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Flashback: Ngatia’s Take on Uhuru Kenyatta

March 31, 2011


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Reader Request: Kibaki’s Kikuyunization Program Part 4

March 31, 2011


Kenya Institute of Education(KIE)
Director – Gabriel Muita -Kikuyu

Higher Education Loans Board (HELB)
Chairman of the Board: ———————————————-Prof. J. H. Kimura
Chief Executive – Secretary: —————————————-Mr. Benjamin C. Cheboi
PS, Education Science and Technology —————————Prof. James L. Ole Kiyiapi
PS, Finance————————————————————-Joseph Kinyua
Secretary, Commission for Higher Education: ————————-
Member —————————————————————–Mr. Mwenda Thiribi

Director Basic Education —————————————–Mary Njoroge -Kikuyu
Director City Education ——————————————Margaret Thiongo- Kikuyu

Ministry For Foreign Affairs
Minister ————————————————————-George Kinuthia Saitoti (ACTING)
Political and Diplomatic Secretary ——————————P.S. Wamoto
Chief of Protocol —————————————————M.D. Kinyanjui
Director of Administration—————————————- Mr J. Ndathi
Deputy Director for Political and Diplomatic Affairs ———Mr A. Kihurani

Inter Org, Confs &Int Jobs —————————————-S.K Maina
Great Lakes region ————————————————-Jean Kimani
Assets Management ————————————————Dr. Margaret Gachuru (Not sure if it is the convicted thief Gachara)
East African Community Affairs ———————————Mr. Njogu Ngariama
Economics & Trade————————————————-Mr. J. M. Weru
Accounts ————————————————————-Mr. K. Mugwe
Public Affairs & Communication ———————————Ms. J .Ngunia
Host Country & Consular Division ——————————-Ms. Nyambura Kamau
Public Complaints Desk ——————————————–Ms. Diana Kiambuthi

Kenya Airports Authority – ——– The Board of Directors

Chairman—————————————————————–Mr. Martin Nyaga
Managing Director —————————————————–Eng. Stephen Gichuki
Director ——————————————————————Mr. Joseph Kinyua
Director ——————————————————————Dr. Cyrus Njiru
Director ——————————————————————Mrs. Catherine W. Kuria
Director ——————————————————————Mr. Francis Kimemia
Director ——————————————————————Mr. Joseph T. Denar
Director ——————————————————————Mr. Muriithi Kibuchi
Director ——————————————————————Mr. Hassan M. Kulow
Corporation Secretary ————————————————-Mr. John Tito
Director ——————————————————————Mr. Macharia Njeru
Inspector General ——————————————————-Mr. Peter Ondieki
Alternate Director ——————————————————Mrs. Philomena Koech
Alternate Director ——————————————————Mr. Chrisologus Makokha
Alternate Director ——————————————————Mrs. Beatrice Gathirwa
Alternate Director ——————————————————Mr. Aggrey Busena

Senior Management Team

Managing Director: —————————————————-Eng. Stephen Gichuki
Deputy Managing Director ——————————————-Mathew Wamalwa
Corporation Secretary ————————————————-John Tito
General Manager – Finance ——————————————John Thumbi
General Manager – Marketing & Business Development ——–Lucy Mbugua
General Manager Human Resources Development —————Ken Kaunda
General Manager – Security Services ——————————-Stanely Mutungi
General Manager – Projects and Engineering Services ———–Eng. Philemon Chamwada
Head of Procurement & Logistics ———————————–Allan Muturi
Head of Corporate Planning ——————————————Henry Ogoye
Head of Corporate Communications / PA to the MD ————-Dominic Ngigi
Head of Internal Audit ————————————————-Samson Kimilu

Airport Management Team
JKIA – Ag. Airport – Manager —————————————-Simon Githaiga
Moi International Airport – Airport Manager ———————–Yatich Kangogo
Kisumu Airport -Airport – Manager ———————————-Joseph Okumu
Wilson Airport – Airport – Manager ———————————-Amos Chena
Eldoret International Airport – Manager —————————–Peter Wafula
Malindi Airport Airport Manager ————————————-Walter Agong
Manda Airstrip Officer in Charge ————————————-Mohamed Lipi
Wajir Airport Airport Manager —————————————-James Wambua
Ukunda Airstrip Officer in Charge ————————————Mohamed Siraj

Kenya Railway
Chairman: ——————————————————————- Jonathan Muturi

Kenya Broadcasting Corporation
Director; ———————————————————————-David Waweru

Postal Corporation of Kenya
Chairman: ——————————————————————–Peter Kariuki

Kenyatta National Hospital
Chairman: ——————————————————————–Margret Wanjohi
Director: ———————————————————————-Jotham Micheni

Kenya Information and Communication Technology
Chairman: ———————————————————————Catherine Ngahu

Nyayo Tea Zones
Director: ———————————————————————–Anne Karimi

Kenya Medical Training College
Chairman: ———————————————————————James Kahindi

Kenya Agricultural Research Institute
Chairman: ———————————————————————J. Mutungi
Director: ———————————————————————–E. Mukisira

Agricultural Development Corporation
Chairman: ———————————————————————L. Wariunge
Kenya Sisal Board Director: ————————————————Charles Kagwimi

Agricultural Information Research Centre
Chairman: ———————————————————————Thirikwa Kamau

Concerned Kenyan

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Reader Request: Kibaki’s Kikuyunization Programme Part 3

March 31, 2011


Clinging on to power “by any means necessary” is a way of maintaing the status quo within the Mount Kenya Mafia cartel

The point with the “Kikuyunization Lists” is to show how appointments to top jobs in Government and Parastatals, are made in favor of the GEMA/Mt. Kenya Region’s people. GEMA: Gikuyu Embu and Meru Association.

