Double Murder: Why are Some Kenyans Spreading Phobia about KSB Commentators?

Leave KSB commentators alone

I did not manage to attend the Tevin-Elias Memorial Service last Friday because I was away but I got a full report from KISS agents about what transpired and the discussions that followed. What was shocking was a report that some Kenyans turned to blaming KSB commentators for the Tevin-Elias tragedy by advancing the view that these commentators “were dividing Kenyans” and that without them, the tragedy could not have happened.

According to these naive Kenyans, the commentators had made it difficult for Kenyans to “talk about their problems freely” to their close friends because of fear that any personal crisis revealed to a friend could easily end up at KSB to be turned into fodder for cheap gossip, malicious talk and character assassination. The implication is that there is no Kenya-Stockholmer without a friend who is not a KISS agent thus the alleged difficulty of sharing personal information between friends.

To put their case into context, those spreading the “KSB phobia” are exploiting the case of the sister who has just murdered her two children to argue that the sole reason why she killed the kids is because she could not openly talk about her problems with any close friend for fear of the storo landing at KSB. In short, the agents of “KSB phobia” want Kenyans and the whole world to believe that the sister preferred to kill her kids rather than tell a friend her problems to avoid the storo landing at KSB. The immediate question that arises is whether some Kenyans in Stockholm have degenerated to such a low level of thinking or whether there is a new wind of stupidity blowing into the minds of some of us.

When I attended the baptism ceremony of a Kenyan child last Saturday at Flemmingsberg in Stockholm, I was equally shocked when Mr. Daniel Mwaura, a Kenyan, rose to attack KSB along the same lines, prompting me to take the stage to, not just respond to the hollow attacks but also to defend KSB commentators from unwarranted and simplistic accusations.

Mr. Mwaura went further to call for the close down of KSB’s comment section arguing that people throwing anonymous comments at the blogsite should only be allowed to do so if they can identify themselves.

In an impromptu round table, Mr. Mwaura proposed that if the comments section cannot be closed down, commentators should be compelled to disclose their names, addresses, emails and telephone numbers! Mr. Makan Macharia and ndugu Njoro were among the prominent Kenyans who were present when Mr. Mwaura made his weird proposals. The unnecessary tension among Kenyans being built by misinformed alarmists misrepresenting the facts can only be quashed through a sober examination of the facts available.

For the first two years after KSB was set up, the comment section was fundamentally closed to the public because of fears that if it was opened, it would be abused by Kenyans who would use the comment facility to get to their enemies anonymously. For the period when the comment section remained closed, there was constant pressure from a cross section of Kenyans who thought that the continued close down of the comments section was undemocratic.

At that time, Mr. Njoro was running a blog with comments open and he went ahead to attack me for keeping comments closed, even stating that by so doing, I had turned into a “dictator” who had the first and final word about everything that was published at KSB.

I responded by publishing several articles (available in the archive here) trying to persuade the pro-comments activists to tone down their attacks by putting forward the view that opening the comments section would also create a new problem because it would lead to readers passing unfavorable comments about individual news-makers anonymously. The position of KSB was that the blog was better off with me passing information and analysis about what was happening in Kenya-Stockholm without other third party views or contributions which could not be substantiated or verified. What happened?

The pro-comments activists persisted and used my resistance to “prove” that I was just being dictatorial. I warned that once the comment section was opened, it would be difficult to control what readers had to say but all these calls fell on deaf ears. Eventually, I decided to open the comments and on that historic day, all the pro-comments activists converged at Vasa Temple to celebrate what they saw as a major victory. Today, the chickens have come home to roost and my predictions have come true. The commentators are now being blamed for a murder that has nothing to do with comments at KSB. This brings me to the second point.

Who is afraid of KSB?
There is this view that the sister in custody could not talk to anybody about her personal problems fearing that her story could land at KSB. Many Kenyans who have their ears on the Kenya-Stockholm ground will testify that this sister has had a lot of problems. On two occasions, she has had to turn to KSB for help and we did our job so the alleged theory that she was afraid of telling her problems to friends is not true. She sidelined friends and came to KSB directly. How?

When she was pregnant with her second son, she approached KSB (posing as a “West African woman” to avoid repercussions) to publish her story because she was not only disturbed but also wanted to warn other girls about what she was going through. The sister was undergoing what she saw as molestation at the hands of a Swedish man who was also allegedly exploiting her sexually. We wrote:

“The story was blown by a sympathetic West African woman who is worried that if the sexual adventures of the man are not exposed, the Kenyan and African communities in Stockholm might end up with another “Juliet Kavinga case” who was allegedly murdered by a Swedish national”. The story is available HERE.

Once the news hit KSB, the alleged Swedish culprit contacted the blog site and threatened legal action arguing that KSB had damaged his reputation. We stuck to our guns and proposed that if the Swede did not want to discuss the matter for a solution, he better proceed to court because KSB was not breaking any law. I wrote:

“As part of the progressive Kenyan media, KSB has to stand up and expose serious abuses especially of our dear Kenyan women, some of whom are undergoing difficult circumstances in this wilderness called Europe. There are many Swedish men taking good care of their Kenyan spouses. But if there are others abusing them in all sorts of ways and information come in our direction, we will make every effort to expose them as long as we are operating within the law”. The story is available HERE.

Months after the story was published, the Kenyan woman ran into a new problem. As part of her paper-making project, she converted herself into a refugee but when she failed to make it, she turned back to her former Swedish boyfriend for help. The man had distanced himself from the relationship although at that time the chick had given birth to a bouncing baby boy fathered by the same guy. The Swedish dude then gave her a condition for help. She had to renounce her story at KSB and apologize at the blog site. After thinking about the offer, the lady called KSB and narrated her tribulations. True to form, KSB accepted to formulate an apology which was then read back to the sister and after her approval, the apology was published at KSB. The blog site was not going to stand in the way of her paper making schemes and if it was an apology she wanted, KSB decided to deliver it in the soonest time possible (less than 24hrs). The apology read in part:

“The Kenyan lady told KSB that she now regrets her decision to go public with the story because the move had created serious complications which she cannot reconcile without rendering a public apology to the man. She said that she had totally misunderstood the man because she had not lived with him long enough to appreciate his gentility and kind heartedness especially to their little baby”.

It was after this apology that the Swedish man accepted to help the sister attain her papers on grounds that they had a baby. When she got her papers, she called KSB to thank the blog site for helping her out with her key problem. The argument that the sister killed her children because she could not reveal her problems to any friend for fear of KSB does not therefore hold any water because instead of going through friends, she came to KSB directly. The apology is available HERE.

We will stop there for now as we continue to compile this sister’ tragic story. In the meantime, we would warn those attacking KSB commentators to direct their energies elsewhere because these commentators have nothing to do with the deaths of the children. We will soon return to this topic as a matter of “national concern” because it has too many angles which needs to be explored.

