Breaking News: MP Harun Mwau Blacklisted by President Obama

Obama says MP Mwau is a drug King-pin in Kenya

The White House
Office of the Press Secretary
For Immediate Release
June 01, 2011

MP Mwau: Kenya's drug King-pin

Letter from the President on the Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act

Dear Mr. Chairman:  (Dear Madam Chairman:)
(Dear Representative:) (Dear Senator:)

This report to the Congress, under section 804(a) of the Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act, 21 U.S.C. 1901-1908 (the “Kingpin Act”), transmits my designations of the following seven foreign individuals as appropriate for sanctions under the Kingpin Act and reports my direction of sanctions against them under the Act:

  • Manuel Torres Felix (Mexico)
  • Gonzalo Inzunza Inzunza (Mexico
  • Haji Lal Jan Ishaqzai (Afghanistan)
  • Kamchybek Asanbekovich Kolbayev (Kyrgyzstan)
  • John Harun Mwau (Kenya)
  • Naima Mohamed Nyakiniywa (Kenya)
  • Javier Antonio Calle Serna (Colombia)




  • Nyakiniywa alias Mama Lela has three different passports and is among three Kenyans being held in Tanzania after being found with five kilos of cocaine valued at Sh22 million.

    The three Kenyans were seized in Dar es Salaam’s Mbezi suburbs beach. Police are also said to have seized three vehicles belonging to the suspects. Three other Tanzanians were arrested in the operation.

    The officers said Nyakiniywa had the haul of cocaine that she intended to sell to locals. She has been on the run from Kenya where she is wanted for a number of drug trafficking cases.

    Anti-narcotics officials in Nairobi said she is also linked to a case in which a Kenyan is fighting extradition to Germany over drug trafficking.

    Under the US laws, the Kingpin Act blocks all property and interests in property, subject to US jurisdiction, owned or controlled by significant foreign narcotics traffickers as identified by the President.

    The sanctions are contained in a letter sent by President Obama to the US congress dated June 1, 2011. The letter is posted on the White House official website.

    Under the US laws, the Kingpin Act blocks all property and interests in property, subject to U.S. jurisdiction, owned or controlled by significant foreign narcotics traffickers as identified by the President.

    Mwau is among four members of Parliament who were investigated over drug trafficking by police last year and a report tabled in parliament exonerating them all from the illegal trade.

    He was investigated alongside Gidion Mbuvi (Makadara MP), Hassan Joho (Kisauni MP) and William Kabogo, MP for Juja.

    Internal Security Minister Professor George Saitoti later announced that the report he presented in Parliament was a preliminary document, implying that an investigation against them was still underway.

    Former US ambassador to Kenya Michael Ranneberger said investigators from his country were in Kenya assisting local police in the drug trafficking investigations against the MP’s and other individuals suspected to traffic in narcotics.

    By Cyrus Ombati

  • Tells a lot about our corrupt Kenyan justice system. Mwau and other suspected drug-dealing MPs like Sonko, Kabogo and Joho were investigated by police and freed from all allegations. So what can smiling Wako tell us? He has never allowed any prosecution of such fellows!

  • Obama should cast the net wide. Drug trafficking and corruption are choking Kenya to death, destroying the future of Kenyan children and youth. The Kibaki govt has decided to do nothing. All that is needed for evil to thrive is to do nothing. Kibaki has done nothing. Obama has acted.

  • “And the guy is an MP and until recently an Assistant Minister”. Amazing Kenya, with two out of Seven globally… You know, this regime of Mwai Kibabi has been a regime of quite wide contrasts. Very good things have happened and terrible things have happened. Is this democracy?

  • Mao Zedong Zeitun

    Does Purity Muhindi ,the Stockholm Ambassador deal with Cocain hence high corruption within the Embassy itself and the Most rapacious drug agent hidin g there with diplomatic Impunity & suppries drugs all-over nordic countries.Is there any crue from the swedish criminal police?There are funny calachters working at the Embassy .But what is in Public domain is that for a long time The Stockholm Kenya Embassy and its staff & personnels has been dealings with Pass/ports /Visas /Moneychanging /Contract Procurement/End User certificates in weapons smuggling etc.For example During Ronald Reagan & the Contra scandles!

  • Obama freezes Mwau assets in US over drug trafficking
    Friday, June 3 2011

    The assets of Kilome MP Harun Mwau in the United States have been frozen following his designation as one of the global drug trafficking kingpins by President Barack Obama, effectively cutting off any business links he may have with US citizens and corporations.

