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Michael Jackson’s Death Photo

June 30, 2009


According to reports gathered by KSB, at least 12 Michael Jackson fanatics have committed suicide since his death was announced last Friday while there are fans who believe that MJ is not dead because nobody has yet seen his “death photo”.

Let us agree that MJ is dead and will be buried

Let us agree that MJ is dead and will be buried

This is a common phenomenon following the death of a celebrity. Some fans think that Elvis Presley never died while the internet is awash with stories to the effect that Tupac Shakur faked his own death to avoid being killed by his enemies so that he could, in turn, enjoy his acquired wealth.

The case of Tupac has, at times, tottered between reality and fiction because of the supposedly hasty cremation of his body. If MJ’s body had been cremated on Friday when he died, we could be certain that conspiracy theorists could be having a field day claiming that he is not dead.

KSB readers who are also ardent Michael Jackson fans have requested that the blog site track down Michael Jackson’s “death photo” so that they can begin to believe that MJ is gone forever to open the way for mourning.

Despite pictures of MJ’s body being loaded into a van from a helicopter to be transported to the coroner and despite an autopsy having been conducted on MJs body, it is incredible that some fans do not still want to accept that he is dead.

We have tracked down the photo so that whoever is still in doubt that the King of Pop is dead can begin to mourn. In the meantime, KSB crew is mourning with everybody. We had looked forward to securing an interview with MJ next month in London when he was scheduled to perform for the last time but now he is dead.

We are among those who are convinced that MJ’s work will live forever and this is what the Michael Jackson global community ought to be celebrating as they go about mourning.

Okoth Osewe

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Special Tribute to MJ at Norsborg Sat 4th July

June 29, 2009


A special tribute 2 the legendary but misunderstood, Michael Jackson will be held at “Musikhuset” in Norsborg. We will be kicking off at 22:00 hrs mpaka chee! C u on Saturday the 4th of July!

Ps, Nyama choma ya KIAASILI itachomwa katika kiwanja cha Fittja

Kuwanziya muda wa saa nane mchana (14:00) Karibuni.

Ds  Rakeiym Shukry.

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National Enquirer Gave MJ Six Months to Live

June 29, 2009


Despite denials from Michael Jackson that he’s suffering from a lethal lung disease, the National Enquirer remains on “Whacko Jacko” death watch. Now their sources give the singer six months to live. “His condition is just so far gone, I’d be surprised if he lasts six months…Painkillers and booze have caught up with him. The only way he was able to cope with the stress of sex scandals and his roller-coaster life was to mask the pain with substance abuse.”

Jacko biographer Ian Halperin has confirmed their source’s claims of emphysema and gastrointenstinal bleeding with his source. “Michael wants to have the lung transplant, but because of other illnesses he’s fighting, he’s too weak to undergo such a major procedure. He’s taking one painkiller after another.” This would help explain why he’s auctioning off his assets, but then Jackson has been frail and cash-starved for years. Still, if the reports are true, the King of Pop may not be around much longer.


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Shocking Findings of MJ’s Autopsy

June 29, 2009



8st 1oz, no food just pills in his stomach, bald, bruised, his ribs broken by CPR, 4 needle wounds near his heart…

THE horrifying state of pop superstar Michael Jackson in his final days can be revealed by The Sun today. Harrowing leaked autopsy details show the singer was a virtual skeleton — barely eating and with only pills in his stomach at the time he died. His hips, thighs and shoulders were riddled with needle wounds — believed to be the result of injections of narcotic painkillers, given three times a day for years. And a mass of surgery scars were thought to be the legacy of at least 13 cosmetic operations.

Four needle wounds near the heart

Four needle wounds near the heart

Experts found the distressing evidence of Jacko’s physical decline while investigating his startling death in Los Angeles last week. The examination showed the 5ft 10in star — once famed for his on-stage athleticism — had:

PLUNGED to a “severely emaciated” 8st 1oz. It is understood anorexic Jackson had been eating just one meagre meal a day.

