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What Should I Do With This Young Girl?

June 13, 2012


Two eye glasses broken at a Kenya student’s Party; police called in to intervene

This is how I looked like at the Party before the girl grabbed my specs and ran away before breaking them. Through friends, I recovered some pieces which are now part of police evidence.

This is a rather tricky situation so I am seeking help from KSB readers. On Saturday, the 9th June, I was at a student’s graduation Party in Stockholm. The Kenyan mother of a Kenyan youth had invited me to attend the graduation ceremony at a school in Stockholm on Friday, 8th June 2012. A further invitation was subsequently extended to me to attend a Party the following day to celebrate the graduation of this young boy who had worked so hard to pass his exams. The invitation did not just come out of the blue.

Apart from having known the boy since he was two years old, the boy’s father is a very good friend of mine. More so, the father is a Comrade whom I met during the early 90’s. It is through the boy’s father that my friendship with the family actually started. During the first week of May, the boy’s mother called me and requested me to attend the Party. I take very good photos so she wanted me to be the chief photographer, both during the graduation ceremony and the Party. Since she had given me enough notice, I fixed the dates on my calendar.

At a personal level, I felt that regardless of the circumstances, I had to attend both the graduation ceremony at school and the Party. This was because when my daughter was graduating last year, both the mother and the son were among the guests, both at school and at the after-Party. In Kenya-Stockholm parlance, it was “pay-back time”. I attended both the graduation on Friday and the Party.

The graduation went on smoothly and I did take a lot of photos. There was no incident. The following day, the Party was on and, true to character, I was there. The guests were seated on time, prayers were held for the boy, very nice speeches were delivered, pleasantries were exchanged, good food was served, the cake was cut and everybody was very happy especially for the boy.

In fact, some of my best friends in Stockholm were actually running the show in support of the boy’s mother who is kind, humble and who is known to show solidarity with fellow Kenyans in times of happiness and sadness. At around 22.00 hrs, the crowd started leaving the Party because it appeared as though it was coming to an end. I called a Taxi and sat comfortably for the Taxi-man to call when he was finally around the vicinity. That is when the unexpected happened.

A well-dressed girl quietly walks by and sits next to me
I did not have my security detail because I did not think that there could be an incident at a Kenyan’s graduation ceremony where I was officially invited to take pictures.

A 24 year-old girl walked all the way to where I was sitting with friends. You had to walk past a line-up of tables then manoeuvre your way along the stream of chairs to reach me. I knew that the girl was the elder sister of the boy who was graduating so I was very comfortable with her. I was seated with some good pals who were also waiting to leave the Party. After the girl sat beside me, she immediately picked up a conversation that went as follows:

Girl: Yes Mr. Osewe, I know you have been taking pictures here, will you publish them at KSB?
Answer: I will check with your brother and your mom and if it’s OK, I can publish some pictures.
Girl: Will you also write about this event?
Answer: If it is OK with the family, then I can mention that it took place.
Girl: What will you write?
Answer: I will write that it was fine and that guests enjoyed themselves. I could also mention that the graduation was very good while I could also take the opportunity to congratulate your brother and wish him good luck in the future. He has worked very hard under difficult circumstances.
Girl: Are you looking for an interview for KSB?
Answer: No. I was specifically invited by your mother to take pictures while I also thought that it would be good for me to come because both your mom and your bro were at my daughter’s graduation last year.
Girl: Can you give me an interview?
Answer: Not here and definitely, not now. This is a private function and I don’t use private functions to produce stories.
Girl: But if I give you permission, you can give me an interview…
Answer: No. I am not prepared for an interview right now. I can’t take notes while I cannot record what you are saying. Besides, you have been drinking and I don’t think it would be a good idea to interview you here. We can take it another day.
Girl: Why must you write or record what I am saying?
Answer: Because when I publish what you have said during the interview, I must have proof that you said what you said. Some people can, at times, deny what they have said and that could bring me problems.
Girl: What problems?
Answer: I can be sued.
Girl: But must you prove everything you write at KSB?
Answer: Yes, especially when you are named. That is part of the law of publishing in Sweden and everywhere.
Girl: So you mean you cannot give me an interview?
Answer: I can but not here and now. It also depends on what you want to say. Not every interview I collect is published.
Girl: Why?
Answer: Because some people say things that cannot be published.
Girl: So if I give you an interview you won’t publish it?
Answer: It can be published depending on what you are saying…

At that point, the girl simply grabbed my spectacles and started running away with them. She looked very drunk and those who saw her running away quickly moved closer to try and investigate what was happening. She ran straight to the kitchen and by then, she had broken the spectacles into pieces. The mother soon came in as someone shouted that I call police. The mother looked at me and started crying, tears rolling down her cheeks. She thought that I would call police but I assured her that I wouldn’t.

