORMAL culturally and ontologically in legal schematic reasoning. In the Miguna issue there is nothing connected to RAILA at all-it is all about those people the eloquent powerful Miguna had ben stepping on their toes that are now exercising their authority on Miguna.It is the usual thing that happens in the Kenyan universities jealousiness. RAILA is very holy clean here. Miguna should investigate succinctly and excellently as per the cost benefit analysis of his suspension as per the governmental administration directives and the media press release whispers.From what I know in the whole World in any country-you cannot go on talking court issues on newspapers then go free legally without having a problem with the authorities.-By Prof.Moses Isaac ODHIAMBO

  • Vintage Miguna Miguna……. My way or we go down together. He should get a life for himself and stop being a cry baby. he cannot successfully vilify a man he served for years. if any ills have been committed. He was the faithful chaperon!

  • Miguna loses suspension case
    Posted Thursday, December 15 2011 at 12:52

    Miguna Miguna has lost a case challenging his suspension as Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s advisor on coalition matters.

    Mr Miguna, who was kicked out of office in August for “gross misconduct”, moved to court to fight the suspension.

    However, on Thursday the High Court dismissed the case and directed that he face disciplinary action.

    He was suspended without pay in a letter from the Permanent Secretary in the PM’s office Mohammed Isahakia.

    “I have been instructed by the Prime Minister that you be and are hereby suspended from performing the duties as the Advisor, Coalition Affairs with immediate effect for gross misconduct. While on suspension, you will not be entitled to any salary until your case is finalised,” read the letter.

    Mr Miguna refused to go quietly.

    He sued the Attorney-General and Dr Isahakia, demanding at least half of his Sh584,000 a month salary plus allowances and reinstatement of his family medical cover as a first step. (READ: Miguna fights back in job dispute)

    Mr Miguna also wanted the High Court to lift the suspension.

    He asked the court to compel Dr Isahakia to reinstate his salary, allowances and benefits, which were stopped when he was sent home on August 4 over gross misconduct.

    He was earning a basic monthly salary of Sh254,000, a house allowance of Sh80,000, entertainment allowance of Sh100,000, extraneous allowance of Sh100,000 per month and a Sh50,000 leave allowance.

    Mr Miguna wanted the court to restore the comprehensive medical cover for his wife and five children, an official driver, armed body guard and security at his house in Nairobi.

    In the suit, he argued that Dr Isahakia and then AG Amos Wako had no power to suspend him because he was a presidential appointee.

    He said he could only be suspended from public office if he is convicted of a serious criminal offence or if there are pending proceedings for his dismissal.

    The decision to suspend him, he claims, was made arbitrarily and should be nullified.

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