    In a report to Congress on Tuesday, president Obama also named another Kenyan known as Naima Mohamed Nyakiniywa or Mama Lela in a list of seven drug lords.

    The others were Manuel Torres Felix and Gonzalo Inzunza Inzunza from Mexico, Kamchybek Asanbekovich Kolbayev from Kyrgyzstan; Haji Lal Jan Ishaqzai from Afghanistan and Javier Antonio Calle Serna from Colombia.

    “The aim is to disrupt their financial networks to ensure that they are not used for money laundering,” said the Public Affairs Officer at the US Embassy in Nairobi.

    The designation means that the movement of financial assets of Mr Mwau and his associates — individuals and organisations — will be closely monitored by governments and the International Police Organisation (Interpol).

    Kenya Anti Corruption Commission Director PLO Lumumba said Police Commissioner Mathew Iteere had asked KACC to investigate any aspects of corruption involving Mr Mwau following the designation.

    “I can confirm that we are working very closely with the Kenya Police on this matter,” he said, pointing to how quick the noose can tighten on persons regarded by the world’s only superpower as business or political pariahs.

    The European Union is likely to act on the recommendation of the White House going by trends that show EU embassies take the cue from US action on such matters.

    EU action may include travel bans and, potentially, a freeze of assets.

    It was not clear what the two Kenyans own in the US. A White House official said the Treasury Department, on whose advise the president acted, will coordinate identification of the assets and give orders for their freeze.

    The designation means that Mr Mwau cannot do business with an American citizen or an organisation registered in America because that would expose it to heavy fines.

    An earlier Kenya Police investigation on the MP over drug trafficking claims indicated that he was a shareholder in the supermarket chain Nakumatt Holdings, which will not now be allowed to do business with US companies.

    Other companies he is associated with, according to the police report include Mwundo Ltd, Africa Centre for Hope Initiative Everywhere, Harun International Ltd, JH City Ltd, Preme Ltd, JN Records Ltd, Pepe Enterprises Ltd, Sheltown Ltd, Sports Champions Ltd, Tom Brown Ltd, Vitu Ltd and Kuston Kenya Ltd.

    Nakumatt had two years ago gone on a publicity drive promoting its intention to take in Satya Capital, a London-based private investment firm and Kingdom Holding Company, an investment group associated with the Saudi Arabia royal family as strategic partners.

    The company wanted an injection of Sh2 billion but the plans were shelved because the parties could not agree on the price. An investment company sponsored by American taxpayers was also being mentioned as a potential partner. The other Kenyan, Naima Mohamed Nyakiniywa or Mama Lela, is said to be a businesswoman operating from Nairobi and travelling on Kenya passport number A735832. Although she has never been arrested with drugs, she has been profiled through arrests of several couriers at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

    On Thursday, reports by Tanzania police said a Kenyan woman with similar names was arrested in Mbezi Beach, Dar-es-salaam on Tuesday alongside two other Kenyans while carrying five kilogrammes of cocaine.

    Mr Obama sent the latest designations to the US Congress under the Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act. He said the letter “transmits my designations of the following seven foreign individuals as appropriate for sanctions under the Kingpin Act and reports my direction of sanctions against them under the Act.”

    Under US law, the Kingpin Act blocks all property and interests in property, subject to US jurisdiction, owned or controlled by foreign narcotics traffickers as identified by the president. The designation is the biggest blow so far to the association of Kilome MP with drug trafficking after years of speculation which culminated in investigations by the Kenya Police and the US Embassy in Nairobi earlier this year.

    The designation alongside alleged kingpins in Mexico, Columbia and Afghanistan where drug trade is worth billions of dollars and has led to deaths of about 31,000 people in Mexico since 2006 indicates the sophistication of drug trafficking in Kenya.

    Kenya’s relatively developed financial sector, lack of anti-money laundering law — until this year — and high incidence of corruption are some of the factors that make the country attractive to transnational criminals. However, improved security at JKIA has led to high profile arrests of drug traffickers.

    In December last year, the US Embassy named Mr Mwau among other prominent Kenyans as the kingpins of drug trafficking. The former Trade assistant minister was then asked to resign from his ministerial position by the two principals to facilitate investigations.


