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Miguna’s Book Will Not Cost Raila Votes

July 14, 2012


Long-awaited book lands with a thud and raises an interesting question: Who wears the mask – the PM or his disgruntled former aide?

Stolen Presidency is read more in Diaspora than in Kenya – The Star

The last book on Raila Odinga that had a fairly wide circulation in Kenya was Raila Odinga: An Enigma in Kenyan Politics, by the Nigerian lawyer and political scientist Dr Babafemi Adesina Badejo. A later book, Raila Odinga’s Stolen Presidency, Consequences and the Future for Kenya, by Okoth Osewe, has been read more widely in the far-flung Kenyan Diaspora than at home and remains largely unknown to the vast majority of Kenyans.

And now here comes Peeling Back the Mask, a Quest for Justice in Kenya, by lawyer-writer Miguna Miguna, the Prime Minister’s former adviser on coalition, constitutional and legal affairs. Unlike the first two books on the PM, this latest tome is a poison-pen portrait written specifically to have career- and reputation-threatening consequences on the subject. The title echoes that of another book, the late outspoken Anglican Bishop Henry Okullu’s autobiographical Quest for Justice.

Miguina’s book is published by Gilgamesh Publishing Ltd, of the UK, who are also the publishers of the remarkable Tripoli Witness by the British-Lebanese journalist Rana Jawad, who has long worked for the BBC, and who found herself the last British journalist reporting from inside Tripoli early in 2010. It is a firsthand account of life during the first phase of the Libyan uprising.

Dr Badejo’s book made headlines in Kenya for being the first authoritatively documented account to confirm that the August 1, 1982, abortive coup plotters had the support of both Raila and his late father, the Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, Kenya’s first-ever Vice President.

Osewe’s book is read mainly in chapter-length excerpts mostly on the Internet, particularly the blogsite Kenya Stockholm Blog, and celebrates Raila’s second stab at the Presidency in 2007, comparing him favourably to the rest of the political class and painting a portrait of President Mwai Kibaki as a big-time electoral fraudster, something which Miguna’s book also reiterates.

‘Doing the Dirty’
Miguna’s portrait of Raila in Peeling Back the Mask is the first book-length criticism of the PM and the first such attack in Kenyan political history by a former aide on a national political figure of Raila’s immense stature. Other senior aides of political figures have fallen out with their benefactors before, but none has “done the dirty”, as it were, on a former boss the way Miguna set out to settle scores with Raila. For instance, both Josiah Mwangi (JM) Kariuki and the writer-editor George Githii (the only journalist so far to have headed both the Nation and Standard media groups)who were private secretaries to Jomo Kenyatta at State House in the early years of Independence, fell out dramatically with him and never wrote books about the relationship.

The biggest blow Kenyatta suffered during his life as a result of a book written by a fellow politician was occasioned by the publication of Odinga’s Not Yet Uhuru after he stormed out of both Kanu and the Government as Vice President of Kenya. Among many other things, Odinga identified Arthur Wanyoike Thungu as one of a hard-core group of only seven that kept Mau Mau going after the arrest of Kenyatta and other nationalist leaders on the night of October 20, 1952, and the Declaration of the State of Emergency. This group not only kept Mau Mau going but dramatically stepped up the violence. Wanyoike was Treasurer of Mau Mau. But in 1967 he was President Kenyatta’s closest and most trusted bodyguard. Kenyatta, who strenuously denied being “Manager of Mau Mau” as accused by the British at Kapenguria, had never been so closely connected to the movement in print by such an authoritative source as Odinga.

The Mask is being launched today at the Hotel Intercontinental. Miguna had kept the contents of the book such a closely-guarded secret that he ridiculously declined to show a copy to Chief Justice Willy Mutunga, despite having invited him to launch it. And then, beginning on Monday this week, the Daily Nation begun a serialization of selected chapters and episodes for which it must be paying top dollar.

The CJ declined to launch a publication he had not read and Miguna accused him of bending to undue pressure from within the PM’s inner circle.