Okoth Osewe


  • I thank God that I don’t live in Stockholm as I would hate to have any of my personal tribulations or triumphs aired aired for all to see. Whether in a blog or at the so called intervention meetings. Yes I am abroad and yes I am an active member of a Kenyan community. Yes there is gossip, yes there are true and false friends but huko kwenu…. Sounds like alot of people are having a village mentality. Note: blaming a blog or each other is not part of the solution.. Learning to live with each other without the talk poppy syndrome might be a good starting point

  • I totally agree with you. Its a pity that Stockholm is one of the places that has many foreigners(kenyans) and especially belonging to the older generation but its a pity that people there dont know how to handle themselves. Comparing Sweden with places like Norway, Denmark and Finland where the kenyans are not as many as in Sweden, It is clear that kenyans in Sweden are either so idle or as u said have the ”village mentality” because you hadly hear of such petty nonscence in the other neighbouring countries. Kenyans in Stockholm please grow up and live your life. Sure you left your own country for one goal to make your life better so stop gossiping and live your own lives. The blog should be focusing on the important matters such as eductaing people on their rights rather than being a channel for gossips

  • Ati Daniel Mwaura Mwaura made his weird proposals. The unnecessary tension among Kenyans being built by misinformed alarmists misrepresenting the facts can only be quashed through a sober examination of the facts available.I hope it is not the same person Who cheats people and goes to Kenya FM radios boasting how big the man is!

  • If the fake councillor (and I shall prove he is fake very soon) has a problem with Osewe, let him discuss it privately. Otherwise blaming KSB commentators for the tragedy done by a woman whom kenyans in stockholm know what happened between her and men blaming KSB will not solve his own biased attacks. KSB JUU KABISA!!!

  • Daniel Mwaura belongs to the Ersättargrupp at Botkryka Kommun. He only substitues/replaces the real leaders when they are not present for meetings. A Councillor in Swedish is Kommunalråd, which he is not. Read here:

  • Here is another lie from Mwaura that he got published in Kenya’s “EA STANDARD” –

    “A specialised Kenyan nurse has beaten all odds to be elected a councillor in Sweden. Daniel Mwaura Njuguna takes care of mentally sick people, but he will also represent Alby Ward residents in Botkyrka Municipality in Sweden”.

    Mwaura is nothing but a patient assistant who cannot even take temperature (leave alone blood sample) yet he told the Standard he is a specialized nurse. Where did he get his specialization which is usually three years for nursing and I year for specialization and when?

  • KSB as you explore the many angles of the story as a matter of national concern you have to gauge whether exposing every little detail of grace life really does need to be read here by the whole world. She might never read it but she is a daughter, a sister and a friend to many. All these people are seeking answer.. Yes. Would you like your life exposed on the Internet? Sure we can’t fathom, forgive nor forget what she has done. I hope you will be mindful in your reporting.

    KSB: Concerned, I talked about an “exploration” and you are talking about an “exposition”. Try to understand the difference and you will be at peace with yourself.

  • Most people came to sweden for the real reason of being maids or sluts.on the side of men since there sister was here they had the chance to follow them and thats why educated kenyans are few here.most are from india or mean they are also people who did fail in there lives.They do have phobia for educated people or those who deam it so.They are the worst people to be a round when they buy a flat screen tv they hold a party to celebrate what a crup.
    proud kille

  • Gregory, you must be discussing yourself. Really, how can somebody have nothing to write about other than hot air? I have neva heard of a Kenya-Stockholmer celebrating for buying a flat screen tv. Kweli some squeeze stories from nothing.

  • Kenyan papers will take any trash and write as if it’s gospel truth. I ask Mwaura: why did you spend so much energy fighing commentators at a public function? If you had a personal problem with Osewe , you should have met him privately. I see no problem with people commenting at this blog. It happens everywhere. You need to read the Daily Nation and the Star to see the types of comments there.

    On the murder suspect, she personally approached KSB with her story. What’s was wrong with that? For those complaining that her story should not be told at KSB, remember that many Kenyan women live in very bad relationships but are trapped because of the Kenyan marriage culture and are bound by children.

    Why did Mwaura not challenge the Politisktinkorrekt (PI) blog when they were the first in Sweden to write the murder suspect’s name and posted her photo? Mwaura, respect your public image and stop unfounded allegations. You can still do better.

  • Gregory, the topic is about Mwaura’s attack on KSB commentators. It would be interesting if you could send a story about those people you consider failures within the category you commented on.Am laughing because i neva heard of one throwing a party for buying a plasma tv.

  • Vote in Maura for Botkyrka Kommun Councillor in 2014. By then he will have gathered experience as a junior kanjo officer who only gets paid sitting allowance when the big bosses are away. Keep it up kijana wa Thinka. However, just say the truth. It is on record that you are a filler at the council. On KSB commentators, forget about them and concentrate on your personal progress. Fighting them is like trying to cut an aok tree with a wembe. It is a waste of time.

  • Mwaura wa Thika ni jamaa poa hana mambo. He should only take it easy because comments are here to stay. This is the norm internationally and in cyber space. To oppose public comments in a blog such as this suggests that some people have not grown up with the rate of technological growth.

  • Mwaura wacha uchokozi. Kenya-Stockholmers are mourning the loss of those two boys, so please don’t use public gatherings to shoot your mouth with matters that are meaningless. This matter is really very simple. Either KSB allows comments or closes it down. I think Osewe should not be allowed to get away with everything said here without possibility of people also airing their views. This is how it works in the Internet. You cannot convince any sane person that every Kenyan in Stockholm is a KSB agent. Wacheni upuzi.

  • Osewe, you should instead be congratulated on writing the story of the lady because she eventually put pressure on the Swedish man to get her mapepe. I did not know that this lady has been in a difficult situation for such a long time.

  • Kioni he might not be a councillor but the way you’re describing the kind of work that he does leaves alot to be desired, not unless you know every single detail of his life? Concerned/Sly propaganda Stockholm is the order of the day. If you want peace of mind you just have to keep off wakenya, that’s how sad it is.

  • KSB for your information I DO understand the difference. I also understand that you report gossip as you admitted last week in one my queries. So many e this people accusing KSB agents might have a valid point..

    KSB: You are missing the point. They are saying that people like yourself should not be allowed to comment here because you are writing crap, promoting gossip and making mothers kill their children. Secondly, they want you to stop calling yourself “Concerned”, give your address and phone number. What I am saying is that this is not the way stuff work online.

  • Wakenya, trying to become a politician is not an easy thing. Mwaura should take care of his job badala ya attacking commentators at KSB who are just enjoying their democratic rights. By making suggestions that are unpopular when you want to be a politician, you are dropping marks. It means that if you were the President of the Internet, KSB would be wiped off the Internet because you are opposed to people passing comments. This blog is very informative while it has a very high traffic meaning that people find what they get here relevant. That is why they return here every day. Osewe is doing a good job and I think this son of Kenya needs support. I am one of thos who cannot imagine life without KSB. At least for the moment. News cannot always be good news and the same case applies to Kenya, our country. Those opposing commentators should lead the road by using their names and addresses so we see what happens. That is my pesa nane contribution.