  • What does it say of our country that we have 2 drug lords mentioned in a list of 7? Wow. Think, work and grow rich indeed. That is not what Napoleon Hill had in mind. These people are in for a turbulent ride. The US laws are enforced with zeal and sooner or later they will have their properties seized, banks frozen and they even find themselves in a US court like did one Manuel Ortega Noriega who sold drugs far from US shores but the US got him anyway. Why are International forces targeting Kenya with a laser beam? Because we are this close to being one of the best economies in Africa but for a few rotten apples…

  • Names of Kenya’s 5 Drug Barons
    By David Goldman

    Strategic Intelligence News is in pursuit of the high profile drug barons in Kenya. We are currently doing a surgical intelligence analysis from our source from the United States and local intelligence to make a comprehensive report on who make up the list of the top 5 drug barons banned to travel to the US.

    According to CIA and NSIS collaboration, 5 top Kenyan officials were blacklisted as persons of bad conduct and that they practice businesses that are not convectional. However, the investigations were conducted by US DEA, drug enforcement agency.

    Intelligence reports classify them as high profile personalities of Kenyan origin.

    Our analysts have narrowed down this list to the following clusters

    A recently elected MP

    An assistant minister,

    A Coast province MP

    A Central province MP

    A Mombasa based businessman with interests in other parts of the country.

    Our analysis, based on previous intelligence lists the persons of interest in Cluster A-CS-1 as follows:

    Note that, this analysis is based on data of the recent intelligence. On cluster A-CS-1, the most recently elected MPs narrows to the following high profile Kenyan legislators.

    Gideon Mbuvi Kioko-Makandara

    William Kabogo- Juja

    Magaret Wanjiru-Starehe

    As such by eliminating Wanjiru for her church services, we are left with the two (Gideon Mbuvi and William Kabogo)

    On Cluster B-CS-1, we have an assistant minister. On October 2010, Strategic Intelligence followed up the developments and clarified that, Kenya’s NSIS through the Central Bank and Ministry of Finance have decided against giving the bank reprieve besides its top echelon shareholders. This was for the following reason, ‘one of the account holders is a money launderer and drug baron amongst many other things and is a sitting assistant minister.’

    Narrow this to Charter House scandal whereby John Haroun Mwau (Transport), has been immensely named. CBK Governor Andrew Mullei ordered the PWC audit report to check out the financial activities of Charter House Bank – in relation to Nakumatt, John Harun Mwau Group of companies, and the rest of Shah family businesses (Tusker Mattresses, Kingsway Group, Village Market) and PWC found out that the activities of these groups were atrocious.

    It was found out that the account holders were partnering in business with their new cash-holding friends including Somalis supporting pirates to venture in an internal cargo container depot, speedboats, ships, strategic beach locations. This attracted the eyes of the US DEA (drug enforcement agency) which has been investigating secretly the ongoing and concluded their investigation by tabling the list of the 5 as the drug Kingpins

    Cluster C-CS-3 Coast MP narrows to serious allegation against Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s Son Fidel and his association with Coast MP Ali Hassan Joho, who is a businessman with properties and industries in Mombasa who is is adversely mentioned in illegal businesses and could be involved in drug trade.

    Westlands MP is also adversely mentioned in intelligence briefings with regard to his business activities. He is in the cabinet and quite powerful.

    We are continuing with the analysis to narrow the intelligence to specific information, which can help shed light on Kenyan drug trafficking business.

  • Kenya’s drug problem — primarily heroin — has been escalating for years and is partly fueled by corruption, former U.S. Ambassador to Kenya Michael Ranneberger told The Associated Press in an April interview days before he finished his assignment in the country.

    “It is a very serious problem. We have seen a steady increase in narcotic trafficking in Kenya over the past five years and even before that … it is extensive,” Ranneberger said. “At this point it reaches to very senior political levels.”

    Mwau resigned as assistant Minister for Trade in December after Ranneberger gave a report to Kenya’s security minister naming Mwau and three other legislators and asking Kenyan authorities to investigate them for drug trafficking.

    A preliminary report from a police investigation conducted in the port city of Mombasa said it could not find any evidence linking the parliamentarians to drug trafficking.

    “I think there is an enormous amount of corruption involved,” Ranneberger said. “If you talk about narcotics trafficking lots of people could be influenced and you know the so-called police investigation that took place in Mombasa was not serious of course. That investigation is ongoing, by the way. Of course nobody was absolved of anything.”

    Mwau’s office did not immediately respond to calls seeking comment. Nyakiniywa, the other person named, could not be reached Thursday.