The Kikuyu dominate, followed by the Meru and then the minority Embu fill a few positions. The surnames determine who is who.

The lists show that non-GEMA members are appointed to non-executive positions in case they serve as Board Members in these organizations. As we head towards 2012, we have a clear picture of Kibaki’s ethnically/tribally-biased administration which has managed to entrench Kikuyu hegemony that only draws more resentment among the remaining tribes that have largely been left out. Taxpayers come from all over the country, yet the majority of those enjoying top jobs are from one region. Kenyans should wake up!

Permanent Secretaries (GEMA):

Agriculture ———————— Dr.Romano Kiome —————————Meru
Office of the President ———– Francis Muthaura —————————-Meru
Internal Security and Provincial Administration: ——-Mr. Francis Kimemia
Private Secretary to the President: ——Prof. Nick Wanjohi
Comptroller State House: —————- Dr. Nelson Githinji
Secretary Presidential Press Service: —-Mr. Isaiya Kabira
Public Comms Secretary & Gvt Spokesman: ———Dr. Alfred N. Mutua, E.B.S (Rumored to be Muthaura’s Son)
PM Office: PS Public Sector Reforms and Performance Contracting: —Mr. Richard Ndubai
PS Office of Deputy Prime Minister ——————————- Prof. Karega Mutahi
Energy PS: —————————————————Mr. Patrick M. Nyoike, C.B.S.
Finance PS ————————————————— Mr. Joseph K. Kinyua, C.B.S.
Fisheries PS: ————————————————- Prof Micheni Ntiba
Foreign Affairs PS——————————————–Patrick Wamoto (Acting)
Industrialization PS—————————————— Dr. (Eng.) Kibicho Karanja
Medical Services———————————————-Ms. Mary Ngari
Director of Medical Services: —————————— Dr. Francis Kimani


Physical Planning ———————————————Ndirangu Maina
Roads PS ——————————————————-Mr. Michael Kamau
Transport PS —————————————————Silas Njiru
PS Ministry of Youth —————————————–Mr. James Muiru Waweru
Controller and Auditor General —————————–Mrs Priscilla Njeri Komora

Public Service Commission

Chairman —————— Mr. Titus Justus Kahiga Gateere
Commissioner ———— Mary M. Gikuyu —————-Kikuyu
Commissioner ————-Ruth Njoki Mathai ———– Kikuyu
Commissioner ————-Josephine K. Gichuhi ——– Kikuyu
Commissioner ————-Onesmus Njathika Ireri —— Kikuyu
Commissioner ————-Johnson G. Kibera ———— Kikuyu
Commissioner ————-John Muketha, SS ———— Kikuyu

Kenya Institute of Administration
Director: ——————————————————– Margaret Kobia

Water Services Regulatory Board
Chairman: ——————————————————-Jane Njogu

Chairman: ——————————————————Frank Njenga
Secretary: ——————————————————Jenipher Kimani

Kenya Tourist Development Corporation
Chairman: ——————————————————Charles Wachira

Public Archives Advisory Council
Director: ——————————————————- Lawrence Mwangi

Export Promotion Council
Chairman: ——————————————————Peter Kimuyu

Kenya Revenue Authority
Commissioner General: —————————————Michael Waweru

Tea Board of Kenya
Chairman: ——————————————————-Sicily Kariuki

Retirement Benefit Authority
Director: ——————————————————– Kanyi Gachoka

Kenya Water Institute
Chairman: —————————————————— Jacob Kaimenyi

Kenya Re-Insurance Corporation
Chairman: ——————————————————- Nelius Kariuki
Director: ——————————————————— Eunice Mbogo

Capital Markets Authority
Chairman: —————————————————– Chege Waruinge

Consolidated Bank of Kenya
Director ——————————————————– David Ndegwa

Kenya Post Office Savings Bank
Chairman: —————————————————— Wilson Kinyua
CEO: ———————————————————— Nyambura Koigi

KASNEB Chairman:
Francis Kibera CEO: ——————————————- Erastus Gitau

Kenya National Assurance
Chairman: —————————————————– Alexander Kaminchia

Central Bank of Kenya
Governor: —————————————————– Njuguna Ndungu

Capital Markets Tribunal
Chairman: ——————————————————Morris Njage

Kenya Institute of Public Policy and Research
Director: ——————————————————–Moses Ikiara

National Irrigation Board
Chairman: ——————————————————–Francis Gichaga

Kenya National Trading Corporation
Director: ——————————————————— Gladys Maina

Kenya Industrial Property Institute
Chairman: ——————————————————– Moses Thairu

East African Portland Company
Director: ———————————————————- Ndegwa Kagio

Industrial Property Tribunal
Chairman: ———————————————————Lillian Wanjira

Kenya Industrial Research and Development
Institute Director: ————————————————-Elias Njoka

Numerical Machining Complex
Chairman: ——————————————————– Jonathan Muturi

Co-operative College of Kenya
Principal: ———————————————————- Esther Gicheru

Pyrethrum Board of Kenya
Chairman: ——————————————————— Isaac Mwangi

New Kenya Cooperative Creameries
Chairman: ———————————————————-Matu Wamae
Managing Director: ———————————————–Francis Mwangi

Kenya Ordinance Fact Corporation
Chairman: ———————————————————- Jeremiah Kianga

Tana and Athi River Development Authority
Chairman: ———————————————————–A. Mureithi (deceased)
Director: ————————————————————-S. Maina