Pathologists found his stomach empty aside from partially-dissolved pills he took before the painkiller injection which stopped his heart. Samples were sent for toxicology tests.

virtually all his hair. The pop pin-up was wearing a wig when he died and pathologists said little more than “peach fuzz” covered his scalp.

A scarred section of skin above his left ear was entirely bald — apparently the result of a 1984 accident when his hair caught fire as he filmed an ad for Pepsi.

SUFFERED several broken ribs as frantic rescuers pumped his chest after he collapsed in cardiac arrest. Four injection sites were found above or near to Jacko’s heart.

All appeared to result from attempts to pump adrenaline directly into the organ in a failed bit to restart it.

Three of the injections had penetrated the heart wall — causing damage — but a fourth missed and hit one of the 50-year-old star’s ribs. The autopsy also found unexplained BRUISING on Jackson’s knees and on the fronts of both shins. And there were CUTS on his back, indicating a recent fall. The King of Pop’s once handsome face bore a network of plastic surgery scars, while the bridge to his nose had vanished and its right side had partially collapsed.

As inquiries into the tragedy last night focused on the star’s personal physician Dr Conrad Murray, a source close to the Jackson entourage said: “Michael’s family and fans will be horrified when they realise the appalling state he was in.

“He was skin and bone, his hair had fallen out and had been eating nothing but pills when he died. Injection marks all over his body and the disfigurement caused by years of plastic surgery show he’d been in terminal decline for years. “His doctors and the hangers-on stood by as he self-destructed. Somebody is going to have to pay.”

Cardiologist Dr Murray was thought to have given Jackson the final injection of painkiller Demerol. He is facing serious questions about his resuscitation attempts, which began when he started CPR as Jacko lay unconscious on a bed. Basic first aid guidance says patients must be face-up on a hard surface before compressions.

Experts yesterday expressed amazement that a trained cardiologist could have made such an error, potentially wasting vital minutes. Additional damage was believed to have been caused by oxygen masks and tubing inserted during resuscitation attempts. But in an ironic twist, the probe found Jacko was recovering well from skin cancer — with an op to shave cells from his chest a total success.

A second autopsy demanded by the Jackson family was carried out at a secret location on Saturday after the first ruled out foul play. Family friend Rev Jesse Jackson said the family were deeply suspicious about what caused his death. Dr Murray was hired just 11 days ago by AEG Live — the firm masterminding Jacko’s 50-date residency at London’s O2 Arena, which was due to start next month.

Sources claimed the family were preparing a multi-million-dollar lawsuit against the cardiologist. Detectives were unable to find the doctor at Jackson’s home and his car was taken away for analysis as police sought him for questioning. He surfaced late on Friday and was quizzed over the weekend. The Sun told on Saturday how Jacko had developed stage fright for the first time and was terrified of performing the comeback gigs.

Aides claimed the ailing star even believed he would be KILLED if he pulled out on health grounds. We also revealed he was taking a potentially toxic cocktail of drugs. Sources last night said prescriptions for drugs for patients other than Jacko were found at his home. Those patients were due to be quizzed.


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New Nyama Choma At Fittja Beach

June 26, 2009



The Ultimate barbeque combined with the dance floor!
Saturday 4th of July 2009

Let’s get it on!

The Feast: At Fittja beach from 14.00-22.00.
Free entrance

The Boogie: At Norsborg, Musikhuset, Tomtbergavägen 370, from 22.00-06.00
(if you can keep up the spirit all night long…)
Entrance 80 kr

Tel: 0737-898 266

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Masumbuko in Crisis with Swedish Girlfriend

June 26, 2009


John Masumbuko, a Kenyan national resident in Stockholm, is in deep crisis with his Swedish girlfriend at a critical time when he thought that the process of “making papers” was as well as finalized after he cornered the white chick who swallowed his “paper bait” line, hook and sinker. The crisis comes at a time when debate about “paperless” and “papered” Kenyans has just been ignited by Shiku.

