Shocking Revelations About Hellen’s Deportation Case

Kenya-Stockholm world continues to wallow deep in shocking controversy and unspeakable

Hellen and daughter Chentelle

Hellen and daughter Chentelle

scandal. In an unprecedented, unrivalled and unparalleled moment of revelation, it has emerged that Renah Chentelle is not the daughter of Bryan Arwa and that the story regarding the paternity of Chentelle is steeped in unbridled deceit and open subterfuge.

Jaqueline, the mother of the 23 year-old Bryan who has claimed that he is Chentelle’s father, has called KSB to protest at the use of her son by unscrupulous women in Stockholm for purposes of sorting out their residence permits to settle in Sweden.

Sounding angry, irritated and upset, Bryan’s mother said that it is time for her to speak about the on-going case in her capacity as the mother of Bryan and as a person who should have been the grandmother of Chentelle if Bryan was the biological father of the charming 3 month old baby girl.

“This case has been going on for a long time behind my back. I am calling to say that Bryan is not the father of this child and this should be known to everybody who plans to protest in this case”, she told KSB.

She said that those who are behind the scandal are the same people who registered the child using her address without her permission while they are the same people who married off Bryan secretly without her knowledge.

“I knew that Bryan was married when I went to take my personbevis (a certificate of status issued by the Tax office)”, she told KSB. She said that Hellen and her friends are not interested in Bryan but in using him to make papers.

“I brought my son here to give him a better life. He went through his education and when he joined University, these people brought him a baby to adopt. Now, they have brought another baby and trying to use the Swedish system to ruin the life of my son”, she said.

She added that the gang which has masterminded the operation have turned Bryan against her and appealed to KSB to publish the truth about the case for the sake of transparency.

In a moment of anger, she said that the father of the child is a Nigerian man whom Hellen had been cohabiting with. “I am not opposed to being a grandmother. Let there be a DNA test to prove that my son is the father of the child because what I know is that he is not and this is what Kenyans in Stockholm should understand”, she said.

In the continuing flow of fresh and shocking revelations, Bryan’s mother told KSB that although Hellen’s mother is currently in Sweden, her attempts to meet her and to talk to her about the issue as parents have failed because Hellen and friends have refused to allow for such a meeting.

I was sick on bed when I was told that Bryan was soon going to have a baby under circumstances I did not know”, she said. She added that as soon as the baby was born, the group of friends dumped Bryan who has admitted through KSB that he did not know that Hellen was seeking publicity about the case in Aftonbladet.

“Bryan has been unable to take his exams because of this case. I will not support a scandal of this nature. These people have overpowered my son and something needs to be done”, she said.

She said that Hellen and friends are arguing that Bryan is old enough to take his own decisions but that what they are forgetting is that a child is involved who is not Bryan’s.

“I want to maintain a motherly relationship with my son. Hellen is using the wrong strategy because I was ready to discuss this issue but they have abused me and they don’t even want to see me”, she said.

She attacked those advising Hellen, and vowed to call Aftonbladet Newspaper to put the record straight. She says that she has already informed the Swedish authorities about her concerns and that she will not sit by and watch her sons life ruined by malicious people.

“This is a complete set-up to impose someone’s kid on my son. I challenge Hellen to go for a DNA test and until then, she ought to stop using my son in this way”, she said. She added that it was wrong for Hellen to have rushed to the media single-handedly with such a sensitive issue and that she will have to deal with the consequences. KSB is following the story.

Okoth Osewe


  • It looks like KSB is the “Central Bank” of Kenya Stockholm propaganda. This is shocking to say the least and given that it is Bryan’s own mother talking and seeking to have her voice heard, there is little to add. How could someone do this to someone’s son then proceed to ignore the mother in the name of papers? Have some members of our community lost direction? Could Hellen please tell us her side of the story after these very serious revelations?

  • Blimey! These revelations really hurt that I must direct my anger at the key characters in this “dirty soap opera.” Hellen Awuor, how could you lure Brian Arwa to accept a fake fatherhood in order to get a residence permit? How could you be so deceitful to the Kenya-Stockholm community by going to Aftonbladet to solicit sympathy? Sorry, but records always show that many Nigerian men use and dump naïve East African women who later return to seek help among their own people, with tails coiled between their legs. Hellen, you spread your bed, so just lie in it.

    Brian Arwa, shame on you too for not following your own Mother’s advice to stay away from Hellen and her conniving friends. Don’t you appreciate the fact that Jacqueline (your mum) toiled relentlessly to bring you to Sweden from Kenya for a better life? What about your studies? What about being an example of a young Kenyan man who should break away from the traditions of some social misfits in Stockholm? Is this the path you want to follow? How could you shamelessly claim to be the dad of a kid fathered by a UFO? (Osewe’s catchphrase).

