Kenya Should Act On Migingo Conflict

The grapevine has it that Uganda recently established that there are vast quantities of high quality commercial-grade oil and gas in Lake Victoria around Migingo Island. The oil in Migingo is supposedly of a much higher quality than that in mainland Uganda! That is why it has annexed the island and the area around it the way Nigeria did the resource-rich Bakassi peninsula, and the 1600 kilometre-long border area between Cameroon and Nigeria, extending from Lake Chad to the Gulf of Guinea. It took Cameroon 35 years to get its territory back through legal means. And till today Nigeria still has not vacated fully.



Oil or no oil, I don’t think Kenyans like myself are ready to serve legal papers on Uganda in an international court and wait for generations as lawyers outmonouver each other with legalese on such a straight forward issue. Migingo and its environs are Kenyan territory. Even Kibaki’s concession that experts should look at the maps was a negation of Kenyan sovereignty and an act of high treason by non other than the man who swore himself in at night as President of the Republic of Kenya (read the Third Governor of the Kenya Neocolony), and yet he has no clue how to run a cattledip. It is third parties or Uganda who should wax cartographical about maps and compasses. Hapana sisi wenye mali!

Now, though it is against Kenyan Law to raise a militia, this Migingo affront calls for a people’s militia to arise and do the necessary to defend our country’s integrity, since the government is not going to act as it should with economic blokades and surgical military strikes. We are told that Uganda is our major trading partner (trading with Kenya or the homeguards?), so what? Are we going to play second fiddle to those who have money? The Artur brothers were supposed to have brought us loads of money as investors and the Horrible Kibaki made them Police Commissioners…. Are we going to sell our motherland the way we have sold our parastatals?

Anyway, Kenyan citizens in Busia and Teso have no time for Ugandan arrogance and can be mobilised at short notice to impose an effective Road and Rail embargo on Uganda. Ugandans don’t mess around with us.

Are there any like-minded people on this listserve who can help organise a public forum at which we shall serve Kibaki notice to take action on Migingo or be kicked out of office? Kwani yeye ni nani to undermine our soverignty? He can get away calling us mavi ya kuku or being sworn in at night because both are temporary irritants, but not doing an irreversible act as peeing on our sovereignty by allowing even an iota of our country to be annexed…

Look at the resources America deployed recently to rescue one citizen from the Somali pirates!!! It did not matter that the pirates were four teenagers armed with light guns! Naval destroyers and helicoper gunships were deployed, and highly skilled SEALS were parachuted into the theatre to make nonesense of the nononesense situation. What mattered to Americans was that one of their own was facing imminent danger, and their sovereignty was being challenged. The lesson is that you do not negotiate or appease bullies as that only makes them bold, to demand bigger things.

Decades ago Great Britain sailed half-way around the world to kick Argentina in the teeth over the Falklands! When Idi Amin annexed Kagera in Tanzania, Nyerere did what a commander-in-chief does – he not only kicked him out of Tanzanian territory and out of power in Kampala, but he lost his own son in the process who was shot down bombing Amin’s troops. He did not keep his own out of harm’s way as he sent other people’s children to their deaths as some selfish and cowardly leaders in this country do when calling for mass “acsion”.

It is nightmarish to imagine that Ugandan boyscouts are impishly flying their flag over our territory as our soldiers nap away in their barracks, simply because they have a eunuch for a Commander-in-Chief. Please excuse my language but, as John Garang used to say, “we cannot have a law society in a war society!” On many ocassions Ugandan troops have bombed our people in northern Kenya and suffered no consequences, not even just kicking their ambassador out until they learn some good manners. This has made them bold to the point they are now annexing a strategic part of our territory with demonic abandon.

And as all his is happening, all our forests are gone, including Mt. Kenya, and rivers and lakes are drying up across the country. The Kshs 10 trillion per annum economy of our exclusive economic zone in the Indian ocean is dominated by foreign fishing fleets while we don’t have a single deep sea fishing unit worth the name. Why, for example, couldn’t we even use the 400 million assigned the Ministry of Fisheries in the last budget to dig ponds in my home province Western, to pay a deposit for a proper fishing vessal so we could catch the wild fish and not struggle growing some in ponds? No wonder we get 94% of our 70 metric ton fish from our 6% share of Lake Victoria and only 4% from the Indian Ocean, yet the annual yield of fish from our Indian Ocean waters is 200,000 metric tones! This fish is caught by foreigners!!! Why can’t we deploy Mungiki, Sungu Sungu, SLDF, etc. to catch these stocks of fish? WHY? WHY? WHY? Why are most of our resources being abused as poverty ravages and reduces us to wild dogs who kill each other over left overs? WHY? WHY SHOULD MUZUNGUS COME FROM NORWAY AND SPEND SIX MONTHS FISHING AND EXPORTING FISH NONSTOP AS WE WATCH IN AWE ON THE SHORELINE WITH FISHING RODS???