Crisis with Swedish woman

Crisis with Swedish woman who feels cheated

Speaking to KSB and sounding extremely worried, Masumbuko said that his Swedish girlfriend is threatening to derail his paper-making process because she has discovered a major skeleton which has been resting in his cupboard. About a week ago, a dramatic turn-around of events sent his girlfriend on a spiral of fury because she had discovered email communication between Masumbuko and his Kenyan wife whom he had promised to bring to Sweden once he “fixes his papers”.

“It was a big strategic blunder”, Masumbuko told KSB. He has two email addresses – one which has been open to his girlfriend “under the policy of transparency” and a secret address which he uses for confidential communication deemed unfit for his girlfriend’s consumption.

He has not yet disclosed to his Kenyan wife (with whom he has a 3 year old baby boy) that he is married to a Swedish woman “because of papers” and the woman normally communicates as though she is Masumbuko’s only wife. The arrangement has been working perfectly because he has managed to keep his Swedish wife completely out of the info loop about developments in Kenya.

Parents of the Swedish woman hate Masumbuko like leprosy because they believe that he is just “another sucker” using their daughter “to make papers” and that he will abandon her the same day he gets his papers from Immigration authorities. Masumbuko has claimed that the woman’s parents are “hard-core racists” who have been fighting to end his relationship with their daughter, arguing that their child “can never be married to a blue nigger”. At one point, Masumbuko told KSB that the girl’s mother used the Swedish words “aldrig i livet” (never in my life) when referring to the impossibility of Masumbuko marrying her beautiful chick baby.

Masumbuko’s “Mega Blunder”
The day when the girl took Masumbuko to her parents for an introduction, there was a huge crisis because they were shocked to learn that Masumbuko “was a nigger”, not from the United States but from a village in Kenya. Speaking to KSB, Masumbuko said that the girl’s parents “thought that they had brought up their daughter to believe that black people are monkeys and when I surfaced, they got a shock of their lives”. Masumbuko told KSB that the girl has told him los of stories she gathered from his parents that portray Africans as savage, poor, starving, Aids cariers, always at war and other negative stuff. The mother refused to shake hands with Masumbuko, arguing that she has “never touched a nigger” in her entire life and that she will never do it “now or in the future”.

When their daughter told them to prepare to meet her new boyfriend, Masumbuko said that they expected a blond haired, blue eyed white Swedish boy”, not a “dark skinned monkey”. The girl told Masumbuko that there was no need of telling her parents that he was black because she knew they would never accept to meet him so it was better to surprise them because she wanted to make a statement that she was in love. After the crisis, the girl broke with her parents and made a decision to be with Masumbuko against her parent’s wishes. But that was a long time ago.

It was Masumbuko’s first time to live under the same roof with a white woman. Since he did not know what to do, and since he is the kadume who does not seek advice on personal matters, he decided to go it alone. He obeyed all the rules as he began the process of understanding how the white woman’s brain works. It was an interesting period and he says that he has had to do things he could never have done in life.

When pressed by KSB to give examples, he said that he had never thought in his life that he would, as a matter of routine, walk a dog every morning, pick its crap, wrap the shit  in a polythene bag and keep it safely in his pocket to be dumped later. His girlfriend made him to accept that the dog was actually a legitimate family member and whenever an introduction of the family came up during a “meet my friends” session, the dog (whose name is Harry) would be mentioned as the third member of the Masumbuko family.

He did everything the girl expected him to do until one day, the girl told him that he is “her dream guy”. It is at this point that Masumbuko carefully began to work out the marriage connection, eventually ending up at a low-key marriage ceremony at Rådhuset in Stockholm where they were pronounced “husband and wife” at the State registration Office. It was low key because the girl said that her relatives would not attend even if they were invited.

Next, Masumbuko made the woman pregnant because he had been told by some Kenyan contacts that unless he could make a baby, he will have to return to Kenya to wait for his papers, time when another nigger could step in to confuse the girl to divorce him causing him to be abandoned in Kenya.