    Kenyan police spokesman Eric Kiraithe said Nyakiniywa has been under surveillance. He said officials were trying to confirm reports she was arrested this week in neighboring Tanzania on drug trafficking charges.

    Ranneberger said the major drug being trafficked through Kenya is heroin from Asia, some of which is destined for Europe. A little goes to Canada and some to the U.S., he said.

    Ranneberger said America’s main concern is that the drug trade may further destabilize Kenya.

    The State Department’s International Narcotic Control Strategy Report for 2011 links drug trafficking in Kenya to the country’s culture of impunity, and says it has serious ramifications to the nation’s health, security, and stability.

    TOM ODULA, Associated Press
    Thursday, June 2, 2011

  • Tugende Bakyala

    How comes the drug in metric tons was found to be stored at Kenya Airforce Military Base at Eastleigh?The Base Commander Must be Investigated by DEA/CIA AND FBI!This is very serious .And the PNU-MKM Govt is keeping silence up to now!
    What About The NARC Activist (Mary& Daughter)
    Going to Dubai where she bought drugs worth 6.000.000 (6 million) dOLLARS pURE cOCAIN?

  • This is not a laughing matter.Under the leadership of President Barack Obama,a number of endeavours have been made including the war against terrorism.I salute the US,I salute the President.It is the US that we have often copied on say, governance,the rule of law,respect for human rights,and transparency and accountability.All this we cherish them,they are pillars to a good livelyhood of the concerned citizens.In America we witnessed the case of OJ Simpson;I don’t know whether he killed or not,but the kind of racial feelings which was evident among the whites, is something to note.Then came Mike Tyson.Of recent, the pictures distributed on the internet of Serena Williams with writings to suggest shortfall on Serena’s morals.I felt so bad.I have seen pictures of public figures who are whites but nobody is interested in them.If I may ask,what is so strange with Serena having her leisure at a beach and wearing bikini.She has a good physique,so?What were they thinking about? Now,John Harun Mwau,is professional policeman,an Olymbics sharp shooter for many years,and an astitute businessman.He is connected and a respects the rule of law.He is wealthy so he is a drug trafficker by virtue of his wealth and connections (Just to finish the sentence the way his enemies would wantit).Ridiculars.I have no problem with Michael Rannebeger or President Obama but very unfortunate I do have my reservations.Please Sir give us the evidence agaist Mr Mwau then and only then we can believe you.The naked truth is that US is trying to replace Mwau with their business kingpin and alighn the businesses to their advantage.It is about power and control of business,local and world politics.

  • New names revealed in Ranneberger dossier
    Saturday, 19 February 2011

    RETIRED President Moi’s son Gideon, former beauty queen Deborah Sanaipei, and local musician Prezzo are among the new names in the dossier of suspected drug traffickers tabled by Internal Security minister George Saitoti in Parliament on Thursday.

    Saitoti told Parliament that the dossier had been compiled by the American government and presented to him last year by US ambassador Michael Ranneberger. The same dossier was handed over to the Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

    Although the names in the Ranneberger report are covered by Parliamentary privilege, all those made public so far have vociferously denied any involvement in the drugs trade. Saitoti ordered Police Commissioner Mathew Iteere to conduct investigations on the information in the dossier but the preliminary police report presented this week absolved the MPs of any involvement in the drugs trade and is attached to the Ranneberger dossier which was tabled by Saitoti.

    Five current and former MPs— Juja’s William Kabogo, Kisauni’s Hassan Joho, Kilome’s John Harun Mwau, Makadara’s Gideon Mbuvi aka Mike Sonko, and former Kamukunji MP Simon Mbugua were mentioned when the matter first resurfaced in Parliament last year.

    According to the Ranneberger dossier tabled on Thursday, Gideon Moi is said to be a co-owner with Kabogo of Orbit Transporters, a firm that the dossier says is involved in arms trafficking from Kenya to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

    Political activist Mary Wambui is mentioned but not in connection with drug trafficking. She is cited as a guest of Joho’s brother Abubakar. The US claim Abubakar is a leading narcotics dealer in Mombasa who introduced Joho into the trade.

    “Abubakar usually hosted powerful politicians such as Mary Wambui, second wife of Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki,” page 5 of the report tabled by Saitoti says in part.

    Kabogo on Thursday read out this section when he demanded to know why Saitoti had been selective in named him and the others as those suspected of involvement in the drugs trade.

