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Why Kenya-Stockholm’s Wazee Lost to Vijana at Saturday’s Football Match

August 25, 2014



The strongest Kenya-Stockholm Wazees posing with the strongest Vijanaz

Whichever way you look at it, the Wazee-Vijana Football match held about a week ago exposed a stark reality facing Kenya-Stockholm’s wazees that could have remained expunged from scrutiny. The wazees were thwacked 14-12. However, this defeat, with a margin of only 2 goals, should be deemed “respectable” and a sports critic could be persuaded to credit the wazees for having put up such a formidable resistance against the young Turks who, nevertheless, relaxed their tempo apparently to encourage the wazees. A report on the match can only be complete if the circumstances that led to the defeat of wazee are highlighted.

In the first place, many wazees who were expected at the match did not turn up and an investigation by KSB into the circumstances reveals a mix-up of both tragic and hilarious reasons. The failure of some key players to turn up for the match meant that the team was incomplete while wazees who turned up were demoralized from the start because they immediately understood that they were going in against vijana at a disadvantaged position. Why did wazee go missing at such a crucial match?

The first reason is that Kenya-Stockholm’s wazees are suffering from a series of conditions that makes it impossible for most of them to avail themselves at social functions. According to investigations, the biggest problem is that many wazee are suffering from a series of old-age ailments that have quietly forced them to retire from active social life, leave alone participating in a football match.

Key Examples
For example, Mzee Kobe told KSB that although he could have wanted to play, he is suffering from diabetes and he has to inject himself with insulin at regular intervals to stay alive. Together with his advanced age, running around in a football field chasing a tiny ball with vijana is the last thinkable activity that could come to mind. Consequently, he went missing although he did not want to make his absence clear because he did not want to demoralize other wazees. What about Mzee Dennis Afande?

He did not turn up because he is suffering from high blood pressure. One morning, he was going to work when suddenly he could not breathe. He was in the underground train and as his condition worsened, he managed to get out of the train at some station after which he signaled for a passersby to call an ambulance. When he arrived at St Görans hospital, he was rushed into the acute department and after all was said and done, he got back to his feet but was told that he had to go in for more checkups because his blood pressure was too high. The final diagnosis was that he was suffering from HBP and he was put on medication. When the football match was announced, Mzee Dennis was just entering into rehab to try and stabilize his condition. Under the circumstances, he could not participate in the match although he did not want to bother others with his personal health problems.

That brings us to Mzee Makopoyo who suffered a stroke last December. He was lucky because doctors told him that it was just a “mild stroke”. Following the attack, Mzee Makopoyo has been taking things easy because the stroke shocked him. When asked by KSB why he was shocked, the Mzee said that his thinking was that he was still a “Mzee Kijana” and that when he got the stroke, reality struck to the effect that the “kijana” in his “uzee” was actually an illusion because “vijanas” don’t easily get strokes. He did not show up at the football match because he was still “in meditation”.

If the case of Mzee Makopoyo is unfortunate, the situation facing Mzee Tobby Kaweza is just sad to say the least. He is quietly suffering from cancer of the spleen and this condition has removed him from social life. Makopoyo is on cancer drugs and a strict diet. He has been told that his disease is untreatable so what can be done is to slow the cancer down in order to prolong his life. He is 56 years old but he has had to take an early pension because his condition can no longer allow him to work. The cocktail of drugs has made him weak and participating in a football match with vijana is the last thing he can ever think about. He told KSB that when it comes to sports and other social activities he used to attend, he is a gone case. He is basically counting his days on earth and just begged to be left alone. This brings us to Mzee Alfonse Mashakani, a veteran Kenya-Stockholmer who has also gone underground.

Lost Touch With Reality
When KSB finally got him on the phone and tuned him “to talk”, he was surprised. He did not even know about the football match because, according to him, he has “lost touch with reality”. He is currently at Huddinge hospital after suffering a brain hemorrhage. For several weeks, he has been in comatose although at the time of talking to him, he was heading to rehab within the hospital. He told KSB that as a result of the stroke, he was partially paralyzed and that his greatest priority was to regain his health and evaluate what was left of him as he entered the sun-set of his life on earth. This is the sad reality that the football match revealed. Many of Kenya-Stockholm’s wazees are slowly wasting away as a result of diseases. Mzee Mashakani theorized that he suspected that his condition was a consequence of “over-working” and warned fellow Kenyans to take a break in their lives as much as possible to relax and to exercise.