He was pumped with propaganda that a Swedish girl who has “tasted a nigger” could easily be lured by another nigger-bull and that there was no guarantee that once he returned to Kenya, his “paper mission” would be safe and secure. He was told that the “paper waiting period” could take as long as one year, time when, he was told, “anything could happen”.

At the time the current crisis exploded, the Swedish girl was six months pregnant and Masumbuko regrets the day he forgot to close down his secret yahoo email after receiving an abrupt phone call from a friend. He had been on the computer for almost two hours, checked mail and was surfing other sites when the call came in.

Fake Emails
As he moved away from the computer to attend to the phone, the girl took his position on the computer desk to check her email as usual. Under normal circumstances, Masumbuko would close down “classified websites” before he gets off the computer desk or avoid them altogether if the lassie was around. If he knew he was checking “safe mail”, he would leave it open for the girl to read “healthy stuff” so that she could remain calm especially after he discovered that one of the best ways of taming a Swedish woman is to appear to be open “about everything”.

According to Masumbuko, there was no better way of doing it than leaving her to read his emails as she floated under the illusion that her love had only one email address. Cleaver Masumbuko had even set up fake email addresses so that he could send “strategic mails” to himself whose content the girl would routinely consume “to align her” to continue seeing Masumbuko as Mr. Nice. To spice up things, Masumbuko would send mail to himself extolling his good virtues and praising the woman for having made a good choice.

“Say hi to your nice and caring Swedish wife and tell her we love her so much. Make sure you bring her for holidays in Kenya when everything is fine because she is now part of our family”, he once wrote as part of strategy to alert the woman that he had already talked about her to members of his family in Kenya when the truth was that her presence in Masumbuko’s life remained a “top secret”.  Masumbuko said that the girl was so excited to learn that she had been accepted as a “family member” back in Kenya. “She beamed with joy when I told her that she was now part of the Obama family”, Masumbuko told KSB.

Little did she know that she was being taken through the paces of an advanced and very complicated “paper game”. Once he noticed that the girl kept on being excited about little things, he kept on inventing them and using these inventions to tie her up in preparation for a visit to the Immigration. When he told the girl that he would love her until death, the girl cried although Masumbuko was just joking because he knew that he was in a “paper relationship”. Secretly, he regretted his carelessness with words because he was left wiping tears which should not have been shed in the first place.

Kenyan Wife
When the Swedish woman took over Masumbuko’s position on the computer desk, it was very normal. But when she clicked on one of the open pages, she came to Masumbulo’s secret email address and began to read a letter that Masumbulo had forgotten to shut down.

Masumbuko said that it was one of the most stupid mistakes he has ever made in his entire life. He never checks out his secret email when the girl is around and, on this catastrophic day, he checked it when he was expecting her back from work. The girl returned long after he had checked mail and the problem is that he simply forgot to close down the page before venturing into other sites.

The details in the email were self-explanatory. On this particular day, Masumbuko’s Kenyan wife had written to thank him for the cash he sent last time. The Swedish girl had been convinced that the cash is going to his mother to pay school fees for Masumbuko’s younger brother who was unable to go to school after Masumbuko’s father allegedly passed away in a brutal road crash (don’t worry that Masumbuko’s dad is alive and kicking). Masumbo told KSB that he had to tell some of the most brutal lies to get the girl to sing his tunes and to see stuff from his perspective. In simpler terms, Masumbuko theoretically “killed his father” to get things his way ulayani.

Since the Swedish woman helped him fix a job, he has been sending money home every month without major problems because the girl was psychologically organized by Masumbuko to believe that by allowing him to send cash “to educate his poor brother”, she was engaging in charity work and consequently, being a good human being on this planet. Interestingly, this arrangement compensated for the girl’s guilt of not having been able to help anybody during her entire life because she has been pretty much to herself with “everybody for themselves and the State for us all” philosophy in Sweden.