Over to you!



  • Ati “economic blokades (sic) and surgical military strikes.”???

    You forgot to say you were kidding… Kenyan politicians are stealing more from your people than some stupid island or some international fishing waters off the coast of Kenya. Why not call for a surgical strike on Kenya’s parliament and state house?

    Of course I’m kidding. You should be too. Get serious, dude…

  • Now, lets not do anything rush here. Blockade Uganda and you lose not just the market of Uganda but Rwanda, DRC, Burundi and southern Sudan, if Uganda allows it at all. Remember you were warned during your elections that next time you blockade Uganda we shall consider it an act of war. We will be forced to cross and sort you out once and for all. It doesn’t matter whether it a militia or your 24,000 troops.

    Did I hear you mention oil? In your dreams.

    Stand warned.

  • Alan: I must have missed your point because I thought you would develop your “joke” further. In this case, do you mean nobody should speak about what the same corrupt Kenya Parliament/Government is NOT doing to protect our resources?

    I think Omtatah’s piece, regardless of the typos, is another interesting one analyzing the bigger ills afflicting Kenya – and am not kidding! There are many ways of writing, as long as the message gets home.

    Yesterday KSB posted an article on the Wabenzi, depicting the misuse of numerous amounts of Kenya shillings to purchase unecessary vehicles.

    Comrade Okiya Omtatah has always risked being beaten and arrested while championing for justice and protesting against the misuse of Government resources. He was arrested last year when he chained himself to the gate of the Kenya Police Headquarters in Nairobi, to protest against extra-judicial killings. Give credit where it is due unless you have something personal against this man.

    Omtatah chained:

    Omtatah on MPs untaxed salaries:

    More on Migingo Island:

  • @Migingo4Kenya: Thanks for the links.

    My “joke” was lame, and a gut reaction. I don’t have anything personal against Omtatah, I just found this blog randomly and decided to comment. I guess my issue is that saber rattling and nationalism are dangerous tactics.

    How about a more pragmatic approach to this issue: has anyone published meaningful statistics about this island? How many Kenyans derive their income from it? How much does this island contribute to Kenya’s GDP? Uganda’s?



    Ndugu Alan: I think the issue is not the importance of the Island but the fact that it is a part of Kenya regardless of whether it is a rock. Ugandan flag is flying there right now.

  • More than 200 youths engaged the police in running battles and later uprooted several metres of the railway line in Katwekera.

    The youths, armed with stones and all manner of weapons, broke into a jubilant dance when they tore the line. This disabled the rail service and was only restored last year at a cost of Sh20 million.

    Yesterday, the youths were emphatic. One shouted: “Because the Government has failed to help our brothers in Migingo, we will do it in the manner Ugandans understand best.” Police said they watched from a distance after learning some youths were armed. Further, they had been ordered not to use live bullets on the protestors.

    The railway line is crucial in transportation of goods from Mombasa to Uganda, Rwanda, Sudan, Burundi and DRC Congo.

  • Alan, this is about Uganda imposing rules on a no-man’s island thinking its as a regional superpower (which it is not).

    Anyway, both Ugandan and mostly Kenyan fishermen have been catching huge quantities of fish at Migingo for a long time, but Museveni’s government has now decided to be greedy. Kenya on the other hand has been docile (playing quiet diplomacy) by not deploying security forces to protect fishermen who continue to be harrassed even in Kenyan waters. The latest rumor about oil on the island raises the stakes and we wait to see the outcome.

    Meanwhile, the Kibera youth yesterday uprooted a section of the railway which transports goods to Uganda, Rwanda and the DR Congo.

    Don’t worry about Omtatah’s words because he is an activist passionate and sentimental to Motherland. It happens to every citizen all over the world.

    Fish politics: Ugandan State Minister for Fisheries Fred Mukisa says that Nairobi’s show of bravado in the matter underlines its real interest in the island—to take control of the fisheries resources around the area.

    “This is not about land or security. It is typically a fisheries matter and Kenyans want to gain easy access to Uganda’s water resources,” said Mr Mukisa, who also scoffed at Mr Odinga’s comments on Migingo as absurd following the Kenyan prime minister presentation in parliament last week.