As for Mzee Timbuktu, his absence from the match was not due to sickness. He had just hooked up with a Swedish sweetheart and that week-end was critical because he had fixed a date which he was not gonna miss because of some football match that had just popped up. He told KSB that after he divorced his Kenyan wife, he has been hunting for some white creature “to keep him busy” and it was not until recently that he hit the jackpot. He landed a divorced Swedish woman (almost of his age) and that for now, football can wait! What this means is that the match was lost, not because all wazees are sick but because there are others breaking new grounds. However, the next case of Mzee Dreams Kayole is unique.

He had planned to play on the material day but then a domestic crisis cropped up. He has been quarreling a lot with his long-standing Kenyan wife and he told KSB that chances are that they will soon be splitting up. When he told the wife that he was planning to play for the wazee team, the wifie took advantage of the situation and claimed that one problem she has with him is that he has wrong priorities. According to the wifie, instead of staying at home to be with her, he was planning “an outing” at some field in the name of football. A quarrel ensured and punde si punde, the mzee’s pro-football mood was totally messed up. He took a kinyuaji to cool down tempers but by the time he was calm, it was too late because the match had ended. He failed to show up.

Mountain of Flesh
As for Mzee Sarakasi, the explanation was hilarious. He is single and on Friday, a day before the match, he had been to some African reggae club. As the club was closing down and guests were sipping their last drops, something magical happened. Just from nowhere, a fat-assed, mountain-breasted, chubby faced and “meaty” white Swedish blond-haired and gigantic lassie in her forties zoomed around and kissed him right on the lips. Mzee Sarakasi said that he was genuinely stunned. The enormous size of the woman’s “fundamentals” is exactly what turns him on and he associated the whole surprise with “a manner from heaven”. Before he could say “bwaii!!”, the lady said that she liked him “so match” and that she has been watching him throughout the night.

A conversation started and as he begun to translate the romantic implications of the abrupt encounter, the lady asked him if he could follow her home for “an extension” of the party. Interestingly, the lady lived just around the corner, a walking distance. Sarakasi had planned to show up for the match but unfortunately, by saa saba mchana, the new couple was still in bed! When he made a calculation of the time and what he stood to gain from the football match as compared to the huge white flesh he was wrapped into, he decided not to mention anything about the match. He decided to consolidate the new find, dump the match and see how things developed. Mzee Sarakasi therefore went missing.

The wazee who attended the match beat all odds to be there. Despite their waning stamina and other circumstances, they are still fit and can run in the field. Kudos to these wazees! I will be talking about the vijana in the next installment.

Okoth Osewe

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Shocking Revelations About Hellen’s Deportation Case

October 26, 2008


Kenya-Stockholm world continues to wallow deep in shocking controversy and unspeakable

Hellen and daughter Chentelle

Hellen and daughter Chentelle

scandal. In an unprecedented, unrivalled and unparalleled moment of revelation, it has emerged that Renah Chentelle is not the daughter of Bryan Arwa and that the story regarding the paternity of Chentelle is steeped in unbridled deceit and open subterfuge.

Jaqueline, the mother of the 23 year-old Bryan who has claimed that he is Chentelle’s father, has called KSB to protest at the use of her son by unscrupulous women in Stockholm for purposes of sorting out their residence permits to settle in Sweden.

Sounding angry, irritated and upset, Bryan’s mother said that it is time for her to speak about the on-going case in her capacity as the mother of Bryan and as a person who should have been the grandmother of Chentelle if Bryan was the biological father of the charming 3 month old baby girl.

“This case has been going on for a long time behind my back. I am calling to say that Bryan is not the father of this child and this should be known to everybody who plans to protest in this case”, she told KSB.

She said that those who are behind the scandal are the same people who registered the child using her address without her permission while they are the same people who married off Bryan secretly without her knowledge.

“I knew that Bryan was married when I went to take my personbevis (a certificate of status issued by the Tax office)”, she told KSB. She said that Hellen and her friends are not interested in Bryan but in using him to make papers.