In the intercepted email, Masumbuko’s wife did not code the messages and she talked about the love she had for Masumbuko, how the kid resembled him, how the cash he sent home was making a big difference and keeping the family from starvation, how the family was praying for him to settle down so that he could help other family members come to Sweden and, most importantly, how her undying love for Masumbuko was “beyond anybody’s reach”.

Isitoshe, the woman congratulated Masumbuko for being “man enough” and not allowing himself to be “confused by white Swedish bitches” looking for oral sex and other weird sources of pleasure by exploiting Africans. Masumbuko had told the Kenyan woman that he had been admitted at Stockholm University where he was studying Economics and working part-time to support the young family back home while in reality he was playing “Paper games”.

When the Swedish woman finished reading the email, she was devastated. She never waited for Masumbuko to finish talking on the phone but ordered him to dump the phone and come to the computer. Surprised, Masumbuko told his caller that he would be “calling back” in a while to attend to the crisis. KSB is following the story.

Okoth Osewe

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“Paperless Kenyans Can Still Succeed”, Says Shiku

June 25, 2009



Paperless Citizen

A comment from Juma on my last article created a pot-full of eagerness in me. He mentioned a classification of Kenyans in Sweden as those “having papers” and those “paperless”. I responded to him for more spice. The “paperless”, I learnt, are referred to as “Monkeys”.   Reason? They are compelled to jump from one person to another, hunting for “papers’’. Mmmh!

”These two families do not relate well’’, says Juma. They have nothing much in common.  His friends, he opined, did not have much to share with them. While the “papered” planned investment, the “paperless” worried about settling down. When the papered talked of holidays abroad or visiting families back home, the paperless  shrunk with fear. The paperless couldn’t dare set his/her “monkey foot” out of the country.

”Love is not left out either,’’ Juma continued. Before you extend your heart to someone, you have to answer within yourself a big question: which family do you belong to; paper or paperless? Is your love genuine or is it “paper love?”
I can attest to this. I genuinely loved this “paper” family gal, but I couldn’t convince her that my love was real. She couldn’t just trust me. She saw desperation instead of love in me.

I learned that there is a tradition of phobia within “paper-making” community in Sweden – a disheartening notion that once you get papers, you will definitely end the relationship. I agonized in this state of mind until I met a girl who wanted to take a risk. She was compassionate and caring, something I felt crazily in love with.

Our relationship was normal with occasional ups and downs. During some occasions, I couldn’t escape insulting words like – “I know you just want to use me; I can never be your bridge. Never”, and so forth.

I lost my manhood many times. This pierced my heart hard and painfully. Honestly, my manhood urged me to quit. But I persevered. True love and genuine yearning for a companion blinded my bright big eyes. Sweden can be very lonely and stressful if you are single.

“Monkey Games” with Police

After going through many hurdles, we decided to settle down. The procedure for getting Resident Permit was irritably slow by then. After a year, I joined her back in Sweden. Surprisingly, our love flourished daily. We are still bonded together and with two beautiful girls.

I became a meaningful resident to the rest of the “Paper family”. Those who never used to call me got my number from unknown sources. I learned later that there is a “directory” for the “paper family”. My graduation from the monkey life brought in a lot of goodies. It was a kind of a re-birth.

For the first time in two years, I used my real name while applying for a job. I attended Swedish classes conveniently and confidently. I defended myself accordingly. Unlike before, when I got intimidated by contemptuous stares, I gathered guts to give back a stern scornful gaze, which, I believe, sent shivers down the spines of my “guests” as they looked away cowardly.

I have tasted what Juma calls the “monkey life”. Well, I dint jump here and there in search of “papers” but I believe I also deserve the name as I played monkey games with police. The last thing I wanted to see was police colors.
They all sent shivering sensations in my blood stream. One day at work, I entered a wrong code at the entrance and in seconds, without warning, the alarm went off like a bell – ting! ting! ting!. Waah!  What the heck?