    The genesis of the conflict dates back to 2006 when Mr Mukisa directed Ugandan local council administration structures be set up at Migingo Island.

    The minister also established a Beach Management Unit (BMU) there. Some Kenyans were incorporated in the running of the BMUs-a deviation from the country’s legal requirements.
    Previously a no-man’s land of sorts, Migingo was occupied by the Maritime section of the Internal Security Organisation (ISO) for about three years, but had no administration structures in place.

    According to area leaders, ISOs Maritime outfit issued licenses, gazetted who fished where and collected taxes.
    The proceeds from all this apparently went into the pockets of Maritime supremos on the island and a few other individuals.

    Migingo on Wikipedia:

  • hey kenyans,
    am deeply perplexed by this whole issue around the migingo island saga. my worry is that kenya is fast loosing its stature in the east african region. the reason behind it is simply a weak presidency and for that matter a weak commander in chief. how on earth can a country like Uganda lay claim on kenyan territory in this computer age when kenya is playing the good boy. what happened in zambia between the negotiation that our stupid president had with a more aggressive and arrogant Ugandan president? did he sell the island to him, if not why the inactivity. this man has reduced kenya to a laughing stock the whole wide world. one can ask himself where a country like uganda got the audacity to even try to provoke the integrity of the kenyan people. they see in kibaki a disillussioned leader, period. guys like paul kagame whose country witnessed the worst genocide in the history of the world have the audacity to speak about kenyan territory. but where, in Uganda ofcourse. they have declared war on us and we are still sleeping. mr raila odinga, i know that you are not the commander in chief but please sir dont let us sink to such low levels. if a country of Ugandas calibre can threaten our sovereinity which country in the world can not? act now coz migingo island is the teritory of your supporters if not your tribesmen. if migingo falls we will make sure that the whole lot of you fall with it. shame on you all you have really let kenyans downs this is not simple pollitics that we do everyday it is amatter of life and death it is war and it has been declared please wake up and fight.

  • My Brothers in Nyanzaland,

    you sound war drums as if you are tested and combat hardened. War is science and demands for absolute skill to kill.

    Take stock of what will happen and the resultant effect, you may want to test UPDF, but rememder it has hurt many in the region, and i can assure you the agitataors that you will bleed!!!
    Stay warned.

    KSB: Good advice. The question is whether Kenya gov should sit by and watch Migingo being taken away like take-away-chips when our army is sleeping in the barracks.

  • Migingo4Kenya

    Haunga Mboko: If it comes to war, then the Kenya Army will be there to defend Kenya to the last soldier. You don’t seem to understand that UPDF has been fighting hungry and demotivated soldiers in Uganda, the Congo and sections of Rwanda.

    The UPDF keeps testing its capacity on Kony, the northern Uganda rebel and his group of hungry bandits. That is not a measure of strength. Most of the Ugandan soldiers are only famous for drinking alcohol excessively, looting fellow Ugandans and raping women and girls. They are completely indisciplined.

    The Kenya Army is silent on the Migingo matter because it wants a political solution. However, if signalled, they will flatten Uganda very fast. The discipline of the Kenya Army is acknowledged by the United Nations, so don’t mistake its silence for corwadice.

  • Migingo4Kenya

    Stupid Museveni threatens the Kenyan Luo:

    Uganda retracts Dictator Museveni’s stupidity on the Kenyan Luo:

  • How disciplined and competent is the Kenya Army? A section of an article below from the Nairobi Chronicle indicates that internal squabbles, corruption and poor recruitment methods put to test our entire forces when it comes to defending our sovereignty.

    Former President Moi was tough and used the paramilitary on several occasion to successfully push away the marauding Museveni soldiers from our borders in the 1980s and 90s.

    However, things seem different now since President Kibaki allegedly got help from Museveni who deployed his soldiers in Nyanza province to kill Luos during the post-election violence in 2008. Museveni was also the first African leader to support Kibaki’s fake presidency. We have had a series of raids in recent years from Ugandan soldiers who engage helpless Kenyan citizens (the Pokot and Turkana) around the porous borders by killing and stealing their livestock, yet the Kibaki regime has been silent.

    On the Migingo Island issue, Kibaki has been soft despite the “Gentleman’s Agreement” with Museveni to pull out his troops and even delayed fro 23 days to lower the Ugandan flag. Given the simmering political party tensions in Kenya, some people have suggested that since the ruling Mount Kenya Mafia don’t generally eat fish, the island remains meaningless to them. No wonder Museveni referred to “Wajaluo” as the bone of contention.