The writer missed the point by a million miles – why would a jurist of Mutunga’s experience commit both his good name and office to a controversial book he has never read? Among many other adverse factors, suppose the publication of the book results in massive litigation – how would the CJ look heading up the bench whose members would have to adjudicate the matter?

All manner of analysts, including political scientists, are going to read Miguna’s take on the PM closely, watching out, among other things, for how closely he in fact researched his subject or failed to do so. The book will also be assessed on authoritativeness. Above all, it will be minutely examined to see whether it tables new and genuinely eye-opening documentary evidence or insights into the Raila political, private and psychological persona. All these factors will determine how historians of Kenyan politics and analysts of current affairs ultimately rate the Miguna version of the Raila Odinga story and life lessons.

Despite the premium they place on education, Kenyans are not generally a book-reading public. In fact, there are millions of Kenyans who never again read a book cover-to-cover once they graduate from high school or university. Those Kenyans who do occasionally read a book other than the Bible or the Koran are to be found buying motivational titles like How to Make Your First Million, romance or crime thrillers. There are a few Kenyans who proudly display Bill Clinton’s, Tony Blair’s or George W. Bush’s memoirs in their bulky hardcover editions in their homes or offices, but you can bet your bottom dollar these tomes are largely unread and undigested.

No Votes Lost
The most widely read book in Kenya remains the Bible in its Old and New Testaments twin-books. There are rural folk who know the Bible in its entirety in their mother tongues, chapter and verse, and who never read anything else except perhaps the occasional newspaper. These Bible-thumping Kenyans implicitly believe that the rest of “book learning” is secular and suspect. They never make important decisions based on something they read outside of the Bible. Whatever Miguna has to say about Raila will be judged by this rubric even in Central Kenya. The Mask will not lose Raila any votes he did not already have.

It is into this desultory reading culture that Miguna is hoping to insert an “earth-shaking” book. He needn’t bother keeping an eye on the Richter scale, for Peeling Back the Mask will barely register there with anything much more than the strength of a good post-prandial burp. Kenyans give no credit whatever to self-declared hatchet jobs, in fact they consider reputation- and career-shattering efforts, oral or written, to be basically childish and child-like and petty do not base their decisions, particularly political decisions, on the content of such endeavours.

Osewe’s Raila’s Stolen Presidency and British journalist-author Michela Wrong’s It’s Our Turn to Eat are good cases in point when it comes to the short shrift that Kenyans reserve for the most egregious political allegations and would-be spilling of beans. In President Kibaki’s Central Kenya backyard, the existence of the Osewe book is not even known about even among literate book-reading folk. Ms. Wrong’s take on Kikuyu hegemony and grand corruption was read in Central Kenya and elsewhere in this country mostly in its serialized form, again in the Nation. And this despite and in spite of the fact that it placed responsibility for the Anglo Leasing scam squarely at President Kibaki’s doorstep. Clearly, the damage it was calculated to do to his reputation and standing, not to mention his legacy, was grievous. But it is now largely forgotten.

What’s more, among Raila’s legions of political supporters, the story Stolen tells does not need “book knowledge” to retail, it is told in deeply ingrained orature – or oral literature – it is no news and is worse than preaching to the converted. In Luoland and its Diaspora, Miguna’s The Mask will suffer exactly the same fate as Osewe’s Stolen in Kikuyuland and its many Diasporas.

And this is despite the fact that Miguna is writing on Raila “from within”, having been a member of his retinue and diehard supporter. The worst that Miguna has said about Raila will come out sounding like a conspiracy theory, not a shattering, dazzling truth that forever makes us look at the PM with new eyes. A couple of European Union and North American envoys will be upset by Miguna’s reporting that the PM is a receiver of bribes from people like Joshua Kulei, former President Daniel arap Moi’s longtime Private Secretary at State House. But less impressionable readers will ask for hard and fast and irrefutable evidence. Falling back on the plausible denial factor invoked by the high and mighty everywhere, Raila, Chief of Staff Caroli Omondi (fingered by Miguna as having been the bagman in a Sh54 million corrupt transaction) and Kulei will no doubt go to their graves denying that any such payment ever took place and there is no way Miguna can prove the contrary. In other words, it’s Miguna’s word against theirs.