    Mathira MP Ephraim promptly stood up on a point of order saying the President had gone on record to clarify to the country that he had only one wife.

    Presidential candidate Eugene Wamalwa is cited on page 12 as the person who “assisted” in waiving import duty on for a “suspicious” container shipment brought in by Kabogo. “Approximately Sh2 million in unspecified currency was spent on bribes,” the dossier prepared by Ranneberger says.

    PNU Secretary for Integrity Stanley Livondo is accused of running a transportation company as a front for Kabogo’s cocaine smuggling. The report mentions former Miss Tourism Kenya and Miss Tourism Africa beauty queen Debra Sanaipei Ntimama as being a suspected courier and having attended a meeting in June 2008 with Kabogo and other Kenya based trafficking associates and a group of unidentified Nigerians from Miami. The meeting was allegedly held at Havana restaurant in Nairobi.

    According to the report, others in attendance included Diana Chebet Koech, a Kenya Airways senior flight attendant and the girlfriend of Kenya based narcotics trafficker Ken Obinna, Anthony Chinedu Ifedigbo aka Tony Wale aka Tony Chinedu who has been involved in a long running custody and property battle with his estranged Kenya wife Joyce Akinyi. “It is not known what was discussed in the meeting,” the report says. Others named include “Mary Riziki, the owner of Makini Herbal Clinic that has been involved in Gitau’s (Kabogo’s) narcotics trafficking activities.”

    Also mentioned is Riziki’s son Jackson Makini, popularly known as Prezzo, who is a well-known Kenyan pop singer. It claims the singer has long been involved in Kabogo’s narcotic business. “Gitau (Kabogo) served as best man at Jackson’s 6th December 2008 wedding, which reportedly was attended by a number of narcotics traffickers who paid an entrance fee of 5,000 Kenyan shillings each,” the dossier claims.

    The dossier claims that John Harun Mwau was “probably” involved in a shipment of the 1.25 metric tons of cocaine that was seized in Mombasa and Nairobi in December 2004, the largest seizure in Kenyan history and that Mwau blamed Kabogo for the seizure valued at Sh6.4 billion. “The current state of their personal relationship is unclear. However, their professional relationship- for both licit and illicit business appears to have continued,” the report says. “Gitau and Mwau are considered to be dangerous and have been linked to “contract killings,” the report states.

    Michael Musa Munga is identified as a narcotics dealer who stores his drugs in Gikomba, Mathare, Githurai and uses street beggars and street children in Nairobi’s CBD to peddle the drugs.

    He is said to use the drivers and conductors of his fleet of buses to distribute the drugs. He is reported to have been “socially and professionally” linked to the late CID boss Gatiba Karanja.

    The report says Munga uses a location near Eastleigh Air Force Base in Nairobi as a packaging facility. From there, Musa connived with unidentified base commanders to package and drive them out in military vehicles for distribution elsewhere.

    Others named in the report are Humphrey Kariuki Ndegwa who owns several businesses in partnership with unidentified German and Italian businessmen and served as a board member for Dalbit Petroleum, a fuel depot in southern Sudan that was involved in drugs, weapons and human trafficking. Ndegwa is cited as the owning the Green Corner restaurant suspected to be a front company for drug trafficking. The restaurant’s bank account received a Sh2billion deposit in 2005 allegedly on behalf of Mwau, the report states.

    Alan Herd (Allan Hurd), said to be the ‘de facto’ manager of the Kijepwa airstrip and the Mombasa flying club, allegedly allowed traffickers to use the airstrip to smuggle drugs into Mombasa. According to the report, Herd is the owner of the Wines of the World and is associated with a fruit juice business owned by Allesandro Torriani which are believed to be fronts for drug trafficking.

  • Mwau’s companies have been in the news for all the wrong reasons ranging from money laundering to tax evasion but these weighty matters seems to have been swept under the carpet hence most Kenyans believe that the billionaire has also made inroads into Kibaki’s state house just as he did in Moi’s.

    It is also an open secret that Mwau is a major arms dealer, supplying instruments of death mainly to the Congo region where war is a way of life for the mineral rich people of that vast country now ruled by Joseph Kabila.

    To ensure that his consignments are never interfered with, Mwau has been contracted over the years by the government to operate an inland container depot in Athi river, in the outskirts of Nairobi known as Pepe which was in the news two years ago when cocaine drugs worth millions of dollars were cleared from the depot.

