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Akadevu Music Presents Lady Neema Featuring Kababa Gabby: 27/28 July

July 24, 2012


Dekula Band”Ngoma Ya Kilo”

Place: Lilla Wien “Little Nairobi”
Date: 27-28 July 2012
Time: 21.00-01.00
Addr: Swedenborgsg.20
Pendel: Södra Station
Welcome…New Ngoma & Sound

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Bidii Africa Pulls Down “Peeling Back The Mask” Download Link

July 22, 2012


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Serah Elderkin’s Letter to Raila Odinga on Miguna’s Sacking

July 22, 2012


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New Miguna Miguna Hit Single: Come Baby Come for Download

July 20, 2012


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Miguna’s Book Was Leaked By Nation Media Group

July 20, 2012

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Leaked by NMG

NAIROBI, Kenya, Jul 19 – Raila Odinga’s former advisor Miguna Miguna now says he will sue the Nation Media Group over breach of copyright after his book ‘Peeling Back the Mask’ went viral on the Internet. He said on Thursday that he would take legal action against the media house for what he said was violation of both the serialisation agreement and copyright.

Miguna said he only gave access of the e-copy of the book to NMG which is culpable for leaking it.

“The only good thing is that the version they are peddling is not exactly the same; it has no pictures, the cover and obviously no index, which will come from the reprints,” he said in an email response to a query by Capital FM News.

When contacted, Nation Media Group Chief Executive Officer Linus Gitahi said they did not breach the contract and their only motive was to serialise the book, which he said, they did successfully. The Kenya Copyright Board Executive Director Marisella Ouma said the penalty for copyright infringement in the Kenyan law is Sh800,000 or a prison term not exceeding 10 years.

“If the case is that somebody managed to get the book from somewhere without the authority of the rights holder and then put it onto the Internet and circulated it, then the publisher and the author can actually bring legal action against them. But you see, under copyright law, it doesn’t say that the person who originally circulated it is basically the person who would be reproducing, distributing, selling, renting so whether you are in the first or fifth tier, it doesn’t matter,” she warned.

In an interview with Capital FM News, she said all literary works are protected under the Copyright Act.

“The copyright will not protect the idea or concept but once you have reduced it in a particular format, then that particular form is what is protected by copyright automatically,” she said adding: “If anybody needs to distribute this work (electronic and non-electronic media) or make copies they have to get the permission of the rights holders so you cannot just pick anybody’s work off the Internet, make copies and distribute it whether it is on the social networks or wherever it is because that amounts to distribution.”

She said such distribution amounted to ‘killing’ an author’s work where they don’t get any reward in terms of sale.

“If you go onto the Internet you will find very many books that the authors have given express permission and even then when they give the permission, its conditional like they will tell you, you may distribute it to as many people as possible for as long as you acknowledge the author and you do not use it for commercial purposes.”

She said under section 35 and 38 of the Copyright Act anybody who picks another person’s work and redistributes it without express permission from the rights holder is liable to criminal and civil infringement.

“The rights holders have the right to protect their works and they are more often than not paramount to the rights of access unless it is in public interest but there is a delicate balancing act because of defining the parameters of public interest,” she said.

Miguna launched his sensational book last Saturday and has given wide ranging interviews in which he has made grave allegations against the Prime Minister and his close associates.

During the launch of his book, he said: “Every single leader here, I can take to The Hague. I have it right here. And I am saying come baby come… when I decide in a500-page book not to say what the Orange Democratic Movement did in the PEV, they should take me, kneel before me and kiss my feet. That is how angry I am when I see some people running around like idiots.”


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Who Stole Miguna’s Book?

July 19, 2012



Miguna Miguna is alleged to have threatened to sue tech blogger Robert Alai for illegal online distribution of his book, Peeling Back The Mask. According to an alleged sms message sent by Miguna to the blogger, Alai has been ordered to delete any PDF records of the book that he may have on any of his sites. The message is reportedly copied to several journalists.