No Re-inventing the Wheel
Those who loathe the PM will drool over the Miguna story, dredging it for choice tidbits to be deployed in adverse campaign materials at the forthcoming Presidential elections campaigning. Those who adore him will ignore all the adverse “insider” information. So what if Raila lusts after power, is too ambitious, tells lies or has become a shilling billionaire in less than five years of becoming Prime Minister? After all, his job description is “politician” and he has been involved in no reinvention of the wheels of power-lust, ambition, fibbing, or amassing wealth.

Peeling Back the Mask is a series of informal stories designed to cause shock and horror and to occasion the Prime Minister the maximum PR, image and reputation crises at just the point in his career when he is poised for the political opportunity of his life, a run for President in a field in which Kibaki is not a contender. Its main problem is that informal stories remain forever just that, on top of which they are largely disbelieved because they emanate from the political enemies of those that they target. In other words, they are hostile-witness perspectives, loaded with every known negative motive in the very wide spectrum from pure hatred to the green-eyed monster of jealousy, from vengefulness and boastfulness to inferiority complex and self-loathing.

To the percipient and experienced reader, all of these negative reflexes (and more) are to be found in Miguna’s book, which has the further weakness of bad-mouthing practically everyone – including the President – and of showing up the author as a man with neither friends nor allies. When he retails the episode during which he says Sh54 million from Kulei given to Raila was carted away from a petrol station in Westlands by Caroli, Miguna takes time off to make the observation that, like him, veteran journalists Salim Lone and Sarah Elderkin and former political prisoner Prof. Edward Oyugi would never carry Sh54 million in plastic bags from Kulei. It will be interesting to hear what these three have to say about the rest of this book.

Miguna paints a portrait of himself as being the only ODM operative who knew how and when PNU stalwarts “stole” the 2007 Presidential election as the theft was in progress. He describes an episode whereby he makes a beeline for the very room where the rigging is taking place, the Tallying Centre at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre, but is loudly chased away by no less a personage than ODM Chairman Henry Kosgey himself!

Naïve Narrative
Peeling Back the Mask is an incredibly naïve narrative in some of its allegations and observations. Miguna really has it in for Caroli Omondi, the PM’s Chief of Staff. When Caroli is not lugging Sh54 million in plastic bags all over town, he is busy acquiring a three-star hotel for between Sh800 million and Sh1 billion. The said establishment is the well-known Heron Court Hotel in the city’s wealthy Milimani area, an extended neighbourhood of State House. Listen to Miguna mulling over this particular allegation: “His take-home pay was less than Sh300,000. By April 2009, Caroli had worked for the OPM [Office of the Prime Minister] for exactly two years. Even if he was saving 90 per cent of his net income – an impossible feat in any society – he would still not have saved Sh800 million within two years.”

The pointlessness of Miguna’s would-be insight into Caroli’s alleged acquisition of Heron Court is breathtaking. Speaking of any society, who has ever bought a hotel from the proceeds of a pay-slip, no matter how long the period of savings? And hasn’t the probability occurred to Miguna the international lawyer that, far from acquiring the hotel entirely on his own, Caroli could be part of a larger group, even the nominal figurehead, of investors, some of them people with the requisite financial clout?

This pointlessness is symptomatic of too many other hugely unproven and thoroughly unreliable allegations throughout this book. Which is one of many reasons that it does not deserve to stand on the same shelf, for instance, as a real expose like Maxwell: A Portrait of Power, by Peter Thompson and Anthony Delano, published in 1998, about Robert Maxwell, the larger-than-life British media mogul and rogue businessman who died in 1991.


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Profetess Nyaboke Suggests that Raila Odinga Will be Next Preident of Kenya

July 14, 2012


Prophetes Nyaboke at her shrine

When writer wrote a story with the title, “Prophet Who Saw Saitoti’s Death Also Knows Kenya’s Next President.”, nobody anticipated the interest it would generate. Within a couple of hours the article had been shared hundreds of times on social media. That number soon got to a thousand and continues to grow.