    The manager, one Bobby Macharia was charged in court with drug trafficking but was later acquitted due to lack of evidence but again, that is another story for another day.

    Mwau has always had political ambitions but his arrogance seems to be his stumbling block as he will never humble himself before anybody, leave alone the electorate and his popular line in politics is telling the masses that they need him more than he needs them hence they should vote for him.

    He ran for the presidency in 1997 on a Party of independence candidate of Kenya PICK ticket and performed so disastrously that he did not even manage the Westlands parliamentary seat, which he was also vying for.

    Mwau was to emerge later in 2000 this time claiming he was out to unitr the Kamba community and empower them, a move that earned him the wrath of the then community kingpin, the late Mulu Mutisya who ganged up with Kalonzo Musyoka to ensure that the billionaire did not make any inroads into Ukambani politics.

    Mutisya and Musyoka arranged a series of rallies in Ukambani and told the attentive crowds that a bearded man would come calling with sacks of money and urged the people to take the money but not listen to him since he was a crook and the cash was “dirty money” anyway.

    Apparently, the Mutisya/Musyoka propaganda machine worked like a dream as Mwau managed to attract big crowds in his political meetings but at the end of the day, lost the Kilome parliamentary seat after dishing out millions of shillings and initiating various development projects in the constituency.

    Mwau has always enjoyed a very cosy relationship with Moi and his sons who have also been implicated in dealing with drugs, mainly by protecting barons like the late Ibrahim Akasha who was gunned down in the streets of Amsterdam a few years ago over what is believed to have been a deal gone sour.

    By Email

  • He can easily be Kenya’s richest man. The Kenyan MP (Member of Parliament), Mr. John Harun Mwau, is alleged to own a shopping mall in Dubai, not to mention the 12 or so local companies that he either owns or has interests in. A compiled police report that was investigating Mr. Mwau’s involvement in drug-trafficking allegations indicates that the MP has vast interests in the Nakumatt supermarkets chain, an equivalent of America’s Walmart. The Nakumatt Holdings has in the past been linked to money laundering cases after financial analysts found its operations to be fishy and not adding up. Mwau himself is claimed to be involved in money laundering through Charterhouse Bank, a Kenyan bank that played an integral role in the infamous multi-billion dolar Goldenberg scandal. Ironically, the reopening of this bank (after its closure following bankruptcy) was spearheaded by one Chris Okemo, another MP who faces extradiction to island of Jersey (UK) to face charges of corruption and money laundering. One plus one is equal to eleven, and that’s how things work in this land of few rich and many poor.

    John Harun Mwau plays in the same league as those notorious barons of Mexico and Colombia. At first instant, his name may make one think that he is director of one of the Anglican churches in the country. Instead, he is a director in 12 local companies in the names of Mwundo Ltd, Africa Centre for Hope Initiative Everywhere, Harun International Ltd, JH City Ltd, Preme Ltd, JN Records Ltd, Pepe Enterprises Ltd, Sheltown Ltd, Sports Champions Ltd, Tom Brown Ltd, Vitu Ltd and Kuston Kenya Ltd. President Obama has enlisted Mwau along with Manuel Torres Felix (Mexico), Gonzalo Inzunza Inzunza (Mexico), Haji Lal Jan Ishaqzai (Afghanistan), Kamchybek Asanbekovich Kolbayev (Kyrgyzstan) and Javier Antonio Calle Serna (Colombia), as one of foreign narcotics kingpins. Ironically, Mr. Mwau was a burly former police sharp shooter and has served as the first director of Kenya Anti-Corruption Authority in the past (1952). What a combination for the activities that he is alleged to be involved in! “The boss”, as he is famously known in his parliamentary constituency, is known to be the only Kenyan MP whose entire salary goes into the constituency development kitty. At least, that would explain it all! He was recently quoted by a local newspaper that he is paying fees to 263 college student from his constituency. He has also donated 300 motorcycle taxis to youths to enable them do transport business. He says they cost him Sh27 million (USD 300, 000). And the amount of contributions that Mr. Mwau has donated say it all.

    It is not clear how much cash and property Mwau has in the US but president Obama is determined to slap him with sanctions that include seizing his property, banning him from entering the US, blocking the property of any person or company involved with the him in any way, prohibiting individuals or companies from doing business with “the boss’, and so and on so forth. No wonder, it’s clear now that president Kibaki and PM Raila are sleeping on the job. If the MPs and the police forces are the most corrupt organs in the country, who then is going to legislate and reinforce the laws? We are in trouble!