  • can u all act like grown ups ..the man just gave his opinion about the matter ..grow up and act according to ur age..pliz style up

  • mwaura wa thika,dont wory,n dont be discouraged,by iddle people who would give anything to be in your position,ni wivu kibao ,you have made history and you are in the book of records incase MAHATERS HAWAKUJUWA mwaura uko juu na come next election we will vote for you.wenye wivu mezeni wembe or better still take a rope.Naabout the Plasma TV..thats a big lie and if u Gregory went that show how stiupid and iddle you are to go and celebrate for the purchasing of a new TV.

  • Osewe mtoto wetu….i think you should be left alone! you really do a very good job and you are always neautral here.. i m on your sida Osewe and thanks God you are the one leading this blogg)= what would we do without you osewe??

    //from one who adores you


  • Well stated Gauo. Could Mwaura begin by commenting on this article by providing his name, email address and telephone number? Kweli huyu ni kanjo wa nusu mkeka. I thought he had a better agenda like taking care of his young family, politicking at Botkyrka and being a junior nurse. However, i am surprised that he had time to attack Osewe on completely baseless grounds. KSB comments are the pilipili of the storos here and we shall always support keeping the section open. Mwaura, Kenyans can never be divided because of KSB comments.

    Haki Mwaura wewe ni mchokozi. The debate about KSB comments is long gone and Osewe mentioned many times that opening them would be good and bad. I can’t imagine Mwaura in his suit standing in a private party attacking Osewe, yet himself has no record of trying to unite Kenyans. Life is beyond KSB, so he should deal with real issues in real life.

  • Gregory you are a big mavi ya punda.Honestly is that all you could write here? Shape up.

  • Shiro, Mwaura is in the Ersättagrup at Botkyrka Kommun and nobody envies that. Kila mtu anatengeneza unga yake, but he should not claim he is a Kommunalråd.

  • Soffie must be trying to coverup somethinmg big!Its going to come-out very soon.
    Lets just wait and see.Something done in darkness must one day come into lights.A city build on a hill-top canmnot be haden to Quote(Jesus)

  • Mwaura if it were not for KSB, we would not have known that a Swedish racist blog (PI) went out with the murder suspect’s pictures and personal data on Sept 19, which is against the Swedish press freedom. Osewe attacked the racists who flooded KSB until they backed off. Where was Mwaura? Why did he not write with his name and address here as a politician to tell the racists off?

    We know the woman suspect had been involved with some Kenyan men, no wonder emotions are flow when peopel comment on her.

    Achaneni na Osewe. Mimi na my hubby never sleep before visiting the KSB Temple. Long live KSB!

  • Mwaura take Osewe to court if you believe he has offended you. Can you prove that KSB is dividing Kenya-Stockholmers? KSB ni nyama choma kwangu and it is my starting page kwa computer. Yaani hii ndio kutamani kuwa kanjo imekuwa? Kijibaba na watoto na kazi is spending time attacking Osewe mbele ya a private party.

    Osewe I know that you were Mwaura’s strong defendant when he was seeking asylum. I am shocked that many years later he turns his machine gun on you. Ngai fafa.

    KSB: My defence of Ndugu during asylum has nothing to do with this. I did it out of patriotism and I will do it again and again to any Kenyan as long as the circumstances are justified. Secondly, I have no personal problems with Ndugu either. Dunia ni kigeugeu and sometimes you don’t know who to trust.

  • Kamaa #19: if Mwaura had an opinion about KSB he could have taken it privately with Osewe. Heshima sio utumwa. I was at the Party and i think that presenting such a matter publicly at a private party was totally uncouth. I was surprised with how well Osewe handled the matter. He said the facts and everybody agreed. Wacha commentators waendelee na mawazo.

  • KSB instils both phobia and mania, so you either hate or love KSB – no grey zone.

  • Ahsante ya punda ni mateke. Mwaura had a field day attacking KSB cmmentators with a ghasia claim of breaking up Kenyans, yet he had no proof. Yeye ni mwanasiasa wa peni mbili kabisa. Did he think commentators would just go to sleep? No, he now the attack on the Internet and KSB fans ought to tell him the truth. KSB is the local Kenyan news channel na yule hapendi should never open the blog.

    Osewe keep up the good job. Mwaura should re-examine the way he views things if he wants to become a politician. People know his status at Bort K but just enjoy him with the title to make him smile. If I were him, I would not use a title I don’t have to undermine people. Osewe had once defended Mwaura at KSB when some people had claimed he was not a Kanjora but he is a thankless man so he neva remembers that a favor must be respected.

  • lol @shiro,eti wivu kwa fake kanjora. not yet but if he will be we shall all sapot him!

  • Mwaura stooped too low especially with the current shock due to the murder suspect’s case, by wasting time discussing nonsense about KSB commentators in a private party.Wakenya are in a mourning mood and KSB has been the best channel for us to get info. Osewe has spent his private time updating KSB readers and instead of Mwaura praising him, he develops a phobia for KSB with unfounded allegations. If he could mention which Kenyans have been divided, then we can say KSB is wrong. Otherwise Mwaura achunge nyumba yake.

  • What a miserable Kanzola (ledamot)a woman clubber!domo-Domo bure kabisa! huna mbele wala nyuma.wachana na pombe ndugu mdomo mtupu haulambwi kamwe.
    kimbele-mbele kama bibi Sokoni. grow and become a man.How difficult to start your own mouthpeace,bloggo

  • There is no connection between the alleged murderer and KSB comments. That is such a shallow connection that shocks me. Mwaura should style up and avoid useless claims that he cannot prove. Why did he not go to the murder suspect’s home to see if she was well? Can he tell us what he did to save the situation? Not everybody is an agent of KSB and many are not loud-mouthed probably like Mwaura, to go around talking about others. KSB commentators did not deserve being attacked in a private party.

    Can Kanjola imagine himself being attacked in a private party for being in the Ersättagrupp at Botkyrka Kommun yet he has told the whole world he is a councillor?

  • Mwaura thought he was going to cause a revolution and get KSB’s comments section closed. Is he guilty of something? Why did he just refer to the suspected murderer’s case at the private party yet so many storos at KSB have had fiery comments?OK he attacked commentators publicly. What was he thinking?

    My name: Kanjora
    email address:
    Phone number: 078-8761000

    I have now identified myself according to Mwaura’s suggestion and if he is not happy, should call me. Or should this be Osewe’s work to call commentators that are against Kanjora? If so, the phone bills must be paid by who?. His proposal is the most weirdo.

  • Those afraid of KSB are the big gossips and scandal mongers with drama. No wonder they are scared.