Horticultural Corporation Development Authority
Chairman: ———————————————————– Joseph Kibe

Jomo Kenyatta Foundation
Director: ————————————————————- Nancy Karimi

Agricultural Finance Corporation
Chairman: ————————————————————Patrick Kariuki

National Sports Stadia Management Authority
Director: ————————————————————–S. Mwai

Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate
Chairman: ————————————————————Justin Irina

National Housing Corporation
Director: ————————————————————–J. Ruitha

Kenya Cultural Centre
Chairman: ————————————————————M. Kaggia

Kenya National Library
Director: ————————————————————–Irene Muthoni

Moi University
Chairman: ————————————————————-Evan Mwai

Kenya Literature Bureau
Director: ————————————————————– Adams Karauri

Kenya Education Staff Institute

Chairman: ———————————————————— Joseph Kimura
Director: —————————————————————B. Gachanja

Commission for Higher Education
Chairman: ————————————————————-Kihumbu Thairu

Kenya Power and Lighting Company
Director: —————————————————————E. Njoroge

Higher Education Loans Board
Chairman: ————————————————————-Joseph Kimura

Water Service Trust Fund
Director: ————————————————————–S. Mwangi

Managing Director & CEO ————————————-Edward Njoroge
Non- Executive Director —————————————-Kinyua
Non- Executive Director —————————————-Patrick Nyoike
Non- Executive Director —————————————-Sarah W. Wainaina
Non- Executive Director —————————————-Musa Ndeto
Non- Executive Director —————————————-George M Njagi
Non- Executive Director —————————————-Humprey Muhu
Non- Executive Director —————————————-Henry Nyamu M’Narobi
Non- Executive Director —————————————-Rebecca Miano

Managing Director & CEO ————————————-Edward Njoroge
Operations Director ———————————————-Richard Nderitu
Business Development & Strategy —————————- Director Albert Mugo
Regulatory Affairs Director ————————————-Simon Ngure
Company Secretary/ Legal & Corporate Affairs Director — Rebecca Miano
Finance & Commercial Director ——————————–John Mudany
Human Resources & Administration Director —————-Beatrice Soy

Transformation Monitoring Office Manager ——————David Muthike
Corporate Affairs Manager ————————————–Mike Njeru
Supply Chain Manager ——————————————-Patrick Kimemia
Operations Manager, Eastern Hydro —————————Joel Ngugi
Operations Manager, Geothermal ——————————John Karanja
Operations Manager, Western Hydro ————————–Frank Konuche
Technical Services Manager ———————————— Solomon Kariuki
Geothermal Development Manager —————————-Geoffrey Muchemi
Capital Planning & Strategy Manager. ————————-Elizabeth Njenga
Regulatory Affairs Manager ————————————-John Ndambiri
Environment & CDM Manager ———————————Pius Kollikho
Projects Execution Manager ————————————-David Kagiri
Finance Manager ————————————————–Henry Nyachae (Kikuyu-Kisii)
Human Resources Manager ————————————–John Maina
Performance Management Manager —————————-Mary Waceke Muia
Insurance Manager ————————————————Ann Mbugua
Technical Services & Quality Manager ———————- Henry Ithiami
Special Project Manager ——————————————George Muga

National Oil Corporation (Directors 7 out of 9 are GEMA)
Chairman ————————————————————Mr. Peter K. Munga
Director ————————————————————–Mr. Patrick Nyoike
Director ————————————————————–Mr. Joseph Kinyua
Director ————————————————————–Mr. Paul G. Ngatia
Director ————————————————————–Mr. Paul Muhia Ngugi
Director ————————————————————–Mr. James Gacheru
Director ————————————————————–Mr. Gaciku Kangari

Communication Commission of Kenya

Chairman: ————————————————————–Joseph Njagi
Director: —————————————————————-John Waweru

Athi Water Service Board
Director——————————————————————L. Mwangi

Coast Water Service Board
Chairman: —————————————————————Joseph Muturi

Kenya Film Corporation
Director: —————————————————————–Wachira Waruru

Tana Water Service Board
Chairman: —————————————————————James Kimani

National Council for Science and Technology
Chairman: —————————————————————Henry Thairu
Secretary: —————————————————————G. Kingoria

Kenya Petroleum Refinery
Chairman: —————————————————————Justus Kagenu

Coffee Research Foundation
Chairman: —————————————————————K. Njuguna
Director: —————————————————————–J. Kimemia

Energy Tribunal
Chairman: —————————————————————Njuguna Njenga

Concerned Kenyan

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Reader Request: Kibaki’s Kikuyunization Programme Part 2

March 31, 2011


Why Kikuyu ruling class do not want to quit after 25 years in power (Kenyatta+Kibaki = 15+10=25)

More proof of Kibaki’s Kikuyunization of public jobs in Kenya, despite the Coalition Government. He began this process in 2003.