    I decry the fact that Kibaki sits silent on this matter while Museveni yaps around insulting the Kenyan Luo, then uses his foolish Government spokesman to deny his televised threats. Anyway, read a section of the Chronicle article below on our forces:

    “Back in the 1980s, the Administration Police fought back several incursions by Ugandan soldiers. This time though, Kenya’s armed forces may not be up to the task. Infact, the annexation of Migingo Island and the growth of piracy on the Indian Ocean are proof that all is not well with our national defences.

    Recruitment into the forces is marred by corruption and political interference, meaning that the calibre of recruits is very low. Qualified candidates are shunted aside in favour of those willing to pay hefty bribes to recruiting officers. Even after joining the forces, promotions in the hierarchy are heavily influenced by corruption and ethnicity.

    The situation in the police and prisons services is reportedly worse than in the military. An investigation into Kenya Prisons found that female officers had to sleep with senior bosses in order to get promotions. In the Kenya Police, traffic police offices collect bribes from drivers in order to fulfill a daily quota imposed by their supervisors. Those who fail to deliver their targets are transferred to less lucrative postings in the rural areas.

    Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has sent the UPDF to all of Uganda’s neighbours except Tanzania. Museveni is a calculating, former rebel leader who exploits weaknesses in his neighbours to expand Uganda’s influence. With Kenyans divided on ethnic lines and ruled by corrupt leaders, Museveni must have realized that this is the best time to strike.

    By occupying the small island of Migingo, Museveni was testing Kenya’s political and military defences. Next time, the catch will be bigger and it will be too late for Kenya to defend itself.”

  • Migingo4kenya,

    You seem to know facts about war but you choose not to articulate them.

    i will repeat for you that the best scenario of war is now in Somalia as advised by the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Hon. Wetangula.
    it should never occur in your mind that you can flatten UPDF at any one time for you have neverr tested them save for war propaganda.
    you seem to leaving around te Uganda of 1985.
    I repeat to you that war is about practicisng the skill of killing, short of that then you simply policing. I cany say UPDF is full of angels but its abasolutely a fighter force both on skill and practice.

    Have a visit to Mogadishu and see how they have handled those guys.

  • Migingo4Kenya

    Seeing is believing Haunga Mboko. The facts on the ground prove that UPDF has always been fighting ragtag, hungry armies/militias in the Congo, Rwanda and within Uganda. They have never finished Kony who continues to give Museveni a major headache.

    Somalia is a failed state, so to claim UPDF’s success there is similar to cracking a joke about that sad situation. Moi sent Museveni’s soldiers scamparing around by simply using the Administrative Police along its borders with Uganda. This happened many times up to the 1990s. It is Kibaki who has a soft center for Museveni because he owes him for the support he got when he stole the elections.

    I wish a war erupts between Kenya and Uganda on the Migingo issue then believe me, UPDF would have to face a disciplined army for the first time. The outcome cannot be determined now, but my bet is on the Kenya army. The Kenyan forces train both within and outside Kenya through simulation and in combat like surroundings elsewhere.

  • Migingo4kenya,

    I understand you want war, but war is not for soldiers only, expirience has it that civilians as well die.I hope you are not a civilian premising your opinion from “James Bond” film show.

    Have you ever held an AK 47 and spent 6 months in the bush?? Do you know what it means to have Kony in Garamba and not near Uganda border?

    I will repeat to you that UPDF will hurt you and trust you will bleed, you go and ask those in DRC and Rwanda by then 90’s as you say. But this is 2009, what time does it take to train and arm a fully fledged army.

    I advise you to look for another option, but not war.

    but if you know that you can flag off war then pse go ahead and start!! Wish you success if ever.

  • Migingo4Kenya

    Haunga: You have been breathing war since you started commenting at KSB, playing the Macho commentator. Whichever way, we wait to see. If Museveni wants war, Kenyan forces will do their job efficiently. That is my last word here to you.


    commentars pliz dont preach or comment about war we in kenya saw enough during the elections try to preach peace

  • I fail to see where the so called UPDF quacks have got the battle experience from. I mean which real army have they ever faced other than a small band of thugs led by one Joseph Kony and occasional forays to neghbouring DRC to harass an already weakened force.It also beats logic that a force of more than 60,000 strong purpoted battle hardened men can be dogded and ruthlessly outwitted by a bunch of gangs numbering no more than 2000 and with no military training to speak of. What does this say about the UPDF?