    At your young age Brian, there is a lot of time for you to build up a career before you engage in acts that will only damage your reputation. Remember, being an accomplice to a fraudulent process for a residence permit is punishable. The Swedish Migration Board never gives permits to cases rooted in lies. Brian, why and for what benefit are you being lured into such a cheap scheme? No wonder you did not mention even once in your responses at KSB that Hellen is your wife or girlfriend. I smelt a rat in this case right from the beginning and that is why I took a stand to poke holes into the original Aftonbladet story. I am so disappointed in you and urge Kenyans to instead protest against Hellen Awour’s dirty moves to destroy your reputation for her selfish gains.

    Brian, it is not too late to come clean by taking a DNA test as suggested by your mother, then wash your hands clean of this evil scheme. You will recover and not have a bad record in the Swedish society. Now that the saga has acquired a new twist, maybe you should sober up and consider your wellbeing first, instead of wasting your young life in an affair that you shouldn’t even have touched with a ten-foot pole.

  • Kenyan’s, I urge us as a people not to join the protest on Hellen’s case. For this boy could have been your son as well. We need to show Jacky, solidarity in a time of wickedness.

    Brian should be encouraged to continue and finish his school. And, therefore he doesn’t need a child that is not even his- eventhough he is confident that he is the father, and without even questioning about the paternity of the baby. This, already is a sign that the boy is definitely- in need of help.

    Jacky, you need to get a personal appointment with an immigration officer.Try and Make this the last and final attempt on desparate people using your son. Alert the
    migration on possible future fraudster’s who might want
    to apply papers on your son’s name.

    One more thing, Hellen, you need to seek your real boyfriend, the naija man, and get him to help you
    because you will need it now.

  • Hellen and her sister who dont think after living in Sweden for all the years and cant RESPECT SWEDISH LAW .
    How many kenyans have come and went back to apply and got there staying permits in Kenya and even had babies with swedish citizens. Your not the first one so come clean.
    When Hellen arrive in Sweden as a tourist, she could have thought of fixing her stay instead of going underground after her visa expired.
    Black money was good or what. She new about her deportation long time ago, then decided to get pregnant so the Immigration can forget. They do not and its there right to make the decision.
    Hellen knows the truth and she is playing Angel. she was hanging out with the Nigerian married man who was not going to marry her. She might have fallen pregnant and knew that the Naija wont fix her stay coz he is fixing his, so she turned to Brain whom she had an affair for a day as she said ,while bragging to her friends that she will never ever go anywhwere with Brian.
    Why do they (Hellen and her sister) refuse Brain to see the baby, unless he brings a present. Why do they say he has to be sobber to see the baby. That is wrong, and it shows openly that they only want to abuse, and use him.
    It shows that if Brian is the dad add fix Hellens permit he wont be allowed to see the baby and poor boy will be hurt big time.
    His money will be welcomed but not him.
    Brain has to wake up befor its late. These paka na panya races you do it when young ansd stupid, not after flying all the way to Sweden. Instaed of sorting out better life you start messing it up.
    This group is so silly it hasnt been thatlong when Hellens freind was as well trapping poor Brain to adopt her son .
    Hellen lied about having nothing back in kenya.These are the people destroying and making it harder for straight forwards Kenyans to be given visa, and as well spoiling our countrys name. There mum is in Sweden she has to ask her mum good advice.The scandle have to stop.
    Their leader who is leading them to mess up Brains life have to take care of her Problems with her family.
    Hellen shape up and stop using child as a weapon, when you were having fun you knew exactly what can happen. If you really love you baby , be honnest and forget your freind who are missleading you as well as yor sister who is to allow Brain to see the baby when she feels like.
    To help you girl, get out there and do the DNA to prove kenyans right or wrong then you can publish it on all swedish newspapers.
    For you Brain, listen to your mum and your family instead of these crazy girls who are there to play you around. If you find out this is you child, shape up your life a face the reality. If she is not yours pull up your socks and start thinking for your future and make your family proud. Life is not a joke it can mess you ap if you allow it.
    Hellen stop playing innocent you are a mother now.

  • Brian, I really pity you. The fourth comment here by BJ spells out clearly what Hellen and her friends think of you. I quote: “She might have fallen pregnant and knew that the Naija wont fix her stay coz he is fixing his, so she turned to Brain whom she had an affair for a day as she said ,while bragging to her friends that she will never ever go anywhwere with Brian.”

    Brian, it is so saddening that Hellen “dished you her goodies” for a day, yet the real man in the picture is a Nigerian. Without batting an eyelid, you came out openly at KSB to defend a child that according to your own Mother, is not even yours. What is so special about Hellen that made you lower your dignity and pride to accept such nonsense? Where is that Nubian pride that you keep heralding? Must you cling to a child that is not yours to prove that you are a man? For Hellen to brag that she is going nowhere with you, is a sure sign that you have been ropped into a ‘cartel of survivors’ who know your gullibility.

    In crude African terms some people might now be asking: “Isn’t Brian man enough to father his own children?” Must you just be “that one” to a woman who sees you as a “spare wheel” only required for a bailout? Brian, I think you need to sit before a council of African male veterans to pump sense into your young head, because you are so lost. You were quite a promising young man; a shining example of the very few who have struggled to join the tough Swedish higher education system but alas, Delilah got you!