“I brought my son here to give him a better life. He went through his education and when he joined University, these people brought him a baby to adopt. Now, they have brought another baby and trying to use the Swedish system to ruin the life of my son”, she said.

She added that the gang which has masterminded the operation have turned Bryan against her and appealed to KSB to publish the truth about the case for the sake of transparency.

In a moment of anger, she said that the father of the child is a Nigerian man whom Hellen had been cohabiting with. “I am not opposed to being a grandmother. Let there be a DNA test to prove that my son is the father of the child because what I know is that he is not and this is what Kenyans in Stockholm should understand”, she said.

In the continuing flow of fresh and shocking revelations, Bryan’s mother told KSB that although Hellen’s mother is currently in Sweden, her attempts to meet her and to talk to her about the issue as parents have failed because Hellen and friends have refused to allow for such a meeting.

I was sick on bed when I was told that Bryan was soon going to have a baby under circumstances I did not know”, she said. She added that as soon as the baby was born, the group of friends dumped Bryan who has admitted through KSB that he did not know that Hellen was seeking publicity about the case in Aftonbladet.

“Bryan has been unable to take his exams because of this case. I will not support a scandal of this nature. These people have overpowered my son and something needs to be done”, she said.

She said that Hellen and friends are arguing that Bryan is old enough to take his own decisions but that what they are forgetting is that a child is involved who is not Bryan’s.

“I want to maintain a motherly relationship with my son. Hellen is using the wrong strategy because I was ready to discuss this issue but they have abused me and they don’t even want to see me”, she said.

She attacked those advising Hellen, and vowed to call Aftonbladet Newspaper to put the record straight. She says that she has already informed the Swedish authorities about her concerns and that she will not sit by and watch her sons life ruined by malicious people.

“This is a complete set-up to impose someone’s kid on my son. I challenge Hellen to go for a DNA test and until then, she ought to stop using my son in this way”, she said. She added that it was wrong for Hellen to have rushed to the media single-handedly with such a sensitive issue and that she will have to deal with the consequences. KSB is following the story.

Okoth Osewe

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Strange Ways Of Diaspora Returnees

October 26, 2008

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Every time some Kenyans come back from abroad, expect some comedy. Suddenly they have forgotten directions and their mother tongue and need local guides and interpreters to find their way around. And as a village teacher who is slightly literate, I have had the privilege of acting interpreter to some returnees.

“Tell Mom that my system cannot handle this kind of food.” I translated this with relish, implying that everybody should know the dangers of some local vegetables that the chap and I had been brought up on.

In my social roving, I see many returnees wearing dark sunglasses irrespective of the weather. Perhaps they are winter guys and girls, used to the glare of snow in their adopted countries.

Some of them often demand alien things in the average Kenyan cafÈ like milk shakes, pizzas, herbal tea, hot dogs and diet coke, to the bewilderment of all within earshot.

And they often ask prices in dollars or euros, if you are able to decipher their accents.

And have you noted that their gestures and body cues are frequently western to a fault? When talking to us they keep a wide personal distance that can be misconstrued as antisocial to our African sensitivities.

The men are given to a little pomp when shaking hands and hugging. The women often shake off dreads or imaginary hair from their foreheads, just like wazungu.

Oh gawd!

Our brothers and sisters coming from abroad are always amazed by small things, like birds and insect and issue a stream of dizzying words to express their appreciation.

“Oh Gawd (God) how beautiful, splendid, cool, terrific! Absolutely!”

When these people bring their children along, they often confound their local kin with a totally foreign style of parenting.

For we have to quickly incorporate these brats’ interruption of adult conversations.

“Dad, this woman looks so black and old,” a brat may say about his grandmother.

And as often happens in such situations, everybody pretends not to have heard.

The children may take fright at the sight of cows and shenzi chicken and question the wisdom of coming this far in the jungles.

“Let’s go back home, dad!”

Some returnees may have left as shy village boys and girls on scholarships or green cards but they come back strutting, boisterous, and full of democracy and civil rights. They bring a strange rowdiness with them, commenting on every issue.


“This cannot happen in America, man!” They preface all their complaints this way when vehicles stall in traffic jams or local functions take too long to start.