My first reaction was to run away. Damn! They will sight my black ass so easily. I reasoned. I calmed down and phoned a friend for the right code. It worked. I love running, but on this day, I couldn’t risk doing so for fear of identification. Anything official intimidated me. I poisoned my mind with the thought that  I couldn’t do a thing without papers and that was it. I was so wrong!

I stand to be corrected but my view is that whatever class you belong to, and as much as you may luck freedom, it’s all in your mind. What you think in your brain constitutes who you really are. Thoughts are powerful. They can build or destroy you, they can make you feel joy or misery, and they can make you feel scared or fearless.

What you fed your mind with could shatter your “monkey life”. You believe you can’t do this or that because you got no “papers” but many have made it through. So you can. With or without papers, you can still lead a positive life. True friends will like you regardless of your station in life. The rest are not friends if they cannot appreciate who you are.

Shiku Steve

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Humour: The Fly Obama Killed and Presidential Security

June 23, 2009

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After he skillfully killed a fly during a TV interview in the White House on 16th June, various Western media houses went amok with a plethora of eccentric analysis about this strange piece of news.  According to one Newspaper, Obama had killed the fly “like a Ninja” while according to another report, the death of the fly at the hands of President Obama was an abomination to animal rights activists. Others thought that Obama was an aggressive President while other commentators chided Obama for being so ruthless by attacking an innocent fly that was in no way posing any danger whatsoever.

What has not come out clearly in the flurry of reports and comments is how the fly could have breached White House security to make its way to the very room where Obama was being interviewed. The White house is protected by radar systems, sensors, security cameras and other gadgets that ought to detect all objects moving into the building be they mechanical or otherwise. How did all these surveillance  systems fail and who is responsible?

Even after Obama warned the fly to “get out of here” and after the fly stood its ground, Obama’s observant and hawk eyed retinue of personal bodyguards also failed to intervene, forcing the all powerful President to take matters onto his own hands and kill the fly with one quick strategic spat. In a brilliant moment of documenting the evidence, Obama then invited journalists to film the dead fly and after he finished his interview, he picked up “the fly’s body” and dumped it in a near-by bin cum grave.

As a matter of concern about Obama’s personal security especially in the face of threats by white American racists and other right wing bone-heads who wanted to assassinate him during election campaigns, KSB would like to know why the security failed to intervene after Obama indicated danger by warning the fly “to get out of here”.

Could it be that the apparent entry of the fly into the White House and its subsequent entry into the room where Obama was being interviewed may have been a right wing conspiracy to interrupt his TV interview so that he could stumble on his explanations on how he was dealing with the American economic crisis?

In any case, what could have happened if Omaba did not kill the fly? Could it have continued to interrupt the interview to be aired on TV stations around the world with Obama losing his coherency because of a buzzing fly? Was the fly brought in there deliberately by some “invisible forces” to “heckle” Obama during the interview to test his patience?

We all know that flies are carriers of different pathogens. Flies are known to vomit dangerous microbes they routinely pick up on the way, microbes that could cause severe diarrhea and other known infections if these pathogens gain entry into the body. Using advanced science and technology borrowed from aliens detained at Area 51, could it be that the fly may have been loaded with some dangerous pathogens and then trained to deliver them by patching on Obama’s hand to contaminate it or is this kind of speculation completely out of tune?

From a keen study of available video clips about the incident, the fly tried severally to land on Obama’s lips but the President kept it away by constantly flipping his hand back and forth. What could have happened if it did land there for a second then vomited a dangerous or deadly pathogen that could unconsciously be picked up by Obama’s tongue as he wet his lips?

So far, there has been no investigation into the incident by the FBI neither is the CIA pursuing the case but simply put, what are the chances that the so called fly was not a “tiny drone” trained by terrorists to carry a remotely controlled micro nuclear bomb that could explode at the touch of a button? Could it be that when Obama “hit the drone” causing it to fall down, he foiled an assassination attempt by agents of Osama bin Laden? Be that as it may, how did it get into White House and why is American media silent on the security angle of the story despite the obvious implications?