Chairman of Board – Nelius Kariuki. -kikuyu
Acting Managing Director – Jadiah Mwarania
General Manager- Reinsurance Operations, Beth Nyaga
General Manager – Finance and Investments, Steve Mbui
Manager- Investments, Jacqueline Njui
Manager- Life Business Division, Yoves Gichana
Manager- International business Division, Jean Claude
Manager- Procurement Division, Esther Kimanzi
Manager- Property Division, Consolata Kihara
Manager- ICT Division, George Njuguna
Manager- Human Resource Division, Salome Kangethe

———— ——— ——— ——-
Head of scholarships /credentialing
Snr Asst. Commissioner- George Njine -Kikuyu
Head of Administration (Asst. Comm) – Margaret Kobia -Meru

Mr. Reuben M. Marambii – Managing Director
Mr. Leonard G. Kamweti – Company Secretary
Mr. Nelson N. Njoroge – General Manager, Credit Division
Mr. Kenneth G. Sirima – General Manager, ICT

Managing director – Mrs. A. Nyambura Koigi
Banking Services Director – Mrs. Anne W. Karanja
Finance and Procurement Director – Mr. Patrick Ngumi
Head Legal & Property Management/Company Secretary – Mrs. Mercy N. K. Mbijiwe

MD- Gichiri Ndua

MINISTRY OF INDUSTRIALIZATION (and you wonder about the noise on Joseph Kosgei)
Chairman of the National Standards Council, Karanja Thiong’o
Permanent Secretary in my Ministry, Karanja Kibicho
Assistant Minister Nderitu Muriithi
Chairman of the Board: Eng. Geoffrey Ng’ang’a Mang’uriu –

Director Charles M. Z. Moturi
Deputy Director,Research & Development: Mrs. Phyllis Ngunjiri
Corporate Planning Manager; Mr. James L. Nyagah
Leather Development Center (LDC) Manager; Mr. John Muriuki
Technology Transfer & Business Development Manager; Mr. Samuel Wambugu
Procurement Manager; Mrs. Rose Ndirangu
Corporate Communications; Mrs. Sarah Gacii


Executive Director; Mr. Peter Kimurwa
Chief Manager Operations; Ms. Mbatha Mbithi
Corporation Secretary; Mrs. Grace M. Magunga
Finance Manager; Mr. Joseph C. Mwaura
Audit Manager; Mr. Wilson M. Kamau
Information Technology Manager; Mr. Peter K. Mwangi
HR & Administration Manager; Mrs. Faith Munene

Managing Director/ Chief Executive Officer; Mr. James Karanja
Chief Legal Officer/ Company Secretary; Mrs. Rebecca Kinyanjui
Chief of Credit: Mr. Timothy K. Tiampati
Financial Controller; Mrs. Anne Gitau


Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer; Joseph K Njoroge
Company Secretary; Laurencia K Njagi
Chief Manager, Energy Transmission; Sammy Muita
Chief Manager, Commercial Services; Rosemary K Gitonga
Chief Manager, Distribution; Benson Muriithi
Chief Manager, Planning, Research and Performance Monitoring; Eng. Raphael Mwaura

John Mruttu General Manager
Reuben Ndinya Finance Manager .
Martin Wahome Human Resource Manager
Charles Nguyai Engineering Manager .


Director; Kimemia J K
Internal Audit; Kigo SM
Transport and Estate Manager: Njue R.M
Plant Pathology; Kairu G.M
Head, Chemistry; Mburu JN
Procurement Manger; Kobia V.K
Head of Entomology; Mugo H.M
Principal, Kenya Coffee College; Nyaga M.K
CEO; Batram M. Muthoka
Human Resources and Administration Officer; Jackson Nguriare
Planning and Monitoring Officer; Antony Muriithi
Value Addition Officer; Alex Mungai
Legal Officer; Kellen Njue
Internal Auditor; Stephen Mugi
Senior Accountant; Joseph Muigai

Chief Executive & Secretary to the Board Gladys Maina (Ms.)

MINISTRY OF GENDER AND CHILDREN AFFAIRS( all employed during time of Esther Murugi)
Information and Communication Technology Unit – Head, George W. Muhoro (Mr.)
AIDS Control Unit – Head, B. Mugo
Human Resource Development -Head, J. Macharia (Mr.)
Accounts Unit – Head, Festus N. Kamau (Mr.)
Central Planning and Project Monitoring Unit – Head, E. Ndirangu (Mrs)
Senior Deputy Secretary/Administration; Beth N. Mutugi
Senior Assistant Secretary- Simon F. Wachiye
Senior Assistant Secretary; Benson M. Mugo
Assistant Secretary; Simon C. Gatheru
Assistant Secretary; Joan Gitau
US/PA Minister; Martin Mwiti.

UN ——————————————– MR. KAMAU MACHARIA
UK ———————————————MR. EPHRAIM NGARE
ITALY —————————————- Ms. JOSEPHINE GAITA

Note that all the strategic Embassies of UN, UK, Japan, Israel, Scandinavia and Germany are in GEMA hands.

Concerned Kenyan

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Reader Request: Kibaki’s Kikuyunization Program Part 1

March 31, 2011


Kibaki’s Kikuyunization program of public jobs continues even during the current Coalition Government.

President——Mwai Kibaki—————————————-Kikuyu
Deputy Prime Minister—-Uhuru Kenyatta———————-Kikuyu
Secretary to the Cabinet, etc. ——Francis Muthaura———-Meru
ICT Secretary—– Dr. Katherine Getao————————–Kikuyu
SCAC Secretary—Mr. Stephen K. Kirogo———————–Kikuyu
Provincial Administration and Internal Security——-George Saitoti——–Kikuyu
Special Programmes—-Esther Murugi—————————-Kikuyu
Co-operative Development and Marketing—Joseph Nyagah–Embu
Energy——-Kiraitu Murungi————————————–Meru
Environment and Mineral Resources——–John Michuki—–Kikuyu
Finance—————————————Uhuru Kenyatta——Kikuyu
Foreign Affairs—George Saitoti (acting capacity) ————–Kikuyu
Public Health and Sanitation———–Beth Mugo—————Kikuyu
Transport ————— Amos Kimunya—————————Kikuyu
Nairobi Metropolitan Development ———Njeru Githae——-Kikuyu

Office of the President:

[/b]Minister for Internal Security /Provincial Administration ————- Prof. George Saitoti ———————- Kikuyu
Permanent Secretary —–Francis T. Kimemia ———————– Kikuyu
Senior Director ————-E. Mutea Iringo ————————— Kikuyu
Government Printer ——Andrew G. Rukaria ————————Kikuyu
NSC – Peace and Conflict Management —————S.K. Maina –Kikuyu
Administration Police Commandant ————K. Mbugua ———Kikuyu
Criminal Investigation Department
CID Director————–Francis Ndegwa Muhoro——————–Kikuyu
GSU Commandant: ———————————————————GEMA
Deputy & Asst Commissioners of Police – majority -kikuyu

Provincial Commissioners and Regional Commissioners:
– Regional Commissioners are PCs through the back door were created when it became hard to hide the large number of GEMA PCs. It was also part of the illegal plan to create “provinces” and beat the 25% rule in presidential elections. The majority of the GEMA RCs are concentrated in areas of special interests to the MKM or where for fear of stepping on certain sensibilities MKM are afraid of stationing GEMA and grudgingly station loyal non-GEMA. It shows they don’t fully trust their non-GEMA underlings so they undercut them with RCs, DCs and DOs. Thus PCs from non-GEMA tribes became figured heads with no power while their subordinate GEMA juniors back out orders. Provincial Commissioners (PCs) 3/8; DCs 38/71 are GEMA with most concentrated in: Rift Valley (19) , Eastern(8) , Coast & Western (3 each). All Website information on DCs, DCIOs, PPOs removed in what appears to be a concerted effort to conceal it from the public that reacts to the GEMA tilt in administration and security:

Nairobi Province –Njoroge Ndirangu ———————–Kikuyu
Coast Province —–Ernest G. Munyi ————————Kikuyu
LOWER CENTRAL (Coast) —–Joseph Irungu ———–Kikuyu
NORTH COAST ——————–Elijah Nduati Thiabii –Kikuyu
WEST COAST ——J. Kirubi ———————————-Kikuyu
NYANZA EAST ————Lydia Muriuki ——————-Kikuyu
CENTRAL RIFT VALLEY ———–Amos Gathecha —-Kikuyu
SOUTH RIFT VALLEY ———Naftary Mungathia ——GEMA

(It proved challenging to obtain the comprehensive list of DCs. Many of these are being schemed from news reports. One does not need more than imagination to understand why a comprehensive list of District Commissioners is not available at the Ministry for Provincial Administration! Please send in the names for inclusion)

Districts——————————————————————-District Commissioner
1. Gatanga—————————————————————– Patrick Mukuria
2. Gatundu—————————————————————– J.M. Mwirigi
3. Kiambu West———————————————————– Esther Maina
4. Lari ———————————————————————- S. M. Irungu
5. Ruiru ——————————————————————— Erastus M. Mbui
6. Thika West ————————————————————– W. G. Njenga
7.Nyeri Central ———————————————————— M.W. Mwangi
8.Mirangini ————————————————————Gicheru Mwai Jeremiah
9.Tana Delta ————————————————————— Elias G. Kithaura
10.Wajir North ———————————————————-Charles Mbusior Igiha
11.Wajir South ————————————————————- G.P. Risie (?)
12.Wajir Wes t————————————————————- Samuel W. Kimiti
13.Baringo Central ——————————————————— Joseph O. Magoha
14.Koibatek —————————————————————- John G.R. Chege
15.Laikipia East ————————————————————- J. M. Mathenge
16.Mogotio —————————————————————— K. J. Ngumo
17.Nakuru ——————————————————————- Thuku Kangethe
18.Njoro ——————————————————————— Jim Njoka
19.Samburu Central ——————————————————-Tom G. Macheneri
20.Samburu North ———————————————————-Moses N. Mbaruku
21.Trans Nzoia East ——————————————————— N. K. Mungathia
22.Trans Nzoia West ——————————————————– Wilfred Kinyua
23.West Pokot —————————————————————- Allan Macharia
24.Kajiado North ———————————————————-Murang’a Morekwa
25.Narok North ————————————————————–Njoroge Ndirangu
26.Narok South —————————————————————- M. Chimwaga
27.Trans Mara West ——————————————————–Mbogo Mathioyah
28.Turkana South ————————————————————– J.M. Kanyiri
29.Turkana West ————————————————————— Patrick Muriira
30.Kericho ———————————————————————— S.K. Njora
31.Busia ————————————————————————– A. M. Gitonga

State Corporations Advisory Committee (SCAC) Out of 12 members 8 are GEMA!

1.Chairman————————Mr. David Namu ————————–Meru
2.Member————————- Dr. Philomena Wairimu Muiruri ——Kikuyu
3.Member————————–Eng. Peter Wellington Wambura ——Kikuyu
4.Member————————–Mr. Mwangi Ngumo ———————-Kikuyu
5.Member————————–Mr. Richard M. Kariuki —————–Kikuyu
6.Member————————–Mr. Sammy Mwencha ——————–Kikuyu
7.Member————————–Mr. Silas K. Kobia ————————-Meru
8.Secretary————————-Mr. Stephen K. Kirogo ——————-Kikuyu

Minister –————————–Uhuru Kenyatta —————————–Kikuyu
Permanent Secretary————Joseph Kinyua ——————————-Kikuyu
Economic Secretary————–Kamau Thuge ——————————–Kikuyu
Pensions secretary—————-Anne Mugo ———————————–Kikuyu
Budgetary director—————P.B Ngugi ————————————–Kikuyu
ERD director———————-Kenneth Mwangi —————————–Kikuyu
D/Finance secretary————–Mwirichia ————————————–Meru
Senior Principal Accountant—Wilson N. Kingathia ————————-Kikuyu

Governor—————————-Njuguna Ndung’u —————————-Kikuyu
Member —————————–Joseph Kinyua ——————————–Kikuyu
Member —————————–Nicholas Nesbitt ——————————Kikuyu
Member —————————–Agnes Wanjiru ——————————–Kikuyu
Director, Research —————-Charles Gitari Koori ————————Kikuyu
Director, Sch. of Monetary St. ———Kinandu Muragu ———————Kikuyu
Director, Deposit Protection Fund Board——–Ms. Rose Alex Detho——Kikuyu
Director, Estates, Supplies and Transport ———Cassian Juma Nyanjwa, (?)