Comically, they may demand a lawyer at every minor brush with the police.

People are often amazed at how quickly they have forgotten our old and frequently chaotic ways.

At social functions, these people are often annoying as they suggest solutions to all of Africa’s problems.

“I have seen many community based projects in Adelaide, British Columbia and Cardiff,” they will often say and outline novel development agendas. But they are nowhere to be seen when the time comes to donate money and take action.

In my social wandering, I often gather many anecdotes of how some Kenyans living abroad take incredulity to new levels by staying in five star hotels in Nairobi when they visit.

So, their rural kin adorn matatus with banana twigs and journey there to meet them, singing: “Anaweza Bwana anaweza….”

Others hire 4WD vehicles, hung binoculars and video cameras around their necks, stash mineral water bottles in their pockets and venture to their rural homes in daylight.

But they are back in urban centres for the night long before our witches and night runners come out. Yet many Kenyans living abroad venture back to the village quietly, with no trumpets blaring.

As I sign off to gather more social comedy, please cut out the concert when you return from abroad; you are not from heaven, yet. Absolutely, man!

John K. Kariuki

Lifted from The Standard

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Cinderella Night By Sound of Blackness 22/Nov

October 25, 2008


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Friday Magazine: Kenyan Woman “Needs Help”

October 23, 2008


Just sent in: Competitor in Manyake business in Stockholm

Sometimes, strange things happen in Kenya-Stockholm to say the least. There is a Kenyan woman who is in serious crisis but instead of the community pulling up resources to assist her, people are engaged in negative talk that has become more destructive than helpful.

The issue is very precarious and deserves a very careful and tactical approach otherwise the woman’s life will simply sink deeper into the abyss. When she arrived in Sweden in the 90s, she was young, smooth and energetic. Just like every Mwananchi who arrives here, she did manage to work out her papers in her own cleaver way and appeared to have been headed for the top. Then she made one terrible mistake. She allegedly started selling Manyake in plenty.

At that time, she was unattached and through pure charm and elegance, she was extremely marketable as a small bundle of a chick. During her many excursions at customer joints, she bumped into a “Mr. money bag” and the two soon got together in what was believed to have been a mission to do it together happily ever after. The positive side of the union is that she cooled down her twilight appointments because money was in a de house and the life style she was living was considerably high by Kenyan standards in Stocky.

Up to now, few Kenyans know what happened because out of the blue, she began behaving like a person who had split up. At first, she tried to cover up the split but with time, chapaa became scarce, she moved to them sides where Wakenya reside and stopped “shining” to Wananchi whom, unfortunately, had been reduced to odiangabuks.

By then she had one kid whose Daddy was apparently the Chairman of “Unidentified Fatherly Objects” (UFO) roaming in town. Once Mr. money bag transformed himself into her “X”, close friends she had been hanging out with began to desert her as they also started spilling her secrets strategically into the ocean of Kenya-Stockholm. It is at this point when the very friends who enticed her into the Manyake business are the same people who began to let the cat out of the bag. The problem is that they thought she was moving “too fast” and to slow her down, they needed to throw some stuff into the rumour mill.

According to some of the harvests gathered by a KISS agent, she used to talk big – about her week-ends in London, shopping in Paris and that kinda talk. She was the typical boisterous and exhibitionistic Kenyan who will go out and broadcast a holiday in Italy, a meeting with Raila’s son in Kenya during a “go back home” moment or even open a radio station to broadcast that “new-second hand car” he bought when business was thriving.

The advantage with the split up is that the lady came down to the real world while harsh conditions forced her to look for a job. There is a Kenyan who specializes in fixing Wazee jobs and this good citizen wired her up at some home where she began to earn a living. Unfortunately, working with wazee was not her “bottle of whisky”, partly because she was already spoilt with easy money. She became lazy and depressed. One day, a lady mzee called her “nigger” and that was the end of the story.

She was in the middle of helping her to get off the bed when the word “nigger” slipped out. She had not been prepared for this kinda situation by her workmates who never alerted her that the woman (who was apparently born in Nazi Germany) could, at times, exhibit semi-racist tendencies that needed to be neglected.