In a nut shell, it explained how this prophetess called Josephine Nyaboke had foreseen the deaths of Saitoti and Ojode, and also Michuki and Njenga Karume. The prophetess also claimed that she saw Kenyans leaving their homes during the next election period, in what can be understood as another post election violence. The day after Saitoti died, we ran that story and so did Standard on their website. The original interview with Nyaboke was posted on April 25th by the newspaper, but as a result of the chopper crash, Standard re-posted it. As if not enough, the newspaper sent reporters to do a follow up interview and now, despite Nyaboke still not mentioning the name of the man or woman she has been shown to be Kenya’s next president, she gave her biggest hint yet.  According to her, the person God has chosen to be Kenya’s next president has the following traits:

  • Realizes his mistakes and turns around quickly just like King David in the Bible.
  • He retracts unfavourable statements fast leaving people confused often what his real stand is. (This is his strength)
  • Friends will run away from him and he will remain as if he is standing alone. He just has to pray hard as the presidency is been handed to him.
  • There is a heavy hand in the current leadership determined to deny him the mantle. has not added or left out any, but has lifted them directly from Standard digital. Nyaboke adds that while one of the leaders has said he will vie, his candidature came late in the day and he has no strong support base on the ground. In her own words, “This leader cannot stand on his own because the ground is not with him and try as he might, there is no way he can make it to the throne.” (Most probably talking about Mudavadi)

Nyaboke also warned Kenyans not to make a big fuss over who will be the next president. She said that this country will undergo turmoil because of arrogant and greedy leaders, who think they can make it on their own. “These leaders are very proud and have no respect whatsoever for God and this is what will continue causing problems in this nation. Unless we really turn to God starting with our leaders.”

Nyaboke went ahead to reveal a prophesy she saw in which a part of Kenya will have an agitation following some external interference. She says that if the government does not act decisively, then the problem will get out of hand. This prophesy most probably talks of the MRC who are quite vocal with their slogan “Pwani si Kenya”.

Prophetess Nyaboke does not spare the church. She says that church leaders are out to enrich themselves while the congregation does not question anything. She however names one religious leader (From a Mainstream Church), who she says is a true man of God. She says the leader is very humble and just recently suffered massive loss but still remains true to God. (Speculatively, ACK’s Eliud Wabukhala recently lost his wife, and is from a mainstream church.)

In her last words to Jeckonia Otieno of Standard Newspaper, Nyaboke states that the one reason people deaths are increasing is the growing number of businesses making coffins. She says God gives people what they ask for and therefore when people make coffins, they are asking God to let others die so that their businesses may prosper.  “Let the coffin be made after a person dies because right now we have welcomed death, hence the myriad deaths we are witnessing through accidents and other disasters.”

At the end of the day, you will decide what to believe and what not to. This article is not meant to sway your opinion in any particular way.


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“Peeling Back The Mask” Discussion Website Up Ahead of Book Launch

July 13, 2012


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Imanyara Launches Anti Uhuru-Ruto Book in Nairobi

July 13, 2012

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I am Not Kabuga, Says Kabuga Look-Alike

July 12, 2012


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Nyama Choma Festival: 28th July at Fittja Beach

July 12, 2012


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Statement from Friends of Raila (FORA)

July 11, 2012


Fora logo

FORA 2012 is a duly registered legal entity in the Republic of Kenya with affiliates and memberships worldwide. Details of our affiliates are available in the FORA Diaspora page on our website. ObjectivesFORA 2012 is a membership organisation that supports the presidential candidature of The Right Honourable Raila Amolo Odinga in the 2012 General Elections in Kenya;

Our support for the Candidature of Raila Amolo Odinga is rooted in our humble quest for;

Promotion of Social Justice in Kenya in all its ethical, social and economic aspects. He has fought to promote equality of opportunity, fair distribution of national resources and respect for citizens rights as the basis of a just social policy.