Police called in
In the meantime, I requested friends who had come to console me to help me trace the pieces of the spectacles the girl had broken. Another group had ran to the girl to take care of her as a small crowd formed in the room. Then, another well-known delinquent girl popped into the room and started shouting obscenities in the presence of shocked children who did not understand what was happening.

She likes creating scenes especially at social functions and she started shouting at the top of her voice, questioning why KSB wrote about her last year when she participated in BB.

Despite having been brought up in Sweden, she seems not to understand anything about freedom of Press while she also doesn’t understand that in Sweden, if you have a complaint about a published material in any Media, you sue in court and demand compensation to teach the Media House a good lesson. Her school of thought has it that shouting obscenities to a Media representative under the circumstances is not just the perfect revenge but the best response. We hope that someone will soon educate her.

The girl had played sex on TV and although the news was beamed everywhere in the Swedish media, she chose to take issue with the KSB entry which was simply an analysis. As she opened her legs on TV, KSB just went on holiday because of moral obligations. Out of respect for the family, and out of natural decency, KSB refrained from featuring her “sex clips” on TV which are readily available online. At some point, she just went lesbian on BB, leaving a shocked Kenyan crowd behind the TV screen. Kids who were excited that a Kenyan was on BB had to be carted away to sleep. Nothing could be done because it was “her life”.

Punde si punde, the broken pieces of my spectacles started coming in from sympathizers. Before the law, the pieces were the only evidence that could prove that someone had broken my glasses. Shocked friends then came to console me as I joined in calming the situation down, much to the relief of the crowd. My taxi soon pulled by and I left the scene. Some friends followed me to the Taxi to thank me for having handled the situation maturely. I later made a Statement to police who said that a case will soon be coming up once investigations are complete. When I arrived home, I received a phone call that the offending girl, who had broken my spectacles, had struck again after I left. This time, the poor victim was another good-hearted Kenyan lady who had actually helped organize the Party.

The rampaging girl attacked her allegedly because she announced that she would be closing down the venue since the Party was over. According to the Kenyan woman who was attacked, the young girl started arguing with her insisting that she could not close down the venue because the Party was still on. By then, everybody had reportedly left the hall which was being cleaned by vijana.

As the confrontation between the young girl and the woman escalated, the girl grabbed the woman’s three-weeks old spectacles and broke them into pieces. She then allegedly started hitting the woman’s face with a pair of shoes as she held her tight, injuring the woman on the face. In the end, the woman had to bite the girl’s hand to free herself. Once she was free, the woman called police who arrived immediately and took statements. Now, the young girl is facing three charges: breaking my spectacles, assaulting the woman and breaking her spectacles. The young girl also counter sued the woman for biting her so the case will be sorted out in court.

My question to Wakenya is this: If you were me, what could you have done in my situation or how should I handle the situation now? I know this family, I know the boy who was graduating and I was at the Party with good intentions. Neither the boy nor the mother is to blame and I must commend them for having handled the situation very well. If you were in such a situation, and you are a Kenyan what would you do? Forgive and forget or stick to court process and get justice?

Okoth Osewe

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Afro-Dance Camp in Gotland: 24-30/June 2012

June 13, 2012


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Saitoti “May Have Jumped” from Crashing Chopper

June 13, 2012


Details of Saitoti and Ojode crash: What happened the last 5 minutes?

Tuesday, 12th June, 2012 – Yesterday at a special cabinet meeting at the KICC transport minister Amos Kimunya dismissed the first four causes of any plane crash (incompetency and inexperience of the pilots, human error, bad weather and the state of the air craft.)

Reports according to the government say that the weather was clear and visibility was good (actually over 8 kms), they also say that the Euro copter aircraft number 5YCDT A5350 which had only 100 hours flying time since its registration in January was in good working condition.

On the question of experience of the two pilots, Kimunya said that Nancy Gituanja had over 1166 hours and 29 minutes of flying time which according to pilots is good. Oyugi’s report is however not yet available though speculations has it they may be having the same number of flying time as they enrolled together at Police air wing around the year 2000.

Investigators from Kenya and France who are investigating the chopper crash will have many questions to answer. Some of the things they need to keenly check on are the weather conditions as many other pilots on air had complained of lack of visibility.

Some more questions they need to answer are, was it human error, sabotage, or did a critical part of the chopper fail? Who serviced the chopper and who had access to where the chopper was parked?