She rarely handled her but on this particular day, there was shortage of staff after influenza attacked jungus forcing two staff members to take sick leave. What happened next after the abrupt “nigger debacle” is that she left the ka lady mzee to go on a free fall on the hard floor as she rushed to the boss to announce that she was quitting work because she cannot stand racism from a customer at the work place.

In the meantime, the responsible staff members called an ambulance as they entered into shock about what our lady had done. The lady mzee had already gone into coma as our lady girl gave a lecture about racism and discrimination in Sweden. On average, she is admirably tough and routinely lectures men who crosses her path.

Our lady girl had been waiting for an opportunity that could see her through to another job – something to fire her up so that she could quit. Back in her mind, she had the illusion that she could go back to her original business which was easy and more profitable.

When she tried a come-back to manyake business, she began to experience difficulties because the market situation had changed, having been transformed by younger legs from different regions. It was like she was a Nokia 3310 when latest Erickssons had hit the market in a big way.

In short, her marketability had withered with time, besides, she had kids to take care of. The difficult circumstances forced her to get on welfare and this is when her life began to go down even further.

While her life was undergoing a terrific transformation, Kenya-Stockholmers were busy at different sitting rooms, analyzing her situation and predicting her future instead of helping her. To cut a short story shorter, the woman now needs help.

She lost her house and became homeless. The problem now is that she has kids and she is putting up with a good Samaritan who has squeezed her with the kids in a tiny room where life is impossible. She does not just need someone to rush to her with advice. According to contacts, she needs someone who can convince her that she has a serious problem which she needs to accept so that she can be helped.

The person who needs to talk to her should be good in handling such matters otherwise the whole move will back fire. According to sources, she is in a poor mental state and with the kids, something needs to be done. Those who have contacted KSB to appeal for help believe that she could be on the verge of doing something bad to herself if things do not change soon.

She needs to be consoled that life here can be tough and that she can still pick up because she is reportedly on the verge of despair. Contacts have said that for the help to be effective, her identity needs to remain confidential and not even KSB was given her identity. If you can help, KSB could put you through to a whistle blower who can begin the connection.

Okoth Osewe

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KSB Statement Following President Obama’s Election

October 22, 2008



The New and Black First Family


The Kenya Stockholm Blog (KSB) takes this opportunity to congratulate President Barack Obama on the occasion of his election as the President of the United States of America.

The Election of Obama, a Kenyan-American, as President of the world’s greatest Nation is evidence that Kenyans and Africans in general are intelligent people who are capable of rising to the highest positions of leadership anywhere in the planet.

We, at KSB, believe that the election of Obama as United States President is not just a victory in the struggle against racism and discrimination against non white people around the world but also a huge psychological boost to non white people who have had to suffer the indignity of mental and psychological manipulation by agents of racism to reduce non white people to non-thinking human beings who are incapable of taking up positions of leadership especially in gigantic centers of power across the globe.

The election of Obama as President of the United States is a serious signal to the world at large that as members of the human race, we are the same and that it is important that this race unite to search for real and common solutions to problems facing the planet and the human race in particular because all human beings are born equal.

In congratulating Barack Obama on his historic election as the first Black President of the United States of America, White, Hispanic, Asian and other populations that voted for Obama forms part of the complex matrix that handed victory to this great son of Kenya. The African vote alone could not hand over victory to Obama. It is the united vote of Americans who were longing for change embodied in Obama’s message of change that made the big difference.

The election of Obama as President of the United States obviously triggers emotional feelings at different levels of the global support networks that have been following his two year campaign with bewilderment. Soon after the declaration that Obama had won the vote, some supporters were captured on video shading tears of joy as others went wild with ululations just before Obama appeared on stage to deliver his acceptance speech.

These sentimental scenes that played themselves over and over again were a collective statement that Obama had achieved a feat that was perceived only recently as impossible – the election of an African as President of the United States of America and consequently official occupant of the White House with massive political and military power at his disposal.

At the psychological level, Obama’s election is a major boost to black and other none white people around the world who have had to live with the scourge of racism and discrimination especially in the United States and Europe where the general perception has been that there is a limit to the level Africans could rise within the established power structures and systems.