  • Migingo4Kenya

    Military of Kenya: Factfile

    The Kenyan military consists, according to the Constitution, of the Army, Navy and Air Force. Its main mission is defence of the country’s borders in a notoriously unstable region. The military enjoys, in general, a good reputation. It is regularly deployed in peace keeping missions around the world and generally commended for its professionalism.

    Further, in the aftermath of the national elections of December 2007 and the violence that subsequently engulfed the country, a commission of inquiry, the Waki Commission commended its readiness and adjudged it to “have performed its duty well”. [1].

    Nevertheless there have been serious allegations of human rights violations, most recently while conducting counter-insurgency operations in the Mt Elgon area and also in the district of Mandera central. [2][3] The President also holds the Government of Kenya (GOK) defence portfolio as the Commander in Chief of all the Armed Forces.

    Service branches
    Kenyan Army,
    Kenyan Navy,
    Kenya Air Force

    Military age 18
    Available for military service 4,303,153, age 15–49 (2005 est.)

    Fit for military service 3,963,532, age 15–49 (2005 est.)
    Reaching military age annually unknown (2005 est.)
    Active personnel 45,000
    Budget $231 million (FY2003)
    Percent of GDP 1.8% (FY2003)

    Vickers Mk3: 76
    T-72AV: 110 from Ukraine 77 in 2007 with more planned for delivery in 2008. 33 T-72’s ordered from Ukraine were hijacked by Somalian pirates.[4] The MV Faina was released and the tanks unloaded in Mombasa Feb 2009. There have been doubts expressed as to whether the T-72s imported by Kenya are intended for use by the Kenyan Army. Instead, popular opinion is that they were being clandestinely imported for the southern Sudanese army, which has an arms embargo against it.[5]

    Recce: 72 x Panhard AML-60/-90, 12 x Ferret armoured car and 8 x Shorland armoured car;
    APC: 85 BRM Ukraine in 2007, WZ-551, 52 x Thyssen Henschel UR-416 and 1- x Panhard M-3 (in store);
    SP Artillery: 25 x 203mm 2S7 Pion ,35 x BM-21;
    Towed Arty: 48x 122mm, unknown x L-5 Pack Howitzer, 40x 105mm RO L118 Light Gun., Mortars: 50 x 81mm., and 12 x 120mm.,
    25 x 203mm.,
    ATGW: 40 x MILAN, and 14 x Swingfire, RPG-7
    RCL 84mm: 80 x Carl Gustav recoilless rifle;
    AD Guns 20mm: 50 x TCM-20, and 11 x Oerlikon;
    AD Guns 23mm : 70 xZPU-4
    AD Guns 40mm: 13 x L/70.
    AD Missiles: BUK
    Small arms: G3 rifle
    The Air Force has[6]

    Fighters: 7 x Northrop F-5 Freedom Fighter figher aircraft. There are reports that Kenya seeks to purchase an additional 15 used F5 fighter jets from Jordan. [7]

    Transport (fixed wing): 7 x de Havilland Canada DHC-5D Buffalo, 12 x Harbin Y-12 (II), 10 x Piper PA-31 Navajo, 3 x de Havilland Canada DHC-8 Dash 8, 1x Fokker 70 (VIP), and 6 Dornier Do 28D-2 (in store)

    Helicopters (Armed): 11 x Hughes 500MD Defender with TOW, 8 x Hughes 500ME Defender, and 15 x Hughes 500M Defender

    Helicopters (Transport) (9 x IAR 330 Puma, 13 x Aérospatiale SA 330 Puma, and 1 x Aérospatiale SA 342 Gazelle);

    Training Aircraft: 12 x Scottish Aviation Bulldog 103/127, 8 x BAe Hawk Mk 52, 12 x Shorts Tucano, and 2 x helicopter Hughes 500D.

    The Air Force also has Air-to-Surface Missile (ASM) AGM-65 Maverick TOW, and Air-to-Air missile(AAM) AIM-9 Sidewinder.

    Kenya’s Navy has

    10 x Missile Craft;

    6 x Patrol and Coastal Combatants;

    1 x Amphibious Craft; and 5 x Support Vessel.
    The General Service Unit’s Air Wing
    comprises 7 x Cessna; and

    3 x Bell light helicopters.[8]

    Military of Uganda: Factfile

    The Uganda Peoples Defence Force (UPDF), previously the National Resistance Army, is the armed forces of Uganda.