Reports now in say that flight engineers at the Wilson Airport serviced the chopper.

Nancy Gituanja is said to have experience with the Euro craft as she is the one who checked the chopper after it was serviced on Friday. Reports say that she flew the chopper to Voi on a test drive and confirmed it was ok.

She later parked it at the Wilson Airport Kenya Police Air wing hanger. It is said that she later went to Dumbsters restaurant with Oyugi when one of the engineers came to the restaurant and informed her that the chopper was having a problem with the lighting though it was just a minor problem.

Reports say that Gituanja was not designated to fly the chopper on Sunday as she was to attend a family gathering at Kandara. The chopper was to be flown by Capt. Kuto and Oyugi.

What really happened between 8.37 and 8.42 a.m.

The chopper left Wilson Airport at exactly 8. 32 a.m. and at 8.37 the pilot communicated to control with a request to take a new frequency 118.5. Immediately a critical tracking device stopped working due to internet failure. It is also said that the pilot did not report any distress call evidence enough that there was communication breakdown.

More facts and speculations about the accident arose on the site of the incident as George Saitoti’s body was found meters away from the crash, it was evident that he may have broken his leg out of a jump thus could not run. A known coat that Saitoti often wears in events was found besides him evidence that he may have tried to fight the fire before it engraved him.

Also next to him meters from the crash was Ojode’s body. The pilot and co pilot were found attached to their seat belts.

It was also easy to identify Tonkei’s body as a pistol was attached to his belt and Murimi’s uniform made it easier for the investigators to identify him. After the crash their bodies lay just close to the fallen craft.

From the itinerary, Murimi was not supposed to be on that flight as it was planned that Samuel Topoika, Saitoti’s guard was to fly with them. Topoika was however removed from the chopper due to his weight and replaced with Murimi who is of average weight.

French investigators said that although the chopper does not have a black box which monitors those last minutes of a flight including it engine activities, there is a system which can help in putting together the events of the last minutes of the chopper.

Speaking at KICC yesterday Kimunya said, “it had full passenger capacity allowable on board. Flight was normal for five minutes …till when it was leaving Wilson Airport and was being handed over to another frequency 118.5 and they confirmed it had picked up the new frequency,”

“The last video tracking confirmed that as the last communication recorded and that is when it lost communication with control tower.” Kimunya added.

More updates to follow as investigations continue………………..

Naomi Thothoi, the Kenyan DAILY POST

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The Pilots Who Perished in the Saitoti/Ojode Chopper Crash

June 12, 2012


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Artist Line-up at Ugamuziki’s 3rd Anniversary on 22nd June at Alvik

June 12, 2012


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Ugamuziki Radio 3rd Anniversary at Alvik: 22nd June

June 12, 2012


Ugandan based Musicians, Samali Matovu, Julie Muteesasira, Leila Kayondo, Dan Flavour and Hanson Baliruno, are to lead the long line-up of top East African artists who will stage a LIVE performance at the UGAMUZIKI RADIO’s 3rd Anniverssary scheduled for Friday, 22nd June 2012, a day also popularly known in Sweden as “Mid Summer Afton”.

Artist Samali Matovu, famous for her love balads that includes the chart-bursting Omukwano Gunyuma, will thrill the crowd and will be joined by the equally talented Julie Mutesasira of the Ekikunyumira HIT single.

The long list of Artists will be blended by the Sweden-based artist from Ethiopian, Diva Hailee Araya ,Cecca Mutumba from Uganda (also based in Sweden) ,Eddie Mesiah, Loverdee plus Kwesto, among several top African artists who have been dominating the African Entertainment industry in Sweden. It is a “No Miss” Party extravaganza “packed to capacity” with some of the biggest names in town. You have to be there!

An all Night boogie dance, complete  with the top cream of Stockholm’s African DJs, is scheduled to rock revelers down to the ground during this historic ocassion whenUgamuziki will be celebrating 3 years of existance, service and progress that has seen the studio rise to one of the most active Ugandan Radio Stations online.

The big event, which is celebrated annually, is organized by UGAMUZIKI MEDIA CULTURAL ASSOCIATION in conjunction with UGANDA CULTURE and will take place at Alvik’s Medborgarhus Gustavlundsvägen 168 (T-Alvik). For further information, contact the undersigned.

Joseph Mbaziira
UGAMUZIKI RADIO-yaffe ffenna
Best ugandan African online radio
+46 76 235 68 34

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Saitoti/Ojode Deaths: Actual Helicopter that Crashed

June 12, 2012


Kenyan Police helicopter: 5Y-CDT an Aerospatiale 350B3e Ecureuil (squirrel) is the actual helicopter that crashed on Sunday 10th June

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Did Prophetess Nyaboke Predict Saitoti’s Death?