    I don’t understand how you got into the mix of these she-devils. Hellen posed innocently in a picture with her daughter in Aftonbladet yet She’s Poison. Some are already wondering whether you have been bewitched (given kamote). Were you offered money? If you took money to assist Hellen, then please give it back to her, because it is dirty money. By defying your Mother because you are legally above 18 years just shows how immature you are. We should be reading about better things concerning you instead of this garbage that will not add anything to your life. As echoed by others, you still have a chance to recapture your dignity by completely cutting off links with these crooks.

  • From Brian’s Mother and BJ’s comments on KSB, we now know that Hellen Awuor is a damn liar and that her daughter is NOT a Swedish citizen, because the father is a married Nigerian man who is himself still processing a residence permit. Brian is in the picture because he is weak and was offered a one-night stand by Hellen to “buy” his citizenship to help her stay in Sweden.

    Kenyans, Hellen needs no public sympathy and should just be deported to Kenya with her daughter. They have no grounds to be in Sweden because all this is “Based on Lies”.

  • The problem here lies in the 50 000 Kronor that Brian was given by this Hellen girl. Maybe he has spent it all and he has to keep the part of the deal. The masterminds of this so called scandal should also come out clear and clean the air. The bad or sad thing here is that an innocent baby is involved and can not be blamed. Hellen, with that 50 000 kronor u had and if u had been “working” u could now have enough money to live quite good in Kenya. And Brian should be a real man or are u a coward???? Anyway hope this story ends soon. Hellen´s sister and the other lady´s sister who tried to lure Brian into adopting a baby should come out of the closet …Tick Tock tick tock

  • Hej Brain

    Please seek help without any further delay. God is still calling you back into HIS loving hands. Stand as a man and face these dubious green pasture seekers boldly. Remember the child is very innocent and knows nothing about what is going on. It is your duty to put things right for this innocent child. GO for a DNA test to prove the right fatherhood of this poor child. go back to your church, I understand you are an ADVENTIST, the pastor with the help of God, is ready to help you sort out these anomalies to your advantage. Remember to forgive Helen and pray for her so that she gets the light of God.

  • I would still, like to urge Brian’s mother to definately make sure that this episode in Brian’s life is terminated.
    The immigration will have no chice but to investigate this case and let Hellen – have her justice.

    Poor Rennah – the baby,she has an embarrasing mother and a moralless aunty.I even feel sorry, for the naija man, for soiling himself with this dirty woman.

    Hellen you are not really that special. Infact, you are not better than your malicious sister. Give your baby a name that is not handpicked from MTV. I understand everybody feels their child is special but the last time I checked, she still only a human being – not superior others in anyway.

    And also there is nothing wrong with the kenyan childcare. Hellen were you born here? Have more respect for where you come from. You will, eventually notice after residing in sweden for some years, that Suedes in general think most of us live in mud-houses back at home. Therefore, you don’t need to degrade African’s to seem to be, only a type of primitive form of life.

  • The comments stated above could`nt have come at the right time, they are candidly expressed to the parties involved, especially to Brian , who if sensible should be gratefull for the concerns of Kenyans directed to him and the revelation of the ” SAGA YA KUTAFUTA MAKARATASI ” that was carefully, decietfully and with pervation plotted by Hellens`sister and there entire brood of VIPERS.I may state further that this has/did not come as a suprise to me because, it is the same strategy Hellens`sister used to get Her MAKARO, but hers was” Maladic strategy “that left the MAKARO fixer dazed and had no choice but to comply otherwise it wa going to be a forensic case, the fixer ending up i jail, paying a hefty fine to Hellens`sister at the sametime Hellens`sister given permanent residency, she won……..her plan worked but little did she know that there are few people who knew her plans.I can further reitarate by saying that because Hellen, her sister(mastermind) and their brood of Vipers did not show any indications as to why they were luring Brian into their pit ,knew exactly what their game plans were, they have no compation nor remorse.It seems to me that Brian is a young man whos intentions are honourable but can easily be taken advantage of by anscruplious women.The question is……why has/did the Nigerian not been committed to accept his responsibilities? as i know it Hellen went round telling her close quaters of friends that the pregnacy was the Nigerians,but she has no choice but to convince Brian that the pregnancy is his even after keeping quite about it to Brian( shame on her ). i conclude by saying that Brians mother was brave to narrate her concerns to KSB…..Shall/should we be tollerant to people trying to destroy other families for the sake of bettering theirs, what in the name of my country kenya makes their preferences,needs or wants special?….you all know the answer to that.
    by privete eye.

  • The plot is thickening and we are gradually learning more about the head honchos behind the “Hellengate scandal.” So poor Brain was lured by 50,000 ‘shekels’ to sell his soul to Hellen; very sad indeed. Now we know that Hellen’s sister also conned her way into making papers to live in Sweden. What a bunch of ruthless, uncouth and unethical women!