For white people who voted for Obama, a different kind of statement has been made – that not all white people are racist for how did millions of white voters endorse Obama for President of the United States if the country is populated by racists?

There is no denying that racists exist in the United States, some of whom even tried to assassinate Obama when he was on the campaign trail. However, the big point is that despite the racist tendency that surfaces in inter-racial societies from time to time (including Sweden), it is possible to fight racism through a united front comprising all races across the planet.

At KSB, we hope that Obama’s leadership at the White House will be dominated by efforts to pave the way for changes whose positive effects will reverberate across the world. The impact of Obama’s victory was not only felt in the United States. It was felt across the world and the implication here is that both political and economic decisions Obama will make as President of the United States will impact on other countries. It is for this reason that supporters across the world hope that Obama’s decisions will be guided by sound policies designed to make the world a better place to live in.

Once again, we say kudos to Barack Obama on his election as President of United States of America. Our congrants also goes to Michelle Obama who is destined to be the first African First Lady in the United States. Her support was key to Obama’s success and her role in the process cannot be quantified here at KSB.

May the election of Barack Obama as President of the United States of America inspire others after him to aim for even greater heights both in the United States and across the Globe. May the mantra of “YES WE CAN” spread across the world to inspire even greater deeds by people of good will across in the field of politics, economic, culture, science, technology and others. We boldly repeat: YES WE CAN.

Okoth Osewe

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Ulambaji: Should Kenyans In Stockholm Turn To Prayers?

October 21, 2008

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Pastor Samson In Deep Prayers

Wakenya wenzangu, sometimes KSB is accused by critics of spreading propaganda but let us look at the naked facts that are readily available to everybody who has been in the loop before throwing a single stone.

Sometimes last year, an ailing Mr. Cheruiyot, a former Kenyan diplomat, escaped being kidnapped and deported to Kenya from his hospital bed following instructions by Ambassador Purity Muhindi. A woman Doctor was flown from Kenya to facilitate the kidnap operation because the Swedish authorities insisted that Mr. Cheruiyot was too sick to travel alone. At the time of the kidnap attempt, Cheruiyot’s property had been packed in a container while his family had been rounded up.

It was good news when it emerged that a group of Kenyans who were very upset by Purity’s inhumane behaviour managed to mobilize to the hospital and stopped Cheruiyot’s deportation. After the victory, the Kenyans rushed to the net to tell the world what they had done and every Kenyan had reason to be proud of the bravery and solidarity of these Kenyans.

At a political level, this was the moment of Hallelujah because some Kenyans who participated in stopping Cheruiyot’s deportation are countrymen who have been standing on the political sidelines since they came to Sweden. I thought that political consciousness among Kenyans in Sweden was on the rise ahead of the General elections.

To cup it all, a known opportunist who was in the frontlines was among a group of Kenyans who boycotted last year’s Jamhuri day in protest at what Purity had done. Nashon Mbugua and another group were demonstrating outside the Hotel where the Jamhuri bash was taking place and I took several pictures which were later featured at KSB. I called a Pastor at the Bagarmossen Church and I was told that with God, “anything is possible”. I just smiled.

For KSB, it was a moment of good propaganda and Purity was lambasted to the maximum. Then last Friday, Purity called a secret dinner funded by tax payer’s money and some of the Kenyans who attacked her for the Cheruiyot thing and who were on the frontlines were the same people eating Omena with the Ambassador. They were reportedly swallowing huge balls of ugali after making big othonjes (the hole you dig into the ka ugali with your thumb to scoop soup) as they chatted away the evening.

You won’t even believe what they were talking about. Eti “Yule Osewe ni mjinga sana…”, as they licked their fingers. It is reported that only Daniel Kottut, one of the Embassy bosses, was smiling at what Omena could do to people.

“Osewe has been like that. Just ignore him because he is always making noise”, another one was heard giving Purity advice as he requested for a bottle of Lauder’s whisky to drop a tot. “He should go home and practice politics instead of kusumbua watu hapa Stockholm”, another one threw in a word of support as Purity nodded slowly. Where is our community heading to with this level of open ulambaji?