June 12, 2012


By Jeckonia Otieno First published by The Standard on 26 April 2012.

Prophetes Nyaboke at her shrine

A Nairobi-based prophetess claims her prophesies have come to pass but no media house has ever had the courage to run her story beforehand.  We, too, approached her with doubt and conviction that we would prove her prophecies wrong. Wasn’t it possible for anyone to follow media debates and come up with political calculations and formulas? We set out to meet her two months ago. Clad in a flowing white robe complete with a black headscarf, Josephine Nyaboke welcomed us into her prayer sanctuary on the upper floor of her residential house in Kariobangi South Estate in Nairobi’s Eastlands.

See the future
The mother of five strikes a serious face for the cosmic world and claims to see the future about happenings in Kenya and around the world. Contrary to many prophets, or soothsayers, who put up in dingy abodes, she has a well-kept house with different rooms, one of which is her prayer room. She said there are no rituals performed for anyone to enter the sanctuary, so we took our places there for the interview.

Nyaboke, 46, told us how she found herself in the world of prophecy. It was in 1983 when she received “God’s gift of prophesy while working in a salon in Dandora in Nairobi”.
“I fell sick one night and my husband took me to Kenyatta National Hospital thinking I had pneumonia but all the while I was seeing visions. God wanted me to prophesy what would happen to the people of Kenya,” Nyaboke recalls.

When she left hospital, not feeling better, her husband took Nyaboke to her parents’ home in Koru near Kisumu. She was still seeing visions of people wearing robes of different colours each carrying a Bible and a cross.

How prophetess predicted deaths
Nyaboke, a devout Adventist then, lived in a trance for some time. Her parents thought she had become mad.  They therefore called for prayer ‘warriors’ from all denominations around her home area and as they were praying for her, one woman stopped the others and told them how she had seen a vision, which was a clear message that God wanted Nyaboke to prophesy. That is how it all started.

On coming back to Nairobi in 1993, she went back to her salon business and life was never the same. Nyaboke claims that as she worked on clients’ hair, she would see visions about them and this shocked her and her clients when she told them about their lives. The clients would go home and share her messages with fellow women and day by day, women flocked to her salon to be told about their future. “My salon turned into a prayer house. I had to close it to concentrate on my calling,” says Nyaboke.

If some of the happenings in the country and around the world are anything to go by, then Nyaboke is into matters beyond human comprehension. She says she has prophesied some important historic milestones in Kenya yet she is never taken seriously. “I prophesied the fall of Kanu way back in 1999; I foresaw a new government coming to power in the 2002 General Election. I even foresaw the disintegration of Narc long before the 2002 elections,” she says pensively.

Also in her list of prophesies which she says have come to pass are the August 7, 1998 bomb blast in Nairobi. She also alludes to having seen the World Trade Centre being bombed.
It is only after these had come to pass that the media went to her.

Empowered women
In the past, before the current Constitution that recognises women, she says, she has seen visions of women being empowered more than they are today. She says the future is brighter for Kenya’s women. The most intriguing of her visions revolve around the political arena. She says God has shown her who is going to be Kenya’s next president but she is not going to say this yet. But that president in waiting is not going to have an easy walk in the park. That person must first fulfil some requirements; one of them being total reliance upon God and something to do with the moon, the sun and stars.

On his way out
In February, during the interview, she shared a vision she had had earlier. It was about the fall of a vocal Cabinet minister. When she told us the name, we thought it was far-fetched.
Surely President Kibaki can’t do that, we argued. She said it was clear from the vision she had had about the minister that he was on his way out — that he was ‘paying’ for his past mistakes but was yet to face more problems in the ministry he was to be shifted to.

And indeed the last reshuffle saw him removed from the all-important ministry. She also mentioned impending deaths of two prominent leaders. They were sick, she said, “and I am seeing people wailing…” A few days later news of the first death hit the news. The other followed soon after. She went ahead to name at least two others who are facing the Grim Reaper soon. .. and many more before the end of the year.

Back to politics and Nyaboke says the county faces hard times ahead. In her visions, she claims to have seen Kenyans carrying their belongings and hurriedly leaving their homes towards an unknown destination in search of peace.

How can we avoid this turn of events as a country? We ask. “We must all turn to God and pray for peace,” she says as she goes back to pray. . .and probably receive more visions.

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Mourning the Lady Pilot

June 11, 2012


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Mourning Ojode

June 11, 2012


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