    Meanwhile, Hellen’s cheap media publicity has gathered mixed reactions in the blogosphere. See some links below:

  • I really do not understand where Helen’s friends come in here. For those of you who’re probably acquinted with her and her sister, u probably know how unpredictable they are, and they can do pretty much anything to get what they want. I mean ANYTHING!!!!! (Believe me, what was done some dude in da USA, is so immoral, and so ruthless, that left so many people perplexed.
    I do not believe though that she conned herself into getting papers here, and I feel that this is rather irrelevant in this case.I wish we could see Helens actions as self intended, she is just an evil person period!
    Do not drag her friends into this, believe me they are just as shocked as we all are about the whole case.

  • I suggest for Kenyans with some morals left to start a protest against Hellen and her sister. What they are
    doing here is affecting and spoiling kenyan’s reputation
    in Sweden. It will affect your children, our children and
    their offsprings as well.

    We need to take a stand: this is not only Jacky’s strife but also ours as kenyan’s to dismantle what is wrong and herald what righteousness.

    Osewe kindly, attach a protestlist to this page.

  • Well, to Helens friend you should clearly mark that this is wrong. Help her, if you really are her friends. What if she is forced back to kenya with the baby?

    Marie, inform Helen that this is not right and also if her actions come as a suprise to you, then why are you even friends with such filth? She might even try your own family members or break your relationships.

  • Concerned mother

    I must say that this is really distasteful, urgly, it actually does’nt have a name. How can this package of crap Hellan pose for the Aftonbladet looking so innocent plotting to destroy a young man’s life while she has been indeed getting some else where, you were having your assorted fun with the nigerian so why not be with him then. Tell him to take care of his responsibilty, of which he cant accept coz if the immigration finds out who he is, he too might get regrets since its clear he has been playing his sorry wife and the immigration.

    Hellen you really did blander big time, did you really think, this was going to go silent after striking a pose like that? Why did’nt you consider the paternity questions or you think since Bryan claims to the father no questions were being asked. this just shows how dumb,stupid and so uninformed you, your sister and your friends are. You are just a banch of form four drop outs trying to play with learned peoples minds, came on not everybody you see did eat school fees.

    Shame on you lady. how can you even claim that the baby belongs to byran when the poor man wont even be allowed to hold his own child? why are you even married to young Byran when you won’t be a good wife to him? did you ever heard that today’s God is very dot com? You are already paying for your evil, all those bad things you’ve been doing to Bryan and his family, are getting back at you, if you aint careful you might be deported with your daughter to Africa, then what?

    I think though that you are innocent in this, what has happened smells like your sister and her friend who both happens to have small brains attached to their heads such that when they put them together disaster like this happens.
    Why did you let them mislead you like this? I think you should have just been true to Man bryan and accept thim the way he accepted you, maybe this could have been avoided, maybe you could be exppecting bryan’s real child by now.

    Fellow Kenyans, Pliz me are not protesting in favour of Hellen, She is so crude, a society like this don’t need people like her, they will destroy the families we have here that are so dear to us, just like Bryan is Jackie’s son this can be your son or my son in afew years to come. Jackie pole sana. These bitches thinks they have balls, if they do then i suggest they be custrated immediately. Concerned Mother

  • If the Swedish Migration Board finds out that Hellen has been lying to get her residence permit, then she should be deported according to their rules. Will Hellen be the first or last deportee? No. People are frequently deported from Sweden in droves so this is not news. Marie has written here that Hellen and her sister are known to be so heartless they would do virtually ANYTHING to benefit their selfish egos. Brian’s mother mentioned that Hellen has been working with her friends to con Brian, so they are equally guilty.

    I do not see why some people keep talking sympathetically about her daughter who is in this twist because of Hellen’s own evil scheme in conjunction with her friends. There is nothing wrong with taking the baby to live in Kenya. Hellen should stop dissing Kenya as if she was not born there.
    If she could afford to pay Brian 50,000 kroner (as alleged) to make papers, then she must have kept a balance for such eventualities. I mentioned earlier that even Swedes live in Kenya, so claiming that there is no childcare there is nonsense. It is available according to how much one can afford. Hellen is only 24 years old and came here in 2005 having been born in Kenya. Why does she pretend to be acculturated?

    Brian’s mother mentioned that Hellen’s mother is currently visiting in Sweden, so money is not a problem for Hellen and the sister, since (I presume) they could afford to buy her an air ticket. Does Hellen’s mother live in a forest or on the streets of Kenya? I don’t think so. It was so naïve of her to claim that she has no home in Kenya, yet her mother is now visiting Sweden. Talk of poor strategies; the media can be a friend or an enemy depending upon what one discloses. All her desperate lies must now be haunting her. I can figure Hellen, the sister and their friends twisting, turning and writhing in pain due to this evil scheme. I believe that they are having sleepless nights. Hellen can run, but cannot hide.

