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Deep Mourning in Stockholm as Dad to Patrick, Dan, Lenza, Diana and Victor Passes On: Prayer Meeting/Funds-Drive on Saturday 31st

January 28, 2015


The late Mzee John Odhiambo Aroka

The late Mzee John Odhiambo Aroka

Once again, death has struck at the very center in Kenya Stockholm. For the second time in less than 2 weeks, the entire family of the Arokas has once again been plunged into deep mourning. With great sorrow and deep sadness, the Aroka family announces the passing of Mzee John Odhiambo Aroka who passed away yesterday in hospital after a long illness. The Mzee’s demise follows the passing of Isdora Ngere, his sister, who was laid to rest last Sunday, January 25th 2015.

Mzee John was the father of Kenya-Stockholmers: Patrick Odhiambo, Dan Odhiambo, Lenza Odhiambo, Diana Odhiambo, Victor Odhiambo among other siblings resident in Kenya. Mzee John was also uncle to Jared Aroka (resident in Stockholm) and Ken Aroka who relocated to Kenya from Stockholm a few years ago. Family members are preparing to travel to Kenya to attend the funeral.

Following the sad news, an “Open House” has been set up at Dan’s residence every evening at Granbacken 13 in Huddinge where relatives, friends, well-wishers and sympathizers continue to pour in to condole with the bereaved family and to help them cope with this difficult and very trying moment.

The Aroka family has not only lost a father, grandfather and uncle. It has lost a guardian, teacher, wise-man and, most importantly, a humble and central pillar of the family who led by example. Without an overstatement, the gap Mzee John has left will truly never be filled.

As the family grapples with the tragedy that has struck suddenly, a “Family Support Committee” led by Mr. Frank Odhiambo, has been set up to help the family cope with great grief the Arokas are undergoing following two subsequent deaths within a short spun of time.

Consequently, the Committee has scheduled a Prayer Meeting/Funds-drive on Saturday 31st January 2015 at Dan’s residence located at Granbacken 13 in Huddinge. Speaking to KSB, Committee Chairman Frank appealed to Kenyans, friends, well-wishers and all people of good will to come together in Prayer on Saturday to show solidarity with the Aroka family which is well known in Stockholm for showing solidarity during difficult moments. What is more? The emotional burden on the Arokas this season has been heavy to say the least.

Having met Mzee John Odhiambo Aroka way back in Kenya, I personally take this opportunity to send deep condolences to the entire Aroka family and hope that they will find the courage and strength to go through these uncertain and sad moments of mourning. Mzee John was a great father who brought up very brilliant and successful children who will, no doubt, continue with his legacy.

For messages of condolences, directions, or for further information, please, contact Frank Odhiambo, Committee Chairman, at 0737643866. May God rest the soul of Mzee John Odhiambo Aroka in Eternal Peace.

Okoth Osewe

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“Wazee Wapewe” Presents: JJ (Paris), Bobo Sukari and Yaya Sella

January 28, 2015


Dekula Band “Ngoma Ya Kilo”

Place: Lilla Wien “Little Nairobi”
Date: 30-31/01/2015
Time: 21.00-01.00
Addr: Swedenborgsg. 20
Pendel: Södra station
New CD Shujaa Mamadou Ndala
Buy it from iTunes, amazon, qabuz

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William Ruto and Corruption in VP’s Office on Sub-Contracting Deals:Tumechoka!

January 26, 2015



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URP MP Alfred Keter Threatening Gilgil Weighbridge Staff for Refusing Corruption

January 25, 2015


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Ambassador Joseph Sang Questioned Over 2014 Missing Jamhuri Bash in Stockholm

January 23, 2015


Where is 2014 Jamhuri cash?

Where is 2014 Jamhuri cash?

Jamhuri Day, the Kiswahili term for Independence Day, is one of the most important national holidays in Kenya, marking the country’s membership into the Commonwealth of Nations as a Republic, in 1964. Kenya gained her independence from the British colonialists on December 12, 1963.

