Breaking News: Ambassador Purity Muhindi Recalled

The Kenyan Ambassador to Scandinavia H.E Mrs Purity Muhindi has been recalled by the Kenyan government. A short Statement issued by the Kenyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not give reasons why the Ambassador had been recalled.

Since she assumed Office, the Ambassador has been at the center of several scandals in Stockholm which might have been embarrassing the Kibaki government. The latest was the hiring of VIP Shipping International, a non existent company, to transport a container belonging to Mr. George Kinya, a diplomat, who was on transfer to Canada.

An Official at the Foreign Affairs Office in Nairobi could not comment on the news but told KSB that the Ministry “is in the process of restructuring” to accommodate terms of the new Coalition government and that it is normal that officers abroad could be recalled.

A source at Orange House (ODM Headquarters in Nairobi) told KSB that the Party is negotiating diplomatic positions especially those of Kenyan Ambassadors and that the Party is keen on having an ODM loyalist posted at the Kenyan Embassy in Scandinavia because of its strategic location.

An Official at the Embassy said that the Embassy was unaware about the recall and advised that KSB call back later so that the Embassy could confirm the news.

The recall will, no doubt, be a big relief especially among Kenyans who believe that Purity has been a let down in his running of the Embassy and contacts with the Kenyan community in Sweden.

Okoth Osewe