    Going public with the story at Aftonbladet for sympathy was Hellen’s undoing. People go to the media only IF their stories are genuine, yet somehow the LAW or bureaucracy blocks them from getting their rights. Her mistake might also be the break that Brain and his Mother need to solve this nightmare. Readers, we are all discussing this matter within the framework of Hellen’s story in Aftonbladet which has now been strengthened by various testimonies, making this whole thing both annoying and sensational. Hellen is guilty as charged in the public eye.

  • Brain and Helen you have to get DNA done to prove your rights.
    Both of you knows whats right and wrong.You have to know the sufferer is the baby.Helen if you really love you baby then come out and do something about this,dont just sit there.
    Brain if you were paid 50 000kr by Helen as it is mentioned on the comments (no.11) to to lie to the Swedish immigration, then its fraud and that can destroy your reputation.
    Helen if you can pay such amount of money then, you had already broke the rules by working without permit.
    why did you have to pose on Aftonbladet and lie.
    Read this and listen
    – Jag ammar mitt barn och kan inte lämna henne här. Men
    det går inte att ta henne till Kenya heller, vi har ingenstans att bo och ingen chans till barnavård, säger Helen Awuor.

    When you decid to have a baby that was your choice and your responsibility. How can you say you dont have anywhere to live and no chance to baby clinic, while you yourself and your sibbling were born and raised in kenya, and even your mum is in Sweden to visit you.

    It is wrong and to abuse another countrys LAW. Even in Kenya Swedish citizens have to follow the LAW.
    If Swedish decide to kick out all Kenyans the RED PASSPOT will not decide for anyone to stay, so please RESPECT the LAW.

    How many Kenyans went back to wait for there permits, your own sister went back so who are you to break the LAW.
    Do not dare to blame the Swedish immigration, they are doing their daily job as they are suppose to.

    Brain shape up boy, whats wrong with you. This is not the first time this is happening, why dont you look for a better future. If you love Helen and claiming the baby is yours then take the DNA and know the truth, then you can make a decision to what you want to do.
    Its not a sin to be a step dad there are many out there, and there is help out there for people like you for advice.

    Look Back your future Brain, you were a smart boy who everyone admires.Your mum is your best friend, she brought you to Sweden to have a better life, and now look how much you are hurting her. Every Mother wants a better future for there kids.Why dont you try to make it work.
    Forget the past a look ahead. No one is perfect, we all have our bad sides. Our parents can do wrong as well as we BUT we have to resolve for better.

    Brain you are with wrong group and they mill mess you up. You have to know that you are in this mess, and if its involving money then know, that you can end up with Helen and the baby back to Kenya because of breaking the law.

    If it ends up that way what are you going to do?

    You have been good until the group of 8-4-4 sytem wajuaji girls who thinks they know law more than the Swedes arrived in Stockholm hot,to mess up lifes.

    Those friends have found a easy system of bringing their families to stay with lies in sweden, action has to be taken.

  • An anonymous person has also informed the migration on this newly emerging facts. So, Jacky you are not alone with your concerns.

  • So Osewe was right after all. I remember him warning several times that opening up KSB would lead to abuses among Kenyans. This place is not up for even one week and look at what we have. Girls have been called “bitches”, “Vipers” and other very strong names. Hellens friends have been warned that if they “have balls”, they should be “castrated immediately”. Hellen’s sister, has been referred to as “malicious”.

    Will we call on Osewe to help because dirty linen is being washed in public. What did Hellen’s sister do to get her papers? There is a terrible hatred directed at Hellen. She has not been here for long but what the hell did she do to some people? I know her as a humble cutie who never talks much.

    What about the little Brian, the alleged Daddy of Chentelle. Everything has been attacked including the naming of the child from MTV? How can people get this angry? If Brian was bribed with 50 000kr, where is the evidence because this is a criminal offense here. Hellen could go to jail, Brian could follow. I am not supporting Hellen and her idiotic friends. I am only wondering who is next at KSB.

    Am I getting it wrong? Has kid Brian been made to play Daddy for one or two kids? Who is the other kid and who is the mother? My heart goes out to Brian, Chentelle and Brian’s sweet Mammy who seem to be victims of what did you say? Whenever their tiny brains are put together, a “disaster happens”. They ate school fees and dropped out of 8.4.4? I am loving this! Who let the dogs out? Huh.. huh huh hu..