  • Mwaura seems to have so much time talking nonsense about KSB commentators. Without KSB how would we know about the muder suspect’s case? A friend of mine only knew the matter through KSB.

  • Sigtuna pastor calls for society to ‘listen’

    After the memorial held on Saturday for the two murdered boys in Sigtuna, north of Stockholm, pastor Ann-Marie Johansson called for more communication.

    “We must dare to ask for help without being ashamed. And we must dare to listen to others’ cries for help.”

    Every seat was filled at the memorial service, held in Sätuna Church in Märsta. Both children and adults had come, to light candles and honour the memories of the murdered children. Pastor Ann-Marie Johansson had put together several psalms she thought appropriate for the situation, including “Rock of ages, cleft for me.”

    During the ceremony, she asked the question: “How should we honour the memory of these boys?” The answer was to learn to ask for help, and heed calls for help when we perceive them.

    “Sometimes the calls may be weak, uncertain, or inarticulate, but we must learn to listen, and ask ourselves, ‘What was this person trying to express?'” said Ann-Marie Johansson to news agency TT after the ceremony.

    But the responsibility is two-sided.

    “When someone feels that ‘this won’t work any longer’, they too must be able to see that they’re losing their balance.”

    If a call for help doesn’t feel heard, don’t give up, suggested Ann-Marie Johansson.
    “Sometimes we fail in asking for help, but then we must try again.”

    After the ceremony, many churchgoers continued down to the water.

    The two boys, aged four and eight, were found dead in the waters of a Sigtuna lake on September 19. Their mother confessed to having killed them on Thursday.

    TT/The Local/cg

  • Just joined in the comments and wow! It’s burning hot here. Why did Mwaura attack KSB commentators at a private party? Attacking them meant attacking Osewe because he is the blog Admin. Why did he not write an open letter to KSB about this and be published for the commentators to reply? KSB comments must remain as long as the blog runs. Comments must be there to add outside opinion. Osewe does not have the final say in what he writes on Kenya-Stockholm, so he opened this section to prove to the likes of Njoro that he is not the dictator he branded him to be.

  • at Hamisi Weliko i second you ! Soffie has a hiden agenda! my big questions are
    1. on friday she was very angry with the KSB aguing that thats why this kenyan woman could not come out open with her problems for the fear of being published.what did she help herself with? now she has being published in KSB and all the media stations here and Kenya.
    2.This soffie as you call yourself i saw that you even have a cleaning company,couldnt you employ this woman to at least have a dairy bread, pay her electricity?
    3.You told us that this woman was to meet a preast whom you had organised unfortunately the child became sick,couldnt you take care of the child let this woman go talk with the preast?
    4.why are you threatning the commentattors of KSB and saying that you shall come to our houses and we shall end up sleeping like the boys did,are you a killer too?
    5.when you open your mouth too much right now that the woman went to the social welface in sigtuna and she was denied why didnt you call the aftonblade and the expressen and shout the noncense you are shouting now.
    6.i overherd you tell another person that you didnt know elias father untill when this tregedy happened? why are you behaving to have known him for 50 yrs?
    i wish you know how much i wish to meet you coz you shall answer as many questions as possible concerning how well you knew this murderer and even the last days of the boys life.

  • Mwaura comments haziendi popote.going to a private party to discss KSB just shows how odd you are the comments harming Mwaura? Which Kenyans are divided?Kenyans in Stockholm are not members of a single group, so this claim is useless. Mwaura should discuss better and more important matters that can encourage others than being so cheap.

  • Nick Golo #33: You have really made my night. Am laughing and rolling all over the floor because your words are just funny directed to Kanjora. Thanks for putting it so clearly.

  • This is to remind commentators here that while you are free to comment, try not to break the law by making accusations you cannot verify. If a wronged person decides to take legal action, you may be identified so no one is completely anonymous. A handle enables you to comment on issues but it is not a certificate to break the law so be warned and use this facility responsibly. I am taking this early opportunity to send this signal because of the direction this thread is taking. Thank you.

  • mwaura plz, we are tired of your lies bwana! kweda danganya watu wa kwenu!! you went there and lied to them that you were elected councillor here in stocky!!! plz, plz who elected you and when was that? we have seen all botkyrka councillors, your name is not there bwana!! shame on you. when you stand kwa party ya mtoto wa watu and attack k.s.b for the fate of the two boys, then you are missing the point here! we must comment coz ni hakli yetu, ok aka fake councillor, are we together? story za kudedisha watoi na comments zinatoka wapi? you are one of the people who have used the poor lady and everybody knows about this but we have not talked. ksb hongera juu juu zaidi

  • Nik shameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee on you,uslessssssssss ,akikunywa inakuhusia nini????????????????concentret na familia yako,ata aibu auna,kwanza wewe ndo mlevi kupindukia,kazi ni kuomba omba ……..styl up.

  • KSB ni yetu na kanjora feki feki hatatoa comments.He must have drank something very strong to begin connecting the murder of those kids with the comments here. The Reverend said at the Sigtuna memorial that we must listen. If only Mwaura could listen to others instead ya kuwa domo kaya, he can be a wonderful person.His mouth runs faster than his brain.

  • Shiro tuliza boli.Are you the lawyer of Mwaosh?That’s Nick’s opinion. Mwaura aliasha moto sasa let him enjoy the heat.

  • Politicians do not talk shit about potential voters otherwise u lose votes. What is hppening with our son here is that he has become unpopular because he does not jua how to do his politics well because he does not understand how politics goes. I think that is why people are angry.

  • comments to include name and email address?Mwaura wants to dictate KSB. He is not gonna succeed because we love the comments section.No to him for saying so at a private party.How uncivilized of him to tell Osewe at that place.It means he was attacking Osewe too. This blog has always had good things about Mwaura.Can he tell us how the murder confessed woman was blocked from talking to people because of KSB? Don’t be paranoid Mwaura, otherwise you will start claiming you hear people talking inside your head because you fear KSB.

  • The Word of God tells us to have the mind of Christ, it is an impossible thing without first accepting Christ as your Lord and Savior. He loves all of His children even this woman who did this aweful thing. Let us who read this make a choice today who we will serve and spend eternity with. Will it be the Devil who’s mission is to steal, kill, and destroy or Christ Jesus who came that we might have life and life more abundantly. If your reading this and you don’t know Jesus, ask Him into ur heart

  • On the murder issue, people hopefully will learn from this story and try to seek help if they feel backed in a corner of depression…talk to a pastor, doctor, or anyone that can help…Life is something only given by God..we don’t have the right to take a life….

  • Makozewe, you have tried to bring some warning here but I don’t think its going to work because people seem to be having personal problems to settle. They are saying what they cannot say openly and the person who start it was Mwaura’s comments at the Party (I was there and it was very nasty to have done that because he was not invited) and his attack to commentators he doesn’t really know. When you go to someone’s private party, you don’t bring other issues that are irrelevant. if you have issues, you settle them at another forum not at the party. At the party, you just keep cool and do what brought you there, not hit at other people with other things that are no important. and then you are emotional as if someone had died and people were happy with the baby baptism and you make them sad with bogus talk. That is the problem.