We have a situation where the President kills a fly and even the medical emergency services does not intervene to pick up the body in an ambulance to be transported to the military morgue for a post-mortem to establish whether we are dealing with a fly or a tiny mechanical object. Every media that has reported the story has relied on a video clip to identify the fly but surely, was this really a fly?

Don’t get me wrong. The fact that the thing was looking like a fly does not mean that it was a fly and in any case, how could the President have been left with such a huge burden of burying the fly in the dustbin after picking the body by himself following a surprise attack on the fly which, in any case, could have been a threat to his life?

Assuming that it was a fly, was Obama’s hand disinfected after he crushed it, sending it to the grave? How could the Department of Infectious Diseases have been comfortable with the fly having been buried in a dust bin without examining the body to ascertain that it was not carrying any biological weapons of mass destruction such as dangerous bacteria or viruses that could slip underneath Obama’s finger nails  and infect him and his family on the long term?

In this strange case, there seem to be more questions than answers. Has anyone been arrested by Obama’s security to establish how a security lapse of this magnitude could have happened or to establish whether we are dealing with yet another case of right wing conspiracy to eliminate the President? Why have world leaders not released statements to congratulate Obama following his clear victory over a potentially dangerous fly whose entry into the White House remains a complete mystery?

In my opinion, this is not a small matter. There could be an element of racism within the “White House establishment”, given the lack of interest in the case, right-wing media propaganda to portray Obama as the “bad guy”, the use of the fly incident to undermine his Presidency and the incitement of animal rights activists to use the incident to undermine Obama.

Under the circumstances, all Obama supporters should call for a Congressional Investigative Committee or a related body to look into the matter with a view to eliminating any suspicions which may be lingering especially on the question of Obama’s personal security. This matter could pass as a harmless fly killed by Obama but it could as well have been the biggest threat to Obama’s life since he took over the Presidency.

Americans and the world need to know how the fly got into the White House and why there was a massive security failure to protect Obama even after the President indicated that there was danger in the room by warning the fly “to get out of here” before killing it in a moment of self defence. Obama knew that the fly was “a sucker” and said so on camera and therefore, his decision to kill it was not accidental. What needs to be established is: Who sent this sucker? An investigative mind wants to know.

Okoth Osewe

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Gothia Cup Update: Four Youths Enlist

June 23, 2009


Four Kenyan youths have enlisted their names to participate in the Gothia Cup which will be held in Gothenburg from July 12th to 18th 2009. The enlistment follows information at KSB about the event which is being coordinated from Kenya by Mohammed Kheri, former coach of the Kenya National football team who also runs the Mombasa Football Academy.

Mr. Makan Macharia, a Kenyan footballer resident in Sweden, is coordinating the Kenya Stockholm Youth group which is expected to link up with their colleagues from Kenya next month to represent Kenya in the Gothia Cup. Interested parties should therefore contact Mr. Makan or KSB (kenyastockholm(at)

So far, youths who have made themselves available in Stockholm are in the age group of 18. Other age groups of 13 and 16 are still needed and Mr. Kheri has appealed to parents with youths interested in football to come up and support the initiative.

During the event, talent scouts from all over the world will be present to hunt for young talent to be developed and therefore, the event could be key to a major breakthrough in a football career.

Mr. Kheri told KSB that it will be good if the youth in Kenya could combine with Kenyan youth in Sweden to put together a winning team that could scoop the cup and raise the country’s flag high up at the prestigious tournament.

Okoth Osewe

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Ambassador Purity Escapes Recall Once Again

June 22, 2009


New diplomatic appointments have been made by the fragile Coalition government in Kenya and once again, Ambassador Purity Muhindi, manning the Kenyan Embassy in Stockholm, has escaped the axe. The appointments came only days after the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) scooped majority seats in strategic Parliamentary Committees including the Public Accounts Committee and Defence and Foreign Relations Committee, a surprising development that was seen by pundits as a stage-managed coup by ODM against their haranguing PNU protagonists.