LEGAL NOTICE to Robert Alai: You have criminally infringed on my copyright and criminally downloaded and distributed my book on PDF without legal authority. Now you have started harassing and taunting me with text messages and harassing telephone calls. I am going to deal with you sternly. You are hereby directed to delete/expunge all records of the PDF files of my book ‘Peeling Back the Mask’ and delete/remove/block all the URL postings and links you have created forthwith! Miguna Miguna, Toronto, July 18, 2012

On Wednesday, Robert Alai, known for his big Twitter presence, posted a download link to Miguna’s book on his social media accounts. The file is hosted on a online forum reportedly associated with Alai going by the name .The exact thread containing the book’s download link was viewed close to 8000 times in a period of a few hours. Assuming that most of those views translated to downloads, Miguna and his publishers lost over Sh 20,000,000.

Robert Alai was just recently involved in a legal threat, when fellow blogger Dennis Itumbi threatened to sue him for linking him to some ICC documents the latter was arrested for.

Sent via email

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Jared Aroka’s Father Passes On: Harambee on 27th July

July 19, 2012

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This is to announce that Mr. Nathaniel Owuor Aroka, the father of Jared Aroka, a Kenya Stockholmer,  passed away on Friday 13th July at the Aga Khan Hospital in Kisumu where he had been admitted following illness. The death has plunged the whole family into deep mourning.

Following the sad news, there will be an “Open House” on Thursday, 26th July at Hapsundsvägen 19 in Högdalen from 17.00hrs where friends, well-wishers and sympathizers can condole with the bereaved family.

The late Nathaniel has left behind a huge hospital bill and consequently, there will be a harambee on Friday 27th July 2012 at Hornsgatan 137 in Hornsgatan from 18.00hrs. Individuals who wish to extend a helping hand can make contributions through Nordea account number 1402 5138 689. Jared is planning to travel home to attend the funeral which will be held on Sunday, 5th August 2012. For further information, contact Jared Aroka at 0722832217 or Dan Aroka at 0739775556.

KSB sends deep condolences to the bereaved family during this trying period of great sadness and sorrow. We hope that the family will find courage to go through this very difficult moment following the demise of a loved member of the family.

Once again, death has robbed the Aroka family of a valuable member and under the circumstances, we can only encourage the family to remain strong and united. God giveth and God taketh away. May the soul of the senior Aroka rest in eternal peace.

Okoth Osewe

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Bidii Africa Providing Link to PDF Download of “Peeling Back The Mask”

July 18, 2012


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Statement From Miguna Miguna: 17th July 2012

July 18, 2012


Released Statement from holiday in Canada

I wish to sincerely thank the more than five hundred Kenyans and friends of Kenya of good will who attended my book launch on Saturday, July 14, 2012 at the Intercontinental Hotel in Nairobi. Thanks to you, it was a splendid success! Let me also express my gratitude to thousands of people, who have sent me short text messages, emails or telephoned me to encourage me and to express their unyielding support before and after the launch.

I am issuing this statement from Toronto, Canada, where my family and I have just arrived and hope to start enjoying a much-deserved and pre-planned summer holiday. Contrary to malicious reports in the media, my family and I booked our flights on May 24, 2012. I am not sure why some people are implying that I should have sought and obtained their permission before traveling abroad. No one has a right to my family privacy.

I am particularly disturbed by fake and false media reports that I had fled into exile. Some desperate political goons for hire have even claimed that I have ‘fled from justice.’ There have been suggestions that I have fled because of law suits and potential arrest. By the time I left Kenya, I had not been served with any legal notices or law suits. In any event, neither could have prevented me from traveling.

I have earned a living practicing law for more than 15 years. Therefore, a lawsuit isn’t something I run away from. Nor would I be scared of an incompetent, misguided and delusional political announcement to the media by the director of public prosecutions that I should record a statement with the Kenya Police. Keriako Tobiko has no mandate over the International Criminal Court. Instead of issuing threats to me – someone he considers a potential witness – the Witness Protection Act compels him to provide me with protection. Threatening me over the media is a clear breach. Consequently, I will treat his politically motivated statement with the contempt it deserves.

I boarded my flight at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport on July 16, 2012, like any other passenger. Based on media reports, the Prime Minister of Kenya, Raila Odinga, also left for China almost at the same time our flight departed. Was he also fleeing into exile?