  • Even if she was depressed, it was not an excuse to hurt or kill the beautiful children.
    She is a DEVIL.

  • There are other routes you can take if you can’t handle parenthood. AS for judging her,I WILL because no one has the right to decide who lives and who dies, where would we be if everyone thought like that?

  • ipanema thank yu its very true.seee many comentators are driven away by satan pliz let us pray for 1 another,koz evrybody came here for a reson.mwaura is trying his luck and its very goood to try than watu wengine kumwonea jicho ,aliongea koz he fiil it was beter for somepeople,everybody walikuwa wakitingi,za vichwa to show that there are in for it,on sunday afternoon,jameni wacheni kuwa vigeugeu,nowander wakenya hamtawahi kuendelea.kwasababu kila mtu anataka ku win mwingine,mwaura alisema tuuungane as a kenyan community ,and at the end kilamtu ata faidika,so mwaura twe hamwe na urathimwe.

  • someone said that wakenya are very dangerous people. on friday, they came to mourn in church and listened to the talk all over. after, they returned to ksb to write comments so hi ksb ni kama pombe. even if you are told to quit, you listen to the so called good people telling you to quit but as soon as u reach home, you open your computer and start writing the very shit you were warned against. now see, the people who listened to mwaura at the party are the same people attacking him here and saying he was not invited blah blah. tindi moja at ksb becomes tindi mbili halau tindi tatu then you become a member then you put it yr home page then you go out and say you don’t read ksb eti people are writing bullshit and gossip and yet you are the people! that is why it will not be solved. this is my pesa nane comment and i am rait. may be tumerogwa but i don’t know. may be it is isolation and ksb keeps things running and give opportunity kutoa hasira baada ya kufagia na kuosha masaani jikoni na kutandika vitanda na kupanguza. I like it when i come home after kupanguza and find ksb has put 1000 comments to read then i take my kinywaji and sit down. this is entertainment but i don’t know. may be someone will tell us. gukuhiriria mbaara tikuo kurua. just be real.

  • Kikuyu Na PESA>Watch the Video how Money has been worshipped in Kenya >Wifes >Men Marrying Many Wives> A Bewitched Nation>!

  • Shiro, NOBODY is envious/jealous of this Mwaura. He only feeds himself, his family and drinks with his money. He is not a President, Jesus, or a millionaire with gold nuggets/bling bling dangling on his neck for one to feel wivu. Wivu wa nini? Don’t use words that are not applicable to this discussion. The topic is about Mwaura spreading phobia about KSB commentators. Mwaura should do his stuff without shooting his mouth with nonsense about KSB commentators.

    He should talk less and drink less alcohol in public because he is a politician within the Social Democratic Party. Most Swedish people would not be happy with the garbage he sometimes lets out of his mouth especially when he says that he represents their oldest political party. Public image is very important and when Mwaura’s case is mentioned humorously or in harsh words at KSB, he should be happy that Kenyans are noting his weaknesses and should learn from them. Again, hakuna mtu ana wivu na Mwaura, unless you tell us who.

  • i think some women should be psychological evaluated before being allowed to procreate to avoid such things in the future…this blog has helped many and its really our daily dose of a pill recomended by a doctor..osewe keep on informing us,dont let anyone bring you down at still waiting for story ya nyumbani in vain about the know what i mean osewe..ile yetu ya ksb..inside story/behind the scenes..this sophia is the biggest pretender when she called social and they refused to help she would have fallen on the floor like the way she did when the murder suspect confessed the killings.i think she also needs to be locked up with the woman as she participated in the murder.

    KSB: The team tries to put the “Nyumbani version” together but it is up to society to deal with realities that open up and seek solutions. Thanks for seperating the message from the messanger. I hear you. It’s a very tragic and painful storo to say the least.

  • Mwaura nenda utishe watu wa Thika who worship you believeing wewe ni kanjora. Hapa kila mtu anajitafutia ugali yake kwa hivo heshimu commentators wa KSB. No amount of fear that you spread will stop us. KSB is the news channel which has kept Kenya-Stockholm well ahead of many Kenyan groups in the Diaspora because KSB discusses politics, social and economic concerns for Wakenya. hata wapinzani read KSB yet when they sit with other Wakenya, they pretend eti: “I don’t know anything about KSB”, or “Hiyo blog ya Osewe mimi siipendi”.

    I went to visit a couple from another tribe and the wife said openly “hiyo blog ya mjaluo mimi sitaki mambo yake – inaingilia nyumba za watu”. When the wife went into the bathroom, the husband told me he reads the blog daily and comments. He continued saying that twice he has found his wife reading KSB then would pretend that it just appeared on her computer screen and she could not close the page. The moral of the story is that “pretenders are the worst enemies”. Read KSB without fear of being called a KISS Agent.

  • it seems some pple have scores to settle with mwaura pliz stop talking so many empty words most of u know where he lives go knock at his door and call him all the all the names u want to maneno maneno matupu stop being cowards go and sort it out with him……by the way the one who said he was not invited to the party was the party urs ata wewe ulikuwa gatecrusher ….na venye ulikuwa unateta… the way shame on you.

    KSB: Stick to the point.

  • Kamaa don’t get worked up for nothing.Osewe brought up a topic that can only be discussed within the comments section and so far irked commentators have given Mwaura their piece of mind. Nobody will go to his private residence to whack his butt or settle scores/insult him as you suggested, because that would give the article a new dimension, which only the police would solve. Stick to the current agenda and back him up as his homeboy or whatever soberly, without indulging brawn or matusi at his home.

    Ni hapa mtandaoni ndipo tutazidi kumenyana na Mwaura.

  • Kamaa acha zako.nobody is having personal problems with Mwaura other than telling him to go easy on shooting his mouth fwaa fwaa on meaningless things.

  • Mwaura should style up and behave respectfully as the baba watoto and the politician he is. He does not expect others to respect him and his words if all he can do is spread unfounded gossip on KSB commentators. The comments are going nowhere so Mwaura should stop being paranoid. Maybe he can tell us if nyumba yake imevunjwa na commentators.

  • @shiro, wewe i think hauelewe y mwaura is in trouble here. he went and gatecrashed kwa party ya wenyewe! then badala ya kuomba wenye party msamaha akaanza kuleta maneno ya muaji!! you are saying that sisi ni wifu!! oh my god! what has mwaura achieved here? mwaura hakuna mtu anamsikilia wifu but pple are so fedup with his mouth!! if he has achived any thing then ni kwenda kwao na kudanganya watu wa kijiji chao ati yeye ni kajora!! bure kabisa.
    kama we dont have any problem na mwaura bwana, you pple have to understand y all this things happened, i was at the party na sikupenda vile mwaura attaked osewe. we went there for totaly something else, ubatizo.