Democracy and Good Governance in Kenya: Raila Odinga has been the driver of the long quest for a new constitutional dispensation that promotes citizens participation in decisions about how they are governed. The way governments and organizations are directed, controlled and governed ensures that they are effective in achieving their objectives. Participatory decision making ensures that the aspirations of our citizens are reflected in our national objectives.

Fostering Unity, Cohesion and Reconciliation of all Kenyans immaterial of tribe, race, colour, creed, gender or religion. Our differences as Kenyans are artificial and have been systematically created by colonialists and short sighted politicians and bigots for short term gain but with disastrous consequences for our nationhood, peaceful coexistence and social cohesion. Raila Odinga has consistently strived to promote a united and cohesive society for common good.

Building Structures that Create Equality of Opportunity for all Kenyans leading to a narrowing of the gap between the rich and the poor and empowerment of marginalised members of our society with emphasis on women and youth.

Creation of Wealth and Prosperity for our Country through effective and ethical exploitation of our factors of production and empowering citizens to generate wealth thus enabling us to build defences against our enemies namely; Poverty, Ignorance, Hunger and Disease.

Fostering Peace and Social Welfare where all Kenyans live in peace in the absence of crime, or external aggression and where people with disabilities, disadvantaged and marginalised groups are uplifted.
Protection of the Environment & Natural Resources: Our generation are trustees who hold the environment and our natural resources in trust for future generations. We seek leadership that will lead from the front on environmental conservation and have zero tolerance to environmental destruction.

Creation of Laws that Serve the Interests of The Many Rather than the Few and that reflects the aspirations of all Kenyans leading to the rule of law, good governance, justice and peaceful coexistence of all Kenyans.

To this end we find that the Right Honourable Raila Amolo Odinga has demonstrated his zeal and passion through actions and personal sacrifices undertaken with great energy under very difficult circumstances often fraught with risk and miasma to champion our cause.

Our support for his candidature is earned and in our eyes he has passed the six cardinal tests of the high office that he seeks;

Independence: Ensuring and demonstrating the freedom of the office holder from undue influence in decision making.

Openness & Transparency: Ensuring openness and transparency in order that stakeholders can have confidence in the decision making and management processes of the office.

Accountability: Ensuring that all members of the team including the office holder, staff members and members of the governing body are seen to be responsible and accountable for their decisions and actions, including stewardship of funds.

Integrity: Ensuring straightforward dealing and completeness, based on honesty, selflessness and objectivity and ensuring high standards of probity and propriety in the conduct of public affairs and decision making.

Clarity of Purpose: Ensuring that all stakeholders know their role, task and duty in achieving the objectives of their office and are pulling together with other departments towards national goals with clear measurable outcomes.

Effectiveness: Ensuring that the national effort delivers quality outcomes efficiently and represents good value for money.

We wish to invite like minded persons to join our quest to empower our principal to CHANGE KENYA FOREVER.

Friends of Raila

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How Michuki Stopped Raila After Kibaki Stole Presidency

July 11, 2012


Stopped Raila from being sworn in at Uhuru Park

Wednesday July 11,2012 – At ODM’s first meeting at the pentagon house after the KICC fiasco, it was unanimously resolved that we would resort to peaceful mass action until Kibaki accepts defeat and relinquishes power. But it was agreed that the newly constituted Technical Team (which was made up mainly of former strategy team members) would meet later and map out a comprehensive SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats) analysis on mass action and report within a day to the ODM pentagon.

The meeting agreed that by blatantly rigging the presidential election, Kibaki had declared war, and executed a civilian coup d’état against the popular will of the Kenyan people. In response, many felt that we needed to take the war to Kibaki’s doorstep. We knew that Kibaki and his PNU alliance controlled the coercive arms of government –the police, the intelligence and the Military.

But force alone wasn’t enough. History is replete with lessons of mighty military forces being humbled by ragtag formations. As a student of history and politics, I believed that Kibaki’s regime will be forced to relinquish power.

We resolved that Raila should declare himself president and prepare to be sworn in at Uhuru Park within hours. This suggestion elicited heated debate, with those opposed, warning about treason charges. Treason, those of us who supported that idea insisted, couldn’t be preferred against the people; it was the people who had, and who would inaugurate Raila as their president.