  • hello fellow kenyans.i have been following this episode with a lot of keeness,not to mention read the comments of fellow wakenya,friends,well-wishers and bad-wishers.

    slowly by slowly its sinking in that pple think they are saying the same thing but in actual reality,mixing issues consciously or subconsciously in writing.

    the history of foreigners abroad wanting to be above their other foreigners,socially,economically or otherwise, is still going on despite and inspite of globalization.

    when a brother or a sister with *papers* hears of another brother or sister is on the verge of getting *papers* there suddenly comes out this *silent rebellion* from all corners.some *judahses*go as far as going to the migrationsverket and selling out their brothers and sisters to be deported.when will this hatred,selfishness,ill-will stop.

    according to the law and nature,bryan is a mature person
    able to make his own choices.
    if bryan has chosen to marry or be sambo with hellen,then all the other wishes from external sources are null and void..

    hellen is not getting papers because of her daughter but
    because of her (boyfriend/sambo/husband).

    again,hellen should not go back to kenya because of special circumstances(the birth of her daughter who happens to be a swedish citizen by birth irrespective of whether her father is kenyan,nigerian,indian,swedish or american).

    the story about d.n.a is only becomes relevant if a 3rd party comes out to claim the paternity of the child or if bryan and hellen decide to do it.

    if we want to help bryan,hellen and clear the good name of our country and the kenyan community in sweden,we should analyze the situation without bias and give constructive advice to bryan and hellen.lets stay united as kenyans not divided and washing our d*dirty linen in public*..

  • To commentators Nos. 20 and 21, re-read Brian’s initial comments which indicated that he was unaware of Hellen’s rush to the media to publicize this problem. Secondly, read Brian’s mother’s comments above which completely disown the so-called relationship between the two. Yes, Brian is an adult, but there must be something wrong for the Mother to have come out openly to protest against Hellen. This story has gone public and it is belated to reverse what people feel and possibly have been aware of for a long time.

    I believe Brian being a step-father to Awino is not a big deal; it is the process that is allegedly wrong. This story took a new turn when his mother spilled the beans on issues that were not apparent in Aftonbladet. In the legal eye, it is a crime to process a residence permit fraudulently. There are already many allegations and let us remember that Hellen’s application for a permit was rejected in May 2008. That alone tells a lot.

    To Fagilia: even cutie’s are lethal.

  • Mkenya,if Helen is a cute and quite girl,then why don’t you marry her? You must be one of those seeing Brian being overruled and going on with your business while, watching your mate slowly being lured by fraudulent women.

    Also Mkenya, if Brian could have been your younger brother or even possible your son, – you would have reacted differently. Surely, you would not relax while seeing how he is being played and simply just say well, – he is a grown up, he can choose for himself. Would you let your son be overrun, hit and then spat on? I don’t think so.

    Anyway, what Helen and sister is doing might even come back to hunt their own children.Maybe then, will they know more how it feels when somebody is misguiding and using their children for selfish gains.

    I guess those who know Brian must have noticed that the boy has changed and is perhaps at this time in his life, very vulnerable. Brian sought love from the wrong crowd. Theese people don’t care for him they see him – as a creature with no path to follow.

    There is really nothing to defend here. What is wrong is wrong. The migration are not stupid folks. When somebody,
    especially a mother calls to convey her concerns: it is likely to be investigated. They already know many Africans have alot of hidden agendas. Would they be so stupid to not even doublecheck? Huh…don’t believe so.

  • Lisa, you are so confused. Have you even understood the whole issue here? It’s about a Helen Awuor seeking papers on wrongful grounds. Her baby should not be used for persuading sympathy.

    You might be a person seeking to be recogonized as an human rights activist but you have to know what is real and what is fact. We do know that sweden holds a great position on “childrens rights”.

    But still, I don’t understand where the racisim comes in. You should not misuse the word racism. Learn to apply right. Just because they haven’t granted her residency doesn’t mean they are racist maybe they have found a new twist to this story.

    What do you say about Helen taking up space for some people who actually need, real help. There are people who won’t have food for tonight and streetchildren with no one to take care of them. And, you seriously want to stress on a woman who is a fraud.

  • l,m so shocked how evil my fellow kenyans are.Who is clean? even this people who are throwing stones to Hellen to be crucified together with her sister they are even more worse.If you know what they are doing behind the curtains you could run away.This are your friends you dance with them dine with them and when it comes to betraying ask Yudas he is good in that.
    Hellen God loves you are his child the devil is a liar.His work is to kill destroy and damage. So my sister fight to the end never give up. All of us we made mistakes, some of us even we are murderous nobody is perfect to start shouting crucify her together with her child.IF GOD WAS A HUMAN BEING NOBODY COULD HAVE SEEN THIS DAY TO DAY.WE ARE SO EVIL.

    It is not the end of the world things can be discussed. With both families. Most of kenyans here they have bought peppers now they are pretending to be angels throwing stones to Hellen shame on you.You forget so quickly.

  • Helen has to blame herself.Whatever being comment here are being written with people who have haerd the stories.
    She has gone around talking about her relationship with these 2 men. The baby dint choose to be born to face this mess.
    Brain you have to decide and be aware that, if one day naija man claims the kid, then that will be onother chapter.

    Brain you have to think, your were to adopt achild and be dad and you knew very well that you were being used and good luck you get out on time.

    Wakenya in Sweden cares for one onother but the problem is the KNOWERS group are missleading the innocent ones.
    Staying United as Kenyans i think that is out of question,
    and the division has taken the part,
    The Reunion of kenyans has to be rebuild.