  • @musapili umenena kabisa. Kumbe huko kwenye karamu Mwaura hakualikwa? Sasa amejivuwa ngotha mbele ya watu. He gatecrashed yet had the guts to attack sisi commentators hapa kamukunjini KSB? Then we must continue to crash him here at KSB because he attacked the wrong group for selfish ends eti kujijenga politically.Huyu jamaa domo domo tuu na kujisifu huku twajuwa machafu anayofanya.Mwaura should stop his loud mouth which runs like River Chania.

  • I am a KISS Agent and will break your home so please don’t talk near me. Kibaki angesema kumbaff mavi ya kuku. you want us to write our names and email addresses here? To achieve what? Thika ulikotoka yaonekana imekufuata mpaka huwezi kufikiria kwamba kwenye blogu hakuna sheria ya kumlazimisha mwaandishi/mjadili kujitambua.take KSB cpmmentators to the Kikuyu Council of Elders which you personally chair.

  • Cease fire….calm down everyone, lets all take a deeeep breathe…

  • Mwaura what were u thinking when u gatecrashed a private party then used ur mdomo bagi to embarrass attack KSB commentators? Did u score any political points? Hiyo siasa yako ya peni nane ya kutafuta kura by insulting others will never get u anywhere. U will still want votes in the future, so be very careful how u behave publicly.We know ur past history with wanawake in Stockholm na ukipiga Ng’we, basi utaona cha mtema kuni. By now u should have stopped ur loose talk about escapades zako na akina mama wa Thika na wengine wengi hapa Stockholm because u r in politics and should respect urself. Remember the Social Democratic Party members are reading all this ujinga juu yako. Useless Thika man who deos not want to improve self-image.

  • From what I can see here, this thread is now many comments but there seem ro be no support for this man Mwaura. This means that there must be something wrong with him somewhere and he needs to sit down and have a hard look in the mirror. This is a typical case in which society is rejecting someone. You have a private party and invite friends and people you love dearly to witness the baptism of your nice baby then someone gate crashes and and you open your mouth na surprise. Halafu, the gate crasher still has the guts to rise up, take the microphone and spoil the good party mood with uongo za kutukana wakenya eti wanaandika mambo KSB. Mwaura should sit with his family, discuss this mattervery seriously and reform because he can still do better. He ows KSB commentators alitukana an apology.

  • takeabreakfrom mwaura and see this
  • In politics, there is something called public opinion. Governments change policy when public opinion is against what they want to do. A government would rather force a corrupt officer to resign other than mess up public opinion. In this case, Mwaura has lost it. Where are all those noise makers who were in church and who were attacking us. Why can’t they come and have a debate? why have they left Mwaura alone to be roasted here? That is wakenya in Stockholm. When they smell danger, they desert you even if you have been good friends.

  • Welcome back sweet heart Miss Marple. I have missed you very much darling. Can you please negotiate a cease fire?

  • Kweli KSB is run by the people. Mwaura, I will continue to pray for you. Be strong and please, remember that life has a lot of tribulations. You are undergoing temptation and you need to focus. Try to think about it.

  • Mwaura mwana wa Thika. Hiyo domo ndio inakuharibia vitu vingi. Must u dominate talk everywhere u go? U gate crashed a private party then ended up taking the platform to KSB commentators.Kwani tulikula mbuzi yako? wewe style up u take care of familia yako na kazi. Hii domo domo umepiga miaka mingi only lowers your marks. we want u as a public figure to give a good image sio ya manamba.

  • Ati Kanjora Daniel Arap Mwaura >Get guts and smell the Coffee if not Kenya tea!

  • What is Mwauras (Botkyrka ledamot(Sossarna) education background in Kenya? Masomo ya Ngumbaro) He stoops so low .primitive,deceiver,Katili,Kigeu-geu, na kadhalika >Can you just Shut up your mouth.please Washana na mkebe.You are no longer teenage,

  • musapili ati wifu? attaked? you are ashaming your swahili and eglish teachers but don’t worry we tried to understand you.mellin wacha ukabila,mwaura enda chini ya maji for sometime n come back sobber ready for the game. But usijali pia yesu alipitia mengi

  • eti specialized nurse. Alisoma lini mambo ya kuwa nurse? Mwaura go slow uwache uchokozi.KSB is a platfom and do not go around attacking us. Tutakupiga rungu ya Internet.

  • Mwaura heee haaaaa u gate crashed a private party? shame on u. Hutaweza KSB commentators because we r here to stay.unapenda vya bure na huna heshima kwa commentators.

  • @cony! what do you mean eglish? what laguage is that? hapa ni story za kajora not larning a laguage bwana! look at your face first b4 looking at others! dont read if you cant understand

  • Musapili, achana na cony. Huyu mwananchi ni kama ame kunywa kitu. The thing ni ya kwamba kanjola ame mess sana na cony ni kama ame tupa mbao. I am a friend of Kanjola na commentator. Sasa, nilikua kwa party nikasikiza vile he shambuliad us after gate crashing. I was not happy either. Kanjola lazima aji examine tena kama ana taka marafiki zake. Hakuna mutu ana jua komenteta ni nani so you can’t just attack them. Hi mnyama Komenteta ni wewe na mimi. I gave him my vote lakini sasa, am thinking.

  • thank you mabati ,thank you umesema na nimeelewa. cony pole sana, i hope unaelewa comp za zingine mtu akibonyesha sirafi fulani,husahau na kubonyesha nyigine. lugha twaijua banaaa. lakini kajora lazima tumpe haki yake au sio? maanake siku sijazo asije akapayuka kama vile yeye hupayuka payuka popote panapo umati.
    sisi kama watu wa jamhuri ya kenya, tumeaapa ya kwamba kajora hatatutenganisha hapa kwa mtandao wa osewe ama popote pale. na jambo ligine ningependa kuwaeleza wakenya popote walipo, kama haujaalikwa kwa karamu tafadhali usikaribie pale, mimi mwenyewe nilialikwa na mama mtoto na nilikuwa na furaha nyingi sana kwa ubaatizo wa mtoto hadi kajora alipowasili. wote tulishikwa na putwanzi!i kwani hatukuelewa ni nani aliye mwalika huyu fake kajora. wasomaji! kama yeye anataka kura, basi na akazitafute kuleee botkyrka anakoishi yeye,, lakini si kwa karamu ya wengine. laleni unono juu juu zaidiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • Please, please , please kenyans let’s give Mwaura a break. For the sake of his family and his teenage boy, whom I’m sure visits KSB on a daily basis. You may defend your rights to comments BUT i differ with you going into personal life. Please lets draw the boundaries. I’m very sure that Mwaura is regreting what he said. Lets preach peace and not war. Have a blessed day!