Director of Audit ————————————– Mr. Alex Nthiga Rugera
Assistant Director of Audit ————————– Mr. Dennis Theuri Kariuki
Principal Auditor————————————— Mr. Daniel Muiruri Ndungu
Auditor I ———————————————— Mr. Peter N. Wangwe

Chairman———————————————— Ms. Eunice W. Kagane
Managing Director————————————– Mr. D. Ndegwa Wachira –
Director ————————————————– Mrs. Shellomith L. Bobotti –
Company Secretary ————————————- Mrs. Wakonyo Igeria –
Director ————————————————— Kamotho Waiganjo

KENYA REVENUE COMMISSION (now referred to as “Kikuyu Reparations Collection”
(The most absurd. From 2003, The Kibaki government has embarked on an aggressive Kikuyunization program where all non GEMA senior officers were demoted or fired. ALL senior officers are Kikuyu. Following adverse publicity KRA management pulled down all information about staff in the hope that people would not know this discrimination against other Kenyans on the basis of tribe)

1.Commissioner General: ———-Michael Waweru —————-Kikuyu
2.Board Secretary: ——————-Mrs. Ngang’a ——————–Kikuyu
3.Senior Deputy Commissioner, Investigation & Enforcement: —–Mr. Joseph Nduati ———————– Kikuyu
4.Deputy Commissioner, Investigation and Enforcement: ——————- Mr. Namu Nguru ———————— Kikuyu
5.Deputy Commissioner, Administration: ———Mr. Karimi ——–Meru
6.Deputy Commissioner Procurement: ————-Ms. Murichu ——Kikuyu
7.Commissioner Customs: —————-Mrs. Wambui Namu ———Kikuyu
8.Senior Deputy Commissioner (Customs): ———Ms. Githinji ——-Kikuyu
9.Deputy Commissioner, Enforcement (Customs):———–Mr. Maina —-Kikuyu
10.Deputy Commissioner, Finance: ——–Ms. Wachira ——————Kikuyu
11.Commissioner Domestic Taxes (LTO)- ———–Mr. Njiraini ——–Kikuyu
12.Deputy Commissioner —————— Mrs. Mwangi ——————–Kikuyu
13.Senior Deputy Commissioner, Finance: ——-Mrs. King’ori ———-Kikuyu
14.Senior Assistant Commissioner, Security: ——Major Kariuki ——-Kikuyu
15.Senior Deputy Commissioner, Southern Region: ——-Wagachira – Kikuyu

120 Management trainees recruited to KRA IN 2005, 67/120 are Kikuyus

1.Director ————————Joseph Kinyua ———————————– Kikuyu
2.Director ———————– James Waweru ———————————– Kikuyu
3.Director ———————-Prof. Njuguna Ndung’u ————————— Kikuyu
4.Director ———————-Rose Ndetho ————————————— Kikuyu
5.Director ———————-Dr. Wainaina Gituro —————————— Kikuyu

Chief Procurement Officers – 23 out of 36 first appointees are all
from GEMA. Rest of Kenya = the remaining 13 (out of the 36).

Concerned Kenyan

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Ocampo Six Are “High Risk Personalities” Says Dutch Government

March 30, 2011


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WikiLeaks Releases: Nairobi Cable No. 54:Kibaki and Co. Were Fixated on PEV, not Crisis Resolution

March 30, 2011



DE RUEHNR #0312/01 0291447
P 291447Z JAN 08


E.O. 12958: DECL: 01/29/2018

Classified By: Ambassador Ranneberger, reasons 1.4 (b,d)

Kibaki: Believed he won election

¶1. (C) Summary:  Assistant Secretary Frazer, joined by Ambassador Ranneberger, met with President Mwai Kibaki on January 5 and January 7 to seek a path towards ending the political crisis stemming from the disputed December 27 presidential election results.  She carried with her Secretary Rice’s message of an end to the violence and an agreement to dialogue among the principals in the electoral dispute for a political resolution.  In both meetings, Kibaki was fully engaged and in control of his meeting, though members of his team comfortably voiced divergent viewpoints. In the January 5 meeting, Kibaki and his team focused on the need to end the post-election violence and their fear that Kikuyus were specifically being targeted.  In the January 7 meeting, Kibaki was put on the defensive by A/S Frazer who sought an explanation and remedy for his naming of a partial cabinet on the eve of the African Union Chairman and Ghanaian President John Kufuor’s arrival to facilitate talks between he and Raila Odinga of the Orange Democratic Party (ODM).

¶2. (C) During both meetings, Kibaki said the right things in condemning violence and being open to dialogue to end the political crisis.  Furthermore, Kibaki agreed in principle to forming a government of national unity and reconstituting his cabinet following talks with Odinga.  However, his subsequent actions clearly suggested that he and his team were also moving towards consolidating power and that dialogue with Odinga was perhaps a fallback plan in whatever political strategy they had to end the political crisis.  End Summary.

