Maggero Funeral: Family Sends Affidavit Seeking To Delay Process

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Affidavit From Maggero’s Family: Page One 

Affidavit Page two 

The family of the late James Wuod Maggero has sent a signed affidavit calling for a delay of the funeral process until at least two family members can travel to Sweden to attend the function. The document was sent via fax through the Kenyan Embassy in Stockholm (See scan versions). The Affidavit, which is dated January 11th 2006, has already been mailed to Maggero’s Family in Sweden.

In the meantime, Kenyans in Stockholm yesterday made a passionate plea to the family of the late Maggero to delay the process for Maggero’s relatives to arrive from Kenya. In a meeting held at Continental Hotel and attended by both Mr. Maggero’s daughter and a son in Law, Kenyans made the following requests.

1. That the funeral process of the late Maggero be delayed until his family can arrive from Kenya to attend the burial.
2. That the cremation of Mr. Maggero be delayed so that Kenyans can have the opportunity to view his body and pay their last respects.
3. That the family allow for Kenyans who knew Maggero to mourn the late Mzee in accordance with Luo culture.

The meeting, requested that the family send a response to Kenyans by today Thursday through Mrs Jane Owili who will then communicate to the whole community. Luo’s who were present took time to clarify aspects of the Luo culture which they wanted respected by the late Maggero’s family. The meeting was chaired by Mrs Hellen Opwapo, the Chairlady of ODM-KS while it was attended by several concerned Kenyans including Mr. Jared Aroka, Mr. Joshua Oyugi, Mr. Gerry Midenyo, Mr. Kenneth Aroka, Mrs Caroline Ayodo, Mr. Dancan Munala, Mr. Odhiambo Opee Jr, Mrs Jane Owili among others.

Initially, there was tension when a son in Law of the late Maggero declared the meeting “illegal”, arguing that the issue was a “family matter”. He was quickly overruled by Kenyans who informed him that the community had a right to meet to discuss the issue. Both Maggero’s son in Law and daughter then walked out but after a short time, they came back and they were welcomed at the meeting.

Okoth Osewe

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