  • @gregory aka proud kille #8: did you really mean what you wrote? Who are these women who came to Sweden to become maids or sluts? can you name them? Also, who are these men who have a phobia for the educated people? Whom have you ever heard celebrating for buying a flat screen TV in Kenya-Stockholm?

    You are the type that will never prosper in life because you have no agenda. If contributing to such a simple topic makes you write irrelevant things, it shows that you never understood essay or comprehension writing from whatever educational training you had; if at all. I have never read such bullcrap. How many Kenyans do you feed, accommodate and employ for you to categorize them as such? You must be a composition of all those characteristics you wrote. Shame on you: I hope you continue living on the Swedish welfare state funding. There is free adult education in Sweden for you. Make full use of it. What a retard you are!

  • @mkenya: who has written something inappropriate about Mwaura?
    1. he is too loud-mouthed and refuses to change despite warnings
    2. he drinks and then behaves inappropriately infront of people
    3. he has continuously said that he is a councillor while we now know he is a subsitute member at Botkyrka Kommun – only comes when madosi are not there
    4. he has a young family but does not mind his public image
    5. he gate crashes a private baptism party and attacked KSB commentators, embarassing the host and guests alike

    These are raw facts that cannot be disputed.

  • Mwaosh wa Thika nakuonea huruma. Mara you shout unnecessarily aiming attacks at wakenya enjoying their rights at KSB, mara wadanganya wewe ni kanjora. Mwaura nobody cares about what you do so please mind your own business and stop attacking KSB commentators! The fact that many people are not happy with your behaviour should be a warning for you to change your bad ways. Something must be wrong somewhere and you need to correct it. The outpouring hapa ina maanisha ya kwamba umewekwa na watu wegi who have just been waiting for an opportunity to attack and you did give them that chance.

  • @mkenya: do you also know that Osewe’s family accompanied him to the after baptism party and was shocked to hear his blog commentators being attacked? Did Mwaura have any iota of sympathy when subjecting Osewe to such an unnecessary attack? Why could’nt he call him aside? Mwaura ni bure sana.

  • Pastor Lai is coming to Stockholm on October 9th, so Mwaura can go for serious prayers aache umbeya, domo domo na kujisifu eti no kanjola. we know the people that got saved when Pastor Kamau visited from USA in 2009. Mwaura really needs prayers to change. Warnings are not enough. Prayers and getting saved will help him to moderate the kind of garbage that comes out of his mouth.

  • merkeli welll toked @gegory shame on yu once again,may be even kuandika haujuwi uliandikiwa,@avanza in this life yu nid to b strong n dont give a fuck to what people say about you,koz you willl end up geting depresssion,stess for nothing,.are yo God to know how many people do not like mwaura or his behaviour?you are the one yyou should mind your own business.,

  • Mwaura should shape up and not think Stockholm is Thika. He behaved like a village chief ordering that commentators should write their personal data at KSB. Huyu jamaa ana domo inayokimbia haraka. He can train himself by talking less. Lakini he cannot because he is a naturally born noise maker. Ashindwe!

  • @shiro u have turned your AK-47 on me for nothing. Over 85 people have expressed their negative views apart from the few sympathetic ones like you. To me that is enough evidence that Mwaura within this context has lost it. Am not interested in what people think about him in real life. Ni hapa that matters now and I will keep on writing it because I have the full freedom of expression. Am not stressed, depressed and just wonder whether you really understood my previous comment.

  • @shiro you either support or don’t support Mwaura. That is the point here. otherwise wewe kuanza ku judge avanza na humjui will not get you far. stick to the point and stop including unnecessary finger pointing. I know Mwaura ni wenu but acha kuingilia wengine without proper things to write.

  • The Light that Dazzle

    This is dedicated to Kanjors (Bandia) Daniel Mwaura >>>Daniel Cant you find a friend so faithful!Who will Your sorrows share >Jesus knows all of our every weakness take it to the Lord in Prayers!

    Do thy friends despise for sake thee? take it it to the lord in Prayer.

    You must repent like that prodigal son and Jesus wioll save you no matter your sins are red like blood of an Goat.

  • Mwaura tunakuombea utuliye. U are a good man so keep strong and accept the Lord Jesus who will help you to look at social life differently. Please read these wise verses from the Bible because they will guide you:

    The Bible tells us that “a perverse man stirs up dissension, and a gossip separates close friends” (Proverbs 16:28). Many a friendship has been ruined over a misunderstanding that started with gossip. Those who engage in this behavior do nothing but stir up trouble and cause anger, bitterness, and pain among friends. Sadly, some people thrive on this and look for opportunities to destroy others. And when such people are confronted, they deny the allegations and answer with excuses and rationalizations. Rather than admit wrongdoing, they blame someone else or attempt to minimize the seriousness of the sin. “A fool’s mouth is his undoing, and his lips are a snare to his soul. The words of a gossip are like choice morsels; they go down to a man’s inmost parts” (Proverbs 18:7-8).

    Those who guard their tongues keep themselves from calamity (Proverbs 21:23). So we must guard our tongues and refrain from the sinful act of gossip. If we surrender our natural desires to the Lord, He will help us to remain righteous. May we all follow the Bible’s teaching on gossip by keeping our mouths shut unless it is necessary and appropriate to speak.

    “A gossip betrays a confidence; so avoid a man [or woman] who talks too much” (Proverbs 20:19).

  • By taking a shape, by having a visible plan, you open yourself to attack. Instead of taking a form for your enemy to grasp, keep yourself adaptable and on the move. Accept the fact that nothing is certain and no law is fixed. The best way to protect yourself is to be as fluid and formless as water; never bet on stability or lasting order. Everything changes.

  • #Shiro check your spellings before you attack Gregory.Its seams you are one of the sluts he`s talking about ama you saw a lioness in classroom.

  • Mwaura might have done something wrong,but must we condemn him like a killer.Please people thats why if one says you are not styled up u jump to the rooftop. talking a bout his life style, and going out of the topic at hand.mushindwe. I tend to believe that there are some truth in his wording and this the reason all of you are going nuts.

  • @Binzi #84. Please don’t get me wrong. There is no war here. Osewe and Mwaura are good friends and should be left to solve this problem together. Please don’t speak out of context. Thanks!

  • watu wazima bule tuu mafi ya kuku. kutukanana kama watoto wadogo ati( mchogwano) peleka utatuacha hapa hapa tuko…wazazi wenu hawakuafunza. hii is homescience fitina nyingi ya nini.mtasema usiku mtalala. imekuwa mtaro wa porojoporojo huyu akisema naye yule anasema yafaa kuogea maneno mzuri maneno ya kujenga sisi tofauti yenu akuna kitu… huyu ni mtoto wa darasa la tano… kajairo

  • Acheni ukabila

  • Mko na maneno Kaa wakenya wa Zurich but hope justice wil be attained 4 the boys

  • wendy #98: so there was some truth in Mwaura’s allegation that the perceived fear of talking to fellow Kenyans made the murder suspect not to reveal her problems? That KSB commentators would attack her once the story was out? That KSB commentators do instil fear in Kenya-Stockholm? Can you mention what you tend to believe is true in his wording? How long have you known Mwaura? You must be new in Kenya-Stockholm to give such a daft view. Do you know how one condemns a killer? Check the comments on the murder suspect then you will know that people are kind to Mwaura. Trust me, the verdict on the Kenyan mama confessed killer will have nothing to do with KSB commentators.

