Fanuel Okoth Update: Details About Memorial Service

Arrangements for the burial of the late Mr. Fanuel Okoth have been finalised. The body leaves New Nyanza General Hospital on Thursday 3/12 to it´s final resting place in Yimbo, Goma Village, Siaya District where Okoth will be burried. Burial will take place on Friday 4/12.

Meanwhile, the “Fanuel Okoth Funeral Committee” here in Stockholm, together with Okoth’s family in Sweden, has announced that plans have been completed for a Prayer meeting scheduled for Saturday 28th November at Okoth’s residence in Södertälje starting from 14:00hrs.

For those who wish to attend, take pendeltåg to Östertälje, then buss 753 to Fornhöjden and drop off at Fornbackaskolan. The addresse is 44, 2tr code: 2244#.

In case of difficulties, call 074954947 or 0700299650. KSB has also been informed that former wife of the late Okoth who also resides in Södertälje will travel to Kenya to attend the burial together with all her 3 daughters, a son and 1 of the daughter’s husband.

Nina Okoth & daughters, Angelica Mohlin & husband Jesper Mohlin, Agnetha Okoth, Theresa Okoth and son James Okoth have expressed their wish to be present during the burial ceremony.

Fanuel Okoth, whose mother is a sister to Kenyas Prime Minister Raila Odinga´s mother, was one of the beneficiaries of scholarships issued by the late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga to pursue studies in the former Soviet Union.

He is one of the few Kenyans who came abroad in the early 70´s. From Soviet Union, he settled in Sweden where he got married to his former Russian wife and got blessed with 4 children. He later got married to a Kenyan lady, Lilly Okoth with whom they have also lived with for quite some time before his death. May God rest his soul in eternal peace.

Ochieng Nyambok,
Fanuel Okoth Funeral Committee

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