The majority of the room felt that most Kenyans were prepared to rise up against Kibaki’s civilian coup.

Salim Lone, Kibisu Kabatesi and I prepared a statement declaring Raila president. It was around 3.30pm. We had summoned the media to the Pentagon House. The consensus was that the Narok North MP elect and octogenarian, William Ntimama, not Raila, was best suited to read the statement. Firstly, he supported this option more than any other senior member of ODM. Secondly, he was elderly and the feeling was that Kibaki would be reluctant to haul such an elderly man to jail.

My view, however was that as a person whose victory was being snatched, Raila should have been courageous enough to lay claim to the victory. I also felt Raila’s voice would have galvanised the country against the injustice being perpetuated against them by Kibaki. This was no time for half- hearted shadow boxing.

At 3.45pm, just as Ntimama began to read the prepared statement, the lights went off. As the media scrambled to switch on their backup generators, an announcement was beamed through all TV and radio stations: Michuki, the then the Internal Security minister had imposed a total ban on live broadcasts. On hearing this (even before determining whether or not the order was legally binding), the local media started packing up. It was about 4.50 pm, when there was a second announcement on the TV screens: Kibaki was due to be sworn in at State House that same day, at 6pm. We were crestfallen. We had been outmaneuvered by smart Michuki!

At about 5.30 pm, the ECK chairman Samuel Kivuitu and his fellow commissioners came on Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) TV channel and formally declared that Kibaki had won the presidential election by 4,578,034(46.4%) to Raila’s 4,352,993(44.1%).

Tomorrow will carry more excerpts of how Kibaki’s men continued to outsmart their ODM colleagues…..


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Orengo Bought a Suit Worth Ksh 500.000

July 11, 2012


The suit cost half a million Kenyan shillings

“Orengo bought himself a suit worth Sh 500,000, two belts worth 40,000 each and a shirt…” Miguna’s new book has not hit the shelves yet but it’s promising to be explosive. Peeling Back the Mask, is a book that is expected to give Kenyans a taste of politics and power play like they have never seen before. After revealing how Raila went through awkward consultations with Kibaki, when the latter talked to him behind curtains, Miguna has another bizarre story.

Lands minister James Orengo, is not known to be a very wealthy man. His exact worth is not clear but probably not as much as his friends in government. He is however not one who spares any penny when it comes to dressing. Miguna recounts how at one time Orengo bought himself a suit worth Sh 500,000, two belts worth 40,000 each and a shirt worth Sh 80,000.

Miguna quotes Mutula Kilonzo as saying, ” Whats wrong with Jim? I’m not poor, in fact, I’m probably richer than Jim but I cannot spend that kind of money on clothes”

Peeling Back the Mask

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Milicent Ochieng Nyambok’s Sister Passes On…

July 11, 2012

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Mrs. Millicent Ochieng Nyambok, the wife of James Ochieng Nyambok, has lost her sister in Kenya. An “Open House” has been set up daily at Flygkörsvägen 13 in Täby where friends, sympathizers and well-wishers are meeting to condole with the bereaved family.

The death of Millicent’s sister came barely a few weeks after the death of Mr. Ochieng Nyambok’s sister who passed away in Kenya due to illness. The Nyambok family has therefore suffered a double tragedy within a very short time.

The body of the departed will be removed from the mortuary in Kenya on Friday, 13th July while the burial will take place on Saturday, 14th July 2012.

To get to the residence, mourners can take bus number 165 from Danderyd or Mörby then alight at Flygkörsvägen in Täby. Those who will be unable to attend the “Open House” sessions can show solidarity with the bereaved family by making contributions through account number 6179254401481 at Handelsbanken. Further information can be obtained through 0734989023.

KSB sends deep condolences to the entire family of James Ochieng Nyambok following the tragic loss which has occurred. We hope that the family will find the strength and courage to go through this very difficult moment of deep shock and sorrow. May the Almighty rest the soul of the departed soul in eternal peace.

Okoth Osewe.

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