Purity enjoying herself with foreigners after abandoning Kenyans

Purity enjoying herself with foreigners after abandoning Kenyans

For Purity, this must have been a welcome relief because her docket in Scandinavia is among those ear-marked by ODM for takeover, not just because of the strategic nature of the Scandinavian countries but because PNU loyalists have been manning all key Embassies in the Kenya diplomatic village including the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France and China.

Secondly, Purity is so unpopular among Kenyans in Stockholm to an extent that she has literally resigned from trying to woo the Kenyan community here, choosing instead, to entrench her activities within the foreign diplomatic community and self-help organizations especially those seeking to exploit her Ambassadorial profile to further an organizational agenda.

Since her posting in Sweden in August 2006, she has never presided over as the “Guest of Honour” at any Kenyan function yet she is always ready to accept such invitations when extended by other non Kenyan groups or organizations.

For example, it is easier for Purity to give a speech at a function of the “Mama Zebra type” to fund raise for causes in other countries other than attend a similar function organized by say Pastor Beatrice Kamau who is running a children’s home in Kenya.

When she was last seen at Mama Zebra’s fund raising, she was accompanied by the recently recalled “hand bag carrier”, Ms Jenipher Awuor, whose departure from Stockholm was a big relief because she had become a catastrophe due to her iddleness at the Embassy and poor Public Relations record.

Purity likes to travel regardless of whether or not the purpose is mediocre. She could be on the run to Gothenburg to attend an art exhibition simply because she has been invited by a non Kenyan group while at the same time skipping a Kenyan Sports function for the youth in Stockholm.

If you don’t understand her, Purity is the kind of Ambassador who can attend a Swedish cultural function but when you invite her to a similar function within the confines of Kenya-Stockholm, she is likely to be negative because she is used to meeting Kenyans only during National holidays which is normally once or twice a year.

We are talking about an Ambassador who is more likely to host a Swedish “Women’s function” at her official residence in Nacka than accept an invitation by the Stockholm-based Maendeleo ya Wanawake whose leadership she has never even met. These cases I am citing are well documented so the question of witch hunting does not arise.

Her favorites are the “high profile occasions” such as when the first charter flight to Mombasa from Sweden was being initiated just before the December 2007 elections. She was there in full swing and one positive aspect of her excursions is that she is always in African dress to promote the African culture.

A few weeks ago, a group of Kenyan politicians (including a Mayor) came to Sweden for some exchange visit organized through the Moderate Party. As the Kenyans were being given a cold shoulder by the Swedish authorities, many Kenyans wondered where Purity had gone as our fellow citizens were humiliated in what was a clear case of racism and discrimination of foreign visitors by the Swedish authorities. Although the story attracted the attention of the Swedish press, a check with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs showed that Purity has never filed a complaint.

Another scene with Purity feely comfy

Another scene with Purity feeling comfy: She has never attended a Nyama Choma

Ambassador Purity has not yet been recalled but she has reasons to worry because her friend, Joseph Muchemi, who has been manning the corruption ridden Kenya High Commission in the United Kingdom was among those recalled. As I have stated in the past, the continued survival of Purity at the Embassy may be linked to her relationship with the First Lady, Lucy Kibaki, who is said to have facilitated her appointment.

Purity herself is so much a Kibaki woman that even after the Coalition government was put into place and Raila became Prime Minister, she refused to update the Kenya Embassy web site to reflect the new reality which had Raila as an equal partner of Kibaki. The website continued to reflect the post 2002 December elections for more than nine months after the 2007 election rigging which plunged Kenya into crisis. She updated the site only after I continued to remind her to do so on grounds that the site was not reflecting the reality of Kenyan politics.

I am preparing a full Report on Purity to be handed over to the Kenyan government so that she can be recalled. The Report gives grounds why she has failed at the Kenyan Embassy and why she needs to be recalled.

Okoth Osewe

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