From time immemorial, Kenyans in Stockholm have celebrated Jamhuri day on December 12th, hosted by the Ambassador of the day. However, in 2014, this was not the case under the current leadership of Ambassador Dr. Joseph Sang. Speaking separately, veteran Kenya-Stockholmers Messrs. Sospeter Otieno Opee and Gerry Midenyo expressed their profound disappointment, when the annual celebration did not take place. It is an occasion that symbolizes the end of the year and unites Kenyans from all walks of life. It is claimed that the Jamhuri event is normally allocated around SEK 400,000 taken from the poor taxpayers in Kenya. In Stockholm, it is usually marked by a two-hour session of binging and imbibing, at a location of choice by the Embassy.

Ambassdaor Sang seemed quite likeable when he came to Stockholm in 2013, but from observations, he has chosen to follow the path of his predecessor, former Ambassador Purity Wakiuru Muhindi, by selectively hosting or attending Kenyan events. From the Embassy’s official website, there is nothing mentioning in advance that last year’s Jamhuri Day would not take place.

Purity must be credited for not ever having cut out Jamhuri Day for the larger Kenyan community, as Sang did last year. Many are asking: “What happened to the money allocated for the event?” Sang’s premier Jamhuri Day in 2013 was met with anger when he hosted it in Husby, a suburban area of Stockholm City, yet past events had always been held within the central business district. As they await to see how Sang is planning to deal with future events, Kenyans need answers as to why Jamhuri 2014 went missing from the menu.

Jared Odero

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Update: Isdora Prayer Meeting/Harambee on Friday 23rd January at Högdalen

January 21, 2015


Following the untimely demise of Isdora Ngere, a Kenya-Stockholmer, the Isdora Funeral Committee in Stockholm chaired by Mr. Patrick Odhiambo, would like to inform the general public that a Prayer Meeting/Funds-drive will be held in Stockholm on Friday, 23rd January 2015. The event will take place at Harpsundsvägen 19 (2tr) in Högdalen (Tube Högdalen Centrum). The event starts at 14.00 hrs.

Family members, relatives, friends, sympathizers and well-wishers are all invited to join the Prayer Meeting and to condole with the bereaved family following a big loss that the family is struggling to come to terms with. Those who will not be able to attend the function due to some reason can show solidarity with the family through Bank account number: 14025138689 at Nordea. All contributions will be acknowledged and appreciated.

In the meantime, funeral arrangements for the late Isdora continue in Kenya where a Funeral Committee has also been set up. The Aroka family is very grateful for the messages of condolences which continue to pour from all parts of the world during this time of tragedy. For further information, contact Lenzah at 0739355553, Dan at 0739775556, Patrick 0708856925.

Okoth Osewe

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Kenya-Stockholmer, Isdora Ngere Passes On During Holiday in Kenya

January 20, 2015


The Aroka Family in Sweden hereby sadly announces the sudden demise of Isdora Ngere Aroka. Isdora travelled to Kenya around 16th of December last year for a 6 week holiday. Unfortunately, she fell ill abruptly and was then rushed to Matta Hospital in Nairobi where she passed away while undergoing treatment.

Isdora was married to Niels Linderholm and had 3 children. She was Aunty to Patrick Odhiambo, Lenzah Odhiambo, Dianna, Victorne, Jared Aroka, Hulda Palm, Alice, Rukia and many others.

Once again, the cruel hands of death has robbed the Kenyan community of a compassionate, loving and adorable member who was well known for her generosity, patience, love and, above all, a powerful urge to help others around her.

All prayers to members of the Aroka family during this time of great shock and sorrow. We, at KSB, hope that the family will find courage and strength to go through this trying and very challenging moments following the passing of a valuable family member whose shoes will never be filled.

Further funeral arrangements in Stockholm will be announced later. For messages of condolences and prayers, please contact Lenzah at 0739355553, Dan at 0739775556, Patrick or 0708856925. May God rest Isdora’s soul in Eternal Peace.

Okoth Osewe

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Shocking and Graphic Video of Langata Kids Brutalization by Uhuruto’s Dictatorship

January 19, 2015



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Unspeakable Barbarism Against Little School Children by Emerging Uhuruto’s Dictatorship

January 19, 2015

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Who Killed JM Kariuki 6 Part Series

January 16, 2015








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