  • Mtazamaji, at least some of those who bought papers were genuine enough to tell the truth that they were not seeking a relationship with the person but instead wanted papers easy, fair and nobody got hurt. Whilst, Helen is not clear with Brian if it is papers or relationship now that is deceit.

    Yes, all of us might not be innocent on other aspects but that doesn’t make Helens fraud, right. Infact, it’s even worse – she had the nerve to deceive even the Swedish society. She could have kept it here among us kenyans at least for us such behavior is not a suprise.

    It is people like you and Helen that give Africans a bad name. In the future, another Helen might emerge from Kenya or Gambia, freshly from the bush and maybe entangle herself with one of your family members even one as close to you as a retarded brother and finally you will find yourself in the same type of problem as this one.

    What will you do then? Will she still be so cute then?
    I don’t now on that one though.

  • Oh dear mkenya (no. 21), you are so ill-informed about what determines a child’s citizenship in Sweden.

    I quote you: “again, hellen should not go back to kenya because of special circumstances (the birth of her daughter who happens to be a swedish citizen by birth irrespective of whether her father is kenyan,nigerian,indian,swedish or american).”

    For your information, Sweden is not America that offers automatic citizenship to a child unless one or both parents hold Swedish citizenship by birth or naturalization.
    We have gathered that Hellen’s child was fathered by a married Nigerian who is still processing his Swedish residency. He is NOT a Swedish citizen and that is why she gave Brian “her apple” and the alleged 50,000 kr to buy her residency. Hellen’s child is not Swedish unless Brian has registered her as such.

    There is a deep problem here because the Swedish Migration Board wants to deport Hellen without her child. It can be deduced that Brian has already registered the child as a Swedish citizen even though he is not the biological father. That is why his mother (Jacqueline) is so pissed off knowing the fraud involved. Legally, Brian is RIGHT to do so. However, it is the suspicious process involving the alleged bribery that is wrong. Ask yourself why Hellen is being sent to Kenya to make her papers.

    According to the Swedish Migration Board, a child becomes a Swedish citizen under the following terms:

    Becoming a Swedish citizen by birth-

    Citizenship legislation around the world is based on one or other of the following two basic principles:

    • The origin principle – the child is given the same nationality as the parents.

    • The territorial principle – the child is given the nationality of its country of birth.

    Swedish citizenship legislation is based on the origin principle. This means it is the parents’ nationality that determines the child’s nationality.

    A child born to a Swedish mother automatically receives Swedish citizenship at birth (as of 1 July 1979). The child of a Swedish father also receives Swedish citizenship if the birth takes place in Sweden. If the father is married to the child’s foreign mother, the child receives Swedish citizenship regardless of where the birth took place.

    Becoming a Swedish citizen through adoption-

    A child who is not yet 12 years of age and who has been adopted by a Swedish citizen automatically receives Swedish citizenship upon adoption if:

    • The child has been adopted as the result of a decision taken in Sweden or in another Nordic country.

    • The child has been adopted as the result of a decision taken abroad and approved in Sweden by the Swedish Intercountry Adoptions Authority (MIA).

    • The adoption is valid under Swedish law.

    The adoption must have been officially decided or approved after 30 June 1992. A child who has turned 12 at the time of adoption can become a Swedish citizen by application.

    Residence permits on grounds of family ties:

    What are the rules?

    Spouses, co-habitees or registered partners-

    You are entitled to be granted a residence permit if you are married to, have entered into partnership with or are co-habiting with someone who lives in Sweden. You could have your application rejected if, for example, it is based on incorrect information, if it is a bogus relationship or if you do not intend to live together.

  • @Fagilia am with you on this one. I dont know these people but damn guys come slowly am guessing some of you have finally gotten a long awaited chance to bash Hellen!! Why so much venom? Kwanza Brian mwenyewe seemed to have nothing against this in the initial posting infact he was proud that the baby has a luo name sijui from composer of what…lol. Am guessing this is personal, settling scores huh?!

  • thanx very much mkenya number 28 for the thorough info. on citizenship thru birth and familj anknytning..
    Lets hope the swedish government will relax the law on immigration,come the 15th of december this year 2008, so that no man or woman will feel that the only way out or way in,is by trapping the other with a baby just to get papers,like many of us foreigners have done since time immemorial.
    i agree with the mkenya who has said that a relationship is a relationship and business is business..
    i for one was trapped by a girl and she left me after achieving her papers,so i know how it feels to be used or trapped for papers.but i choose to make neutral statements rather than be bitter and crucify bryan and hellen..
    one thing is for sure though,we are africans and as africans,we respect our elders,we respect our mothers,our fathers and even our debate about that.if anyone has disrespected another,then thats not african..its something else….


  • Adventist (no 31): Do not drag my name into this scandal. If you are a true Adventist, you should not be hiding behind the computer with a handle because by doing so, you are “walking in darkness”, an act that is opposed by Jesus Karast.

    I can understand when others use handles but someone posing as an Angel should have been more open to serve as an example.