    The International Institute for Strategic Studies estimates the UPDF has a total strength of 40–45,000, and consists of land forces and an Air Wing.[1]

    The IISS Military Balance 2007 says there are 1,800 paramilitary personnel also, which include the Marines – Uganda’s naval force – with 400 personnel, and eight riverine patrol craft, all of less than 100 tonnes. There is also a 800-strong Uganda Police Force Air Wing with one Bell JetRanger, and a 600-strong Border Defence Unit equipped only with small arms.

    Service branches
    land forces, Air Wing (plus paramilitary forces)
    Military age 13 years of age
    Available for military service 4,952,945, age 15–49 (2000 est.)
    Fit for military service 2,687,924, age 15–49 (2000 est.)
    Reaching military
    age annually unknown (2000 est.)
    Active personnel 40-45,000 (IISS 2007)
    Budget $95 million (FY98/99)
    Percent of GDP 1.9% (FY98/99)

    Most of its military equipment used is Soviet made but recently it has been receiving weapons from China.

    MBT 20x T-55, 20x PT-76 (IISS Military Balance 2007 lists 152 T-54/55, but indicates their serviceability is in doubt).
    IFVs 19x BMP-2
    APCs BTR-152, Buffel
    AA Guns ZPU-4
    ATGMs AT-3 Sagger
    2 Chubby (mine detection system)

    There are conflicting reports on what aircraft the Air Wing has in service. According to the IISS Military Balance 2007, it includes some 15 combat capable aircraft, which include 5 Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-23 Floggers and 6 Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21 Fishbeds, 3 Aero L-39 Albatroses, one Aermacchi SF-260, and one Mil Mi-24 Hind, with five further ‘Hinds’ unserviceable.

    An earlier report says aircraft include 3 Agusta-Bell AB-206 JetRangers, 4 Agusta AB-212, 1 FFA AS-202 Bravo, 5 Bell 412, 1 Gulfstream III, 3 L-39ZA Albatros, 4 Aermacchi SF.260, 7 Mil-17 Hip-Hs, 5 Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21MF Fishbed-Js, and 2 Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21UM Mongol-Bs.

  • migingo4kenya,

    Good analysis, UPDF is weak according to you and what you know!

    War is measured by success and not all that you claim to be aware, to me that is the issue. You may say UPDF has never fought any war, which war have you fought and where? Anyway you are a civilian and i leave you to God.

    For your own information, the UPDF Military Equipment is not for the public as claimed, you will be shocked!!

  • Migingo4Kenya

    Haunga Mboko: I finished all person to person discussions with you so keep off my back. The military equipment statistics have nothing to do with you because I did not address you in the post. You should give independent opinion without referring to me because that is public info.

  • Migingo is part of kenya and mseveni should forget about it. we are ready to defend our land and we will use all weapons and tactics to get it back.

    Its not a jaluo issue as mseveni had put it, its a kenyan issue

  • I have a feeling that Mboko is a Kenyan….pulling pple’s legs to get reactions.

    Whoever Migingo belongs to should have it and that does not mean we both cannot co-exist on it. As Africans, our history, present and future is like a story written in one day. It is characterized by oppression and injustice – people taking away from us. War brings it right back at us – our children, not those big guys. We are not each others enemies.
    Interesting blog!

  • Migingo is Kenyan territory and there is no question about that.Museveni is just trying to anex it by fraud and force.Kenyan govt under Kibaki is not interested in solving the issue since he see it as a luo issue and that is a way he wants to suppress his percieved opponents.let the people of Kenya rise and defend migingo by all means possible.
    i like the blog.keep it up.

  • This is unfortunate joke. Museveni once said that he who has a glass house should not throw a stone at the neighbor . such an article like this that calls for war is complete nonsense. Kenyans need to know that Uganda has spent a lot of time in wars and they know what the wars can be. it is unfortunate that our water is being used by Kenyan fishermen and the defense of our fishing rights would meet a call for war. there are many advantages for war between Uganda and Kenya. the first is that Kenyan economy would be reduced to nothing and the poor Ugandans will be deep in Kenya in search for riches accumulated for years of peace in that country. secondly the war will bring unity in the country of Uganda. even general kony the greatest rebel in Africa will come to the aid of Ugandans against the Kenyan youths such as the omtatah post. thirdly, the border thereafter will be respected by kenya.

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  • My fellow Kenyans.Never praise ua neighbor’s child en 4get uas.In mid 80s,wot kenyan police men did 2 Ugandan soldiers was ahalf of wot they do 2 riots.2 b sincere,our politicians are selling our country while we praise them

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