My book, Peeling Back the Mask is a political memoir. It contains my life’s narrative. It explains my background, growth, maturity, experiences, reflections and thoughts. It attempts to record history. It also tries to unmask the culture of impunity that has bedeviled our country for more than fifty years. For me, any debates, discussions and further reflections that result from the book’s publication can only deepen our thoughts, expand the democratic space, entrench the rule of law and help broaden good governance. That’s a good thing.

However, when I see ravenous mobs burn my effigy, bury a coffin symbolizing my death and threatening me, my immediate and extended family merely because I wrote a book that they perceive to be critical of their political deity even though, in all likelihood, they might not have read; it demonstrates a level of intolerance, ignorance and base loyalty to certain political personages in a manner that cannot be positive.

Chillingly, as my effigy and ‘coffin’ were being burnt and buried in a mock funeral in Nyando by Raila’s fanatics, the Prime Minister failed to see the need to restrain his supporters. He didn’t openly call for peaceful and reasoned debates as we would expect of someone claiming to be a statesman.

As a mob was holding my funeral procession, calling for my ‘deportation to Canada’, threatening my brother and his family, Raila’s intellectual groupies were unleashing a coordinated assault on my character and reputation through the media. False allegations are being dredged up in a desperate but futile attempt to bolster the ambitions and campaigns of a man whose quest for power has reached a dead end. But rather than conduct a searing self-evaluation, they want to hurl all the blame on me.

Raila Odinga is running for president. I am not. As a person who has occupied an exalted public position in our society for decades; one who has enjoyed immense privileges; and one who is seeking even more power and privileges; Raila Odinga must be audited, vetted and weighed thoroughly for his record in public life before he can be found to have satisfied the requirements for election. If he doesn’t like the audit, he must be prepared to cede ground and relinquish his political ambitions. There are no two ways around it. But he cannot intimidate, threaten or beat us into submission.

Two questions we need to ask Raila are these: (a) If his supporters and groupies can burn my effigy and mock coffin and attack me viciously in the era of the new constitution that guarantees me the right to express myself fully including in book form merely on account that I have written a book they dislike because it is critical of him; what are they capable of inflicting if Raila were to become president? (b) Are the rights Raila proudly claims he fought for only meant for his supporters and sycophants?

I wish to inform the country that when The Standard newspaper purportedly published an article titled “Miguna answers Sarah Elderkin” on or about July 17, 2012, I was in a jet somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean and couldn’t have been capable of accessing Sarah’s piece in the Daily Nation (which I have still not read, having just arrived in Toronto), and definitely didn’t have the time to write it. It’s unfortunate that The Standard newspaper published a misleading and fake article and maliciously purported it to be mine. By this statement, I would like to pout The Standard newspaper on notice that I shall take appropriate legal action against it for this false and clearly malicious publication.

Moreover, I don’t have the time, interest or the intention of arguing with Sarah over a book she has clearly not read. She answers herself at pages 496-498 of my book as well as in her article, “Keep It Real and Keep It Balanced” published in the May 19, 2011 issue of the Star newspaper in which she corroborated each and every claim I have made in Peeling Back the Mask. Readers should be aware, nonetheless, that I have more than fifty emails from Sarah confirming the runway corruption in the Prime Minister’s Office. If I was like Sarah, I would have unleashed them in defense of myself. But I am not going to bore my readers with details of the rot of and around Raila Odinga because the whole country already knows the truth.

Let me also make it clear that I do not have a Facebook account, have never used that platform to communicate and have no intentions of doing so any time soon. Consequently, purported Facebook publications bearing my name should be ignored as mischievous.

I am scheduled back to Kenya on or about July 18th, 2012, when my family holiday and publicity tour of my book ends. On arrival, I shall issue a comprehensive statement on some of the issues that have been raised in the media in recent days over my latest book and attendant political issues. Until then, I will enjoy my working holiday with my family.

Finally, let me say this: I will not be intimidated, threatened or shouted into silence by con-men, busy-bodies, hangers-on and political groupies.

The struggle against impunity will and must continue.

Thank you.

Dated July 17, 2012 at the City of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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Miguna Flies Out Amid Nyando Demos

July 17, 2012


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