    Secondly, I expected you to have been on your knees, praying for the victims instead of giving dictation at the blog about what should happen. You should have quoted the bible to give direction instead of trying to drag my name into the mix. What have I done? I am not in control of the situation so how can I let the families deal with the issue?

    Lastly, stop using capital letters in your writing because in Internet etiquette (and in case you are new to the rules), that amounts to “screaming”. The time you used in “screaming” to Wananchi could have been used in trying to reach God for a solution. If you use capital letters next time, your comment will not be approved. The use of upper cases is a sign of disrespect to other commentators. this kind of thing does not make me proud at all. FYI, it makes me want to vomit.


  • Adventist (no. 31): Internet comments are meant to gauge both positive and negative views. Do not get emotional and start blaming Osewe who has opened up the comments section after periods of protest from KSB readers. Give your opinion on the key subjects who are Hellen and Brian. We could not be here discussing them had Hellen not gone to Aftonbladet. Remember, she did not even inform Brian, the supposed father of her daughter before the interview. There is also no need for invoking God on matters that don’t concern Him.

    Meanwhile, you need to differentiate between virtual reality (KSB) and real life. In real life, it is the Swedish Immigration authorities that will decide the fate of Hellen.

  • Hellen Awuor and others who get pregnant by Swedish citizens have a reason to smile, because the Swedish government is reconsidering its tough rule that demands such women to apply for their residence permits from their countries of origin. When the law gets repealed, they will be allowed to stay in Sweden to process their permits.

    However, this will only be effective from 2010, so Hellen is not yet off the hook. Who knows how far she has reached with her manipulation to get papers?

    ‘Relax restrictions’ for asylum seekers with Swedish kids
    Published: 19 Dec 08 09:01 CET

    While an asylum seeker who has children with a Swede already has the right to permanent residency in Sweden, the person in question must first return to his or her home country to seek a permit, a process that can take up to half a year.

    Under the current regulations, mothers with newborn children have often been left with no other option than to leave Sweden with a newborn child in order to apply for a residence permit.

    But now Migration Minister Tobias Billström has said he will endeavour to “fasttrack” a new law that would enable the migration authorities to make exceptions to the law.
    In an interview with Sveriges Radio, Billström said he expected the amended law to come into force in Spring 2010.

    Previously, the minister had indicated that he would await the outcome of an official inquiry before giving his backing to a legislative amendment.

  • come now dear u were just looking for a way to make money and citizenship swallow the bitter pill move on and find solution coz u are bein a fool and to tell u the truth noone cares how u do it gal be wise and stop the hopscotch story get your stuff in order and live your life no kenyans are that gud

  • Surely, how far has Hellen come with her bag of tricks to live in Sweden? How is young Brayo and his so-called daughter? How is Hellen’s Nigerian lover? Has Brian gone for the DNA his mother wanted?

    Anyone with updates should “tune in” at KSB and update readers.


    KSB: This could be breaking news kinda a stuff.

  • Justice be our sheild and defender. For those seeking free rides on others backs, the world is watching. Poor Brian still has to deal with Hellen the she-devil, when she returns to Sweden.

    Brian has to be more smart next time and avoid such parasites.

  • Why couldn’t Hellen just go to Kenya like any other applicant who has a baby with a Swedish citizen? She could not because she is the Queen of Drama and had to carry her crap to the Swedish Aftonbladet newspaper, after being ill-advised by her close MTV Kenyan female friends. Did that add any weight to her bogus story? No. Instead she got a few hours of cheap and negative publicity.

    Mschana huyu ni fala sana. She has not improved her perspective of things even after being in Sweden since 2005. But what would one expect from a woman who gets a child with a Nigerian lover then lures a Kenyan man with pesa nane to get papers? Will she now avoid that “barnavård” (childcare) she claimed is not available in Kenya?

    Apende asipende, Hellen is now in for what she attempted to avoid: At least 6 months of Kenyan heat, malaria, mosquitoes, noisy matatus, oshago, mbuta, omena, etc.

    Let us remain hardworking, proud and confident Kenyans in the Diaspora. We should also avoid exposing ignorance in the Swedish media and among ourselves like Hellen.

  • After three years in Sweden, Hellen thought that Kenya is polluted, has no childcare or any other good stuff to offer. There was no better place to tell this rubbish other than in Aftonbladet, a Swedish tabloid, after pumping lies in her application for a residence permit in Sweden.

    However, the Swedes have no respect for stupid people like her who deny their background because they think that being in Europe makes them better. Swedes live in that Kenya and are up to date with the healthcare system, costly as it is, for those who have no money.

    Hellen typifies some ignorant Kenyan women who no matter how many years they live in Sweden, will never improve their outlook of the world. Some things should never be discussed in the media especially if they have no merit. Hellen seems to be the kind of mother who will teach her children to shy away from Kenya, especially when bad pictures are shown on TV. Instead of working hard to improve things in the country, she will just run away from everything to do with it.

    We have seen her type before and they always live on other men’s sweat. She is the female equivalent of Tony Odera, another parasite who lives under the covers of his ex-wife.

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