¶3. (C) During A/S Frazer,s mission to Kenya from January 4-11, she met with President Kibaki twice, on January 5 and 7, to reinforce the message from Washington:  entering into dialogue with Odinga to find a political resolution to the current crisis is the way forward and an end to all violence on all sides is paramount.  A/S Frazer pointed out that Kenyans had come out en masse to vote and largely did so peacefully in a process that appeared to be clean, up to the point of vote tallying.  She emphasized that there were clearly problems with the vote count and this should be acknowledged and addressed by Kibaki in the interest of helping to heal divisions in the country.  She reminded Kibaki of the more conciliatory tone he struck during his first address to the nation, which acknowledged that Kenyans had voted across the spectrum and which was a basis from which reconciliation could be built upon.  A/S Frazer argued that political dialogue is the most viable way out of the current crisis as Kenyan courts are not considered impartial by ODM.

¶4. (C) While Kibaki repeatedly said in both meetings he was open to political dialogue, his position was quite clear:  he won the election fairly; if ODM has concerns about the outcome they should take their complaints to court because once the Electoral Commission of Kenya makes a call on elections the courts are the sole constitutional remedy (and his government would obey their ruling, Kibaki said); and ODM is to blame for post-election fighting and it is orchestrating an organized campaign of violence.

¶5. (C) Kibaki emphasized that the real problem at hand from his government’s perspective is not the controversial presidential election result but the violence that has ensued, and he said ending it was their primary focus. Kibaki pushed the point that Odinga and other ODM leaders need to come out and call for an end to the violence.

¶6. (C) Martha Karua, the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs and clearly one of the hardliners in Kibaki’s inner circle, attended the January 5 meeting (joined by then Foreign Minister Raphael Tuju, Foreign Ministry Permanent Secretary Thuita Mwangi, and Advisor Stanley Murage) during which she conceded that while some of the post-election violence may have been spontaneous, for the most part it has been pre-planned, she said. Kibaki echoed this point arguing that the youth are being paid to commit such acts.  Tuju, a Luo, contended that ODM supporters were specifically targeting the Kikuyu, whom he said have exercised a lot of restraint up to now, suggesting that they could retaliate especially in areas like Nairobi where they are a majority, as Karua pointed out.  Kibaki and his team emphasized they would not kowtow to the violence, which they consider ODM is using as “blackmail.” Mwangi recounted how he had to send a vehicle to Eldoret to rescue members of his family from the violence in that area.  He claimed the post-electoral violence had been instigated by ODM and that it would have “unleashed” such violence even if it had won the election because of its desire for “majimbo” — the idea of decentralized governance with the connotation that major ethnic groups will govern autonomously over their own regions.

¶7. (C) A/S Frazer stressed that the USG condemned all violence and promised to continue to push the issue with ODM to call an end to it.  She, however, asked Kibaki to demonstrate leadership by engaging with Raila in dialogue even in these difficult times; if former Presidents Nelson Mandela and F.W. de Klerk of South Africa could do it after years of violence, distrust, and political struggle in South Africa, surely he and Raila could do the same to move Kenya forward.  After all, they have worked together in the past and they do know each other, perhaps too well, she added. A/S Frazer noted there were failures in leadership on both sides — that Raila should reign in those committing violence and that Kibaki should come out with a statement acknowledging electoral problems.

¶8. (C) A/S Frazer asked that Kibaki and Raila issue separate statements condemning violence, acknowledging there were real problems with the elections, and agreeing to dialogue (initially a joint statement was proposed and Kibaki was unopposed to it, but Karua and Tuju nixed the idea arguing that it would give the appearance of a “co-presidency.”); the statements would help heal and normalize the country*the most immediate need*and are exclusive of the issue of how the parties will actually come to a political arrangement on governance, A/S Frazer explained.  While Kibaki expressed doubt that Raila truly wanted peace and said he was a man who spoke in “two languages” — something he saw as a significant obstacle to dialogue — he agreed to issue a statement, but never did.  However, almost immediately after the January 5 meeting, the Presidential Press Service issued a statement that said the government was open to dialogue and forming a government of national unity.

¶9. (C) On the eve of President Kufuor’s arrival in Kenya to help facilitate talks between Kibaki and Odinga, Kibaki announced on January 7 the appointment of eight key cabinet members.  A/S Frazer met with him that evening to express great disappointment and surprise at such action, particularly on the day before expected talks between ODM and PNU.  She said the cabinet appointments were preemptive, that it seemed like Kibaki was taking the issue of cabinet positions off the negotiating table and was prepared to exclude ODM from any kind of coalition government, and that the USG was seriously considering denouncing the government should Kibaki not take remedial action.  A/S Frazer also took Kibaki to task for not issuing the statement on vote tallying irregularities while noting that Odinga had honored his commitment to condemn violence and call off rallies given current political tensions.

¶10. (C) Kibaki argued that he was not preempting talks and that he only announced the partial cabinet to keep the government running — that it was only “logical” to do so, he said. Logical as it may be, the timing in naming a cabinet was bad faith, A/S Frazer told Kibaki.  In the end, Kibaki said that he was open to changing cabinet positions if this was decided during talks with ODM, along with having the talks deal with a broader range of issues such as electoral and institutional reform.  After intense negotiations with Kibaki and his team, it was agreed that Kibaki would issue a statement explaining why he appointed a cabinet when he did, clarifying that the cabinet was subject to change pending outcome of talks with ODM, and noting that nothing would be ruled out in these discussions.  Francis Muthaura, Secretary to the Cabinet, and the newly appointed Foreign Minister Wetengula fought the idea of issuing a public statement clarifying the cabinet position appointment, but Kibaki was decisive in wanting it done; the statement was issued the following day.