    By Abdalla Karoyo

  • Mwau Soon to Vomit Big Boss in STATE-HOUSE>Mkamba wont die alöone>

  • The US has evidence linking Kilome MP Harun Mwau to the largest drug haul seized in Africa confiscated in December 2004 in Malindi. Adam Szubin, from the US department of treasury says the evidence forms part of the proof that led President Barack Obama to name Mwau as one of the top drug barons in the world. The US government also accuses another Kenyan, Naima Mohamed Nyakiniywa or Mama Lela of being the head of the largest drug trafficking network outside Nairobi.

  • everline okal

    Those mps are not contributing positively to activities aimed at building the nation for that reason, punitive measures should be uphold for them.

  • Kilome MP Harun Mwau/ File
    MPs risk passing shoddy laws, warns MwauNAIROBI, Kenya, Aug 8 – Kilome MP Harun Mwau on Monday raised the red flag over the hurried process of implementing the Constitution, saying Parliament risked passing shoddy Bills to beat the August 27 deadline.

    Mr Mwau said that there was need to extend the fast approaching deadline to avoid passing unconstitutional laws noting that there were 19 Bills that ought to be passed within the next two weeks.

    He further criticised the implementation actors for delaying the Bills arguing that they were to blame for the backlash that MPs were likely to face for the holdup.

    “We knew one year ago that we needed to get these legislations so each line ministry which was involved should have drafted their respective Bill, in compliance with the Constitution, but that did not happen!” he said.

    Some of the Bills that are yet to be enacted include those on Article 59 commissions, Police Bills, the Commission on Revenue Allocation Bill, the Independent Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission Bill, the Ratification of Treaties Bill, the Employment and Labour Court Bill and the Elections Bill.

    Others include Bills on Citizenship, Urban Areas and Cities Bill, the Public Finance Management Bill, Power of Mercy Bill and the Environment and Land Court Bill.

    The Constitutional Implementation Oversight Committee (CIOC) is scheduled to hold another review meeting with the implementation actors on August 9, and then propose a way forward. CIOC had also announced that MPs may be forced to take up the creation of Bills as Private Member’s Motions.

    Mr Mwau however disapproved the enactment of Bills as private Motions saying the process risked being politicised.

    “We are a very unusual type of people. Even when a particular MP drafts a very good Bill people start reading sinister motives; we start having tugs-of-war. That is why we thought it would be best for the Bills to come from outside,” he said.

    The former assistant minister spoke after a visit to the Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) where he made a personal donation of Sh500,000 to the Kenyans4Kenya initiative.

    Red Cross Secretary General Abbas Gullet noted that several MPs had been streaming into the KRCS to make their contribution with Kathiani MP Wavinya Ndeti donating Sh200,000 last week.

    So far two consignments of food have been flagged off to various drought stricken parts of the country. The first batch was flagged off on July 30 and was headed to Turkana North, Turkana Central as well as other parts of Turkana.

    It will benefit about 21,000 families for the next six months and it cost about Sh18.4 million raised by common Kenyan citizens.

    On August 6 the second consignment, containing eight trucks of 150 metric tonnes of specialised nutritional food, was flagged off to Garissa, Wajir and Mandera. The second batch was flagged off after a corporate fund raising event for the Kenyans4Kenya initiative that saw Kenyans raise more than half a billion shillings.

    Mr Gullet explained that the next consignment of food would be flagged off later this week, to Marsabit, Moyale, Isiolo, Mwingi, Kitui, Kibwezi, Kilifi, Kwale, Lamu, East and West Pokot, Samburu, Kieni, lower parts of Makueni and some parts of Murang’a.

    “While we ask the international community and the whole world to help us we also believe that God helps those who help themselves so it’s good that Kenyans from all walks of life have come in to help their own,” he said.

    Mr Mwau however challenged the government to put in place long term facilities that will mitigate the effects of drought in the event that it recurs.

    He also asked his associates to contribute to the initiative and help feed the starving masses.

    “You cannot have rain if there is no moisture on the ground evaporating to form the clouds. So the government must now, as a matter of urgency, ensure that there are adequate dams to preserve water so that if the sun’s rays heat it the evaporation will create clouds,” he explained.

  • Dont be cheated.the west are the number one suppliers of drugs worldwide in the pretext of covert mission abroad.this is pure double CIA

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