After elections were stolen in Kenya, a group of Kenyans spent almost two hours demonstrating outside the Kenyan Embassy to protest at the election theft and to attack Kibaki. The event was captured on video and you could have been there to watch patriotic Kenyans singing “Kibaki ameiba kura”. Some Kenyans who were protesting were new to Kenya-Stockholm activism and once again, the signal was that Wakenya had been pushed too much to the wall by Kibaki.

Purity was so scared that she reportedly went somewhere to hide from the demonstrators even though the demonstrators were peaceful. Kottut, who was to receive our protest statement, could not even step out of the Embassy because he was too terrified so police took the statement to him.

When the Embassy called the secret dinner last Friday, some Kenyans who were shouting anti-Purity slogans at the demo were the very people who were swallowing mbuta with her, bought with tax payer’s money. I understand that even githeri and mukimo was on the menu! One of them even put in a “political argument” to justify the swallow. Eti Raila is eating with Kibaki so…

These are the facts to ponder. If you confront these Kenyans to question them about their double dealing, they will begin to hit you below the belt. Eti you are very ugly and that even if you attend an “ugliness contest”, you will be refused registration by the panel because they do not want “obvious winners”. Another one will tell you that you are so short that when you walk along the road, you lean on the pavement! May be, we need to turn to Bargarmossen for prayers!

Okoth Osewe

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Waiting For “President Barack Obama”: Days 2Go: 11

October 20, 2008


We have began the great count down at KSB. For Kenya, this is a special period when our great country is on the verge of producing the President of the United States of America. For Africa, it is a special period because an African is about to become head of the greatest Nation on earth. For Americans, it will be the ultimate evidence that the fight against racism has probably advanced to the highest level attainable in this century. For the rest of the world, Obama’s victory will be the ultimate evidence that “Yes. we can all make it”.

Obama is and will remain an inspiration to all supporters watching this historic moment unfolding before our very eyes. He is black, he is white, he is African and he is American. He started from simple beginnings and is heading for great heights. He is Barack Obama, the next President of the United States of America. Take it or leave it, the world is changing. Should the white House be renamed “Black and White House?” Go Obama, go… We are waiting for the swearing in ceremony: I am not quite sure how it goes but I am sure these words are there in the script: “I Barack Obama… as President of the United States of America… So help me God”. That is where we are at KSB unless the ECK in the United States tampers with the computer tallying process of Presidential results.

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“Kenyatta Day Alternative Bash” At Sätra

October 20, 2008


The African Boogy-makers invites Kenyans and friends to an African Bash at Sätra. This could be a good compensation after the community went without a bash to celebrate Hero’s Day. You have been told.



TIME: 21:00 – 03:00

PLACE:Red Line Disco Bar

Dj Tonny & Dj Spaxx (Sweden)




Da’steppaz Entertainment

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Joseph Munene Sends Kenyatta Day Greetings

October 19, 2008


Mr. Joseph Munene aka “Man Nzoro”, a Kenyan resident in Stockholm, has sent greeting to Kenyans at home and abroad on the occasion of this year’s Kenyatta day which falls today 20th October.

Speaking to KSB, Mr. Munene said that be believes that “Kenyatta day” should be recognized as “Heroes day” in honour of all Kenyans who participated in the anti-colonial struggle in our country.

He said that unlike last year, it was a mistake that the Kenyan Embassy in Stockholm had failed to organize an event for Kenyans in Stockholm on this important day although he added that he was celebrating the day in his own way.

“Last year was the first time that the Embassy organized Kenyatta day and it is disappointing that the event has been ignored this year”, said Man Nzoro.

According to the Kenyan, Kenyatta day is a day when the Embassy could have seized on the opportunity to educate young Kenyans in Sweden who know little about the day’s importance.

“This could have been done through speeches or presentations explaining what Kenyatta day is all about”, he said. He said that National days should not be reduced to food and drinks but should also be used for political education especially among the Kenyan youth.

Man Nzoro said that he was very disappointed that because of lack of attention, some Kenyans are no longer in a position to differentiate between Kenyatta day, Madaraka day and Jamhuri day.

He said that the Grand Coalition government should make it a point of instructing all Kenyan embassies to ensure that Kenyatta day is celebrated by Kenyans across the world as “Hero’s day” by organizing events to mark day.

Okoth Osewe

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