¶11. (C) Comment:  Kibaki and his team are fixated on the post-election violence and fail to truly own up to the fact that the flawed election results were the impetus to the crisis.  They seem almost oblivious to the vote tallying problems, treating it as a minor detail that can be brushed aside and dealt with through legal means.  Kibaki seemed reasonable and could be influenced with a well-argued point; members of his team, like Martha Karua, were clearly more hardline in their positions and do not seem truly interested in dialogue with ODM.  Distrust of ODM was very evident in statements by both Kibaki and members of his team during these conversations. While Kibaki and his team are quite dismissive of ODM protests about the problems with the elections, the fact that Kibaki is open to dialogue with Raila suggests he has not completely bought into PNU’s narrative that they won the presidential elections fair and square; there may be hope yet that Kibaki will assert leadership to pursue a political solution with ODM.  End Comment.

¶12. (U) This cable has been cleared by Assistant Secretary Frazer.


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Uhuru Kenyatta Whipping Up Ethnic Sentiments Ahead of ICC Date

March 30, 2011


The politics of the new generation of ethnic chieftains in Kenya

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Baganda People in Crisis after Suicide of Colleague in Stockholm

March 30, 2011


Where cremation of the body will take place

Members of the Baganda community in Stockholm are in crisis after a Ugandan of Baganda origin committed suicide in Stockholm about two weeks ago. The problem is that the late Ugandan allegedly left a suicide note saying that his body should be cremated because transporting it to Uganda will only ” increase grief” among his close relatives.

The crisis has come up because according to Baganda culture, a person who commits suicide does not deserve a funeral and the Baganda Committee handling the matter is divided as to whether to continue being involved in funeral arrangements or whether they should just keep off. The late Ugandan was married to a Finnish woman who is reported to be having no problem with funeral arrangements.

According to a contact who spoke to KSB, the Baganda culture dictates that if a person commits suicide by hanging himself/herself say on a tree branch, a deep hole is dug under the tree in line with where the body hangs after which the rope is cut and the dead person’s body left on a free-fall into the hole. The body is then buried “the way it falls into the hole” and without mourning or funeral rites.

The problem with the case in Stockholm is that the late Ugandan is reported to have committed suicide by suffocating himself using a polythene bag after which the body was transported to the morgue and so the situation where a hole could be dug does not arise.

The division within the Baganda Committee is that there is a group which thinks that the stringent Baganda traditions on the treatment of a suicide victim through “non-funeral position”  should be discarded because of modernity and advancements in civilization while another wing has maintained that the Baganda traditions must be respected under the circumstances to prevent ancestral spirits from coming down to haunt those involved in decision making to disrespect Baganda traditions.

Although there appears to be no plans to transport the body to Uganda for burial, the Committee is said to be tight-lipped as to whether the Will left behind by the deceased to the effect that his body be cremated will be respected.

Tension is rising because the deceased was the Treasurer of the Executive Committee of the Baganda Association in Sweden (Ebika Committee) also at the core of funeral arrangements. In conjunction with the family, the Committee has announced that funeral arrangements for the late Ugandan will take place on April 1st at Hökarängen Church at 13.00hrs. The Church is located at Lingvägen 149 at Hökarängen Tube Station.

“We don’t know whether the cremation will take place after the Funeral service and much is a matter of wait and see”, a contact close to the Committee told KSB. The silence of the Committee as to whether or not the “funeral” means that there will be cremation has increased speculation among the Baganda people that the Committee seems to be hiding something.

Abrogation of the Constitution
A section of the Ebika Committee opposed to the involvement of the Association in the funeral arrangements say that the Committee is supposed to be protecting Baganda culture and that its involvement in the funeral arrangements is an abrogation of the Association’s constitution which compels its leadership to protect Baganda culture without fear or favour.

Another problem is that the Baganda culture does not allow for cremation of bodies and the dissenting members of the Committee say that it is unthinkable that a Committee entrusted with protecting Baganda culture could get involved in a funeral arrangement where the deceased committed suicide contrary to fundamental values of the Baganda culture.

The general view of the Baganda traditionalists is that in as much as the deceased was a respected member of the Association and community alike, “he has committed a taboo” by taking his own life and that under the circumstances, the Association ought to have excommunicated him posthumously from Baganda community instead of being involved in his funeral arrangements.

“What should have happened is that the family should have been left to conduct the funeral in peace and cremate if they wanted without dragging the Baganda Association into the matter”, a Ugandan who has also been following the case told KSB.

He said that the family should not be bogged down with the cultural complications which they may not understand but that the Baganda Association should live up to expectation because its leadership ought to understand the consequences. He added that the Baganda Association risked losing members because of its involvement in the funeral. “They will have themselves to blame if the ancestral spirits come back to revenge”, he concluded.

The late Ugandan was a respected member of the Baganda community and is said to have been happily married with a loving wife, wonderful children and a well-paying job which guaranteed him economic stability.

Many Ugandans cannot therefore understand why their brother decided to take his life although a Ugandan agent who obtained a leak of the Will told KSB that the late wrote that he took his life because of problems related to huge debts he could not re-pay and other personal problems. “It was a very long Will which was later seized by the Association”, he said without further elaboration.

Okoth Osewe

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Africa Got Talent-Black Sensation Night: Artist Thandi

March 30, 2011

1 Comment

To thrill the crowd at Africa Got Talent

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