    Mwaura is a public figure yet he keeps embarrassing the Swedish political party he represents. Some of us know his loose mouth that churns irrelevant words which often leave both the hosts and the guests shocked. This is a golden chance for him to review his personality. It’s not too late for him to change. Sometimes one learns from collective condemnation.

    Commentator #86 sibby has provided traits that describe Mwaura.

  • wendy #98 stop playing the sweet angel on Mwaura. What truth is there in what he said? Read and understand OSewe’s storo properly.Mwaura talks without thinking and that is a fact.

  • Mwaura wa Thika pia aandike maoni yake hapa ajitetee. Luckily there were witnesses who heard him dressing down Osewe’s KSB commentators. A friend of mine who attended the party told me he was so disgusted that once again Mwaura had stood up to talk trash.

  • @wendy: Mwaura’s public behavior is his undoing and if you knew him well, you’d also wish he could change. Anyway, Osewe’s last paragraph winds up the long story so well:

    “We will stop there for now as we continue to compile this sister’s tragic story. In the meantime, we would warn those attacking KSB commentators to direct their energies elsewhere because these commentators have nothing to do with the deaths of the children. We will soon return to this topic as a matter of “national concern” because it has too many angles which need to be explored”.

  • 99 Comments ,but there is not even one supporting this rapacious former Kijabe Boys secondary Schools,So Mr Daniel its time for you to shut -Up and grow both Socially and politically.

  • wendy u are the one to style up 4 not understanding that Mwaura needs thwacking at KSB. huyu mchokozi never cared when talking nonsense, so let him also meet the wrath of commentators.

  • mkenya #99: there is no war. i only emphasized that Mwaura should have been careful at the party.Of course Mwaura and Osewe are good friends but that does not mean using a private platform to attack his commentators.The issue is already raised here and commentators are solving it by giving their minds. It will not be solved at another private party.

  • Mwash, Mwaosh, Mwaura…why did you attack KSB commentators? You really need to stop behaving as you did many years ago and respect your public image. Some of us are members in the Social Democratic Party and feel you ashame us. We did vote for you even though you never made it but then, you came to say you made it. This is embarassing. I don’t support those attacking you outside the issues that were raised. I want you to look at it this way. You have had functions at your place. you have in the past invited people and they came. How did you feel the day someone walked on your glass table after some disagreement? instead of learning how painful it was, you go to some one else’s party and mess it up with irrelevant talk. Those are the things you talk about in a pub where the following day, you can blame it on pombe and people will understand you. The sole reason why you are being attacked here is because you chose the wrong forum. As a politician, calculate your moves otherwise you end up in a mtaro. People don’t sympathize with you because you carry yourself as a “public figure”. The most important thing for these kind of people the world over is their public image. If some chokora has attacked KSB commentators at the Party or some alcoholic, wakenya could have ignored. When who the hell is he? is asked, the answer is kanjola. then, what kanjola is this? next time you go public, think about what you want to say and whether it is necessary. People here are giving you medicine to cure your problem. They are the ulimwengu and when they are the ones to teach you, it’s not always good or interesting.

  • 110 comments and counting. If this had been a polling in Botkyrka Kommun, he could have been kicked out of the boardroom. Kweli this man Mwaosh is unpopular.

  • The energy used here could have been good for collecting funds for those who are dying back in kenya.(kenyans4 kenya.)I know ks did nothing on this.You made Mwaura such an important news for nothing just because of jealousy his made it with his Domo.The same way pnu made it.

  • Msana #112 the issue of assumed jealousy for Mwaura has been quashed and thrown into the trash can by many. Check comments #24, 31, 47, and 58. The substitute’s seat Mwaura occupies at Botkyrka Kommun pays peanuts per sitting that is why he still maintains his current jo kwa wazee to pay his bills. This information is public. Mwaura has got his 15 minutes of negative fame at KSB which is not important news as you think.

    In your opinion, why would the commentators be jealous of Mwaura in this context? That domo he has made it with should not include baseless attacks at a private party as he did last Saturday.

    Let Kenyans4kenya do their thing just like KSB commentators are busy condemning Mwaura. Not everybody can be everywhere. Msana, how much money have you collected for the dying people in Kenya? The topic here is about responding to Mwaura’s attacks on KSB commentators.

  • Msana you are totally out of topic. Jealousy for Mwaura? Oh my God, how cheap!

  • Hee heeeee msana,. Keep trying on the jealousy angle of commentators on Mwaura.Commentators don’t eat and breathe Mwaura.Time spent here is one’s own and as long as it does not affect you, there should be no worry.DOes any commentator affect your private time, money or personality? Do you feed and cloth any commentator and feel time spent by them here gives you any loss? Quit tripping!

  • @Fresh Prince I gave up even before I started. Ata nimechanganyikiwa!

  • Poor guy i hope he learns a lession.

  • Toddy #115 don`t be bitter.I believe you are one of the few kenyans who depend on social.Its good you said Kanjora has a job besides.To mean his better off than most of you who can`t give there free time for humanity.whether his paid or working for free at the end of the day he represents all who needs.Kazi ni kazi.Forkojembes..

  • @msana, I repeat, quit tripping! You did’nt even know what I wrote. You are the type that responds without understanding a comment. Keep believing in your hot air and remember even a dog can communicate on the Internet!

  • This topic has run out of steam and we need a new one. Any loud-mouthed out there ready to attack KSB commentators? Any Wendy who sympathizes with kanjora?

  • Mwaura should meet Prophet Dr. David Owuor who is coming to Stockholm on October 2, for serious prayers to cool his loud mouth. Amen!

  • a loud-mouthed person often says rude or stupid things in a loud voice

  • Tumechoka sasa na hii topic ya kanjora.Hope he has learnt something from all these comments.And if he hasnt learnt then something is very wrong with him.KSB juu zaidi.

  • takeabreakfrom mwaura and see this
  • Someone I work with visits your site regularly and recommended it in my experience to read as well. The writing style is great and also the content is top-notch. Thanks for the insight you supply the readers! You are really a talented and powerful writer capable of exploring many genres without losing both scope and depth of the subject matter. You are really a resource person to society, fearless, factual and consistent.

  • matthew perry-severe depression, anxiety
    justin timberlake-obsessive compulsive disorder, attention deficiency disorder
    harrison ford-depression, obsessive compulsive disorder

    i don’t know if they still have it and im not sure if this is true, but by looking at some of them, it seems like they do and maybe had it before. i found these on the internet.

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